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and that's you, zuma! ruff! net! and you too, chase! hey, we're movie stars! you're more than that. you're good pups, too! (skye barking) ♪ p-p-p-paw, paw, paw patrol ♪ [upbeat music] [horn honks] [dogs bark] [horn honks] - ♪ mutt & stuff, mutt & stuff ♪ - ♪ hey, calvin, what are we learning today? ♪ ♪ come, heel, sit, stay ♪ our pet pal stuff is set to help and to play ♪ - ♪ mutt & stuff - ♪ let's go to dog school ♪
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- ♪ mutt & stuff - ♪ let's go to dog school ♪ ♪ when i say "ready," you say "ruff" ♪ - [barks] - ♪ mutt & stuff, mutt & stuff ♪ - ♪ bark along and put your paws up ♪ ♪ pets can't seem to get enough of ♪ ♪ calvin and his pups ♪ mutt & stuff - [barks] [upbeat music] ♪ [dogs barking] ♪ [alarm blares] ♪ [door whirring] ♪ - [chuckles] thanks. ♪ [chuckles]
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hi! i'm calvin. welcome to mutt & stuff. hey, zippy. oh! i see you already brought in the new seat. - [barks] - great job. we have a new seat today because we have a new student joining us at mutt & stuff. hey, zippy, if you're excited to meet our new student, let me hear you bark. - [barks] - woof! [laughs] hey, calvin. i'm excited too. i even came up with an awesome doggy handshake to do with our new friend. wanna see it? - go for it, stuff. - okay! first, you shake. [chuckles] then you spin three times. one, two, three! whoa! - watch out, stuff! [crashing thud] - [chuckles] whoa! that last step's a doozy. well, whatever that handshake is, i can't wait to do it. - and i can't wait to see it. come on, guys! it's time to meet our new student! ♪
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good morning, everyone. today, we have a new student at mutt & stuff. - well, he must be super tiny 'cause i can barely see him. is he an invisible dog? - [chuckles] - [groans] - no, stuff, he isn't invisible. he just isn't here yet. - ahh. - and we're gonna show him all the cool stuff we do. princess pickles, since you're the fanciest, you can show him dress-up time. - [barks] - stuff, you can rock out and show music class. - oh, yeah! [electric guitar plays chord] - and, zippy, you can show him dance class. i hear you've been working on your doggy tail tango. - [barks] [tango musical flourish] - ah, muy fantástico, señor zippy. well, when he gets here, let's all welcome him with a big... [horse neighs] - uh, okay, calvin. [imitates horse neighing] - no, stuff. that neigh wasn't me. [gasps] it must mean our new student is here! - what? - [neighs] - our new student is a horse? [scoffs]
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calvin, i think we're gonna need a bigger seat. - that's not our new student, stuff. - uh... ♪ - that is! - [barks] - class, please give a doggy howdy to cowboy. [dogs barking] - howdy, cowboy! [dogs barking] - noodles, please give our new student a mousy hello! - [humming] oh! hello, new student on top of a horse. [chuckles] [grunts] new student on top of a horse? [grunts] - [barks] ♪ - welcome, cowboy. your seat's right over there. ♪ - [barks] - we can't wait to show you around, cowboy. but i think we need to find a place to park your horse today. - [whistles] [horse chuffs and neighs] ♪
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- [laughs] wow. now i see why your name is cowboy. that was awesome! - it sure was. cowboy's horse is gonna hang on the playground. no shoes in the ball pit, please! except for horseshoes! [chuckles] cowboy, i've planned the perfect day. you get to see everything that mutt & stuff has to offer. you ready? - [barks] - all right, doggy-oh. [chuckles] it's dress-up time! show cowboy how it's done, princess pickles. - [barks] ♪ - open the doggy everything closet! ♪ - ooh, hey, princess pickles! what are we gonna dress like? - [barks] - oh-ho-ho, cute animals? all right! oh, cowboy, you're gonna love this. - [barks] - [laughs] oh! look at me! i'm an adorable dog-bird! ca-caw! ca-caw!
