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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 22, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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genie: this is france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. theresa may in brussels today for the eu summit. her first brexit test since her poor results in the election at home. she will be outlining guarantees for european ex-pats in the u.k. emmanuel macron will also be there for his eu summit after his cabinet held the first police powersf up
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in the midst of the ongoing extremist threat to europe. destroyed byque the islamic state group. the iraqi prime minister says this destruction was the ultimate admission that they are losing the fight for the second biggest city in iraq. the american plane builder boeing trumps its rival airbus in the race for new order. first our top story live from paris. french president run is heading to russell's today for his first european summit. champione eu's biggest
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and has promised to try and help reason for into the block. theresa may will also be in today. started rights it talks on monday. inbh mcmahon is live brussels. not an easy summit for theresa may today. how much of this will be dedicated to brexit? >> very little. it is one of the most talked about topics in brussels today. intervention won't come until the end of dinner tonight. then there is a meeting where theresa may will be asked to leave so that the 27 alone and private can discuss the relocation of two important european agencies. and the banking authorities that
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are currently based in london. they want a decision taken this november so the work is not interrupt did. on monday, the u.k. brexit negotiation and technical talks were very much underway. .his is the moment they are feeling good about themselves. cautiously up to mystic. there is finally a little bit of unity in the eu when it comes to dealing with brexit guidelines. tackling illegal migration, the threat of terrorism, the economy. at all of looking those points before theresa may
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tonight. to speak europeans are finally starting to look at the european union as a solution instead of a problem. he must also tonight. list to what the concerns of europeans all around the block are. genie: part of that good feeling comes from the new french president emmanuel macron. he's going to be in brussels today for his first summit. how is he likely to be received? like a cold drink on a hot day. very good feeling about having a very enthusiastic pro-european young french head of state in the room. they are excited about the proposals coming from france and germany. some people said they were irresistible. hollande was more representing the southern block. there are excited and enthusiastic about the integration plan he has for the
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eu. .thers worried he has set up a meeting tomorrow to discuss their concerns on many issues. brussels,ore going to president macron help the first meeting of his new cabinet which is the second cabinet since he was elected five weeks ago. the reshuffle came after his did well in the parliamentary election over the weekend. >> little-known names among a new lineup for runs cabinet. -- mac runs cabinet. macron's cabinet.
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the former senator was moved from agriculture to territorial planning. several posts in change including the foreign, finance and interior portfolios. the reshuffle had in on the cards after macron's party won a majority in the recent election. there were more changes than expected. a few hours earlier the former justice minister was forced to resign alongside other centrist ministers amid a party scandal. this came days after macron asked a key ally in the middle today can't act of interest scandal to leave his post. is keen tont distance the government from such affairs after he built his
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campaign on cleaning up french politics. the islamic state group has destroyed the foundations of a base in the iraqi city of mosul. in a tweet sent out today the iraqi prime minister said destruction was an admission by the militants that they are losing the fight for iraq's second-largest city. u.s..s. group says it was act forces who destroyed the mall. what's the situation there now? >> trying to get as close as possible to the mosque. .t's very hard snipers are less useful.
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there are special operation forces. which reaches up to it actually moving into the area of the mosque it self. i wasn't able to push quite that far. i suspect they blew it up slightly preemptively and they knew they needed to tattle for the mosque. genie: this mosque and its minarets have been trademarks of mosul for centuries. is it irreparable damage? >> yes.
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it is completely destroyed. sounds foreen making this before and i suspected they were going to be covering this operation. they were never going to allow the iraqi forces to enter. it's actually -- absolutely terror for the iraqi forces to actually enter it. genie: thank you. defense forces in syria continue to close in on islamic's date group fighters. using -- isis using
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both jones and the traps. we have this exclusive. to supply the most advanced positions inside raqqa. he drives around the eddie in this homemade vehicle. using -- isis using the streets are deserted. >> food, water everything they need i carry everything. sometimes if they are wounded comrades i will go back to look for them. >> around 20 fighters hold this unfinished building. at the front. from here it is controlled by the islamic state group.
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>> everyone rushes to their combat station. they have spotted enemies diapers. -- enemy snipers. ,> those buildings down there they are in the third building. position isic state too far for these machine guns so the fighters have called in an airstrike. later the coalition bombs the designated target. they came and they struck there. we passed on the position to the
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coalition. it's a 100% hit. >> a second strike ensures the position is destroyed. tonight fighters will be able to add further towards the heart of raqqa. genie: the republican committee working on the new health care bill in the united states is set to unveil that plan today. it will be the first time many people get a look at the replacement for obama's landmark affordable care act after very secretive and very criticized talks. donald trump holds a small republican majority. if he loses any when the new health care could be repealed. it's the make or break moment for donald trump's new health care. after weeks of closed door drafting the bill will be
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presented to the senate as democrats and republicans brace themselves to see the legislature for the first time. providing he doesn't lose support you could have his will pass soon. slim 52 to 48.ry that means we basically can't lose anybody. i hope we're going to surprise you with a really good plan. obamacare is dead. >> in early may the u.s. house of representatives narrowly repealed obamacare. the new bill will reform medicaid, the program aimed at helping families with limited resources. ,ax credits under the new law older people would be paying a lot more than they currently are. hard-line republicans are also vowing to scrap the planned
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parenthood funding. many leading democrats have said the changes will only take away people's rights. >> the bill they are working on which is based on the disastrous bill passed in the house last month is a bill that would do incalculable harm. to people all over our country and really should not be can it as a health care bill. how do you talk about a so-called health care bill when you are throwing 23 million people off of health insurance? victory for trump is not guaranteed. after the plan is unveiled in must go cost and coverage estimate. the house and senate will have to reconcile the difference is in their bill. genie: a stabbing at an airport in flint michigan is being investigated as an act of terror after a canadian man from tunisia stabbed a police officer
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in the next. -- next -- net net net head not not ck. the prime minister will be outlining guarantees for european ex-pats in the u.k.. emmanuel macron's first eu summit comes after the cabinet held its first meeting to beef up police powers. mosulnic mosque in destroyed but the united -- islamic state group.
