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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 31, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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genie: this is france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. a massive last -- blast in kabul. 80 people reported dead, over 300 wounded. head of the u.n. makes an impassioned appeal on climate change as donald trump is still thinking about whether or not the u.s. will pull out of the landmark paris accord. macronsident emmanuel
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may have campaigned on a promise to clean up french politics, but one of his new ministers is wrapped up in scandal. being up, could france heading for another fuel shortage? hundreds of gas stations are running short of supplies as a strike by tanker drivers continues. and could paris's infamous notre dame cathedral be saved? first our top story live from paris. ♪ we will start in afghanistan with the aftermath of a massive car bomb that ripped through the diplomatic quarter of kabul this morning. over 80 people have been confirmed dead with close to 350
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heard. both the french and german embassies were damaged in the blast. for more on the situation, our correspondent is in kabul. what can you tell us? least 115 that at people were confirmed killed and more than 300 people were wounded. i was speaking for the spokesman for the interior ministry. they are still trying to examine cctv footage. it's quite possible that a water tanker was brought in build with explosives. this is an ongoing investigation. we know that all hospitals in the city is our pact. several hundred people are wounded. several hundred in critical condition. the explosion was so powerful
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that windows and glass broke and almost 1.5 kilometer radius from the explosion. very close to the german embassy. this explosion went off in a very secure diplomatic part of kabul. perhaps the most secure in the capital. do we have any idea how this vehicle could have gotten through all of the security? clear security a and intelligence failure. oful was in a high state security alert. we saw more concrete walls, more barriers. the fact that a truck could be filled with explosives and driven all the way into an area that is not only very crowded, this is very much the heart of
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the capital. here, big trucks do not have permission to drive through central parts of the city during the daytime. often petty corruption, negligence, incompetence at some level that allows for this sort of attack. seen in the past infiltration where militants have been able to strike at will into the heart of the afghan government inside military hospitals and government buildings. doubt these examples of incompetence continue to cross the people of afghanistan with their lives. what is also important to mention, this attack will have a very negative impact on business. whatever businesses are left in the city.
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a foreign investor or international aid worker, you will have more restrictions or you will be asked to leave. genie: do we know who the attack was targeting? have there been any claims of responsibility? said it wasan have not their work. i can understand why they would say that. a lot of afghans were killed. it will have a major impact on their recruitment, their image. we have also seen militant groups like daesh launching attacks in kabul. the head of a pakistan-based military network has carried a number of these attacks in the past. it would not surprise me.
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the taliban and might be very careful if they have carried it out because it would mean less support. it would mean more outrage by the public. if the islamic state has done this it would also not surprise me because we have seen more brutality on their part, more attacks. perhaps it is revenge for the mother of all bombs that was dropped against their position. at the time they had said they would be taking revenge for their attack. i think it's too early and not wise for me to speculate which group may have carried out this attack. genie: thank you. the world is still waiting for donald trump to weigh in on whether or not the u.s. will back last year's landmark agreement on climate change. the president refused to commit andhe deal at the g7 summit said he will announce the decision later this week.
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spoke yesterday in new york, not mentioning trump by name but still targeting the u.s. and the world efforts to fight global warming. >> absolutely essential is how the u.n. secretary-general to maintaine need the agreement. antonio guterres stressed that the rest of the world must -- its efforts to fight climate change. >> if any government doubts the need for these accords, that is reason for all others to unite even stronger and stay the course. >> the u.s. is among 147 countries that have ratified the agreement. as the other partners reformed their commitment to it, donald trump refused to make a final decision.
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to the concern that the deal could harm the u.s. economy, gutierrez said failing to act on climate change would do more damage. act on theo fail to green economy will be living in a gray future. greenwho embrace technologies will set the gold standards for economic leadership in the 21st century. ministrationmpet did decide to quit, u.s. society should continue to engage with the paris accords. the state of new york and california have already pledged to combat climate change even without the government support. thee: the first round of parliamentary election is less than two weeks away. emmanuel macron needs to win a majority to push through his promised reforms including a crackdown on government corruption. scandal has already hit his administration.
