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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 20, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> her warm welcome to you. live from paris. here are the top stores this hour. the national front party searchs as they for a new strategy in the wake of sunday disappointing parliamentary elections. this as emmanuel macron's government prepares for a minor reshuffle as two ministers step aside. the paris prosecutor opens up the operations after a man carries weapons and a van into
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the champs-elysees. police have since detained for of the assailant family members. announces it will appeal after a european court of human rights found a russian law banning the promotion of homosexuality to minors is discriminatory. we've will bring you the latest from our correspondent in moscow. first, our top story, the national front party today convening a meeting as members attempt to move forward following a dismal result in sunday's parliamentary election. gained eight party seats in parliament but saw the number of votes plummet since residential elections in may when marine le pen went head-to-head with emmanuel macron in the decisive second round.
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of thele, the founder national front party jean-marie le pen was refused entry to today's meeting and has since demand the resignation of his daughter marine, citing failure in presidential and parliamentary elections. >> marine le pen must resign along with the executive committee of the national front. that is from the party founder jean-marie le pen who has been kept out of proceedings here in the paris suburb. a senior national front policy meeting. she is afraid i will tell the truth, is what he had to say. this is the ongoing view between the party founder and his daughter after his expulsion from the party a few years ago. he is trying to reclaim his position inside the party. a previous court upheld his exclusion but left him with the president, honorary
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which gives him the right to attend meetings like this. the national front now risks pr, a fine for kidding him away. marine le pen saying i would rather pay than have him sitting in front of me, he is a political enemy. marine le pen trying to find common cause and positions with the rest of the national front after two particularly poor ,howings in the elections coming off of the humiliating thelast month in presidential elections, sapping on the energy from her campaign for the parliamentary elections. what she wants today is orderly debate, trying to end the finger-pointing and recommendations we have seen at senior levels of the national front. a jean-marie himself invoking failed policies, a similar refrain we have seen from different parts of the fn.
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whatever is decided, the policies they come to today, they will be put forward to an executive committee meeting later this month. that will be moving forward ahead of april national front party ahead of congress in early 2018. the socialist party is also holding a meeting today with their dismal results in sunday's parliamentary elections also expected to top the agenda. the number of socialist seats held from 280 in 2012 to just 29 come the lowest in the postwar republic. they will not be the official opposition in parliament. the conservator of republicans will be. macron's emmanuel government is preparing a minor reshuffle with at least two ministers announcing they are to step aside. the french defense minister sylvie goulard has suggested
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that macron leave her out of the next government after a probe of modem continues. richard ferron, a minister who was named weeks ago, says that he will be moving out of his party. he became embroiled in allegations of financial impropriety within days of the centrist victory in may. he has just been reelected as an mp but is already leaving the government. after one month as minister for territorial planning, he is stepping down amid allegations of financial impropriety. emmanuel macron's right-hand man during the campaign insists it is part of the centrist parties plan. >> we have been talking with the president for a long time to find the best way to organize ourselves, to create the most fluid elementary group. >> he has been asked to leave
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move inblic on parliament. the role will see him face less scrutiny than being in government but is still a key position at the head of a brand-new party that consists of many mps who have never held office. the resignation also allows macron to put some distance between himself and ferrand. he says he will not hide behind political immunity and expects to be found innocent of any wrongdoing. >> there is no question of immunity. if the prosecutor wishes to question me. there have been no legal proceedings. there has been a media uproar. this is a preliminary investigation, so let justice be done. changingwith ferrand
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ship, sylvie goulard, former she isso resigned as being investigated for misuse of european parliamentary funds. >> the paris prosecutor's counterterrorism unit has opened an investigation after a mandala really rammed a car carrying weapons and explosives into a police van along the champs-elysees avenue. authorities say the assailant who was on the intelligence radar died and police have since detained four of his family members. this is the latest in a string of terror attacks in europe. throughout the night, investigators searched for clues in the home of the champs-elysees attacker. for members of the assailant's family have also been taken into custody. to find out how to 31-year-old was radicalized and to see how he got help. the suspect has been on france's security watchlist since 2015 for his ties to radical islam.
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but according to sources close to the investigation, the men was also authorized to carry a firearm. for the french by minister, that is unacceptable. be satisfied, especially someone on a security watchlist would be able to continue to benefit from an authorization to carry weapons. >> the prime minister went on to explain taking away the weapons authorization which in this case predates the red flag, is not as easy as decision as it may seem. it could give the suspect a clear hand and they are being watched. they will understand why we are taking the weapons authorization away. the car, police found to gas canisters, bullets, a kolesnikov, and two other firearms. the assailant ended up not using all of the weapons. after letting an explosive, he ran into a police convoy. he died of his injuries but did not injure anyone else and what
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the police are calling an attempted attack. in other world news, moscow will appeal after a european court of human rights ruled a russian law banning the promotion of homosexuality to minors is discriminatory. the court found the law infringed on peoples in freedom of expression and went against the gay people. as russian justice ministry it will prepare an appeal within three months. to bring us more on this, thomas lowe is in moscow. thomas, is this ruling likely to have any affect? the thing is, a couple years ago, russia's constitutional court decided that rulings from the european court of human rights would not be binding. that was reviewed last or by the head of the president of the constitutional court. in exceptional circumstances only will the rulings of the court not be accepted by the russian government.