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♪ - [barks] ♪ - [barks] - aww, what a cute bunch of doggy animals. - ooh. ca-caw! [chuckles] huh. ♪ - [barks] - oh! well, there you are, cowboy. - hey, cowboy, why don't you try on the costume that princess pickles got you? the you'll all be dressed up like cute animals. - yeah, that's how we play dress-up time. - [barks] - oh? you want everyone to dress up like cowboys instead? - [barks] - well, that sounds fun too. - [groans] - aww. it's okay, princess pickles. we can dress up like cute animals another time. how does that sound? - [barks]
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- cool. thanks, princess pickles. ♪ - [barks] ♪ - [groans] - [chuckles] yee-haw! uh, howdy, partner. this bone's not big enough for the two of us. good thing i got two bones! [laughs] ♪ - let's check in on the puppies. they're getting in the cowboy mood too. yee-haw! or should i say "yee-aww"? they're so cute. ♪ - ♪ puppy playtime ♪ ♪ puppy playtime [puppies whimpering] ♪ ♪ puppy playtime ♪
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♪ puppy playtime ♪ ♪ puppy playtime ♪ puppy playtime - hey, davenport. davenport! - [startled stammering] hello, zoe. - can cowboys go in the water? - sure they can. they go in a... ♪ row, row, rodeo boat [trombone plays ascending note] [both laugh] both: whoa! - i'm okay! - meow too!
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both: whoa! every pull-ups pant comes with trusted protection and fun character designs. ♪ i'm a big kid now! ♪
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- okay! i think i remember the steps to the awesome doggy handshake now. first, you shake. and then you hop on one foot. and then-- - [barks] - oh, you want to do a cowboy handshake instead? well, i'm almost done showing you mine. - [barks] - oh, okay, i guess we can do the awesome doggy handshake later then. uh... [groans]
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how's the cowboy handshake go? oh, okay. up on my feet. - [barks] - woof! [chuckles] [playful music] - [barks] - ooh! ♪ and run in a circle. right. - um, stuff? ♪ stuff! - what? oops! sorry, calvin. cowboy was just showing me how to do the cowboy handshake. - oh, i thought you were gonna show cowboy how to do the awesome doggy handshake. - well, i tried to, but cowboy really wanted to do his handshake instead. ahem. cowboy's a little bossy, calvin. - that's okay, stuff. it's cowboy's first day. i'm sure he didn't mean to be bossy. hey, it's your turn to show him another activity. it's music class! - oh, boy! come on, cowboy! let's rock! [laughter] - open the doggy everything closet!
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[playing upbeat rock music] ♪ - yeah! whoo! [music stops] welcome to music class, cowboy! well, here's a song for you. goes a little something like this. one, two, three, four! hey, cowboy! [playing upbeat rock music] ♪ welcome to the school, it's really really really cool ♪ ♪ mutt & stuff is super fun, it'll make you wanna drool ♪ ♪ welcome to the school, it's really really really cool ♪ ♪ mutt & stuff is super fun, it'll make you wanna drool ♪ ♪ yeah welcome to the school, it's really really really cool ♪ ♪ mutt & stuff is super fun, it'll make you wanna drool ♪ hey, cowboy, grab an instrument and jam along with us. it's really fun! [chuckles] wait, where you going? what's it-- - [plays harmonica] - [starts drumming and stops] wait, what? huh? uh, cowboy, don't you want to play along with us? - [blows harmonica and barks] - well, that's not the song we're playing. - [plays harmonica] - you wanna play your cowboy song instead?
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- [plays harmonica] - oh, boy. uh, okay. come on, guys, let's play cowboy's music. huh... two, three, four. [playing upbeat country music] ♪ [song ends] [playful music] - i bet cowboy will love playing a video game. - oh, yeah. - [barks] - okay, guys. pick a game and play it. - uh, how about "doggy space adventure"? - hmm, sounds good. - [chuckles] it's out of this world! right, guys? [dogs barking] [electronic chime] - "doggy space adventure"! - ooh. [chuckles] [electronic chime] - yee-haw!
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it's "rodeo pups"! - [barks] - uh, um, cowboy, we want to play "doggy space adventure." [grunts] [electronic chime] - "doggy space adventure"! [electronic chime] - [barks] - yee-haw! it's "rodeo pups"! - [grunts and groans] [electronic chim - "doggy space ad--" - yee-haw! - "doggy--" - yee-- - "doggy--" - yee-haw! it's "rodeo pups"! - [grunts] okay, cowboy. i guess we'll play "rodeo pups." - [barks] [electronic chiming and trilling] [upbeat music] ♪ - hey, guys. how's it going? - oh, fine. cowboy's playing "rodeo pups" on the doggy-tron, and we're watching. - oh, i thought you guys wanted to play "doggy space adventure." - yeah, we did, but, um... [whispers] cowboy wanted to play "rodeo pups" instead. - hmm. now i can see that cowboy is a little bossy.