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one of his ministers is now fighting accusations of financial misconduct that he again denied today. everything i have done in my professional life is legal, public, transparent, validated by an administrative council that has shown support for me. i have provided all the documents because i want the french people and those who support the party to have no doubt. therefore i have given everything to your colleagues and i have answered all of their questions. they have been examining. the question is whether i am an honest man or not. yes, i am an honest man. more onuke schrager has france's embattled minister. thet has been a week that new minister for territorial cohesion has been on the defensive, striking back at accusations of financial to hising dating back
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time as the boss of a brittany-based insurance firm. beyond initial claims of a dodgy real estate deal that benefited his female partner, the paper alleges that several of his friends gained contact and he maintained financial links with the firm after he became an mp. he declared all his financial dealings as a matter of course. he responded to french politicians on the right-wing calling for his head, saying the article was a mixed jumble that engendered misunderstanding and that he condemned any implicit suspicion thrown his way. can he stay in government? yes, but with one proviso. >> i say yes. andr taking no days off
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understanding the french people's exasperation. the minister who has been charged to resign. there is no ambiguity. it would be firm, clear and immediate. it has all been a major embarrassment for both the new government and president, particularly where the bill over moral standards in public life waiting in the wings and the country set to go to the polls and parliamentary elections in less than two weeks. genie: earlier today marc perelman was with me here on the set. he told me about what richard for around had to say -- richard ferrand had to say today. >> this morning on the radio he said there is nothing illegal, i am not a liar, i will not resign because others are calling for my head. attended the weekly cabinet meeting. with them come out
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minister minister who is also from brittany. to show that he is not alone and he is asked by the prime heard in this report. the pressure keeps piling up because we are seeing reports. there is nothing illegal, it seems. there are clear questions about whether his companions, his ex-wives, his children benefited from his management in this private insurance company and if there are more reports the pressure could become unbearable and he could either resign himself or be forced to resign by the prime minister and more importantly by the president. really a key lieutenant for emmanuel macron. ofwas the secretary-general
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his movement. he played a key role in deciding who would run in the forthcoming parliamentary election. this is why it's a difficult decision that emmanuel macron will have to make soon. genie: it makes it all the more embarrassing for macron who made cleaning up corruption of his campaign. >> yes. this was announced during the campaign. they would be the first bill presented to the weekly cabinet. it was supposed to happen on june 7 next week. now we have learned that it is going to be postponed to june 14. this is a complicated law. or might the several bills they need to check whether they will be accepted by the constitutional council. there is maybe more political reasons that it could be postponed.
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there is another problem with another minister. they might want to wait for those parliamentary elections to pass before presenting the bill. to be accused of presenting a bill moralizing public life while having a problem if not illegal then maybe a moral problem with two key ministers. one of the highlights of any trip to the french capital is often visiting notre dame cathedral. very few probably realize the site is in disarray. sight of thejestic cathedral and the new american fund open to bring it back to its former glory. >> at first glance, notre dame cathedral doesn't seem to show its 854 years of age. that's just the facade.
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the cathedral's main entrance, the walls facing the plaza were restored. front, themajestic site is eroding. time, pollution, rain and wind have damaged the stonework. large cracks are apparent across the monument. some of them are dangerous and could cause parts of the building to collapse. >> you can see two gargoyles. one head fell on a summer day. the other gargoyle collapsed entirely and was replaced with a tube of pvc. other degraded parts of the cathedral or more threatening and could destabilize the building. like the aging flying buttresses. the stained glass window supporting structure is weak and could collapse in case of a storm. of urgentut a series repairs, at least 100 million euro's are needed. the french state gives notre
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dame 2 million every year. that's clearly not enough. i wouldn't want worshipers or tourists to pay so they can visit the site. that's why we need to get the money elsewhere. >> that elsewhere is mainly the u.s., where private donors have a large history of philanthropy. visitors fromy the u.s., many donors who ask if restore contribute to the cathedral. that's why we created a fund in the u.s. >> called friends of notre dame. cathedral hopes they will be the kind of friends it can count on. genie: time for the business news with stephen carroll. drop inve seen a sharp the value of sterling trading today after a new poll suggested
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the conservative party risked losing its majority after the election. andipped below one dollar $.28. as the most seen vulnerable to the outcome of the election. if theresa may failed to extend her majority beyond 50 seeds the majority could see a sharp selloff. conservatives with a 15 point lead, hovering just above $1.28. on the stock market, the ftse 100 is trading close to a record high because a weaker sterling tends to help take exporting .ountries investors digesting news that unemployment. that's the in the eurozone has
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fallen yet again to 9.3%. lowest since 2009. genie: goldman sachs is becoming a target for protesters. >> it snapped up $2.8 billion of don's in the company's national oil company. the deal provides nicolas maduro's government with hundreds of millions of dollars and makes goldman complicit in human rights abuses carried out under his rule. the bank says it bought the bonds through a secondary broker and never dealt directly with the venezuelan government. motorists and france are being affected by a strike on oil tanker drivers. filling stations have run out of fuel. the walkout by drivers is in its sixth day. they are seeking better pay and working conditions. french authorities believe the impact will remain limited.