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and the kremlin. when the claimants say this is a large rectory for lgbt people in russia, if they did after the ruling was announced, they may be right, but only on a moral level. they were aborted 50,000 euros -- awarded 50,000 euros for bringing in the case of a couple years ago, but really what this is for the kremlin is an embarrassment on the international stage. the kremlin is sensitive to how it is viewed in europe, a member of the council of europe, which the council on human rights and deals with. for the kremlin, that is the extent of it. they say they will appeal in the next three months. that is what the justice ministry said. they are arguing on the ground that they are protecting children, that this gay propaganda law, as it is termed, has been put in place to protect
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children. >> the european court has claimed it is a gay propaganda law. what else does this entail? is, it says, for anybody found guilty of issuing propaganda -- we could read that as real language, information about being gay or homosexual -- anyone found guilty of doing that, under the age of 18 face level,n an individual 5000 rubles, about 100 euros. the potential of that fine raises to 50,000 rubles, which is something like 1500 euros. a lot of commentators, human rights defenders here have said since that law was adopted in 2013, the real effect is not so much of the fines but the
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chilling effect. organizations there to support children who think they may be gay have been forced to either close or take their services underground. that leaves a lot of people who are already vulnerable in society which it does not think typically it's ok to be homosexual, but that homosexuality is something that people learn, rather than something that people are born with. that leaves those people in a more vulnerable situation. >> thank you. next, the u.s. president has pyongyangiticism at after an american college student that was released from north korea and returned in a coma last week died. auto warm beer -- otto warmbier's doctors say that he had brain damage but did not know what caused it. sentenced to hard labor
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after he admitted to trying to steal a propaganda >> poster. he called it the worst mistake of his life and now it has cost him his life. a week after the 22-year-old american returned home in a coma come his family announced that his son had died. it is our sad duty to report warmbier hasotto completed his journey home surrounded by his loving family. must sentenced to 15 years hard labor in 2016 for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster while in pyongyang. the college student what that his trial which lasted less than an hour. >> i beg you to see that i'm only human. i have made the worst mistake of my life. wasast tuesday, warmbier
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medically evacuated to the u.s., where doctors said that he was in a state of unresponsive wakefulness. president donald trump took releaseor warmbier's last week. on monday, he expressed condolences to the young man's family. a half int a year and north korea, a lot of bad things happened, but at least we got him home to be with his parents. it is a brutal regime and we will be able to handle it. >> three american citizens remain detained in north korea. the u.s. government accuses north korea of using them as political pawns while they say washington is sending spies to overthrow their regime. >> a quick reminder of the top stories we are falling for you. the national front party convened a meeting as member search for new strategies in the wake of disappointing results in sunday's parliamentary elections. this as emmanuel macron's
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government prepares a minor reshuffle with two ministers prepared to step aside. the paris prosecutor opened an inquiry after a man deliberately rams a car carrying weapons and explosives into the police van along the champs-elysees. police have since detained four of the assailants family members. has announced it is to appeal after a european court of human rights found a russian law banning the promotion of homosexuality to minors discriminatory. of pace now, time for business. we are starting with the latest from the paris air show. trade fairnial kicked off monday and continues throughout the week. more than 350,000 people visited in 2015. this comes at a difficult time for playmakers, global aircraft orders have almost halved since
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their peak three years ago, and there has been increasing competition from china and russia. we have been checking out the latest models there. boeing came out in the first race of the show. how are things looking today. lead forboeing in the the second day. after a couple of minutes, 131 orders, 51 confirmed orders, compared to 45. that is mirroring the trend that we saw monday. boeing has the lion's share of orders on monday as well. those figures will evolve. there are plenty more orders to come. but the interest appears to be planes,n a single aisle those that you normally see on short and medium haul routes.
