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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 23, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> 9 p.m. here in the french capital. you're watching live from paris on france 24. are our top stories. standing shoulder to shoulder, and thean chancellor french president held a joint aws conference, demonstrating renewed sense of common purpose between paris and berlin. qatar under pressure. arabia, egypt, the u.a.e., doha just 10 days to comply with 13 demands. the closure of the al-jazeera news channel. continuing their investigation, say thates in the u.k. a faulty freezer unit sparked tower, int a london
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which at least 79 people lost their lives. >> good evening. we begin in brussels, where e.u. leaders have been gathering for been dominatede by the issues of migration security and the u.k.'s departure from the bloc. this one year to the day since the brexit vote. the british prime minister theresa may made a proposal to those present that e.u. citizens the u.k. residing in will be allowed to remain. but the proposal was given a lukewarm reception. officials said that a lot of work needs to be done on the process.on the german chancellor angela merkel called may's proposal a good beginning but not a breakthrough. on the issue of the distribution of migrants and refugees who come to european europe,
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no progress has been made at all. >> on the issue of the migrant borders, wexternal fully agree. although unfortunately, no progress has been made with regards to the distribution of refugees between countries, so thisst continue to address problem. it's particularly important, because it's necessary to show solidarity among european countries. chancellor, angela merkel, making those comments at a joint news conference with the french president, emmanuel agreed with merkel. many commentators are hearing a renewed sense of common purpose between paris and berlin. with what hasee been said, and i know one thing. when france and germany do not agree about something, europe is not moving forward. >> the french president speaking there. the international affairs
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commentator has more now on the between merkel and macron. >> it's clear that there is europeng going on in right now. there is some sort of renewal, some sense of real revival, a long period of, if not doom and gloom, just a sense that europe couldn't get anything right, that europe was managementis operation where, whether we are talking about warding off populists, trying to manage mass membersinflows, prevent from collapsing under heaps of debt, it always seemed that they trying to tread water, hold themselves above water without sinking. now what you have is not only yes, the migration issues are still there. obviously they haven't gone away in the blink of an eye. you still have big issues with countries facing debt. a little is a sense of bit of an economic comeback coming backurope is economically. you're hearing words such as
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optimism, confidence, hope. most importantly, you're hearing both of these leaders talk about future. and they're talking about, as we said, there seems to be many more areas of common agreement, we're talking about climate change, whether we're talking about migration, whether talking about even the economy, on a lot of issues there. has a spring in its step again. in parte to say it's due, ironically, the brexit, which it's the one-year version that vote -- anniversary of that vote, and also the election of donald trump. both of those events, and saying, hey, guys, we don't want that over here. real big wake-up call. it's forced them really to get their act together. yes, divergences remain. yes, it's an unwieldily club. no, the problems aren't going to go away overnight. but there is a sense that is now going forward.
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>> now, qatar has been issued with a list of 13 demands by a whichion of countries accuse them of funding terrorism. and theabia, egypt united arab emirates in bahrain ties with qatar and restricted -- amongst the shutdown of the al-jazeera news channel. here's this report. reporter: it's a long awaited demands from saudi araba and its three allies, the united arab emirates, bahrain and egypt, that's if the persian gulf nation wants to see a series of unprecedented punitive measures imposed more than two weeks ago lifted. they include the closure of the state funded broadcaster, al-jazeera. are linked to extremist and terrorist networks, plus cutting
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ties with iran. qatar denied fostering instability, in an interview with france 24. >> none of those accusations have been provided with any evidence. so none of them is making sense for all of us here, that qatar state sponsor of terror, which is a false accusation. reporter: for their part, on representatives from al-jazeera were quick to respond. but an is nothing attempt to silence the freedom of expression in the region. analysts,according to the tiny nation is unlikely to its neighbors demands, despite the sanctions. >> we can rule out that qatar will accept these demands for several reasons, because they've requested that the sanctions are lifted.d foremost also, because they impact the country's internal policy. especially as one of the demands concerns al-jazeera. reporter: while the u.s. publiclyation has questioned whether ulterior motives are involved, earlier in
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week, secretary of state rex demandsn warned the must be reasonable and actionable. >> now, russia's central election commission announced today that the opposition leader, alexei navalny, is not eligible to run for the presidency, because of his prior criminal record. february, navalny was found guilty of embezzlement and handed a five-year prison a move which supporters say was politically motivated. todimir putin is expected stand for a fourth term in next year's elections, although that been confirmed. we speak to tomas in moscow. peopleuming not too many are all that surprised at this ruling by the election commission. >> no. we can safely say that virtually nobody is going to be shocked at the announcement of electoral commission. navalny himself, his team, his his detractors, alexei navalny has said that the this -- these
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call-up proceedings have come back to the fore in recent times kremlin thehe option of not allowing him to run in the presidential 2018.ons of in march next year. an ongoing legal saga that started in 2013 with his first embezzlement, which he labeled then as being way relatednd in no to reality. the european court of human rejected that court 2016, but that was reinstated at the start of this year, as you said, in february. was appealed in may. so a long-going legal saga that said is really tied to political reasons. does this mean for navalny? is this the end of the road then ambitions,sidential am do you think? >> well, we've heard nothing
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navalny himself. he's halfway through a 25-day jail sentence. organizing unauthorized protests against corruption, where well 1500,000 people were arrested. this is a man who has been the country, opening campaign headquarters in across russia. drumming up support amongst like his callho for higher wages, who like his fight that he's going to against corruption, if ever he's in power. the thing is, this support isn't to make him president. it's not going to get him the top post. what it does allow him to do at the moment, what he's been doing very successfully, is making a lot of noise. it's quite clear at the moment that the kremlin is nervous about just the amount of he's making and the resonance it's having across the country.
