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tv   DW News  LINKTV  May 25, 2017 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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berlin. donald trump tells nato members to pull their way. the one thing he was expected to say, he did not. trump is in brussels for his first nato summit as president. today he was back scolding members telling them to increase their defense spending. what he did not mention coming up on the program. the summit revealing the growing rift between great britain and
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the u.s. over intelligence leak in the manchester suicide bombing investigation. british police are furious and have caught off information sharing with u.s. law enforcement. despite the looming threat of brags it the charlemagne prize recognizing contributions to european unity has been awarded to a brick. he received the famous awards today in the city. it is good to have you with us. tonight donald trump is blasting nato allies in brussels for not paying their fair share. trump has been a vocal critic of nato calling the alliance obsolete on the campaign trail.
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with the manchester bombing it has brought new urgency where the fight against terrorism has become topic number one. >> not the warmest of welcomes at the nato headquarters. donald trump opened the gathering scolding the other leaders for their lack in spending area >> 23 of the 20th member nations are still not paying what they should bee and what they are supposed to be paying for their defense. this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states. >> some leaders were irritated by the lecture. angela merkel stressed the importance of individual contributions. >> we are happy we won't just ask how much a country spends on
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defense but what capabilities we can offer and what other contributions we are making. germany is in a good position here. u.s. president received a red carpet welcome. the eu president was eager to clear up doubts about the future of transatlantic relations. donald trump offered no reassurances on some core areas of concern. >> not 100% sure that we can say we have a common position and opinion about russia. >> nato announced it will join the international coalition against the islamic state. a symbolic move after the attack in manchester. >> that shows why it is important for the international community including nato to do more in our fight against terrorism.
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that is what i'm m pushing for today. >> donald trump did not reaffirm his commitment to nato, a statement other members had anxiously hoped for and a sign of his suspicion of u.s. alliances on the world stage. >> we want to pull in our brussels correspondent who joins me now live from nato's new headquarters. good evening to you. let's talk about trump doubling down on the issue of this 2% spending. we were watching the speeches. for u.s. surprised as we were to hear him double down as much as he did? >> i think the surprising thing wasn't that he said it. the allies have heard him repeated over and over. he did it at that moment.
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it was supposed to be a somber occasion. you heard an emotional but two minutes dedication to the piece of the berlin wall and everyone expected president trump to do the same with the 9/11 memorial. that brings back a lot of memories for everyone and people expected it to be a speech bringing everyone together, talking about how article five, the defense was the only time in history it has been invoked. he didn't say any of those things. that is what allies wanted to hear. he went on and on about the money. it was that he said it there and so many times. >> and point. in addition to what was said there was also attention given to body language and what we were able to see.
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there was an incident between trump and the prime minister of montenegro. let's take a look. that image became a gif and has gone viral. you were there. you were seeing these heads of state interact with each other. was there a sense that the u.s. president was there to strong-arm or maybe elbow his way into this first nato summit? >> the visual didn't just go viral on the internet. it went viral through the press room. everyone was saying did he really do that? did he really pushing out of the
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way and stand in front of him? he did. it's not just that it was montenegro, , it was simply the nature of pushing another leader of equal level and standing in front of him. it is disturbing to see. everyone was talking about it. i spoke with a diplomat and she found it disturbing. she said it felt disrespectful. you would like to say it is out of character but i'm not sure people think it is. it didn't look good after the speech in which he harangue the european allies at such length as we just discussed. >> definitely a surprise and for a lot of people not a surprise. on the story from nato's new headquarters. thank you very much.
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donald trump has vowed to get to the bottom of leaks in the manchester suicide bombing investigation. that is after since that information was published by u.s. media. it's not clear where the week came from. british authorities say they won't share any more intel until they get a guarantee there will be no more leaks. as the investigation to find those behind the bombing continues people around the u.k. have been paying tribute to victims. >> after a minute of silence in manchester mourners showed their defiance in the face of terrorism. earlier queen elizabeth visited victims of the blast in manchester children's hospital and offered words of
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encouragement to those caring for them. leaked photos published in the near time showed the machinery of terror in chilling detail, a switch to activate the devise held in the attackers left hand. what was left of a told bowl that are reading, and screws and bolts used as shrapnel to maximize causing injury. and shreds of fabric from a backpack the attacker was wearing when he detonated the devise. police believe this is the bomberer, salmon a beatty - -- salman abedi. authorities and experts don't believe he was acting alone. >> i think it is clear that this is a network we are investigating. >> there is some evidence suggesting that there is a wider
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network involved in the attack which means the bomb maker, as has been suggested is considered to be at large. >> as the police hunt for the person who made the e explosives any suspicious object could pose a threat. police are searching multiple locations. the number of arrests growing. >> i'm joineded now by andrew wn manchestster. good evening to you. let's start with the growing rift over intelligence leaks. we know loose lips sink ships but wire british authorities so upset? itit is not like the bomber's identity was going to remain a secr. >> iaid -- i think it is a timing ability.
