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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  February 20, 2017 5:00am-5:31am PST

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a murder investigation in the country cannot be trusted and not the half brother of north korea's leader. they identified the victim of an airport attack last week as kim
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jong nam. >> it is only increase behind it. >> he suggested a joint investigation between his country and malaysia. kim jong nam was attacked with what south korean officials suspect was poison. he died on his way to hospital. the ambassador's statement is just the latest development in the diplomatic rowl between the countries. the ambassador requested the dead man's body be handed over immediately. he also alleged malaysian authorities have something to conceal. malaysian officials told the ambassador they have a responsibility to conduct an investigation because the incident occurred on malaysian
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soil. they called the criticism from the north baseless. malaysia also recalled the ambassador of north corey for consultation. malaysian police have detained two women. an indonesian and vietnamese along with a north korea national. the head of a health food company says a north korean acquaintance asked him to help get him a work visa but he says he never actually worked for his company. local media say he's denying any involvement. a local chinese newspaper quotes police as saying he was not there when he was attacked but it says he had been in contact with four other north korea men allegedly involved in the killing. police are still searching for the suspects. there are reports they are
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already back in north korea and there are speculations they took long and unusual routes to make it difficult for police to track them. south korea says they're behind the incident. >> the north korean leadership has no other choice than to maintain a reign of terror purging whoever could threaten their power base. >> south korea's intelligence official says the spy agency was likely behind the murder. two agents from the agency were arrested in 2010. they were posing as defectors and on the mission to assassinate a prominent north korean defector. the detained suspect from their country was not aware she was involved in a killing. the suspect has been identified. indonesian police say she had been paid to persuade people to close their eyes and then spray
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their faces. the woman's sister-in-law has spoken out saying she thought she was taking part in a comedy show. >> translator: she told us she was asked to appear in a tv prank show. she said it will only go on air in japan. >> her mother called for her release saying she is innocent. a british tabloid says kim jong nam wasn't the only member of the family fearing assassination. his son decided not to study in the u.k. for fear of being a target. he was supposed to attend graduate school at oxford university in september but chinese authorities warned him of a plot and told him and his father to stay inside china. the paper says he took the threat seriously taking on extra
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protection from chinese security agents. in south korea t the acting president says it shows the north is getting bolder. >> translator: the attack shows recklessness and brutality and that it will use any means to stay in power. >> he also called it an unforgivable and imhumane criminal act. we should prepare to die vert international attention. >> he instructed the military to be on alert. the u.s. president is trying to clear up false allegation he made about sweden. donald trump took to the stage on saturday at a rally in
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florida to tout his immigration policies and suggested the open door stance of the scandinavian nation created security issues. >> we have to keep our country safe. you look at what's happening. we have to keep our country safe you look at what's happening in germany, you look at what is happening last night in sweden, sweden, who would believe this they took in large numbers and they're having problems like they never thought possible. >> his comment lead to criticism on social media. on twitter the embassy of sweden in the u.s. wrote it's unclear what president trump was referring to and they look forward to informing the u.s. administration about swedish immigration and integration policies. they have taken in hundreds of thousands from syria and iraq. trump took to t twitter saying s
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statatement was in reference t story from u.s. news network fox. this is not the first time he faced public criticism for issuing statements without supporting evidence. trump says japan's prime minister thanked him for reducing the cost of new fighters. the f-35 are the most expensive weapons program in u.s. history. japan committed to b buying 42 them. >> prime minister abe who is great, grereat guy. when he came over he said thank you, you saved us many, many millions of dollars on the f-35 fighter jet. the media will never thank me so at least japan is thanking me. >> trump took credit for a deal earlier this month between the pentagon and the jet's manufacturerer lockheed martin. they agreed on a cut on the price of each plane. trump said the planes were too expensive and ordered the defense department to try to cut
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the cost. john mccain defended news media against an attack from trump. >> if you want to preserve -- i'm serious now -- if you want to preserve democracy as we know it you have to h have a free prs and without it we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time. that's how dictators get started. >> he made the remark in an interview with thehe nbc networ that aired on sunday. the comment followed a tweet by trump on friday against major u.s. media that criticized him. he called them fake news media and the enemy of the american people. scientists and their supporters have protested against his policies. he called global warming a hoax during his election campaign. many scientists in white lab coats and science students were
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among the crowd of 2,000 at the stand up for science demonstration on sunday. >> i think the science community needs to join together because we're under attack. i do think that being a united force shows the government that we're not going to stand for this and to fight back. >> she says climate change researchers have been attacked because they did something right. she added scientists must defend the integrity of science and it's linked to democracy. trump's picks to head the environmental protection agency have climate change. a future where everything we use is linked to the internet is just around the corner.
