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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 9, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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killed three turkish shoulders in syria. moscow said that was an accident. cia as the new head of the arrives in ankara to sell to the relationship -- salvage the
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underonship created president obama. ♪ we begin this hour in the united states, where one of donald trump's most loyal supporters has been sworn in as the u.s. attorney general. alabama senator jeff sessions useaccused of holding races during his nomination process, something he strongly -- racist views during his nomination process, something he strongly denied. that -- thaty to cracking down on a little immigration is one of his priorities. 50 2-47, and jeff sessions --
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52-40 seven, and jeff sessions is confirmed as the new u.s. attorney general of the trump administration. >> i want to make donald trump. he believes in the rule of law and protecting the american people from crime and violence. he believes in a lawful system immigration that serves the common interests. >> the two men share similar conservative views, wanting immigration,on trucks, and gun trafficking. -- drugs, and gun trafficking. the senator only the government one debt -- democratic -- only picked up one democratic vote for his confirmation. >> i oppose senator sessions, who is a friend, and someone i respect, because i believe his record raises doubts about whether or not he can be a
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champion for those who need this most most, and it also raises doubts about whether he can incur -- >>
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,as moved beyond the iran deal -- does nott seen seem like it is her significant
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for what u.s.-iranian relations will look like. why does trump's hot pick -- they seesay that i to i on a lot of issues. it is because on a level, the eu is an american project, and of thebeen the policy united states since the end of the second world war to promote european integration. but i think as these countries band together, they are more formidable negotiating partners for the united dates, which is certainly true. tois an american interest have a strong ally like the european union, but it does make them difficult negotiators. the united states sometimes has to compromise with the eu, which
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is stronger than the individuals nations. >> howl brussels respond to this treatment? brussels cannot respond but members of the european union can respond. if they hold to their unity and the roles, which say they can't conclude trade deals or other to thef trade deals united states except together, they can stand up to the trump administration, but i think areas considerable doubt that countrye consent -- that value european integration enough to stand up to america right now. laura: jerry shapiro, thank you very much. romania's justice minister has quit following mass protests involving decriminalizing corruption laws. many protesters think the entire
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government should not resign. >> it was his decree on corruption that triggered a week of mass protests, the largest since the fall of communism and international condemnation. romania's justice minister submitted his resignation. organizednistry has parliamentary debate, but despite that, public opinion did not consider this sufficient. have decidedhy i to submit my resignation. statements, he insisted he acted lawfully. the ruling social democrats need to submit -- pick the name -- replacement estimate the name to the country's government. there are some -- this is some
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three days after protests forced it into an embarrassing new term. russian president. amerco putin has sent his condolences to turkey after three turkish forces were killed in an airstrike in syria. 11 turkish soldiers were wounded, one of the area sleep. moscow and ankara are both fighting isis and urea. relations between the two countries hit a low point in 2015, when turkish soldiers shot down a russian fighter jet. we have more on this latest incident in ankara. >> turkish soldiers were quartered in a building near a -- near this town in -- wheresyria that has
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rebels have been fighting to throw out the islamic state group for over two months. -- thetle for all about town became -- again in the middle of december. soldiers, dead, and 10 were wounded. in eight days, turkey has suffered multiple for tallies -- fatalities. and government forces are also are besieging this is the best city. -- city. show said turkey's involvement in northern syria is becoming more and more complicated.
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instance, the is militia withdraws, there will be a race between the syrian government of and the free syrian army turkey troops to take the town. it will involve some very betweented negotiations angara, moscow, and damascus -- ankara, moscow, and damascus to make sure that after the islamic state is knocked out of the town, the free syrian army and the turks do not have a big battle with the government on the other side. c.i.a. director mike pompeo was a turkey juices -- was in turkey to discuss security in the region today. ties with turkey have been strained in recent years,
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especially after the failed coup last year. stateswants the united to extradite the man accused of plotting the coup. -- heading the coup. toon his first foreign trip -- as part of the u.s. team, mike pompeo heads to turkey. trump was elected last november, the president voiced hope for improving ties. lot to bee there is a done in regards to turkey-u.s. relations. >> relations hit an all-time low between the two countries during the obama administration. the failed coup last alive further strained the ties.
