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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 16, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello, and welcome. you are turned -- tuned into live from paris. i am michelle with the top stories for you this hour. repeals allegations that the president unveiled classified information last week. macron to-- emmanuel push through his bid for a parliamentary majority in election in june.
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here in the french capital, the president meets with members of the international olympic committee as part of the process to decide which city will host the 2024 olympic games. also coming up in the show this hour in business, we look at the industry helping rich chinese families get american visas by investing their money in the united states. all of this coming up, and plenty more. you are watching live from paris. --first, our top story president trump will hold talks with his turkish counterpart president urge went at the white house this tuesday. it'll be their first meeting since trump took office in january and since heard when one
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a referendum extending his powers last month. the talks are expected to focus on the ongoing civil war and the extradition of the u.s.-based muslim cleric who is accused of inhestrating a failed to 2016. we go to ankara. jasper, hello to you. what erdogan is looking for in these talks, and whether he is likely to get them. toper: erdogan wants america withdraw support for the syrian kurdish fighters, because he sees them aligned to the turkish and surgeon -- insurgents, the pkk. he also wants america to extradite the exotic cleric who is blamed for the coup attempt last july.
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thirdly, he wants americans to release two turkish citizens who have been charged in the u.s. with violating u.s. sanctions on iran to the level of tens of millions of dollars. analysts in turkey and the u.s. predict that erdogan will get nothing on all three demands. the u.s. will continue to support the syrian kurdish forces simply because they have proved to be very effective in fighting against the islamic state's group. there is a u.s. expert on turkey that said something quite prospective -- perceptive. he said president trump's choices not actually between turkey and the syrian kurds, his choice is the syrian kurds and 20,000 u.s. troops. for is what it would take america to throw the islamic state out of rocca, the syrian capital, without kurdish forces.
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as to the extradition and the rks chargedthe two tu with violating u.s. sanctions on president quite sure trump will say these are issues decided by the u.s. courts. problem --erdogan's u.s. judges, are, for most of the time -- most of the time, independent. there does not seem to be a judge in turkey that will stand up to erdogan, but american judges don't hesitate to block trump's executive order. rochelle: how is president erdogan lucky to react if we think his demand will not be flash likely to react if we think his demands -- likely to react if we think his demands will not be met?
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jasper: both erdogan and the declined to say what turkey would do if they got nothing from president trump. my guess -- it is only a guess -- turkey will impose restrictions on u.s. plans flying out of angelique air base to attack the islamic state group in syria and iraq. turkey cannot be placed that planes flying from one of its bases are being used in support of the syrian kurds when he regards the syrian kurdish fighters is a bunch of terrorists. what else it could do? i don't know. even if it was to restrict the u.s. use of angelic airbase, that would be harming turkey in the sense that america's campaign against islamic state is good for turkey as well. rochelle: jasper mortimer reporting to us.
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thank you. staying in the u.s., the white house has denied claims that president donald trump revealed highly classified information to russia's foreign minister over a planned islamic state operation. the allegations were first reported by "washington post." they say he first discussed the intel during a meeting with sergey lavrov last week. ..r. mcmaster denies have a listen. mcmaster: the story that came out tonight was false. the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries including threats to , civil aviation. at no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed, and the president did not disclose any operations that were not already know. rochelle: let's talk further about this possible disclosure.
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philip is standing by in washington. the classified information in itself is not illegal, but the whole thing raises troubling questions, doesn't it? the actual sharing of classified information that would have been declassified by donald trump in person in that meeting is not been denied by the white house. you are the national security adviser saying that method and sources were not discussed in that meeting, when that actually was a part of the washington post story that simply does not exist. it is about classified information having been shared from an allied country about information about the islamic state organization and its connections to the possibility of a threat of using laptop computers on aircraft. we don't get much further into the details of it on the washington -- on "the washington one simple for
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reason -- the government and the white house asked "washington post" not to publish those details because that might put lives at risk and might share intelligence gathering methods. there might be more to the story that has been published so far. this is the kind of thing that simply is not done -- classified information, highly sensitive material is not shared with a country that is clearly not an ally. as the washington post reports, according one u.s. official, "the u.s. president shared information with the russian ambassador and the russian foreign minister that the united states would not even normally share with an allied country." that is why it is so bad. according to "washington post" there were officials talking straightaway to the cia and the nsa trying to push this back somehow. donald trump, by the way, has not responded yet. he is responding as we speak --
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he is tweeting right now. dots att is in, three the end, meaning there is more to come from donald trump. we will have to come back and describe what donald trump is saying. he is reacting to this precise piece of reporting by" washington post." rochelle: another russia-related issue that is still ongoing is surrounding the fbi. philip: yeah, this is about james comey, the director of the fbi who was fired, of course, by donald trump. he was fired the day before that meeting by donald trump, the russian foreign minister russian and danced her -- ambassador in the oval office. james kobe was the head of the investigation into the possible collusion between the donald trump campaign, russian intelligence officials and the russian government. then did something
