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berlin. are they the new european dream team? angela merkel and emmanuel macron present a united front at the eu summit in brussels, choosing to get a joint press conference. their message is that the eu is strong and they are looking boeing to a future beyond brexit. willie franco-german magic have the desired effect? brexit is grabbing headlines in
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brussels. how does the country feel about it today? a high price for peace. arab states give qatar a list of demands to end their blockade on the tiny gulf nation. they include closing the broadcaster -- al jazeera. sarah: i am sarah kelly. occam to the program. their message is clear. the franco german alliance is back. ready to lead and provide the eu with a post brexit run. angela merkel and emmanuel macron have given a joint press conference at the end of a two-day summit in brussels. the veteran politician and the newcomer looked like a well-established team. voicing agreement on every issue. >> europe's new power couple.
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angela merkel a and emmanuel macron held a jojoint press conference at the europepean summit. unity all over. especially when it came to one of the most contentious issues, the legal migration and the refugee crisis. the positions taken by chancellor merkel were brave decisions and i hope we don't have to repeat them. in any case, i will do anything to stand by you because of this common challenge. it requires common answers. seems like this from last weekend have become more and more frequent. more than 50,000 r refugees have crossed the mediterranean. 8.6% increase compared to 2015. leaders come in with their support for the libyan coast guard to slow illegal end of the migration. >> there is a high degree of
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consensus between germany and france. we are talking about border security as well as the causes of migration. german french initiative on the subject of trade and climate policy at a summit that seems to embrace the new kind of european optimism. brexit is just a side note. that >> doesn't mean that we don't need to have intense negotiations with u.k.. we need to focus more on our own future. the impending departure of great britain is an opportunity for europe to push forward where london had often don't have obstacles. -- thrown up obstacles. >> let's bring in max. he stands by with the latest on all of this. a merkel-macron alliance. what could that mean? >> if france and germany are at
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odds, the european union doesn't move forward. they intend to do exactly the contrary. they agreed on basically everything and said the priorities are security and establishing more wealth for the citizens of the european union in these difficult times. if you look at the globalization and diluted -- digitalization, that is what they stressed. if you look at the recent terror attacks, securing the borders, they have exactly who comes into the european union and who leaves the european union and cooperating with third states in africa to reduce migration share. sarah: so many issues to address. one of them was pregnant. i want to reply what theresa may had to say about her plan for eu citizens living in britain.
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>> we are sayaying that those citizens from the eu conscience -- countries, they will be able to stay and we will guarantee their rights in the united kingdom. i think that is a very serious offer. there are some differences between that and the proposal the european commission put out. i have said all along that i wanted these issues to be the first ones address in the form of negotiations. they will be. >> it will be for our negotiating team to analyze the offer line by line. sarah: a very clear eu response there. they were taking issue with the status of european residents in the u.k. post brexit.
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is theresa may using them as bargaining chips? >> she doesn't seem to have any sort of position to be bargaining. she said that if they want a good deal they will have to negotiate. if you dive deeply and tried to analyze it, that was the european council that we just heard. don't take so much issue with the concept. the concept might actually fly. the problem is they are not getting the details necessary to judge the whole concept. for example, if the role will be that the eu has to live in the u.k. for five years, you need a car update. what is the cutoff date? those things need to be established. the main thing have heard is the lack of detail. theresa may, the prime minister has repeatedly said that she is detailed, cleared.
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she has detail, clear plans. nobody has seen them. sarah: what are we to make of the eu strategy in all of this? we see the commission and the council not giving an inch in these talks. does it seem that are trying to make an example of the u.k.? what sort of signal is it something -- sending? >> how think any to make an example of the u.k.. the polls are rising. you shouldn't forget that the council had the keys to the commission. they established the ground rules for the negotiations in april. it is not their job to negotiate that. that is the commission. that is why this was only a sideshow. it only took about a half an hour to listen to theresa may.
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the rest is up to the eu commission. as far as we can tell, they are following was that they established in the beginning. >> in brussels, thank you. sarah: it just so happens to be one year since the people in britain voted to leave the eu. the result of the referendum sent shockwaves across europe. what is the mood in britain one year on? our london correspondent gauged the reactions. >> he may look like the british foreign secretary but drew is decidedly anti-brexit. he is campaigning with others to keep written in the european union. his goal? >> have another referendum. but the question to the british people. leave one british referendum on the basis of lies told by the
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campaign. >> most of the people in this group, including gareth williams only got involved in the issue after last year's referendum. >> is saying we are here, we are not going away. >> the process is not over, it will be nearly another two years. >> this group of activists is hardly representative of the wider public and it hasn't been easy winning people over. opinion polls suggest that most bricks who voted to leave the eu have not changed their minds. >> there isn't any evidence of clear, major, significant change. this is a country divided over brexit and it is a country still divided over brexit. >> on the eastern outskirts of london, overwhelmingly favored exit in last year's boat.
