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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 24, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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laura: welcome back. the headlines this hour. the father and two brothers of the suicide bomber who attacked the manchester rina on monday i has been arrested following a series of rate in the u.k. and libya. the u.k. terror alert remains at its highest level. donald trump expected to present nato leaders with a big bill. the u.s. president is in brussels on the latest leg of his world tour and said it's time for european allies to start paying their fair share of defense. and taiwan becomes a first country in asia to recognize same-sex marriage.
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laura: first, british police say they are investigating a network of terrorists halloween monday suicide bombing at the manchester arena. five people have been arrested in the u.k., including the brother of alleged suicide bomber salman abedi. a third brother has been thested in libya along with bombers father. authorities say the brother was aware of the plot to attack the pop concert on monday night. the u.k. terror threat level is at its highest and thousands of troops have been the board across the country. for the latest let's go to manchester and are correspondent duncan is there. the investigation very much ongoing with release saying they
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believe the bomber did not act alone and that is why the country is on critical alert this wednesday. duncan: a lot of developments today, we had the three arrests this morning in south manchester come that included one of the .rothers of the perpetrator then we had another rest this afternoon in a town nearby manchester, bringing the total number arrest here in the u.k. to five since yesterday. one arrest taking place yesterday evening. that's in the context where we've also had arrests in tripoli, the capital of libya, the father of the perpetrator was arrested there and the younger brother, around 20 years old. so a large part of this family now in custody, both here in the u.k. and in libya. the police are very much working
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on the assumption that the perpetrator was not working by himself. the likelihood is that he had significant help from other sources, including quite , and thered a third have been photographs that have been leaked to the new york times would seem to indicate this was a quite sophisticated device that included potentially a remote trigger. the device appeared a being held in a backpack on the perpetrators back and also a 12 that bombry charging device. so a lot of investigations carrying on both here and in libya and elsewhere. there have been reports that the perpetrator had spent time in syria recently. so three countries at least are involved in terms of the on the ground investigation. laura: just looking behind you i
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can see up see of flowers, a lot of people down there to pay their respects. it's still very raw for the people of manchester with more of the victims being identified today and a lot of people fighting for their lives in the hospital tonight. yes, it is still very raw here. it's 48 hours after the event but it was an absolutely horrific event, unparalleled in as much as this was an attack unashamedly not just against civilians, but also against children, against young girls. one of the victims was just eight years old and another was just 14 years old. duncan, thanks very much indeed, there in manchester. more details have been emerging about the alleged bomber. the 20 two-year-old son of libyan refugees dropped out of university in 2015.
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he was known to authorities and recently traveled to libya. french officials believe he also spent some time in syria. reporter: a young man who lived a discrete life in a quite suburban neighborhood takes up arms against the country that saw him grow up. it's a story that's begun to familiar, yet you could have imagined that salman abedi, described as a quiet and respectful child who love that ball, was capable of carrying out one of the deadliest attacks in over a decade. , icie used to play football think were all still asking ourselves the questions of how could we not have known.
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was born salman abedi in manchester to libyan parents fled to the u.k. to escape omar gadhafi's regime. his father was an active member of the community and occasionally issued the call to prayer in this mosque. here, worshipers were shocked to learn of his sons radicalization. >> we cannot believe it. these are not muslim. only by name. dropped out of university in 2015. investigators believe it is around that time that he became radicalized. the french interior minister said he recently traveled to libya and syria and had proven ties to the islamic state group. he was on my intelligence services but until monday was largely considered a peripheral figure who did not pose any major threat. trump has landed
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in brussels for the next leg of his world tour. earlier the u.s. president was welcomed by the pope for what the vatican called a cordial meeting. now open for collaboration on assisting immigrants. the two men have clashed publicly in the past over immigration and over donald trump plans to build a wall along the border with mexico. tomorrow he will be sitting down with the leaders of nato, the alliance he recently called obsolete. this will be nato's first summit attended by the u.s. president who is expected to push for bigger financial contributions from european allies and a greater commitment to fighting isis. reporter: an opportunity for nato to prove they are not obsolete. u.s. president donald trump holds a meeting with the heads of the western allies to discuss funding but also its fight against the islamic state group, which had previously asked for in april. >> us it was obsolete.