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think police were keen to keeee his name under wraps for a few hour longer on tutuesday. the american netwoworks started naming someonene a beatty -- salman abedi. i think it w was a timiming ratr than t the fact that t the bombr wawas nad. >> what is thehe latest in thehe investigigation today? >> there's been a number of arrests and raids. eight people i in custody in the u.k.. two are being held in libya. a number of raraids going onn greater mamanchester. not just the city but other parts. bomb disposal units have been
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deployed some locations. >> we undererstand armed soldie, members of the armed forces began patrolling trains througughout the u.k. today. we know the country is headed for an election in two weeks. there is the criticism that theresa may may be using this fearar for political c capital. >> i c certainly want not want o ge involved in any conspiracacy theories using this for political l gain. i think that is far of the mark. armed police are going t to be patrolling british trains for the first time ever over the bank holiday weekend. they have been warned d to prepe for an imminent terrorist
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attack. certainly england and the rest of the u.k. arare uncriticalal t going into the weekend. >> andrew on the story for us from manchesteter. thank you very much. >> the charlemagne prize recognizes outstanding contribution to european unification. this year it has gone to a british academic. he received the award at a ceremony in the german city today. the organizers singled him out for his engagement and commitment to a strong and unified europe. >> today the british and european flags were waving side-by-side. the prizewinner hopes that his nation in europe and maintain such unity. the german president had warm words in honor of the 61-year-old historian.
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>> he was europe's witness. europe's chronicler. europe's companion. he researched and described europe's growth and development during the last four decades likeke no other. now an oxford professor he traveled to berlin for doctoral research. the theme of your became clear to him. in his most recent book, his call for freedom of opinion drew a lot of attention. he emphasized european institutions are the means to an end, not an end in themselves and they must adapt to changing needs. >> personally i find it unbelievably moving that refugees from all over the world are pining for germany as if it were the promised land.
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it is wonderful germany stands out in an ocean of nationalistic populism like an island of stability and of liberalism. given this scenario he continued germany and france must work together to further shape europe. >> we will be back after a shoht break. >> the dw media center. see it live. find i it again. here more of it. discover it. video and audio. in the dw media centert media center. >> this is a 15-year-old girl being gang r red.
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is teacher iss beating up his wife for talking back and class. here are toddlers being hit by his mother for breaking a glass. just becauause you c't sesee violenence against children doesn't mean it is not there. make the invisible visible. help us make violece against children disappear. >> welcome back. you are with dw news live from berlin. donald trump is in brussels for his first nato summit. he blasted nato allies telling leaders they have to step up financial commitment to the alliance. he made no longer be president barack obama is as popular as ever in germany. he has been in berlin to take part in celebrations marking 500 years since the protestant
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reformation, an opportunity to catch up with the german chancellor and reflect on the current political climate. >> armed guards and security checks didn't enter thousands who traveled to be here. many came to see a man who was still treated to a rockstar welcome. in that time brock obama's high regard hasn't changed. >> first of all it is good to see all of you. it is good to be back in berlin. i have to say first of all that not only do i love this city but one of my favorite partners throughout my presidency is sitting next to me today, chancellor merkel and her outstanding work. not just in germany but around the world.
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like smalltalk gave way to serious reflection. tight security wasn't the only shadow the bombing cast over the gathering. >> the deterrent strategy berth in the cold war had itits dark side.. itit prevented conflicts from escalating. both sides were attached to life itself. that is not true of terrorist groups. they are ready to sacrifice their own lives to destroy those of others. as we saw in manchester. >> terrorism and war preoccupied the people invited to pose questions. >> why did a christian and nobel prize laureate authorized drone attacks despite civilian casualties? >> obama gave a frank response. >> in some cases i know for a fact that action that i took's might have resulted in civilian
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casualties. often as a consequence of error. >> defending new restrictions on immigration, merkel said germany must result to deportation when needed. >> that is a dilemma we have to bear. we have to make the right choices. all i can say is we have to make those choices quickly. >> such words from the former president and the most powerful woman in your resonated with listeners. >> it's important to convey the sense that politics just doesn't take place far away. it's a dialogue between citizens and in response to their concerns. >> i thought it was good that he said war should be the last resort and each of us can do our bit to make the world a better place. >> that was the message here. that everyone can be a part of hope and change.
