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tv   View Change  LINKTV  May 22, 2017 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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announcer: the following program isis an original productioion of link tv. next up, witchchcraft, hiv, and some hard lessons learned. (m(man laughing) an award-winning comedy and other short films from link tv's "viewchange" film m contest. narrator: "viewchange" is about people making real progrgress in tackling the world's toughest issues. can a story change the world? see for yourself in "viewchange." health is hope. announcer: around the world, good healthcare is about reaching peoplwiwith wtevever theyey may need. sometetimes, 's getting food to malnourished children or getting support to teens with hiv, or even sending the spspitalo ththe tient.t. om malawi ecuador, see some of hlthcare's mostnventive
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solutions d stay ted to e the winner of the "viewchange" film contest leadership prize. second narrator: malnutrition. every year, malnutrition kills twice as many children as aids, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. yet there is hope. an inexpensive, revolutionary therapy is saving children's lives right now. (rooster crows) since 2004, project peanut butter has been treating children in malawi, a country with one of the highest malnutrition rates in the world. (speaking nativeve language) second narrator: as a faculty member at washington university medical school, dr. manary founded project peanut butter to bring the most effective
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malnutrition therapy to the children who need it most. alefa is 7 months old. she is just entering the critical 6-month-to-two-year-old window where children are most vulnerable to the impact of malnutrition. jason: alefa is, uh, severely malnourished and, um, (unclear), as you can see from the extremely small arms. second narrator: severely malnourished children at this age are at great risk. untreated, more than half will die. pilirani is two years old. severely malnourished kids often swell up with edema, a painful build-up of fluid under the skin. pilirani's swelling is so severe he can barely walk. until recently, the best treatment available for pilirani
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and alefa was one to two months of hospitalization. but t even n the best rural hospitals, only 25% to 40% of children fully recover. project p peanut t butr gets much better results by distributing a special ready-to-use theraputic food to the mothers who will take it with them and treat their own children at home. ready-to-use theraputic food is powerful medicine. this peanut-based formula is effective, easy to use, and empowers mothers. and most kids love it. it's more than just peanut butter. over years of careful experiments and teststing, dr. manary and his colleagues developed a new formula. it's a precise blend ideal for bringing children back from the edge of starvation. the results are dramatic. 6 weeks
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after their first visit, alefa and pilirani return for one of their check-ups. jason: what we've seen over the course of the last 6 weeks has been, uh, really good progress. soso, we're hopeful that she'll come completely up to a healthy weight with this check. (woman speaking native language) second narrator: after 6 weeks of treatment, pilirani is on a promising path. he is now likely to remain healthy and avoid lingering consequences. dr. manary: 95% of these children are recovering. 95%. that is really something powerful. (singing in native language) second narrator: and thiss success rate comes at a fraction of the old therapy's cost.
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today, saving one child costs the project a total of about $25. project peanut butter has an ambitious vision: to save over 2 million children from severe malnutrition by 2015. woman: i wish project peanut butter would grow like a (unclear) tree, which is (unclear) and grows big, big, big, big and biggest. so it can reach every needy child. second narrator: you can make a difference. please, go to learn more about this urgent, life-saving work. remember,
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there is hope. peaking tive lanage)
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(speaking native language)
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(speaking native language)
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(spepeaking natitive languagage) (s(speaking nanative languguage)
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(speaking g native lananguage) (apppplause) (singing in native language) (speaking native lananguage) (speaking native language) (a(all laughining)
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(machine beepi)) pepeakinspananh) (speakakinenglisis (machine bping) (mhine whirrg) drdrrodas: tt'a a veryumane way to deler surgery, i thin pele in their own environmt.
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they d't ve to be separed frfromhe famil from m e home. (horn being)g) third rrrratoralmomost millili ecuadoreanlilive i imveverish, rururaareas s th little onono accs toto bic alalth svices. d edgdgarodas tackleththis pblemem bbringigi the hoitital tthe e pele. sie 1994, s (uncar) foundation has been oviding surgic c care r hahardo reacac communities reread aosss ecuador. (speakinspspanis third naatator: car r fute iss a fishrarader.uffeferi from m condioion th reqequis surgrgy, heanannot rk t to pport t s mimily. (speakinspspanis
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(speing spanish) (speakg g spanh) dr. rodas:hehen weo toto tns th a are f awaway d veryryoor, we don'chchargebsololuty anytngng. thideaea ithat nobo, , nobo canan n have an operation cause th donon'tt haveononey. (speakg g spanh) ththird naator: afr r 6 mohs livininwith a disabling rnrnia, car r iseady f f his eratioio (speakg g spanh) drrodas:s:scar fueuee is a leleer in the community and ss lotstsf friend all the communy y was ncererneaboutt him. peaking spanish)
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(vehicleacacing ) peaking anish) (speing spanh) peaking spanish) (speing g spish) (szlzling) (speining spanh)
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dr. ros:s: forhe g genal public, healths s justhe absence ofisiseaseto m me, heal is relad d withveryry human activity. h have andean dininitioof h heah. (speing spish) announcer: don't go away. when
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we return, a comedy routine about aids prevention and see the winner of the "viewchange" film contest leadership prize. first narrator: like what you saw? then visit t viewchange.or, link tv's brand new multimedia website. watch over 200 stories about new solulutions to the developing world's biggest challenges. get involved with the issues. share the stories with friends and help change the world. all at (rooster crowing) man:n: on earth,h, two tngngs involved. you may either born a woman or a man. if you're born woman, you are self. if you are born a a man, two things i invo. (speaking native language)
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aha! umoza: if you accuse someone--no, so, ok. if you accuse someone, you are self.. i'm stuck. sesecond man: : when you c comeo (unclear), t there arere two ths involved. . you'll eitheher gets or hiv. when you get other stas, you are safe. but when you get hiv, there is one thing involved. you develop aids, you will die. it end there. (speaking native language) third man: ...7 years now. (speaking native language) (laughing) (speaking native language) (speaking native language) (audience laughing) (speaking native language) umoza: the name of our group is umoza youth ororganizationon. or group started in late e 1999.