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it is no longer obsolete. it is my hope that nato will take on an increased role in supporting our iraqi partners in their battle against isis. reporter: trump has repeatedly asked countries to increase spending for the organization, saying it was unfair for the u.s. to pay the bulk of it. it comes at a time when nato's in baiting new -- invading new headquarters. europeans claim that the stable american government is needed for nato to function. you would like to have a solid and stable american administration in which we can work. to have this impression that the american administration is stuck in this russian story gives an impression of fragility and uncertainty. reporter: trump will follow his
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meeting in nato at the gathering at the g7 in sicily. he will cross paths for the first time with french president emmanuel macron and will see angela merkel again after their frosty first meeting in washington. a key topic of discussion will be whether trump plans to honor the paris climate deal after famously calling global warming a hoax. european leaders will look for answers with regard to russian involvement in the u.s. election, topic that has been extremely controversial in recent weeks but has slipped off the grid since his visit to saudi arabia. laura: the minister for territorial -- former five involvedmay have been in a conflict of interest. >> the satirical french weekly said he may well have given
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preferential treatment to his partner in a matter of real estate back when he was the managing director of a britain-based mutual fund in 2011. alleges the property firm had no legal existence at the time, but i spoke with the owner of the premises in question. on wednesday he found himself on the defensive. , but could create doubt again, i wasn't in charge of making the decision. it's been established that the office was the least expensive and the most suitable, so i don't see why have to justify myself when the board of directors made a good decision, one that it has since made again. his partner made over 400,000 euros on the sale before offering renovations with a price tag of 184,000 euros. .t may look like a gray area
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to government was not slow lead the defense. great to create suspicion in the context of suspicion. exceptionalof probity. one thing is certain, nothing illegal went on, and there's no question of morality. scandal ofe allegedly paying family members for fake jobs, it could be seen as a major embarrassment for france's new government, with macron's push for legislation over moralization in public service. a police officer has been killed in what authorities are saying is a suicide bombing in the indonesian capital of jakarta. it was in an area of the city not popular with tourists. have been fighting armed groups and hundreds of fighters have left to join the islamic state roop in syria and iraq.
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police guardmed the scene of a suicide bomb blast in the easy not -- indonesian capital of jakarta. ao explosions were heard in car parked near a busy bus terminal in the east of the city. it's not yet clear who was responsible for the bombing. there were two blasts. first i saw smoke, and in glass shatter. it was very strong. the ground was shaking. it shocked me. after a few minutes, there was another blast. >> there have been a series of militant attacks in indonesia over the past 15 years, including the valley bombing which killed 202 people in 2002. authorities have been increasingly concerned about a resurgence and radicalism over the past two years. in january 2016, four people died in the suicide attack in jakarta, the first assault claim by the islamic state militant
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group in southeast asia. the president of the philippines has warned he may extend martial law across the country is fighting with islamic state rebels rages on in the south. jihadist beheaded up police chief reportedly took a police chief and churchgoers hostage during a rampage in mindanao province. it will be the second time marshall has been declared in the philippines. -- the second time marshall law has been declared in the philippines. aftery were on high alert martial law went into effect on tuesday after a rampage through the city. >> we want to hide. there were a lot of islamic state group militants there. >> we left because of the chaos. islamist militancy isn't new
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to the philippines. the nation has struggled with it decade-long separatist insurgency in the south that left over 120,000 people dead. however, this time around, at have beenilitias cooperating with each other. ordinary filipinos were standing firmly behind authorities and --sident to church a president rodrigo deterred take. duterte.ent >> if i'm incompetent and incapable of keeping order in this country, let me step down and give the job to somebody else. he has threatened martial law in the past to deal with many issues, including illegal drugs. itle the constitution limits
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to 60 days, he can keep it in effect for up to year. the critics have raised the underr of potential abuse for denmark is a decade ago. laura: taiwan has become the first country in asia to legalize gay marriage. it's a huge victory for gay rights activist whose long battle to have their relationships recognized by the state. the streets of time they explode in celebrations. followed by tears of joy. taiwan just legalized gay marriage, becoming the first country in asia to do so. >> am so touched. finally we reached this moment. this represents taiwan's human rights. >> the state did not only come out for gay marriage. all groups of all genders can n be treated the sae way.
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this comes after taiwan's constitutional court ruled the current marriage laws were in violation of people's freedom of marriage in people's right to wally. despite their excitement, some taiwanese advise caution. >> today is the first step. obviously we are very happy, but we cannot be too confident. we still have a long way to go in the future. >> indeed, the court has passed a pro-marriage judgment but the parliament now has two years to enact the necessary laws to set the decision into stone. if it comest matter to marriage or not. -- very happy that there is homosexuals have the right like everybody else. i also hope i can marry her. >>'s taiwan celebrates a ringing success, gay rights still have a long way to go in mainland china, were almost two thirds of the population still finds homosexuality unacceptable.
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joyful seems there. most rest are underway in venezuela where the unpopular president says he will press ahead with plans to create a tocalled citizens assembly draw up a new constitution. opponents say the new body will be filled with government loyalists. 55 people have been killed in protests since the beginning of the month. looting and writing are commonplace and there are severe shortages of food and medicine. thousands of dissidents have been rounded up. the canneso head to film festival with their daily updates from there.