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>> it was quite a reunion today in berlin. let's talk oil. exporting nations decided to extend production cut's. prices are not going north. >> you would expect of two dozen nations come together on an agreement to extend the production cut's that would send prices higher but analysts expected longer and deeper cut's. the organization of petroleum and exporting countries and others have agreed to extend cut's until march of next year. >> talk of a possible one-year extension or deeper cut's health holdup oil prices. opec can see no reason for producing it further. the energy minister said current
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output levels are enough to deal with the global oil glad in the long-term. >> we have not considered a higher cut option. all indications are solid that the nine-month extension is the optimum it should bring us within the average by the end of the year. >> any positive effects could be short-lived due to large volumes floating weaker than expected demand and increased u.s. shale oil production. crude is below the 2014 highs but it is high enough now to tempt u.s. operators back into the market. the price of oil and derivatives like petrol is unlikely to increase much in the coming months. that is welcome news to businesses and consumers but
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will strange the economically weaker oil producers like venezuela and brazil. >> general motors is facing pressure as a lawsuit accused the company of cheating on diesel truck emission tests. according to the scene, pickups with duramax diesel engines have three devices rigged to allow more pollution on the road than during government tests. they admit to to five times the legal limit for nitrogen oxide. jim called the claims baseless. for more on this let's bring in our man on wall street. a heavy weight of the auto industry, and higher emissions outside test environments. does this smell like dieselgate all over again? >> it certainly does. so far it is just a class-action lawsuit but it is also possible
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that the justice department or also some single states in the united states could follow suit. if we think at volkswagen, now with general motors, that is as far as the suit goes. 700,000 pickup trucks could be affected. that could prove to be a very costly surprise, that the stock of general motors just dropped 2%. >> let's talk opec for a second. oil prices drop sharply. these extensions for production cut's cayman three months short of expectations. why is there so much disappointment? >> that was clearly a sharp reaction. oil prices dropping 5%. it happened with what everybody
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expected. the cut would be prolonged to march of 2018. maybe some investors hoped for steeper cut's. we shouldn't forget why opec is cutting production of u.s. oil producers, actually profiting and pumping quite a bit. it was a surprise that we solve this reaction with oil prices falling 5%. maybe there was profit-taking after oil prices ran high in the past couple of weeks. >> thank you. if you are the preferred airline of the pope you would expect the heavens to be on your side. things have not gone so well for air it tell you. they are on the being -- brink of bankruptcy. who would want to buy a company that has not turned a profit in
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15 years? >> one big happy family that stands together is how bitterly flag carrier once the world to see it. it might appear modern friendly and successful but the reality is different. last year the carrier racked up losses of 625 million euros. since 1996 it slipped from one rescue package to the next and still hasn't come law -- come close to lasting success. they wanted to turn it into europe's sexiest airline. instead it is on the brink of bankruptcy again. >> our top goal is to find investors. we would prefer financing from companies that understand the aviation actor andnd know what they arere doing. we envision investors from among europe's largest airlines.
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>> that sounds like wishful thinking. eric talley's largest rivals include gulf state airlines. they have the advantage of lower personnel costs. it seems like no business model can help struggling airline. >> this fall in september or october we want to decide on a binding offer. so far employees and their trade unions have successfully opposed every attempt at restructuring. labor laws are seen as a major drawback or potential investors.
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they could finally go bankrupt and remain grounded for good. pope francis would have to find another airline. >> back to you. >> a reminder that top story we're following, donald in brussels for a nato summit. yes taken a strong line on the alliance. after a short break i will be back to take you through the day. stick around for that.
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welcome back. fu are watching "rants 24 -- rance 24." other trump says companies need to put forward their money for defense. u.s. secretary of state set to visit the u.k. after a row over intelligence leaks. fresh hora in the mediterranean sea after a migrant ship capsizes, over 30 people, most of them very young


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