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it's the internet of things and even toilets are getting connected. japan's major telecoms company is tracking toilet traffic. it alerts users when nearby stalls are vacant. it will also notify plant managers when toilets are occupied for long periods of time. it will help office workers use their t time m me efficiently. >> translator: we heard complaints that the toilets are always full and having to look for open stalls takes time away from work. special valves help save water and they'll control the amount of flushing d depending
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the length of a stay in the stall. a warehouse fire is effecting customer deliveries. firefighters are still trying to put out the blaze it started last thursday and explosions were heard inside the building today. it's complicating the task. the fire destroyed about 45,000 square meters of floor space in the building. it's a major online retailer of office supplies. the warehouse is the largest among the 7 bases in japan. it was storing about 70,000 items. company officials say deliveries to corporate customers are about one day behind in the five prefectures near tokyo. deliveries are taking two days longer. three landers in the westernrn
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region have begun merger talks. together they would form the largest regional banking group in their area they would sbi grate their operations under a holding company they are currently affiliated. they're a wholly owned subsidiary. sources say the asset value of the merger would be nearly $100 billion. regional banking suffered from the shrinking population and falling loan rates under the central bank policy of negative ininterest rates. stocks inched up after moving in a narrow range. following the details reports from the tokyo stock exchange. >> markets were quite ahead of the u.s. holiday on monday. it did nothing to boost the mood
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but of course it pulls the benchmark into the positive territory. let's look at the closing levels for the this monday february 20th. the nikkei 225 added .1% finishing at 19,000. the broader topix rose 1.6%. let's check the currency levels. it pulled background during trading. they have been seeking the safe haven yen on uncertainty over president trump's policies. taking a look at individual stocks, soft bank rallies more than 3% higher after a report that the company may sell it's stake in sprint to t-mobile u.s. as part o of a merger deal but energy related shares weighed on the benchmark after crude oil prices suffered their first weeklyly loss in five weeks. major distributor fell 2.7%. and remain on the u.s. as heads of regional federal reserve banks are due to speak this week
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and the federal reserve will release minutes from the last policy meeting. i'm reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. >> we move on to other markets in the asia pacific region. in china the shanghai composite 3239 highest in 11 weeks. it was expectations of capitol inflows from pension funds. 4th quarter gdp grew in the slowest pace in a year but didn't weigh heavily on share prices. up a little change. 1578 the closing number there. hong kong's hang seng index rose .5% hitting an 18 month high. down for a second day. lower commodity prices weighed on with a resource heavy index. let's check our global business calendar for this week. >> on wednesday the u.s. federal reserve this month. policy makers at the bank of korea decided what to do with
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the key interest rate at a record low. also we have singapore's consumer price index for january and it encourages a shorter work day to promote consumer spending. we ask specialists to share their perspectives on the weekend. we hear from the senior economist at diachi life institute. what will you be looking out for in the minutes. >> translator: the fomc made no changes in the february statement even though it was the first one under the new president but i'm sure the policy makers did discuss in detail how to deal with the possibilities of new economic policies. i want to see whatat theyy have say a about responding to president trump's policies as well as their views on raising interest rates. >> janet yellen already offered
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some clues and testified before the senate and house committees last week. >> translator: it sounded like the fed chair criticized president trump's policies. she did notot go that far. she was trying to say do you plan to take aggressive policies that increase the deficit and create inflationary pressure. i i think she w wanted to say i trump takes that path the fed will be obliged to speed up the pace of interest rate hikes. yellen was probably giving a general assessment. another important message was the immigration policy. she did not directly criticize the policy but said u.s. growth may slow down if people cannot easily enter the country. >> as for the markets, many people expect the next u.s. rate hike will be in june.
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>> translator: if the fed moves in march to factor in speeding up the pace of interest rate hikes. there is a negativee reaction b the market and excessive rise and this will pose an increasing risk of emerging economies. >> look for nhk world and business wrap. i'm going to leave you with the markets.
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plans to move tsukiji market were put on hold because of contamination at the site. they calall for a special panelo investigate the fisaco. a decision is expected this week. it's's considering summoning
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former tokyo governor as a witness. he was in office when the decision was made to transfer the aging market to the new waterfront site. he said he would hold a press conference next weekend. he said he will explain his position at that time but until then the scrutiny is only going to intensify. nhk world tells the story. >> reporter: a crowd of reporters gather outside of the former governor's house every day. they have been trying to get answers from the 84-year-old over how the decision was made. despite apologizing for confusioion he hasas yet to giv full explanation. heomeoeone of the most we-known piticians in japapan. he gained fame at an early age for his award winning writing. he later entered and served as
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tokyo governor for 13 years winning a landslide victory in 1999 and three following elections for governor. with those strong m mandates he forged ahehead with a number of new plans and new policies. among thehem was helping t the olympic games. he failed in his bid for 2016 although some say that paved the way for his successor to secure the 2020 games. >> translator: i decided to relocate it based on discussion in the assembly. >> reporter: it used to be home to natural gas processing plants. despite the concerns of contaminated soil he gave the plan to go ahead.