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unusual and highly suspicious, getting rid of the person that was possibly investigating the president himself. the president insists he was not part of the investigation. the white house right now is in for a replacement for james comey for the position of fbi director. the department of justice doing those interviews right now. as you can see, there are many, many stories coming together right here, and they are all having something to do with russia. this is a white house that is getting itself into all sorts of trouble. these are unforced errors, as you might say in sports. a lot of what happened here could have been stopped if the white house was a little bit better at its communications strategy. it is digging itself an even bigger hole today. rochelle: philip crowther reporting to us from washington, thank you. the syrian government is benign allegations that it beat a -- crematorium close to the
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saydnaya facility where prisoners are being detained. earlier this year, amnesty international said mass hangings have taken place at the prison. france 24's martin -- has this report. martin: these photos have been released by the u.s. government. detainees a day are killed here, their bodies placed in mass graves before their remains are disposed of in a hidden crematorium. these are the allegations have leveled at syrian president's bashar al-assad's government. >> they modified a building within the saydnaya to support what we believe is a crematorium , as shown in the photos we have the children to you. although the regime's many atrocities are well documented, we believe the building of a crematorium is an effort to
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cover up the extent of mass murders taking place in saydnaya prison. the allegations back up a report released earlier this year by amnesty international that said 3000 people were executed that. amnesty says the detainees are mainly made up of those opposed to the assad regime. soon after the report was published, the syrian president dismissed the findings as untrue. abouthas said the same other allegations, including an alleged attack in the province. tillerson was reported to have raised concerns with surging like rough last week. --sergey lavrov last week. coast hasthe ivory
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come to an agreement with soldiers that have been marching. they were urged to keep the pace. the soldiers are part of a group that launched a mutiny in january seeking to improve top petition and living conditions. while some apologized to the president leslie, other dissatisfied soldiers took to the street. the french president emmanuel macron is set to reveal his government lineup a day after naming a prime minister from the right to push through his bread for a parliamentary majority in elections next month. edouard philippe is from the republic ve party le que. -- has this report. >> newly invested as prime minister, edouard philippe must
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now with emmanuel macron pick a candidate. throughout his campaign, president macron about his 15 ministers would come from both the right and the left and there would be as many men as women, and all his ministers will have clean criminal records, criteria the new prime minister reiterated monday night. : what i amacron going to try to build is so our have a majority with people from the right like me, and from the left like him, and people that are outside politics and are not partisan. this is never been done before. >> the names of politicians who might fit the criteria include the socialist minister of defense under franaois fillon -- france while hollande. another name that keeps coming up from the right was once a
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minister under nicholas sarkozy. that may be a handicap. then there are the centrists -- one of his early supporters is nearly a shoe in, possibly as the justice minister. as is a centrist member of the european parliament. she may be paid for european affairs. macron's team wants to prove they truly are centrists and a cabinet with politicians from diverse backgrounds is key. i want to get support from -- they want to get the support from voters on the left and the right index month's parliamentary elections. has ale: president macron meeting with members of the international olympic committee work early on a three-day visit to the french capital to decide what city will host the 2024 of the games. macron, who was inaugurated on sunday, has pledged his full support. the only rival to host the games is los angeles. the final vote will be held on
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december 14 in lima, peru. james andre is at the elysee palace. james: members were seen exiting the elysee palace with a man who is the french -- head of the french bid. everyone looked relaxed. we were told the objective of emmanuel macron was, of course, to show there was a continuity as far as this french and parisian did is concerned, and to show he supports this olympic did. he has, since the beginning, back this initiative from the city of paris, also pledging one billion euros to the project. it will be a 6 billion euro project if paris gets these olympic games, and indeed the state should contribute one billion. he said that would take place.
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we spoke to one of the members of the ioc, one of the two french members of the ioc, when he exited. he said indeed the ioc members were very honored to be received by emmanuel macron, and also he said emmanuel macron would be in -- when france would present its bid and in lima for the actual vote itself. rochelle: james andre reporting from the elysee palace. security being wrapped up ahead of the world famous cannes film festival. authorities say no expense has been spared with extra police deployed. in total, 560 security cameras have been installed and there will be changed to stop trucks from entering festival areas. it is the first vessel since the attack in nice last july when a man drove a 19 ton truck into a
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crowd celebrating bastille day. the cannes film festival is marking its 70th year. over the last seven decades, it has evolved and changed, much like the industry itself. e hahas this report. a eventit started as held in a peaceful him a coastal town. it was already a display of groep -- glamour and elegance and a promise of commercial success for winning motion pictures. throughout t the, the festival d its reputation deveveloped, and nearly -- in the early 1980's, built sixf cannes floors of offices and projection rooms. as the movie industry grew, so did the festival's influence, bringing in thousands of professionals from around the world.
