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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 26, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to france24 newsroom. good to happy west oz. if he had lives we arare following. -- good to have you with us. -- the headlights we are following. gunmen attack a bus carrying coptic christians. sicily -- gather in .icily,
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government forces in the .hilippines battltl gunmen duterte announces 60 days of martial law. anchor: we start in egypt were gunmen have opened fire on a group of coptic christians. reports of casualties. we are told at least 23 people have been killed and 25 wounded. the group were driving to a monastery south of cairo. they were traveling in two buses and a truck through the province. is home to a sizable christian minority. for the story, we will cross to
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cairo. bring us up to speed. what more do we know about the attack? is -- have been wounded. the st.e heading to samuel monastery. gunmen opened fire on them. they were saying at least 10 gunmen, but unconfirmed at the moment. newspapers are saying children among the dead. [indiscernible] it is looking horrific. apologize for the poor phone connection. do we have any idea of who is behind this attack? moment, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.
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anchor: we have -- >> [indiscernible] apologize for interrupting you but the phone is poor and we will try to reestablish to get more on t the story. we are joined for a bit more. nadia, put it in context in egypt. christians around the country make up 10% of the population. they have been the subject of a series of attacks. >> that is true. we have not heard anything about a claim of responsibility. pattern.hin a last month, at least 47 people were killed in at least 2 attacks and claimed by the islamic state group. similar to an attack we saw in december claimed by isis.
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since they claimed the attack and two months later in february, the group has said they want to liberate cairo meaning they want to really target christians. the regime is fighting the islamic state in the south of the country and he has put egypt under a state of emergency following the attacks. in egyptgh christians have historically been aligned with these sort of regimes because they want -- they worry perhaps about a government that could be in its place, many still do worry about sisi is not doing enough for christian egypt since. we have seen a rise of cops seeking asylum in europe and eu as saying out cc is not doing that -- al-sisi is not doing enough.
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it would be suspected of islamic state is behind it. anchor: put it into wider context. >> the islamic state, we talk about it in europe and of the threat it poses here, primarily a middle east entity and organization. not just in egypt, we see the capacity they have to attack minority groups in iraq, syria, as well as not just christians. and even in a general sense of the middle east that christians feel they are under attack even in jordan were christians are very much. minority. it is important to remember while veggies some -- g7 summit is getting underway and one of the key issues is in a kind of consensus between leaders and trying to tackle terrorism and feeling the effects of manchester and those kind of
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terrorist attacks taking place in other parts of the world. anchor: thank you for that analysis. underway int is sicily this friday. it is the first annual group of meetings for president trump and he is in the final leg of his first overseas trip. he criticized leaders in brussels for not paying their part of the alliance. he will be pressed on issues of trade and climate change. >> climate justice now. ais greenpeace banner hung few meters away from where the g7 summit is held to draw leaders' attention and put pressure on you and president donald trump. former president obama signed the pirate -- paris climate accord along with 195 countries in a move seen as a historic
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turning point in global policy. the group aims to reduce emissions. trump said he may want to withdraw from the agreement to boost the slumping u.s. coal industry. and since accords he has sought to roll back environmental regulations, moves that have worried certain counterparts. change, itg climate falls to president trump to express his position and i respect that he wants to review. my wish is that the u.s. does not rush into a decision on this issue because it is our collective responsibility to maintain the global character of this unprecedented pledge.
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trump yet to officially announce the u.s. stance on the paris agreement. he is expected to a dress this after the jews -- address this after the g7 summit. anchor: we go to robert parsons is in sicily where the g-7 summit is underway. walk us through. what are the big issues that will be discussed on the next two days? said, climate change will be one of the big issues. immigration and how to deal with it. security, clearly after the bombing in manchester and how to deal with that. on,global economy and later they will talk about the problems of africa. those are meetings to which african heads of state will be
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invited to join the discussion here. they are going to have problems. g7mally, the meeting of the is a meeting of the like-mindedd on global issues. this time, not always on the same page. molly: what do we expect them to agree on? >> the key issue clearly is they are going to agree on terrorism and how you fight and security. there is always going to get agreement on that and a big issue. to have manchester happen a few days before the summit, there were already meetings today with theresa may, the british can minister, -- prime minister, and it may will macron, -- he may well macron of how you -- emmanuel macron and how you deal and for social media to take
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responsibility of what happens on their pages. the issues that will be important on what they can agree on is security and syria, north korea. perhaps to a lesser degree on what to do to make sure russia honors is pledgdges and ukrainen the domestic accord. and we know trump's position thatthe nato on thursday they were not exactly 100% on the same page. molly: what topics will they not agree on? ramp of: well, a whole issues they may not agree on. we have heard donald trump talk about climate change as "hoax." and gary cohn talk about serious issues and it is not clear that
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you asas will ststay in the pars agreement. i think probably not at this summit, don't -- donald trump suggested he will wait until after the meeting before he makes any decision. the global economy, too, there are big problems there. the u.s. much more protection list under don't -- protectionist under donald trump. we can expect to hear much more of that sort of thing. it has been a pretty rocky emitting according to previous -- rocky meeting according to previous meetings. molly: as we mentioned, the bombing in manchester has pushed the fight against terrorism to the top of the talks at the g7. for more on the investigation, we join to benedict from london. bring us up to speed, where do
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things stand? >> where things stand is a 10th ofest was made in the region manchester this moronic. people have been released over the current 24 hours and we have 10 men. -- in the manchester region this morning. we also know important items were seized yesterday and police told us and important and significant arrests were made. the aim of the intelligence services and police and across the united kingdom is to track down and arrest and find and stop the network that salman ab edi, the suicide bomber who blew 22, seemedand killed to be a part of. level iserror threat