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time for your business update with stephen carroll. the paris air show. >> this is always the debate. will it be boeing or will it be airbus? boeing has come out on top with many more orders for rival airbus.s the american manufacture secured 463 commitments to buy from customers compared to airbus 326. was the maxer aircraft. airbus played down their unusual defeat on home turf saying the market was just slower this year. >> is this a slower show than previous years?
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yes it is. are we conceding that boeing sold a few more airplanes than we did? yes. in terms of firm orders it's a wash. are those numbers lower than they were in previous years? yes they are. genie: the price of oil is recovering slightly from a recent slump. to itst crude slipped lowest levels since last november. under $45 a barrel. 20%prices have fallen by since the start of the year despite major oil producers extending a deal to cap production. u.s. shale producers have an stepping up their drilling pumping more oil into the market. things are picking up slightly on the oil market. genie: what kind of effect is
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that having on the stock rocket -- market? >> we are seeing things happening on the european stop -- stock market today. the fall thatting we have seen in recent days. see the trend generally in negative territory. genie: things are starting to look up for the economy. >> the business environment in france is at its strongest since 2011. the economy will expand by 1.6% in 2017. good news for emmanuel macron and he may have his predecessors to thank for it. brian quinn explains.
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is expected to finally take off again in 2017. the national statistics and agents the -- agency predicting since 2011. 2016 rate was 1.1%. a number of sectors are seeing recovery. tourism, construction companies. international trade also on the rise. businesses begin to invest again by modernizing their equipment. part confidence stems in from policies put in place since 2014. >> it looks like some of the measures are starting to bear fruit. tax credits, the responsibility packed. businesses have used to restore their margins. when companies margins are
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restored by start investing again. agencyfrench statistics expects unemployment to continue to fall. their numbers are more optimistic than the european commission which puts growth in france 1.4% behind both germany and the euro area of all. the situation appears to be improving. giving welcome leeway to president emmanuel macron as he seeks to pursue his agenda. you have something about a lot of women's favorite actor. george clooney has a tequila bonanza. in teen the film star founded a tequila company. justdea at the start was tequila for private
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events. the company plans to expand the brand- ground -- internationally. genie: time now for the press review. allison sargent is with me to take a look through the papers today. senate republicans are gearing up to resent their health care bill that will replace obamacare. >> the bill has been kept under wraps for weeks. yesterday the washington post managed to get a hold of a copy that was circulating around washington. it is the more to the bill passed in the house but has some key differences. in the senate version tax
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subsidies would be based on income which is basically how obamacare already works. just because it works like obamacare doesn't mean it is actually like obamacare. left-wing media are already sounding the alarm. this keeps the obamacare structure but makes it much stingier. cartoonists are imagining what life would be like if mitch mcconnell were your doctor. really do not want mitch mcconnell to be your doctor. here he is diagnosing a patient with a secret illness, prescribing a secret treatment with secret side effect. that's a commentary on how the legislation was crafted totally behind closed doors. republicans are trying to sneak past the american people. genie: king solomon has named his young's want to replace his nephew for the throne.
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>> we are looking through some of the arabic newspapers. pretty neutral and positive in general about the new crown prince. it's is pan arabic paper based in london. they say the prince will have the freedom to implement a whole new vision for the country and they think he will bring a refreshing new dynamic inside and outside of saudi arabia. i actuallyeast called him the prince of chaos. the paper says all levers of power are now in the hands of a young inexperienced man with a reputation for recklessness. he was defense minister he launched the war in yemen and then disappeared on vacation. the american magazine the atlantic since his promotion to power brings saudi arabia even
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closer to the trump administration. his appointment could also mean more instability in the region because he has a very hard stance against iran. papers are reacting to the political shakeup yesterday. emmanuel macron and his prime minister named their new government. >> the focus of the shakeup was the post of three ministers from the centrist party who resigned from the government following a scandal involving their party. they are part of an investigation over misuse of european funds. the most high-profile was the justice minister. you can see him on the front page. the paper calls the changes a de-mining operation. anyring the government of potential it had for explosive scandal. the front page of a local paper from brittany makes the changes
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very clear. they say the team has been revised and correct it. ministers.e new you can read about all of the new appointments today. they say the government is looking for a second wind. they are favoring expertise over political experience the way they did in the first government. emblematic of this is the new justice minister. she is a law professor and member of the constitutional counsel. emmanuel macron is getting ready for his first european meeting. he gave his first interview to several european papers about you. you can read it in the guardian.
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he said the use of chemical weapons in syria is a red line. he also said france and germany are planning to take the lead on giving europeans more social protections to win back because it of low middle-class voters. theresa may will be headed to that summit in discuss her brexit plan with european leaders. some of those were outlined yesterday. you might say that europe really stole the show. many thought that her hat looked quite a bit like the eu flag. it caused many people to wonder if the queen was trying to send the euurope mess which parliament's chief rights and negotiator certainly wanted to enter it that way.
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genie: you can always get a closer look at that on our website.
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sami: in ththe early 2000s,s, te balkan mumusic boom hpepened around the globe. it also hit in my hometowown of new yorork, wherbabands like g gogol bordelo anand balkan beatat box srtededo mix gypsy rhythms with punk, reggae, and world music. originally, my mind was blown to satuurn in the mid-nineties by the gypsy soundtracks of emir kusturica's flicks "black cat, white cat" and "underground." my love for this particular kind of music has brought me to serbia.


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