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♪ reporter: we all fancy ourselves as filmmakers. he made his name with the iphone movie, tangerine. he followed up with the florida poetry, portrayed of enjoyed to the eyes of a little girl who lives in a motel. >> excuse me, miss, could you give us some change, please? have anye we don't money, we just have five cents. the doctor say we have asthma and we've got to eat ice cream. we are not lying. thank you very much.
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let's go, come on. >> sean baker, hello. how are you? you have my favorite film at cannes this year so far. i want to congratulate you on the casting. there are three main characters. one is willing to follow. the others are unknown actresses. one of them you found on social media. tell us how that happened and what a big risk it is? >> is more of a risk for my producers and then in sears. i was convinced and -- my produces an financiers. different ways of casting, trying to approach casting in unconventional ways. now we can do it because of social media. there's so many different ways of finding talent. on her instagram and
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there was something about her. i don't even know how i came across her instagram. she is very different from your normal selfie instagram girl. there was no posing or puckering. instead, there was her being silly. she said a few things it just made me laugh out loud. i thought, she has that youthful energy, a wonderful physicality. there was something about her persona that was saying this is the character of haley. at first we were thinking let's cast a hollywood star to be this character. but i was using her as an someone,and finally said what we just reach out to her. >> i can i do that on property. i've already called the cops. >> i need you to come back right
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now. come back here. of movies or a lot tv but one dead got a message. it was sean and it just says, i sent you an email about a film opportunity. messages,t of creepy so i looked him up, and i find out who he is. i'm like, ok, interesting. we got on the phone and he told me a little bit about the movie, and i still thought it was a joke. someone is just messing with me, because this doesn't happen to people, you know what i mean? he flew me out for an audition and i was in florida or two or three days. so i ask them, when do i know if i got the heart? -- if i got the part? and he was like, you got the part, you are haley.
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it was the most surreal thing ever. reporter: how is it acting with an oscar-nominated actor like will -- like willem dafoe? >> is very humble and very easy to talk to, easy to work with. he made me feel really comfortable. i was so thankful for that, because i didn't know what to expect from him. in one of the scenes where we are arguing, towards the end, he was yelling at me so crazy, my because id to quiver hate getting yelled at. but he's such an amazing actor that he just wrought out all the right emotions and i was just so grateful to have gotten to work with him. reporter: he plays a reluctant kind of father figure at this motel in florida, orlando. he said he is proud of the film because it's very relevant in today's political climate. is that why you made the film?
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>> we made the film seven months ago before we knew about the new administration. is veryt now, which scary, because of the proposed budget cuts, there will be a direct impact on the lives of these families, and it's a big deal, if this gets passed by congress. >> the poverty-stricken world and the day-to-day struggle of these families are worlds away, a universe away from that. that more just the fact the irony is so extreme in this case. -- you have homeless families living in poverty in these budget motels in boston, in san bernardino, in orange county, california, all over. but there's something very ironic and that about the fact there are kids living so close
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to the most magical place on earth. the film focuses on children and the way they see the world. one of our messages with this film is that kids will always be kids and find a way of still being kids. even though the character of mooney doesn't have the means to visit the park or any of the parks in the area, still she will find things in her everyday life that are just as special and find and as adventurous as the attractions in the park. >> this is where we get free ice cream. follow me. can we have some money? do we have enough? >> many people know you for the groundbreaking iphone movie, tangerine. how do you get inside these communities when you are not from them? >> it takes time.
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it's all about time, and it's about respect and collaboration. i was completely from outside of that world. a white guy from a privileged background, and we were not about to walk in there and impose any sort of script or plot. we wanted to hear from the community, hear their voices, and we wanted to accurately represent them and respectfully represent them. from the motels reading r synopsis in our treatment at making sure they approved of what they read. so that we could get the thumbs up in terms of, you're doing this right, this is accurate. question your sharing the florida project. >> it's very surreal.
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claire is an idol of mine. the fact that these two guys directly influence this movie. bad lieutenant influences everything that i may, so that is one thing. it was a direct reference when i would show the people i work with, my producers, i'm trying to find the naturalism here. i'm trying to capture the naturalism in a children's performances. so it is a surreal experience and such an honor and extremely humbling, all of those words. >> thank you so much. ♪ >> because you made your film on an iphone, i was wondering if at the end you would do some filming with our iphone.
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05/24/17 05/24/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> it is now concluded on the basis of today's investigation, that the threat level should be increased for the time being from severe to critical. this means their assessment is not only an attack remains highly likikely, but further attack a be imminent. amy: britain is on high alert


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