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-- vote. >> there are too many people in this country, we need to stop more people coming in. >> halting immigration -- some trade is already dealing with higher wholesale prices. works in the longer run, i think it is for the benefit of the country. >> even some brexit tears are getting anxious about the prime minister's negotiating tactics. >> it willll be a hard fight. i'll think she will have to go by the situation, no deal, we pull out. she has to be softer but not too soft. >> the front lines are not shifted that much.
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it is far from over. sarah: that report is from our u.k. correspondent. earlier, we spoke with her. we asked her if it seemed that theresa may will be able to pre--- please her voters. >> that remains to be seen. it is getting more difficult for her here. she was quite defensive when she asked many probing questions. she is clearly on the defensive. judge -- george osborne published a letter of peace in the newspaper saying that just after the referendum, theresa may was the only member of the canon -- cabinet. this was a unilateral offer on you with -- citizens rights. that was something that all of the members of the cabinet were prepared to make.
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she was the only person who didn't want to offer that. that is not good. her critics would say that she is not honest with the british people. she is not honest about the bill. also, it seems that britain can have it all. people at the top of the government are not really honest. they give the impression that free trade, it can be had. at the same time, there is a stop on immigration and there is no clear line from the british government. >> let's get a quick check of other stories making news around the world. five people have died after being electrocuted in a water park in northwestern turkey. three children were hit by an electric current in the pool. the park manager and his son were killed after jumping in to save them. russian authorities said that oppoposition leader cannot stand
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inin next year's presidential pl because of a five-year suspended sentence for embezzlement. they said the kremlin is doing all that it can to stop them fromom standing against putin.n. a rescue operation is underway in southern india to save an 18 month old girl stuck in a well. she fell into o the well on thursday. heavy rains and a dust storm have disrupted the rescue effort. the united nations is offering to step in and mediate the growing crisis over qatar. the arab states have cut ties with qatar. they issued an ultimatum, producing a state list of demands to end the crisis. they are insisting that they shut down there al jazeera tv network and several all ties with the present -- muslim
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brotherhood. qatar has been given 10 days to comply. earlier, we spoke with the ceo of qatar finance and business academy and educational organization. we asked him what the likelihood is of qatar accepting these demands. >> allow me to assure you that this list of demands is -- it has not been officially nounced. what we are talking about -- this is a potential list of demands. it is not official. i ththink what is on the table right now, in the beginning of this crisis, this is the sovereignty of qatar. these countries are negotiating a solvency and dependency on
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sarah: welcome back, a quick reminder of our top stories. angela merkel and menu mack brown have presented a united front at the eu summit in brussels, sending a clear message that the eu's franco german engine is back. on the issue of brexit, merkel said that britain allowing german citizens to stay in the nation is a good start. helen humphrey has the story.
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>> is a fairly good report card so far. u.s. banks past the first round of annual stress test from the u.s. federal reserve. they have enough capital to keep on trading, even in the case of another financial meltdown. this is the first round of hypothetical tests. the second and takes place next week. it is expected that a strong report card will bolster the industry's case for coming back regulations. we can bring in our men on wall street. if these results do indeed make the case for the loosening of bank regulation, would that be a wise move us in mark -- move? >> it does give some lobbyists in the banking industry and other parts of the trump adadministration more ammunition to make the case to water down
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the financial regulation. the big question is if that is really going to be a good idea. donald trump and his administration argue that if you give thanks, then they can borrow more money. think about all the cheap money from the federal reserve, after the financial crisis hit, two companies really spend more money? they used all the cheap money to buy back more shares, increased dividends, it is doubtful that if regulation drops, that banks will be much more generous when it comes to lending money in the future. >> it seems like a difficult equation. they are notoriously tricky.
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what us through what was looked into. >> you have the severe stress situation. the approval rate could hit 10% if there was stress in the margins. it might be a drop of 35% in commercial real estate. the problem is that those stress tests are pretty controversial. they got started in 2010. shortly after the financial crisis hit the capital market. where does the crisis come from? it comes from a corner that you do not expect it to come from. therefore, there is this controversy and the stress test tell you the truth about the financial and banking industry.