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>> okay. thank you very much indeed for that update. lowe in4's tomas moscow. at least 79 people are now known in the lost their lives grenfell tower blaze in london earlier this month. toestigators are working establish exactly where the blame lies for this tragedy. police have confirmed that the started by a refrigerator unit. they say that it spread fast, which a building material was used on the outside of the tower.y here's the report. reporter: it's a blaze that has outcry.national fire at grenfell tower in london continues to leave many questions unanswered. on friday, police said they were considering investigating various possibilities. >> we are looking at every complaint, onward. looking at every health and safety and fire safety, and
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are reviewing every investigation -- everyone in the building and establishment of grenfell tower. reporter: authorities have ruled started the fire was deliberately. but they have confirmed that it started inside a fridge freezer, belonging to a resident who lived on the fourth floor of the tower block. ordered itsnt has manufacturer to investigate various tests to determine the cause of the fire. it's also emerged that the the exterior of the building had failed safety tests. meanwhile, an investigation has found that similar housing projects around london have also been covered in the same flammable material that was used at grenfell tower. residents say their safety is being prioritized. >> it's a shock at the moment. mean, it's horrifying that we have been living in a potential the last 10 years. it is horrifying that this was able to happen.
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reporter: grenfell residents who alived to make it out struggle to piece their lives back together. authorities say they may have to wait till the end of the year they can get any concrete answers. french interior minister has been visiting the northern port city of calais city which has once again become a gathering point for migrants, hoping to cross lifehannel and start a new in the united kingdom. he says he does not want to see the one dubbedke the jungle to be created in that area. he also ruled out plans for new reception centers to be built in the city, saying it would only another -- trigger another influx of migrants. let's listen in. towe don't want the jungle reappear as it has in the past. we don't want people to get stuck here and for the situation to deteriorate.
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added to the've squadron, two new prevents in order to the influx we've seen over the past few weeks from continuing to grow. french interior minister speaking there. now, after half a century of warfare, farc rebels in colombia are about to complete their disarmament process. that's according to the juan manuelesident, santos, who has been here in france on an official visit during which he has been keen to promote post-conflict colombia as an investment opportunity. santos, whose peace efforts earned him a nobel prize. 24'san interview to france marc perelman and gave more details about that process. here's what he said. >> yes. well, disarmament is taking stages. the first stage was 30%. and this is now complete.
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the second stage is another 30%. and at the end of this stage, it has also been announced. and the end of this stage began to -- on the 20th of june and is due to be completed today. in other words, today, normally the united nations will announce the end of this third and final phase. will mean that disarmament has been completed and that the longer exist as an armed group. this is a historic moment for colombia. was president juan manuel santos of colombia, 24 and our france sister radio channel. interview will air in full tomorrow morning at 7:45 a.m. paris time. the u.n. is warning there could be as many as 300,000 cases of by august.yemen already 1300 people have died there.e disease this compounds the worsening humanitarian conditions in the
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which has been devastated by an ongoing civil war. here's more. brink of on the famine, yemen now faces a new humanitarian crisis. an outbreak of cholera. it's already killed over 1,000 aide officials warn there could be hundreds of thousands of new cases by the end of the summer. >> this is because of conflict. it's manmade. very severe. the numbers are staggering. it's getting worse. elements, inra addition to all the lack of food, the lack of medical is, ofs for people, primarily -- all the parties to the conflict. plagued: yemen has been by civil war for almost three years. in september 2014, shiite rebels seized the capitol and forced the sunni government to flee. since then, it's turned into a proxy war between the
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iranian-backed rebels. say it's the civilian population that's now caught in the cross fire. >> governments who are providing generous funding are also making from supplying weapons, military equipment, technology. providing logistical and financial support for the military action taking place. not is fuel to the fire, helping reducing suffering on ground. reporter: children account for half of all the registered cases of cholera. aides are calling for a cholera cease-fire so they can deliver much-needed medical assistance. >> a reminder of our top stories. shoulder,houlder to the german chancellor and the french president hold a joint demonstrating a renewed sense of common purpose between paris and berlin. qatar under pressure. saudi arabia, egypt, the u.a.e.