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♪ hey, cowboy. here at mutt & stuff, we all take turns. sound good? - [barks] - great. i'm glad you agree. i think everything should be just fine from now on. ♪ - [chuckles] i can't wait to do a silly joke with cowboy. he is absolutely gonna love it! [laughs] oh, cowboy! mosey on over here! i've got something for you! [giggles] ♪ look, cowboy. it's a cow. i know how much you cowboys love cows, so you can have it. - [groans] - what? you want me to have it? oh, cowboy, that's so nice of you. all right, cow, you're coming with me! [laughs] [grunts] uh-oh. ah! [laughs]
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i can't believe i fell for my own silly joke! [laughs] thanks for coming over, cowboy. - [barks] ♪ - hey, davenport. davenport! - [startled stammering] oh, hi, zoe. - i think you're supposed to wear that hat on your head. - huh! well, the guy who sold it to me said it was "one size fits paw." [trombone plays ascending note] [both laugh] both: whoa! - i'm okay! - meow too!
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you'll be a mom, my girl. there are no perfect moms, just real ones. new baby dove.
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♪ now look what you made me do ♪ ♪ you and me baby it takes two ♪ ♪ bringing new moves to the old school ♪ ♪ time for the whole world to enjoy the view ♪ ♪ we can go left they can go right ♪ ♪ save me a dance for the end of the night ♪ ♪ when i'm with you it's a party ♪ ♪ don't care where we're going ♪ ♪ 1, 2, 3 get loose no♪! ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it out of sight. ♪ breathe deeply. the moon whispers: "i love you." the new atmosphere collection, fine home fragrance by glade. you dominate, you're brilliant, articulate, yes those numbers are correct. yes those projections are feasible. [elevator dings] because you're killing it.
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[car engine failing to start] [wind blows] yo- wh- ah- he- [gas pouring] [slurps loudly] [engine starting] [loud slurping continues]
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[upbeat music] - [humming] oh! hey there, cowboy. welcome to mutt & stuff. oh, i really want to make you laugh, and i've got just the joke to do it. [chuckles and clears throat] why are cowboys so funny? because they're always horsing around! [laughs] isn't-- and now you laugh. [intense western music] ♪ - [shudders] okay. i guess i'll keep trying. [chuckles] huh? all right, well, you're gonna love it here, cowboy! [sighs] what a good doggy. - ♪ it's the horsey friends ♪ ♪ i'm playing with zippy ♪ ♪ it's the horsey friends ♪ ♪ cloppy and clippy
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♪ it's the horsey friends ♪ ♪ i'm playing with zippy ♪ wait, what? where'd it go? [dramatic musical flourish] uh, hey, cowboy. we were playing horsey friends with clippy and cloppy. - [barks] - [groans] but we don't want to play rodeo right now. we want to play horsey friends. - [barks] - [groans] okay. well, i guess we can play horsey friends another time. - hmm. looks like cowboy's up to his bossy ways again. i hope he plays nicer at our next activity. hey, zippy! it's time to show cowboy how we do dance class. you ready to tango? - [barks] [upbeat music] [barks] - all right! it's dance class! ♪ - [laughs] - you ready, stuff? - oh, yes, i am! - okay. show us the doggy tail tango, zippy. [tango musical flourish] hit us with that tango beat, dj princess pickles.
