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tv   DW News  LINKTV  May 30, 2017 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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berlin. , trump lashes out at germany and promises changes to relations. that is after angela merkel questions america's reliability as a ally. now the german chancellor is talking trade with india and china. also, coming up, police in germany are detaining a teenage asylum seeker after he tells his mother he is planning an attack in berlin.
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this soccer coach is out just days after leaving his team to victory in the german cup final. ♪ >> i am sarah kelly. welcome to the program. thank you for joining us. the white house has painted a rosy picture of u.s. relations with germany. that is despite donald trump taking to put it to rail against the country's trade surplus. it was in response to remarks made by angela merkel about no longer being able to live on allies like the u.s.. sean spicer claims that relations are as great as ever. >> i think the relationship that the president has had with merkel, it is unbelievable, he
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has a lot of respect for her, they continue to grow w the bond they had at their t talks at g7. germany is an important american ally. sarah: merkel stood by her warning that the european union can no longer rely on key allies. she was at pains to stress that they would be ditching washington just yet. >> chancellor merkel hosts leaders from two leading powers. the indian prime minister today and the chinese on wednesday. this has prompted talk to a pivot to asia. at a news conference with her indian counterpart, , angela merkrkel was key to reject the pit. -- pivot. >> working together with such a diverse couountry and beingng te whenood developments takee
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place is investing and giving german companies a chance. that is important and i in no wy directed against anyny other relationships and certainly not againsnst some t transatlantic . it will remain strtrong now andn the future. >> donald trump is reacting angrily to the suggestion that the u.s. may no longer be a reliable partner. he fired off this tweak slamming his country's trade deficit with germany. it finishes with what appears to be a failed threat. -- veiled threat. the leader of the social democrats taking impact trump's emphphasis on military power. >> when it comes t to the ideoly of milititary buildup,, the mans
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setting g mself up p as the dedestroyer of all wesestern vas in a form we have never experienenced. his s strategy is to destroy european v values, tolerance and respect betetween countrieses bd on the mutual tolerance and respect. he must stand in the e way of sh a man withth his ideology of military building.g. >> chancellor merkel was busy strengthening ties with india for germany. that doesn't amount to a german pivot to india but germany is widening its options. >> let's look at the the you from both sides of the atlantic. we are joined by our guests. christopher, i will begin with you. if this is not a pivot, but does merkel want from india and china?
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christopher: there are economic interests involved, trade between germany and india has tripled over the past decade. there was a free trade agreement. angela merkel promised to push hard in brussels to unblock the process. that is the economic interest. for instance, in terms of climate change, both china and india have supported the paris climate agreement. they said that they would stick to that agreement with or without the u.s.. those are words that chancellor merkel was very happy to hear today. she made a point of calling him a reliable partner. >> let's talk about the u.s. a little more.
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president trump, his latest tweet has ratcheted up those transatlantic tensions. what is significant about this? >> it is something that we have heard before but the difference this time is that now he is president. when we heard this rhetoric from him before, he was a candidate and very tough on economy. he very tough on globalization, very tough on multilateral trade deals that he deemed that for american workers. back then, we could write it off as rhetoric. now he is president and we have to take it more seriously. whether or not this will turn into words remains to be seen. this is a line of argument that he has stipulated in the past. this is something we have to keep watching. >> it is garnering a lot of reaction, many german
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politicians doing this as well. how much of that is about this german election or is a genuine? >> it is a bit of both. criticizing american militaries in the way they did today, you saw them talking in my report -- angela merkel has to keep up with that. she had -- that explains the bluntness of her words. she has been softening her tone all day, today. stressing how important relations with washington have been and will continue to be. there is a genuiuine grievance with chancellor merkel. she spent the last few days --
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three days at least in close quarters with the u.s. president and several sides. she is recognizing that it will be very difficult to work with him. >> given that realization, how are americans reacting to this? donald trump has a lot of support among the people who voted for him, are they standing by him throw this -- through all this? >> what is happening today is a lot of people on the left and economists have been referring to this tweak as evidence of this widening gap between the u.s. and europe. that is something that has the left very concerned. they have deep relations. it would be a free-for-all as some economists have been saying. we have to remember that on the left -- on the right, this is
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what some supporters want, they want what he calls america first. they don't want these multilateral trade deals. they don't want cars made in america, they want other products made in america that are being provided by germany. this is red meat for his base, the places what they want for him. >> the g 20 meets in germany next month. trump will be there. he's scheduled to be there. is the s summit in trouble?? >> it is very much up in the air. angela merkel has seen how trump behaved during the g7 summit, blocking what she would consider progress in several areas of policy. she knows she needs consensus at the g 20 summit. ii think her words, one could also ask -- understand that they were an expression of disappointment.