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>> long lines at petrol stations across the region as drivers fear a new wave of shortages. >> i met my sixth station and there is no petrol. i don't have a choice. >> it will be complicated if we are not refueled in the next few days. >> the shortages are due to a strike by drivers who transport hazardous materials including fuel. the strike was originally focused on the paris region but has since opened up to other parts of the country. drivers are demanding pay increases and more benefits. the hard-line labor unit representing the workers warned that while the situation across the country is under control, up in80% of petrol stations paris alone could run out of stock if the driver's demands aren't met. a threat many are taking
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seriously given last year's crippling oil refinery strikes which left around 20% of petrol stations out of stock. -- nationalized at the height of ireland's financial crash. aib returned to profit three years ago. now selling a 25% stake in the bank. expected government is to use the profits to pay off some of the country's 200 billion euro national debt. thee: the man who greeted android operating system has come up with a new smartphone. it will be going up against the likes of apple and samsung. he says of the phone that won't to need to be replaced every year or bogged down by preinstalled apps. he says it has a titanium case and can be dropped on concrete and survive.
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it is expected to retail for $699 apiece. it will l run the android softwe . some are saying he would be better off with a much cheaper offering. time for the press review. we are taking a look on what has been grabbing headlines around the world today. let start with a lot of focus on iraq. there was a series of suicide attacks including two car bomb attacks in baghdad. >> it happened monday at an ice cream shop.
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this is front-page news in iraq. a crowd had joined at that ice cream shop to break their fast during the first day of ramadan. you're seeing a photo of police cordoning off the area near the scene. saidslamic state group they were targeting the gatherings of shia muslims. the islamic state group is ace sunni jihadist group that muslims apostates that should be punished by death. of ramadan month starts, isis sows the seeds of death in iraq. the latest string of attacks comes as the islamic state group is under attack in the stronghold of mosul. there is a peace in the independent by patrick cockburn that points out that this ramadan could be even bloodier than previous years.
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the islamic state group and al qaeda are being squeezed in their court territories and are lashing out with terrorist atrocities like attacking this ice cream shop in baghdad. scandal new political involving a minister in emmanuel macron's new government. and the newerrand minister of territorial integration. he has become quite cumbersome. he is in hot water over a property deal he made a few years back in 2011. he allegedly rented office space from his own partner for an insurance fund that he was managing at the time. this kind of business practice carries the undertone of conflict of interest. genie: they are maintaining there was nothing illegal about this deal. he will be allowed to
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continue in his role. he said this during a tv interview. they are saying damage control from the government is getting trickier and trickier. he is not under investigation, but it's a false note for emmanuel macron. he promised he would clean up french politics and make it more ethical. his squeaky clean image has really taken a hit. it has been stained by this scandal. you can see him on the front page with this headline. do what i say, not what i do. that is certainly something i have heard coming from people. when you are in a position of power, you should not put yourself in the position where you receive lessons. thisomised change, but really looks just like politics as usual.
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an investigation has been launched into allegations of fake jobs at the european parliament. the presidential election involved the far right national front party that was accused of hiring people at the european parliament who were actually working for the party's national headquarters. it has been doing some name-calling and saying this kind of practice is quite widespread. investigators are looking into 19 mps. that is the current minister for european affairs. they are saying, when it comes to exemplary behavior from politicians, clearly still a lot of work to be done. genie: macron has made cleaning up politics such a big part of
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his campaign. his new minister of justice is pushing through a new law that would make politics more ethical. magic magnet. take a look at that cartoon. using this magic magnet to try and clean up french politics. he's attracting a lot of cash as well as some politicians. he says, i'm trying to make some fine-tuning adjustments were this to finally work. that he hasy is always been a big political ally. they're both part of the centrist party. she has seen as being his right hand woman. she denies any wrongdoing and has said she is going to take legal action against the euro mp. she says all of this is slander. the prime minister of
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belgium has been off work. atthis was on sunday
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narrator: 20 million people live here at the mouth of the yangtze river, in shanghai, the city that is the pulse of china's economy. ♪ music david sutton: this is the most dynamic place i've ever lived. and it could be the model for the world or it could be a disaster. narrator: shanghaiai is to china whatat new york is to america. a symbol of success and a warning about the price that may have to be paid. profesessor geoffrey heal: china isn't just an economic super power these days, it's a green house gas super power too. china has now overtaken the u.s. as the principle producer


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