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[record plays rapidly] [upbeat tango music plays] - [murmuring rhythmically] ♪ ba ba-bum ♪ [murmuring rhythmically] - [barks] [record scratches] [upbeat country music plays] - huh? - [barks] - you want us to do a doggy do-si-do instead? but, cowboy, zippy's showing us how to do the tango. - [barks] - okay. we'll do your dance. - [barks] ♪ [record scratches rhythmically] ♪ [barks] - pickles, can we have our tango music back? [tango music plays] thanks. [humming] ♪ [record scratches and country music plays] - wha--cowboy? uh, tango, please. [record scratches] [tango music plays]
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[scatting rhythmically] - [barks] [record scratches and country music plays] - uh, more tango, please. [record warbling and tango music plays] [chuckles] - [barks] [country music plays] - more cowboy music? [groans] - [barks] [record warbles and all music stops] - [sighs] [gentle music] - cowboy, i think it's time we had a little nose-to-nose. i don't think the rest of the class wants to do the doggy do-si-do right now. they're doing the tango. - [whimpering] - huh? - [barks] - uh-huh? - [barks] - oh. yeah. [chuckles] - [barks] - ahh! [laughs] - [barks] - i get it now. cowboy didn't mean to be bossy. he just wanted to show his new friends how fun being a cowboy is. that's really nice of you, cowboy. but one of the most important parts about being a pack is that we take turns. - [barks] - i have an idea. how about you do the tango now, and when we're done, we'll do something that you want to do?
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- [barks] - [laughs] all right. get along, little doggy. [lively tango music] ♪ - [barks] ♪ [barks] - oh, cowboy, you're a natural tango doggy. here! have a rose. [laughs] - check out cowboy. i knew he'd have fun. great job, cowboy. now, since you did what the dogs wanted to do, you get to choose the next thing we do. [upbeat music] come on, guys! cowboy wants to show us something on the playground! [dogs barking] ♪ - huh. hey, where's cowboy? i thought he wanted to show us something. - hmm. i don't know. wait! there he is! ♪
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- hey, marty. are you seeing what i'm seeing? - boy, am i! it's a dog riding a horse. - dog riding a horse? - yeah. - i was talking about this butterfly. so wingy with wings and colors. hello, little butterfly. my name is sid, and this is my brother marty. - oh, brother, sid, stop winging it. it bugs me. - [groans] ♪ - [barks] - oh! cowboy wants us to play rodeo rope with him. ♪ - oh, boy! that looks awesome! ♪ yee-haw!
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[laughs] - now he wants to play cowboy jump rope! - oh, boy! ♪ go, zippy, go! go, zippy, go! - yee-haw, cowboy! - [chuckles] ♪ - that was awesome, cowboy. we're so glad you're now part of our pack. [chuckles] come on! let's celebrate with a cowboy doggy dance party. wag it like you mean it. - ♪ mutt & stuff, mutt & stuff ♪ - ♪ hey, calvin, what are we learning today? ♪ ♪ come, heel, sit, stay ♪ our pet pal stuff is set to help and to play ♪ - ♪ mutt & stuff - ♪ let's go to dog school ♪ - ♪ mutt & stuff, mutt & stuff ♪ - today, a new student arrived at mutt & stuff named cowboy. the class showed cowboy all of the fun things at mutt & stuff, but he was being bossy and made them do what he wanted to do. - but we don't want to play rodeo right now.
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we want to play horsey friends. - then cowboy learned that being part of a pack means taking turns, so everyone gets to choose a fun game. - yee-haw! - and then we came here to have a cowboy doggy dance party! yee-haw! - ♪ mutt & stuff ♪ - ♪ let's go to dog school ♪ - ♪ mutt & stuff - ♪ let's go to dog school ♪ ♪ when i say "ready," you say "ruff" ♪ - ♪ mutt & stuff, mutt & stuff ♪ - thanks for joining us today! see you back at mutt & stuff! - hey, davenport. davenport! - [startled stammering] oh, hey, zoe. - what you got there? - my lasso. cowboys use 'em to catch cows. - huh. - and look, i caught one. [grunts and chuckles] - davenport, that's your tail! - oh! well, hi there, darryl. giddyup! [mimics hoofbeats] [trombone plays ascending note] [both laugh] both: whoa! - see you next time! - hi-ho, zoe, away!
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[playful musical flourish] - ♪ two genies in a bottle ♪ up in the starry sky ♪ it's shimmer and shine ♪ ♪ oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ on a magical ride ♪ oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ boom zahramay ♪ oh, what a day ♪ your genies divine ♪ it's shimmer and shine, shimmer and shine ♪ ♪ there's magic, there's friendships ♪ ♪ adventures for all ♪ so much to discover ♪ in zahramay falls ♪ shimmer and shine ♪ oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ genies divine ♪ shimmer and shine ♪ shimmer and shine


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