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there were words that said that trump could be moderated, those hopes are now dashed. thank you for us to both the for reporting. -- sarah: thank you very much to both of you for reporting. this young man who arrived in germany two years ago is reported to have written to his mother about his plans, police detained him north of berlin after -- receiving a tip off. > this i is where the sususps living, pice spent most of the day searching the building that houses refugees. the homes located i in this regn 100 kilometers northeast of berlin. police were alerted to a possible terror attack. >> the suspect sent a message to his mother. he said goodbye to her and told her that she -- he joined the
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jihad. the teenager and to germany illegally with an inflow of refugees and asked for asylum. police are investigating if the suspect is syrian. >> we found for electronic devices. it belongs to the 17-year-old. three mobile phones whose number we don't know yet, all four devices are being examined by investigators. authorities are also questioning the teenager's roommates. the suspect was not previously known to police. >> in the u.k., please have been carrying out more raiaids in connection with the manchester attack. they confirmed that they searched an address and the town of wagons and manchester. a bomb disposal was dispatched to the site.
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american popstar ariana grande has announced that she will have on a concert this sunday in manchester in memory of the 22 attack victims. those who died in the manchester arena have been attending a concert. -- had been attending a concert she was giving. britain goes to the polls. prime minister theresa may and jeremy corbyn based questions live on tv last night. prime minister may hopes to win. polls show that her lead is narrowing. >> in a live televised debate, this boat decides w who willl st inin the chair.. the brings it deal was -- b bret
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deal wasa s a big deal for both candididates. >> polls show that voters trust theresa may more with the negotiation. >> there is going to be a deal. >> would you leave europe without t a deal? >> we will make sure there is a deal. >> they found themselves on the defensive with the issue of notoriously tough journalist jeremy paxman accusing them of flip-flopping on policies. >> if i was sitting in brussels and i was looking at you as the person i had to negotiate with, i would think that she is a blowhard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire. >> i think you will find that what the people in brussels look at is the record that i have in
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negotiating with them in brussels and delivering for this country on a number of issues on justice and home affairs which people said we would never get. >> some observers say that they dealt with them with more levelheadedness. >> there was nothing in this manifesto about getting rid of the monarchy. >> there was nothing in there because we are not going to do it. >> apart from being grilled by journalists, both candidates also based questions by the audience including on immigration and inheritance tax. security was also high on the agenda. one week after the manchester suicide bombing, the latest polls show that theresa may's comfortable lead over the labour party is narrowing. his latest television performance could help voters decide whether she keeps her job
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or not. >> you're watching dw news. still to come, remembering the victim of a so-called honor killing here in berlin. that is as the two brothers who allegedly ordered their sister's murder walk free from a court in turkey. back in a minute, we will see you ththen. >> the dw media center, ca live, find it again, here more of it. discover it. video and audio, podcasts and like resources. adt media center d d >> just listen, this is the sound of time passing.
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what is the sound of a tree not falling? it is the sound of adversity, tourism. reliable food and water. the united nations development program is listening and working with communities to protect forests for thehe future we wan. if you're here what we are hearing, find out more. sarah: welcome back, u.s. president donald trump been his criticism of germany's defense spending and trade surplus. that is after angela merkel appeared to question his reliability as an ally and urged europe to play a greater role internationally. >> a court in turkey has acquitted to brothers of urging their younger brother to murder their sister. the brother who filed the fifth -- fired the fatal shots was
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convicted in germany. turkish prosecutors hope to prove that the siblings also had a hand in the murder. the young woman was killed for rejecting her family's conservative lifestyle. >> it was at this bus stop where the older sister was k killed. he said that her western lifestyle was an ininsult to thr family's dignity. the judge at the trial would describe the deed as a cold-blooded execution. seven years earlier, he entered -- she entered an arranged marriage with her cousin. she moved back in with her parents on the condition that she live a traditional life and help her mother in the home. she wanted her freedom and moved into a shelter for single mothers. she stopped covering her head
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and went back to school, trained to be an electrician. on that february day in 2005, shortly before she would receive her professional qualification, she walked with her youngest brother to the bus stop, and he criticized her lifestyle, she told him not to interfere. the 19-year-old then pulled a gun and shot her three times in the head. in april, 2006, they were found guilty of murder. after serving nine years in juvenile detention, he was deported to turkey, he kept to his story that he acted alone. the prosecutors in istanbul didn't believe them. they were certain that the older brothers had pushed ion to do it. >> the chief witness -- his ex-girlfriend testified that his
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brothers were indeed involved in the crime. the court exonerated the brothers, rolling there wasn't sufficient and credible evidence. >> moving on to business news. boosting business ties between germany and india, both countries seem keen. >> that is right, trade investment, the top of the agenda. when angela merkel sat down with by mr. modi, both countries would like more of the same. a free trade deal has to be negotiated through brussels. it is a step in thehe right directioion. >> a german-indian investmement plan that is designed to stand the test of time. angela merkel has committed to investing in billion euros in my noble energy and smart cities.