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life the second round is coming up next week. in new york, thank you for that. >> tech companies are bound together to share cyber secrets. russian authorities want access to the source code to rule out spyware. u.s. officials say they could uncover vulnerabilities to launch their own attacks. some companies are refusing to cooperate. others don't want to lose out on business. the russian i.t. market is worth something like $20 billion. earlier, we asked the author of that report to explain how source codes work and how sensitive they actually are. here is whwhat they told us. >> source code is the special sauce or the underlying ingredientnts of what make a technology product specicial.
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in order to get into the rurussn market, the e russian a authori, theyey had increasingly demanded companies to allow thehem to inspect soururce code. the reasason this is to do thiss able to prevent the backdoors and issues intnto their market. as we have seen russia allegedly go after several countries in the united states and europe in recent years with a president of -- precedent of cyber attacks. sarah: the government has lost over 30 billion euros.
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they falsified tax returns to make a fortune. they created complicated transactions. it has been a topic of discussion. the investigative committee submitted its final report. the opposition accuses germany's finance industry -- ministry of complete going to stop the scam. >> the tax scandal exploded in the old with tax dividends. they were called to mex trades -- with or without dividents. ds. the shares were sold back and forth and the paies had toay capital gains tax. the banks and their clients both later claimed a refund from the government. they did it numerous times. the financial institution says it was perfectly legal but the
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bonus tax investigative committee disagrees. >> we have clearly determined that from 1999 to 2012, german tax law did not allow a withheld capital gains tax to be credited. there was never such a legal loophole. this business model existed for years with german taxpayers footing the bill. that is despite the fact that whistleblowers tipped off tax authorities in the finance industry -- ministry again and again. investigative committee says that the authority failed to take proper action. >> they had to admit that they were understaffed and did not understand the issue or felt they were not responsible. the damage is already done. the committee has calculated that the banks cheated the government of 900 million euros.
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it is s unable to prove that the amount was higher. a number of banks have already the gun talk to cooperate with authorities. >> toshiba is being kicked out of mckay. -- nikkeei. bosses promised they found a bit of lucrative chip business to raise funds. >> a authoritieses in japan havn out of patience. afteter toshiba repeatedly delad the release of its annual company results, the firm is now paying the consesequences. on augusust 1, toshshiba drops t of the top league of the japanese stock index, the ni kkei. ififhey d doubt to release their most recent results by august 10, they face a delisting by the market. toshiba is getting one last chance. at a press conference, the ceo
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made a former -- formal apololoy for failing to release t the results. >> we offer our deepest apologies for causing great concern to our shareholders, investors and others by failing to correct the situation. toshiba is japan's biggest conglomerate, developing the first mass-market laptop back in the 1980's and inventing flash storage. branchchg out intoto the nuclear power sector led to the current financial problems. it's american nuclear technology subsidiary westinghouse biles for bankruptcy in march. -- filed for bankruptcy in march. to get itself out of the red, the company wants to sell off its lucrative chipmaking unit for the equivalent of 15 billion euros. >> i hope the negotiations for
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the sale will be over soon. >> toshiba desperately needs the cash along with plenty of growth and new business ideas. >> for something fun, it is time for us to get on our dancing shoes or rather, get into our dancing pool. we'll take a spin with this western, though land guerrilla. check this out, he has a passion for breakdancing. he starts off rather slowly as you can see but he soon get into the swing of things, moving his arms and his legs, really going at it. in texas, it has become quite a start. the zookeepers are looking to find the right backing music for the guerrilla's unusual hobby. -- gorrila's unusual hobby.
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>> angela merkel and emmanuel macron have presented a united front at the you summit -- eu summit. merkel said d that britain's ofr to stay in the u.k. post brings it is a good start. -- post brexit is a good start. you are up to date, thanks for watching. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> 9 p.m. here in the french capital. you're watching live from paris on france 24. are our top stories. standing shoulder to shoulder, and thean chancellor french president held a joint aws conference, demonstrating renewed sense of common purpose between paris and berlin. qatar under pressure. arabia, egypt, the u.a.e., doha just 10 days to comply with 13 demands. the closure of the al-jazeera news channel. continuing their investigation, say thates in the u.k. a faulty freezer unit sparked tower, int a london


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