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>> there are about 3000 movies presented here every year -- projects and competitions, everything from genre movies, independent movies, big blockbusters. the whole industry is represented. >> -- not -- pierre: the iconic 24 steps image ofhanged the films around the world. the red carpet him a both a blessing and a curse for the festival's organizing. >> it is tempting to take advantage of the red carpet when you are the director of the festival. the television crews are there, and with the millions of viewers , attempted to play on that. i personally have not done it. of course, i had movies with celebrities and stars, it is part of the industry, but i always favored quality flames -- films. pierre: as the festival celebrated 70th anniversary, the
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-- it promises to carry on the traditions -- a wonderful mix of art, business, and glamour. 1:19 p.m. in the french capital -- a quick reminder of the stories we're following for you. the white house has said he did not disclose intelligence after theound methods u.s. media said top-secret formation was revealed during talks with senior russian officials. french president emmanuel macron is set to reveal his government lineup later today a day after naming edouard philippe as prime minister to push through his bid for a parliamentary majority in elections in june. staying in france here in the french capital, macron meets with members of the international olympic committee. this as part of the process to decide which city will host the 2024 olympic games. time for business now -- stephen
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carroll joins me. good to have you with us. we start in the u.k. where consumer prices are on the rise. stephen: inflation in the united kingdom has risen to its highest level in more than four years. to rate for april jumped 2.7% mainly thanks to hire airfare spared the increased cost of clothing, electricity, and other items contributed to the increase. inflation is considered to be one of the biggest risks to the u.k. after brexit as imports are more expensive. the bank of england expects inflation to peek at just under 3% next year. rochelle: next, a report of major job cuts at fort. stephen: "wall street journal" says the carmaker is planning to axe as much as 10% of its workforce part of a cost-cutting plan and that boosting profitability. ford's chief executive has been under pressure over the 40%
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slump in the share price since he took over three years ago. the carmaker's value in that time has slipped that of rival general motors and tesla. job cuts are expected to be confirmed later this week. rochelle: next, stephen, you have been keeping an eye on the price of oil that has been steadily rising. stephen: that is after saudi arabia back a plan to extend cuts. prices have pushed up to over 52 barrels -- dollars a barrel. loads weost double the have seen in january of last year when the oil gush was at its peak. in the stock market, investors are watching the euro closely. it was at a six-month high earlier coupled with a high of german stocks we saw earlier in trading. london seeing gains this lunchtime, almost two thirds of 1%, while the paris market is trading in the red. rochelle: to china next, where wealthy people are paying huge
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sums in the name of getting visas to be able to live in the net state. stephen: it has been -- united states. stephen: it has been dubbed the golden visa program. chinese nationals have rushed to apply to the program, with the number of applicants tripling between 2010 and 2015. it brought in $24 billion in investment and created a whole new industry in china. invest $500,000 to get your family out of china. 100,000 chinese people have taken up on the offer over the past decade, injecting $24 billion into the u.s. eb5 visa program and other similar plans. thousands of agencies have been created to satisfy demand. one of the main reasons so many chinese nationals are planning to leave -- their children and the education they are getting. >> i live through a
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test-oriented education, which in my eyes is quite devastating to human beings. i want my kids to have the education of a foreign country, which is more open. >> many have been wanting to leave for some time, but lack the means to do so. real estate price hikes have given them an opportunity. homes,le have purchased condominiums, typically, here in beijing and the other major cities a few years ago. with the price appreciation, they now have the means to invest. >> the so-called golden visa program is the first major bill president trump signed into law when taking office and it has brought criticism because under its current form it seems to benefit the business formerly run by his son-in-law jared kushner. his family has been selling luxury apartments through the program. lawmakers say that is against the spirit of the original plan. the goal was to invest in small,
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rural companies, or in distressed urban areas to create jobs. prominent republicans and democrats want to revamp the law to bring it back to its intended goals. stephen: more of the day's business headlines -- france's privacy regulator has find facebook on her 50,000 euros for failing to answer questions about how it protects user data. the watchdog says a social network is the legally collecting information for advertising and has accused it of unfairly tracking its users. facebook is facing similar allegations in other european countries over how it treats data. losses ofas reported 6.1 billion euros, over the indian business. revenues fell more than 4% largely due to currency changes. the low-cost airline easyjet reported losses of over 275 million euros for the six months
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to the end of march. they were hit by the later easter this year. revenues at the airline were up 3% with passengers climbing almost to a record high of 34 million. shares down almost 6% in london a short time ago. fromlle: finally, stephen, you, another high-profile cyber attack targeting disney this time. stephen: the company says the hackers have stolen the latest "pirates of the caribbean" movie from their studio and have threatened to release it on line if they are not paid a ransom. told itser -- bob iger parent company abc they would not pay a ransom. the film is due to be released in the analysis and 10 days time, but it may -- in the united states in 10 days time, but it may be leaked before that. rochelle: think you, stephen, for the business rhonda. we're going to take a short
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break here on live from paris. we'll be back with more international headlines very shortly, just stay tuned.
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