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(singing in native language) umozoza: the objectiveves of the group are to fight againinst hiv-aids, to prevent mother-to-child d transmissisiof hihiv, aids. second man: so, we try to make some songs. third man: maiainly, we performm drama before they--p-people areo get tested. umoza: people get entetertained while ththey get the message.. (spepeaking natitive languagage) (singing in nativeve language) (sininging in native language)
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fourth man: so, i wanted to say this leg, this carposis, is stage 4 of hiv and aids, see? so if--i know if i could have taken the drugs (unclear) i think i could have not--it would have not come to this extent. that's just because it was too late. so, i used to say, "if i could find my friends (unclear) go there." i used to say, "please, guys, go to the hospital just so that they should discover (unclear)." god also give me a talent of composing songs, so, i've got a task of composing songs and spreading the message. and, um, teaching my friends songs and the like. this song is (unclear). and it is advising some (unclear) take care of
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themselves just because this time thehe world is full of hiv and aids. soso, this is the number. play, guys. (jazz music playing) (singing in native language) so, (unclear), there are two things involved, you know. (woman laughing) man: yeah, yeah. there are two things involved. (unclear) second woman: keeping ininvolve, (unclear). fourth man: if you contract hiv and aids, there are two things involved. you can stay lonongerr
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die. if you are--you die, you are safe. but you stay wrong, there are two things involved. interviewer: and you can improvise? fourth man: yes, (unclear). there are two thin involved.d. if he--you follow the instructions for the doctor or join in n groups whihich are involved in the hiv and aids. something like t that. (all lauaughing) (singing in native language) first narrator: and now, the winner of the "viewchange" film contest leadership prize. robby brasson's s "the witchch doctor" doctor: have a seat, please. mr. (u(unclear), first of alal'd
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like to cocongratulate you for coming in voluntarily, and like i said, yoyou can n still live a normal, healthy, productive life with hiv. isis there anything yoyou'd lilike to know? maman: no. there's nothing.g. jt tell me. doctor: there is also clear and you are hiv v positive. man: do yoyou mean posositive? doctoror: it just t means that e virus s is active e in your bob, but itit does not t automaticacy mean thahat you have aids. and i... (baby wailing) (children crying) doctor: ...may i i advise that u go to hospitital and have youru" cell count taken so o that we cn immediately start you on aivs. this is a brochure. it has everything that you need to know abouout how to live positivevely with hiv.
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(children crcrying) (speaking native language) (speaking native language) (chanting in native langauge) witch doctor: come in, my son. tellll me what a ails you. maman: i--i want you to o help . i've been unwell for quite some time now. i had this persistent cold, and after that, i developeped some swewellings. wiwitch doctor: hmm. man:n: now they want me e to tae this " "t" count t test for hi'm
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sure t there's another r after . wiwitch doctor: definitetely. y, most definitely. man: we can do it traditional, spiritually. i'd pay.y. just tel me what t you want m me to do ad i'm going to do it. witch doctor: we shall consult the anancestors. (chanting in native language) ahh! man: what--what do i have to do? ok, back. i hear if i sleep with a virginin i can cleanse mysele. oh, my godod. witch doctor: : give me your rit hand. connect with your ancestors. man: yes! no! i won't do some of the sacrificices. stop it, plea! there are some things i can't do. i won't cut t anybody's geninitals and i won't bring (unclear) blooood in-- witch doctor: but yoyou might he to. . what then?n? you cannot back out now. please,
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will you hold this w with your left hand? this is how you will connect with your ancestors from your head to your heart right down to... (woman laughing crazily) come! (chanting) (laughing) ohh! ohh! ohh! (chanting) (gasps) it is now too late to go back. the anceststors have spopoken. your answer is right here. ahh. yes, young man. let us go. let us movove now. a ancestors (unclear). ha ha.
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do not worry, young man. you see, as the pamphlet says, you can still lead a fully productive life even if you are hihiv positive. (laughing) first narrator: like what you saw? then visit, link tv's brand new multimedia website. watch over 200 stories abouout new solutions to the developing world's biggest challenges. get involved with the issues. share the stories with friends and help change the world. all at
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♪ [captitions made possible byby t television] >> the great saunterer is a 32 mile walk atat is donene in one day. >> it's incredibly important be


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