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there has been a lot of interest in the plane that boeing revealed yesterday, the 737 max 10. ryanair, the irish airline placed an order for 10 of those planes. a fair amount of optimism here at the paris air show. boeing's latest assessment of how the market is performing, saying they expect second deliveries around 41,000 planes over the next 20 years, that is up 4% compared to their predictions last year. going into the show about sluggish orders, but there is not much sign of that here at the paris air show. big claims just like to fly over my head as we speak. we do have the world's biggest passenger plane, the a3 80 from airbus flying later. first we have the stardust or, a
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small biplane home option. you have all kinds of planes taking the skies. of course, battling on the ground for all those orders. >> stephen, thank you. talk us through what is happening on the markets at the moment? are tradingstocks higher after a strong rebound of high tech shares on wall street. the pound fell after the bank of england is not the time to raise interest rates. there is some uncertainty over brexit negotiations. paris and germany also in positive territory. take a look at some other business stories we are covering today. barclays and for formal executives have been charged with fraud over the way the bank raised funds, billions of pounds
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from qatari investors from the 2008 financial crisis. this relates to the emergency fundraising which enabled barclays to avoid a government bailout. the bank says it is considering its position and are waiting further details. china is planning to build a high-speed railway in russia to the tune of $2.5 billion. it will be 200 kilometers inside russia. is pushing for a new silk road, linking asia, africa, and europe. ailt year, a state on rea group signed on to the plan. a group warns that climate change could wipe out half of this year's coffee production unless farmers moved to higher ground. they climb in temperatures and reduction in rainfall have already degraded prime growing
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areas. ethiopia is among the top five coffee producers but if global warming continues unabated, 60% of land currently used to grow coffee beans could become unsustainable. >> thank you for the business roundup. time now for our press review. take a look at what is grabbing headlines. let's start in france. about the are talking aftermath of sunday's second round of parliamentary elections. the spotlight on with the new parliament sector looks like. >> they talk about the new face of the french parliament, the lower house of parliament, the assembly national. .t got quite a facelift of the 577 lawmakers, 430 were
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not in the previous assembly, so quite a turnover. 75% of the parliament was really, a record in france. the change that was promised has arrived. fresh faces in parliament, april that is younger and more feminine. the parliament has changed so much, you would not recognize it. mps hasage age of dropped five years, 48 years and a couple of months. and a record number of women elected to this lower house of .arliament as well, 233 women that brings up the percentage of women in parliament to 38.65%. that is also a record high in france, but a little bit far from the 50% which would be a gender inequality in parliament. this parliament is drawn praise because it is younger and more feminine but also drawn
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criticism for not being as diverse as the rest of france is. if you look at these lawmakers that are elected, very few blue-collar workers, farmers, a majority of white-collar workers from the private sector essentially. >> an increased number of mps who are business orientated. >> absolutely. if we look at the pro-business paper in france, they look at that angle. or will0 mps have been be running businesses. see thecartoon, you can leaders of france's biggest trade unions reacting to the situation. is from thecgt, often at loggerheads with the business leaders. he has just realized how many business leaders have entered the parliament. freshly elected mps are
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making their way to the national assembly. almost feels like the first day of school. is locatedl assembly in the heart of paris. >> it is bustling with activity right now. you have outgoing mps who are packing their boxes, newly arriving lawmakers who are discovering the place. it is like orientation. they talk about these wide-eyed newbies getting familiar with the place. before. never been mps quite a lot of these new kids on the block, you could say. many cannot even get over the fact that they were elected in the first place and they are certain to realize the task at hand. you can see this from one of the new mp's. apparently he needs an office with a bed in it because he has long days and short nights. >> papers in the u.k. are whether on authorities,
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they are treating monday's attack as a terrorist attack. a van plowed into a crowd of worshipers near finsbury park. a 46-year-old man has been arrested. britishdentified by press. we have decided not to show his photo, but you can see the photo of that suspect. authorities are treating it as a lone wolf terrorist attack. in the guardian, they talk about fresh terror in london. you can see they have chosen to put a photo of the imam at that mosque. he is being praised in the british press for protecting the attacker from an angry mob at the scene. >> the london city mayor paying tribute to that imam in an article. been a difficult past couple of months in london, a string of terrorist attacks, that terrible fire at grenville
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tower. the headline here. the best response we can show is to have the values that unite us. >> brexit negotiations kicked off yesterday. the european commissions chief others speaking in brussels. >> kicking off the divorce under way between britain and the eu. this paper focusing on david davidson, saying that things had got off to a promising start. apparently the men share a love of mountaineering, which they shared on that first day of negotiations in brussels. a bookavis gave barnier
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receivedique ring, and a walking stick. you can see the two men, we have a shared interest in hill walking, mountaineering, are they the same thing? seems like these brexit negotiations may not be as smooth as those suggest. >> finally, a word about space. >> an interesting article on the that haslescopekepler identified 219 potential new worlds. 10 of these xo plans are of a size similar to earth and in in habitable zones. according to scientists, that gives a boost to the possibility of life -- alien life. >> 219. >> lots of options out there. >> thank you very much for the roundup.
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you can always check out our for more of our reviews. we are going to take a short break but life continues on the other si
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