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onto over a billion people, india's one of the fastest developing nations in the world. german companies are hoping to profit from the growth. of course, for easier access to the market. >> german companies which are not majority-owned by indian shareholders to experience some this advantages. there are issues in areas like defense where we had trouble with access that are treated equally. we have raised a number of topics. germany has also signaled its willingness to drop of a free trade agreement between india and the eu. >> we are all for free trade. we are game for free trade. we cannot compromise on giving up sacrificing our farming industry. poor farmers, for the sake of free trade, me to find a
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million. >> a message from india appears to be that we are open for business but not at the expense of the poor. any dede would havave to benefit ordinary people as well as big business. >> before slipping back into dollars late in the session. that puts amazon just on par with google parent. alphabetic is among the most expensive u.s. stocks. amazon shares have gained about 28% in the past few months. they started in 1995 as a small, online bookseller. when it went public, its shares sold for $18. since then, the share price has shot up by more than 5000%. >> let's get with our man. amazon shares are fine -- flying high.
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what is behind success? >> jeff bezos created a digital empire, amazon is much more than just an online retailer. if you look on -- at online sales, half of all online sales are done by amazon. amazon is also a media giant. it offers i.t. solutions. jeff bezos is obsessed with data from customers but also from partnering companies. amazon has started to load trucks before we have even pressed the goodbye button. it is a powerhouse. >> the u.s. consumer spending, this is the biggest increase in four months, what can we take away from that? >> it is a good sign that the
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u.s. consumer is in shopping mode. talking about amazon, they will probably profit from it. much more than the traditional department stores that are struggling quite a bit. those numbers from consumer spending are also hinting that now in the second quarter, the u.s. economy micro about 3%. the u.s. consumer probably will be the backbone for the entire u.s. economy. >> thank you. >> the average budget airlines as it posted profit for the first few years. the dublin-based carrier says it expects profits to rise further mainly due to a fallen deal cost. there's actually declined last year. that has attracted plenty of passengers.
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high occupancy contradicted to the good -- contributed to the good results. back over to sarah. sarah: we have some sports news to bring you. at the french open, there has been drama off the court. a player has been banished from the tournament after he tried to forcibly kissed a tv reporter. it was live, on air. meantime, well number one, andy murray got the better of hundred. thomas todd helton -- this 43-year-old led dortmund to victory. the club's first trophy in five
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years. the poor relationship with the club's hierarchy has cost him his job. have a look. >> thousands of lands attended the first training session of the season in augustst. had been bought and for 100 million euros in transfer fees. the team had lost their spine. theyey had all beeeen held in te trsferer window. they would not let all three of them go. the first sign of cracks emerging in the relationship between him and his s employees. reports s of issues behihind the scenes intensified during the midseason break in january. returning from the training camp in spain, he struggled to find form. in february, he committed a show of character ahead of their away fixture. he lost to-one. >> the team which pushed harder deserves to win.
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that was clearly them. just knowing this fact makes me feel very better. it underscores the whole dilemma. in april, the team was the target of a bomb attack. >> the team is clearly very shocked. that much is obvious. now a task is to deal with the situation as best we can. acceptance of this quick turnaround was not something that sat well. >> and no time where we consulted. they decided the match should be played. we feel a done by it. >> even a third-place finish and german cup when, the first trophy in five years couldn't mend the lungs. >> a quick reminder, the top story we have been following for you, donald trump has repeated
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his criticisms of berlin's defense spending and trade surplus after angela merkel questioned his liability as an ally. you are up-to-date on dw news, i am sarah kelly in berlin. thank you very much for watching. i will see you next time.
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>> welcome back. the top stories is our. all message at the white house. donald trump communications departures, the thought to signal a wider shakeup in the u.s. administration. unafraid in manchester, ariana host a star-studded benefit for the victims families on sunday. coldplay, usher also on the bill. and a plea for yemen, country on the brink of complete collapse. the you in a chi


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