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-- last july further strained ties. -- thissylvania place pennsylvania-based cleric is accused of orchestrating the coup. said the u.s.has should extradite him, but the other pressing issue is the fight against the islamic state group. turkish government has been urging america to stop backing the kurdish fighters -- trump and this man agreed to raqqa.tion in mosul and an internal police inquiry has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to prove that a police officer brutally
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attacked the young man during his arrest in a paris suburb. sparked several nights of violent rioting in that province and elsewhere, as julie kim reports. >> after scrutinizing this video, an internal police inquiry has decided it is not enough to prove that the officer intended to sodomize this man with a transient. -- truncheon. they concluded the violence was accidental and there was conclusive residents of -- inconclusive rest -- evidence of rape. concerned that this is a cover-up. >> you saw them on the video, they did it on purpose. the incident has sparked days
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of unrest in this suburb. meanwhile, residents are urged not to go to war. his plea for calm has been a echoed the -- a code -- by the officer accused of rape. opinion or any excessive commentary for people who don't know the case must be avoided. >> the president visited the in hospital, where the victim is still recovering. despite the findings of the internal inquiry, a magistrate has charged one of the policemen with rape and is still examining the case. german chancellor angela merkel has dominated politics to ber country and seems
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unbeatable, but is that about to change? the former head of the european parliament is expected to give her a run for her money in september's election. it a rockstar welcome wherever he goes. they have seen nothing like it here in this small town in northern germany. 10 days after the social democrats chose him as their candidate for chancellor, schultz's already shaking things up in the german political landscape. >> [indiscernible] there is a sort of renaissance approaching democracy in germany. the former president of the european parliament fills the meeting halls wherever he goes in the north, like here in allen's berg. since he announced he was --ning, nearly 3000 germans
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300,000 germans joined the social democratic party. everyone knows he is a skilled player and what his successes in europe. one opinion poll even puts him ahead of chancellor angela merkel, but will the martin schultz magic carry the social democrats to victory in november? experts have the doubts -- their doubts. >> he gives the german left a lot of hope, but one has to admit his program has not been worked out in detail, so there is a big risk he will disappoint the german people's hope. looks like aw, he serious challenger for angela merkel. his social democrats have not won a federal election since 2002, and are starting to dream again to taking power.
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laura: let's get some business news right now. we will start in the united states. donald trump is a prolific he not?-- tweeter, is that remediation is not earning him any hard cash, isn't it? >> no, he has yet to turn a profit. twitter did record a net loss of final157 million in the three months of last year. revenue growth slowed for the 10th order in a row, its weakest publiclye it became a traded company. active users are up 4% from a year earlier, but ad revenue dipped. companies say that president trump helped illuminate the
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"power of twitter," but say it is difficult for a single user to affect the bottom line. thatd trump has use platform to attack with people and companies, and this week's , thet has been nordstrom's company that dropped his daughter's fashion line. twitter, trump's tirades have caused the stocks of several companies to drop. >> before he even took the oath of office, trump's tweets were making the markets move. slumped again after trump blasted lockheed ridiculous price for the fighter jets, knocking $4 billion off market value.
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two weeks later, trump took on general motors for assembling cars in mexico, and their share value dropped 4.7%. more recently, trump said delta airlines. point -- stock prices down 1.6% after he blamed the airline for -- trump has had an unprecedented influence on stock markets, forcing companies to rethink their relationship with the white house. of the president and you will be named and shamed on twitter. but there is sign that the trump tweet could be losing its power. on wednesday, he criticized retailer nordstrom's for dropping his daughter's line. the company stock took a hit,
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but bounced back after four minutes climbing nearly 4% compared to the pre-tweet standard. >> in the white house, president aircraftcribes the technology as "obsolete," causing speculation about new airline spending. the prospect of those tax cuts has helped boost wall street. we are seeing the tech heavy nasdaq and s&p 500 hitting record highs during thursday's trade. the dow jones is also spiking 150 points. the president described his policy changes as "bigly." withapital gains leading gains of about 1.1 -- 1.25%. energy transfer partners has
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on theed construction final leg of the controversial to kodak says pipeline. the u.s. army corps of engineers relented and granted the easement earlier this week. president trump wanted the despiteto be expedited, critique from activist. >> the pipeline is back on, and it is likely to stay that way. on thursday, construction resumed on the final leg of the dakota access pipeline. the protesters still say they will not back down easily, and now one of the two american -- native american tribes has filed a legal challenge to brock -- block the pipeline. >> there is still a legal process that has to go to, so i can definitely see it going all
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the way up to the supreme court. we are not backing down without a fight. >> it is that the pipeline will desecrate sacred sites and potentially contaminate drinking water. but the company building the pipeline says that is not true. the pipeline would be a boon for companies, carrying up to 570,000 barrels of oil a day. encourage more local production, decreasing u.s. reliance on foreign oil. but activists insist the risks outweigh the benefits. >> moving on to other business headlines now, business psa has been referred by prosecutors to open an investigation in [indiscernible] automaker to be
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referred to prosecutors over emissions. stop is excepted to fall this year due to hire expected costs related to its bottling operations. to -- was stable thanks the trump is trying to reduce sugar in it strings and has released a new zero calorie, "healthy" soda without it fiber. -- with added fiber. this brings the nearly 12 billion euros to the industry. sales rebounded in china, particularly of cognac, while the u.s. remains the number one purchaser of french alcohol.
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has released a new site that allows guests to the happyvouchers for couple. -- i don't to be know if it will catch on, but it seems to be the classic china and glassware. laura:
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02/09/17 02/09/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! , between 2011 anand 2015. to,000 men, accordrding information we have. amy: as president trump attempts to block all syrians from entering the united states, a shocking new report by amnesty international accuses the assad


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