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doha just 10n gave days to comply with a set of 13 demands. amongst them, the closure of the al-jazeera news channel. their investigation, authorities in the u.k. say that a faulty fridge freezer unit sparked the fire at a london 79er block in which at least people lost their lives. time now for a check on the top business news stories. i'm joined by brian quinn. electronics giant, toshiba, its troubles continue. >> that's right. announced they're looking at even deeper losses for the 2016 fiscal year than previously predicted. the company has just been given a second extension to file its results, after missing a previous deadline. it's facing a downgrade or even delisting from the tokyo stock exchange. reporter: toshiba's troubles continue. the electronics giant a has been second tierto the
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of the tokyo stock exchange. the release of its earnings is pushed back again. 10thba now has until the of august. it said it needed more time, westinghouse filed for bankruptcy this year. japanese firm expects to report a net loss of 995 billion about 8 billion euros. conference, its boss offered apologies to investors.s and >> i apologize deeply for causing trouble and inconvenience. delisted if we cannot eliminate insolvency on a consolidated balance sheet by march 2018. says talks areba continuing. it's the world's second largest providing chips for data centers as well as consumer goods like iphones and
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ipads. a sale would give it much-needed consortium of bank capital as a preferred bidder. faces another hard one. its chip factory manufacturer, u.s.-based western digital, is determined to stop the sale. injunction tourt prevent any deal that doesn't have its consent. sawuropean leaders, as we earlier, wrapping up their summit in brussels. table,he issues on the international trade. french president emmanuel macron has called for tougher of europe's strategic industries like energy and banking from foreign takeover, especially by china. he also wants to end the practice of countries, quote, atping their exports artificially low prices in europe. some e.u. nations that rely chinese businesses, such as poland, have opposed sentiments. but macron said that a belief in
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meanlateralism should not being naive. let's take a listen. >> we believe that we must defend the world that is open and regulated. we must defend the rules and make sure they're respected. we want fair competition, not the law of the jungle. putting inwe're place anti-dumping measures. the opening ofn markets and a better framework investments. >> more reports coming out of thatsummit have noted macron did not get all the protection on strategic industries he was seeking, with from southern e.u. countries, softening final wording of those propositions. the result of the latest installment of the purchasing managers index survey have just been released. and they show a minor slowing of growth in the european union. survey polls managers to gauge business activity. inults showing that growth the eurozone slowed slightly but remains relatively strong
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overall. manufacturing, a six-year high, with hiring here in france highest clipthe since 2008. also a biggrowth was topic. european commission president pointing out at the end of the that the confident economic recovery is showing of reversing. >> the employment rate is improving. 232 million of europeans in employment, the highest we ever had in the european union. picking up. distributed in an unequal way, showing newless, colors. >> european markets -- indexsing managers survey. some of that showed that german business activity is at a four-year low. growth in european business activity still pretty good.
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to keep majorgh indices out of the red in friday trading. u.s. shares fluctuating today as energy stocks try to recover week-long sell-off. nearly 3%ing at a gain for the week, after the u.s. senate unveiled its new bill to replace obamacare. well, let's take a look at more of today's business headlines. the u.s. federal reserve says that all of the country's largest banks are healthy enough if anotheroat financial crisis were to hit. the fed's annual stress test 34ws that, as a group, the big banks have built up enough capital to continue functioning even if hit with billions of dollars in losses in a severe downturn. that included jpmorgan, chase citigroup. wages.a is raising they say the boost is necessary rising ahead of a
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minimum wage in britain. announced wednesday that they would be closing a call center in cardiff, possibly up to 1100 jobs. chinese car maker is putting $40 million into troubled malaysia proton.ufacturer they will also contribute to an line, as parts of a deal to take a 49.9% stake in proton, agreed in may. they are also buying lotus from proton. the u.s. has suspended imports tofresh beef from brazil due concerns about the safety of the products. the u.s. department of departmef said it has rejected 11% of the beef. agriculture minister said he would travel to the u.s. to try to fight the position. and japanese drug maker is
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facing expulsion from the u.k. drug industry's trade organization after a series of to follow safety guidelines. the association of the british hasmaceutical industry already suspended them for a year, after believing it misled association on nurse training and prescribing information. top 20e one of the pharma companies. finally, for business, saturday evening marks the end of ramadan, the muslim holy month. it's a time for fasting and prayer. now for a number of fashion key sales season. major holidays have long been busy times for clothing retailers. ramadan no exception, with social media influencers growing the middle east. many ramadan fashion entries focusing on evening dresses for that breaks the day's fast. spending on clothes and shoes by is projectedwide to reach $500 billion by 2019.
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good strong growth there. we'll see how that goes. indeed. you very much from the business desk. i'll be back with the top stories. don't go away. ♪[music]
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