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he made a deal with the gas company. the current governor decided to review the plan because of serious concerns over water safety and ballooning construction costs. it's lead to tense push and pull between the two.o. >> translator: all of his answers were like i didn't hear it. i have no reelection. i can't remember. >> reporter: on top of that they show up t to 79 times the natiol limits in the water. he is -- she is not backing down. >> translator: the process was not transparent and maybe even inappropriate. i'll get to the bottom of who was responsible. >> reporter: he responded through h his first tweet in fo years. fulfilled his responsibility and said assumptions about himim ar
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wrong. >> translator: there's reports i'm trying to escape orr i'm in hiding. say w what needs to be said. >> reporter: but it's unlikely this famous figure will be out of the spotlight any time soon. nhk world tokyo. >> you're watching nhk newsline live from tokyo. the forecast says tuesday will be another blustery day for us here in tokyo but not anywhere near the stormy conditions on the other side of the pacific. the strongest storm of the yearar has hit californiaa duri thee weekend. it dumped lots of heavy rainfall because they're dealing with the aftermath of flooding, landslides and sinkholes. i want to show you this video coming out of l.a. a sinkhole opened up in los angeles friday night due to heavy rainfall in the area. two cars were swallowed up in the incident. strong winds and heavy rainfall
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also during the weekend. and concerns for planning in the statee and they're falling vertrtically and n now in fact during the weekend nearly 115 millimeters of rainfall in california. that's 1.5 times more than the monthly rainfall for february. another system is moving into californ o once again and this time the northern areas will be buffeted by amounts of heavy rainfall. some areas see 100 millimeters of rainfall but still some rain expected in l.a. it's going to be a stormy day on your monday and we'll also effect the pacific northwest as well. the system cause heavy rain in california over the weekend is effecting the southern plains with severe weather. there's a possibility for
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thunderstorms gusty winds and tornadoes into your monday in parts of texas as well as oklahoma. so please watch out for the violent weather. temperatures will be warm in tuesday. 22 degrees on monday and 24 degrees in atlanta and across the northeast, 15 degrees. the beautiful weather and across the opposite side of the u.s., l.a. with rainy weather on monday. let's go to australia. we have been talking about this system. this system has been upgraded to a tropical cyclone. the name is alfred. this is the first named storm for the area of the season. the system is now packing wind gusts of about 120 kilometers per hour. the system will likely make rainfall by late tonight.t. and then afterer that it's goin to move over the land into your thursday so we'll see significant rainfall because the movemement is slow. some areas willl see up to 300 millimeters of rainfall. significant flooding is
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happening across the area s so it's definitely not good news and then across japan a vicious storm is drifting over the country at this moment. we saw record breaking heavy rainfall and also very strong winds above it in many places of the country. and, in fact, southerly winds are pushing up temperatures in many places so tokyo's high was nearly 20 degrgrees. more like late apriril. tomorrow it's still quite strong windss and q quite northerly wi. that is quite cold and w will likekely effect northn japan. rain could change over to snow especiallyly in the northwester flankk of japapan so the risk o avalanche is getting higher and higher and into tonight there's a possibility for severe thunderstorms, especially for the coastal areas of japan so watch out for the inclimate weather. temperatures will be low on tuesday, many places. tokyo is nearly 10 degrees colder compared to what we saw on monday. here's your extended forecast.
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>> more thann 13,000 peoplee competed in a marathon in south western japan. the participants offered silent prayers for the victims before the race. this was the 6th year that marathon has been held. the courses were changed to avoid no entry zones created by quakes last april. >> it was my last race before graduation. i hope i brought courage to my hometown. >> event organizers gave each runner a piece of tile from the roof of the castle. a landmark seriously damaged. they also called for donations to help rebuild the devastated
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area. and for feature stories and special reports visit our website and click on contact us for your comments. i'm james qéaçññ
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fromllo, welcome to live paris. let's take a look at what is making headlines this afternoon. 47 people go on trial in turkey, accused of attempting to kill last july.nt forcescoalition of iraqi begin their assault on the western part of mosul as they continue to battle against the group who have held the city for more than two years. and mike


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