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still at the highest level and that means it is critical, which means an attack or attacks in the plural are imminent. molly: monday's attack took place as the u.k. is gearing up for its general election and we saw campaigning paused during this time and it has now resumed? >> yes, the campaign election in full swing was heated exchanges in light of monday night's was immediately suspended. local campaigning resumed yesterday. national campaigning has started again this morning in a much awaited speech from jeremy corbyn, who has really drawn a link between britain's foreign policy and domestic policy and in the heightened terror level here. and so, he said it this morning and he pledged that would be
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changes and he said if he became prime minister on the eighth of june and labour won, he would and more border guards police and whatever resources needed for the intelligence services were to require. , he saiduoted experts many experts pointed to the our britishbetween government has supported or fought in other countries and terrorism here at home. thereforee underlined in no way explains it justifies the suicide bombing on monday night, he did say it was very important to engage in dialogue. does he mean with the so-calllld islamic state? i think that is what he means. molly: one thing we have seen in the wake of monday's attack is the intelligence services between the u.s. a u.k. briefly
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shut down as america media leaked some of the information. where do things stand now? things have picked up, correct? >> correct. there were leaks it would seem from the american intelligence officials from even somebody in the white house. we don't know. there were links to the american media, amongst "the new york times" and cbs and others. "the new york times" publish a photo of the backpack that the suicide bomber used. and also the detonator. and before, that was very, very serious, and before that, a legal again by a mirror -- a leak again before it was announced here on the name, salman abedi, pressurizing
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british police before they wanted to to release and confirm that name. it is totally unacceptable that even though, there's a different culture between the press and intelligence officials, it is factll right and it is in inappropriate for that to be appearing in the end of the before it isia released here in the united kingdom. really great anger, but now the presumption of that cooperation between manchester police and between the u.s., the u.s. and eu k very close allies -- and they u.k. very close allies. u.k. very close allies. molly: thank you. it is time now for business -- we and i am joined by
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will start off with the g7 summit where traded high on the agenda. >> it is the first g-7 summit for donald trump and the u.s. president expected to face pressure from allies to promote free trade. he has called out specific chart agreement and said he was to renegotiate the nafta, north american free trade agreement with canada and mexico. giving trump's america first approach, that may prove to be a pullover as allison explains. molly: we seem to be having some technical difficulties for we have -- difficult disparate i will see from the producer if we have the report? no, we do not. let's look at how the markets are looking this hour.
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>> commodities trading has been volatile following the opec's decision to extend cuts by nine months. disappointed the cartel did not agree on a longer or deeper cuts for the prices have recover slightly in today's trading over on the stock market. asding has been weak investors awaited the outcome of the g7 summit. european banks are the biggest losers falling to one with loads. some the sharpest move when the british pound fell more than the 1.5% to a two-week low -- 0.5% to a two-week low. molly: we are going to move on and move on to other today's new spring shares of general motors which fell after a class action lawsuit. >> gm shares fell after a class
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option lawsuit -- class action lawsuit about cheating emission test similar to volkswagen. it was filed in detroit. it was for more than 700,000 pickup trucks. more than emitted five times the legal limit in real-world driving. gm denies the allegations. zuckerberg finally received an honorary degree from harvard university, 12 years after dropping doubt. thefacebook ceo founded social networking site in his dorm room and later left to work on the project full-time. he urged fellow graduates to build a world of purpose and even global takers start small.
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amazon has opened its first brick and mortar shop in new york. the new shop only has about 3000 best-sellers rated four stars or above on shoppers can use the amazon app to pay. moren plans to open 13 stores across the u.s. by the end of the year. molly: thank you for look at that the business news there. it is time for our press review. a look of what is grabbing headlines. off in sicily where the g7 summit kicks off this friday. >> donald trump will be attending his first g-7 summit as the u.s. president. he brings uncertainty and risk. those meetings do not seem to be as natural habitat.
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can guess what he might die. vulge. >> and there are a number of issues where he and other leaders disagree. p said he wants to backtrack on the paris climate agreement and trade and repeatedly said he wants to put america first and implement protectionist policies in the u.s. which is raised concerns among america's trade partners. >> this president trump first g-7 summit for he is not the only kid on the block. of the leaders will be attending for the first time. , may and the italian prime minister have different styles. macron is likely to receive a warm welcome even though he is
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pro-europe and pro trade and the youngest leader to attend. >> we saw president trump and president macron meet for the first time in brussels and engaged in what is called handshake diplomacy. it has been widely commented on social media. you could see a photo here. donald trump is known for his rather firm, if not all rights brutal, handshake. he has met his match in the new french president. ats two were like two big c fighting over a plate of tomato and mozzarella, i am not sure what it means. their knuckles turned white as seen on social media. the greeting kennedy described -- can be described as a screw you and handshake form. we have theresa may was likely to confront donald trump over leaks from the manchester
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bombing investigation. >> that is right. -- it notclearly clear who is responsible. trump famously does not get along with intelligence community and there is a lack of coordination between him and the spy agencies. >> how will it impact the relationship? >> they u.k. briefly stopped sharing secret information. between the relationship between teresa and donald, look at this photograph in "the telegraph." ie andlling trump's t slapping him with her purse and messing him with -- his hair. 8,a general election on june campaigning has resumed. >> theresa may wants to beef up
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security across britain as a response to the attack in manchester. labour leader jeremy corbyn -- in britain's recent libya. isrecent polls show corbyn closing in on a may. smallest margin over labour. a,finally, you have something on a special radio talk show taking place in mosul. >> you can read this story and the lebanese daily area the talent show gives young listeners to take to the airwaves and sing classic arabic songs. to help young people
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forget about the horrors of war and life under the islamic state group. as one part is best, mosul is a wounded city but the future will be built by us, the young people. for more, youou can head to our website, stay with us. the news continues after a short break.
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