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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 29, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> thank you for watching. you are tuned in to live from paris. i'm rochelle ferguson. australian police charge the vatican's third ranking official with historical sex offenses. he denies the charges. china's president makes his first visit to hong kong to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the former british colonies returned to china. government asy's
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mps vote on the conservative leaders legislative plans outlined in the queen's speech. primus or theresa may's government will vote on the conservative leaders legislative plans outlined in the queen's speech. it comes three weeks after a damaging election that raised questions over mays authority and her brexit strategy. after forming a deal with northern ireland democratic whose 10 mps will vote with 317 conservatives.
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theresa may's personal standing as prime minister is being tested in all of this today. >> indeed. it's her very authority personally as a politician, as a prime minister. it's a key test for her government, minority conservative government which far from getting the increased majority theresa may had hoped to get in calling that early general election some three weeks ago today on the eighth of june has ended up not having an outright majority in parliament. needing a partner to get that outright parliamentary majority. that partner is the dup, northern ireland's party. a deal only struck days ago. this is a test of that alliance. the consensus of experts is the
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government will win the final vote on the queen's speech and that is absolutely crucial because that is the political legislative program of this government. it tests whether the government has the confidence of the house of commons. vote late afternoon paris the government that already defeated a labor amendment last night on the end of the cap public sector pay that is held at 1%. there are other labor amendment's due today before the vinyl vote. we will be watching very closely. as will the prime minister herself. thistline where all of leaves theresa may's brexit strategy. >> that's an question.
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we don't yet really know. since she did not get a resounding majority the labour and its leader are very much saying the prime minister does not have a mandate for a hard exit. when you look at the issue which is set to dominate the queen's speech the next two years of parliamentary life it is a monumental task to change and as we know remorse ongoing negotiations. the point is that eu legislation needs to be translated into british legislation. since there is division within the cabinet itself, hard brexit tears such as the minister let alone softer within the conservative party
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and that alone within parliament as brexit has growing views across parliament. you can see this is really the word which will dominate parliamentary clinical life and the survivor of this prime minister. that vote is expected at 6:00 paris time. angela merkel is meeting with eu leaders in berlin today amid reparations for the g 20 summit in hamburg next week. leaders present for today's talks are theresa may, italy. chancellor angela merkel gave a major speech to parliament during which she called on eu leaders to take greater responsibility for the challenges the world is facing. south is standing by in berlin. there were quite a few dates --
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ates at the u.s. -- digs the u.s. >> absolutely. angela merkel gave a speech to parliament ahead of the meeting with g 20 at the u.s. european leaders and she may have not mentioned the american president by name but certainly there were a few comments intended to go in his direction. we know the german government and other international governments have voiced disappointment about the decision to withdraw the united states from the paris climate change records. willa merkel saying this only make other countries more climateed to tackle change. she said we can't sit away -- around and wait for the last person on earth to accept the climate -- the proof of climate change. other barbed words that may have
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been intended for donald trump were comments against isolationism and protectionism. angela merkel called for unity from global leaders and facing global challenges and she says those who choose isolation and protectionism are making a big mistake. we could certainly interpret that may have been intended for the american president. it comes to europe we could be in very little doubt about who angela merkel's closest ally is. she referred to the german french alliance. several times throughout the speech. she spoke of the fact that she and macron were working very to reform the european union and the eurozone. that was merkel addressing parliament today.
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she is currently in talks with eu leaders. is expected to come out of today's talks which are address reversal for the g 20 summit next week? >> just as angela merkel said today that we need the g 20 to unify on key international issues more than ever it's also keep it there is unity with european leaders. european president will be in berlin today discussing topics with angela merkel that are going to be on the agenda next week. topics such as migration, climate change, fighting terrorism, helping developing worlds. angela merkel has put emphasis on helping countries in africa. we know there is division now
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since donald trump became president. angela merkel is: for as much unity between europe as possible. when they had to hamburg next week they will have two days to discuss all of these issues and we know they don't necessarily see eye tie on all of them. donald trump will be there. vladimir putin. as well asturkey several other country leaders who have very different ideas to angela merkel and other european leaders when it comes to issues such as migration and climate change. angela merkel bookings for as much -- looking for as much unity as possible. >> australian police have charged the country's most figure withlic figure historical sex offenses. the 76-year-old is the highest-ranking vatican official
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to be charged in the catholic church's long-running sexual abuse scandal. police say the accusations were made by more than one person. he will be in court on july 18. >> the highest-ranking vatican official to ever be charged with sexual abuse. , chiefl george pell financial advisor and australia's most senior catholic will face melbourne magistrates on july 18 to answer to allegations of sexual abuse. >> cardinal pell is facing multiple charges. there are multiple complainants related to those charges. he strenuously denied the charges and said he had no knowledge of widespread pedophilia in australia's church. chargesnnocent of these . the whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent.
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news of these charges strengthens my resolve. and dealings now offer me an opportunity -- court proceedings now offer me an opportunity to clear my name and return back to room to work. --the 76-year-old has felt faced allegations for years that he mishandled clergy abuse. >> bringing us reactions from rome, josephine mckenna. this is sending shockwaves through the catholic church. the highest-ranking official in the vatican and the most senior catholic cleric in history to face sex abuse charges.
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cardinal pell faced the media today to say that he was facing relentless character assassination and was the victim of media leaks over the face of two years. -- he says thed allegations are false. this has caused such a fascinating reaction in rome just seeing the reactions from who are still shocked because the cardinal has finally been charged. please determined to go to australia to fight these charges and clear his name. to come back to the job that he is leaving in order to do this. unfoldshave to see what in the court case. he certainly doesn't believe his career at the vatican is over yet. even though today cardinal pell was looking very solemn and even emotionally distraught. >> he is set to appear in court
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in melbourne on the 18th of july. for the time being what does this mean for pope francis? >> cardinal fell was a very important linchpin for pope francis even though they are not necessarily line up completely in terms of their points of view and their policies on the catholic church. cardinal pell was the architect of pope francis's economic reform. desire to overhaul the vatican departments, make them more financially responsible. he's going to be sorely missed by the pope. the pope said today in a statement that he accepted the cardinal's decision with regret. he appreciated his contribution. he said he had been particularly forthright and honest and dedicated in his energetic attempts to overhaul a resistant vatican.
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pope francis and cardinal pell enemies within the vatican today will be chairing the fact that he has been forced to stand aside to face these charges because there is still to therable resistance kinds of reforms that pope francis wants to push through. francis has indicated many times he has a zero-tolerance approach to sexual abuse. he doesn't want to tolerate any kind of abuse in the church. introduced changes in procedures. he has introduced a commission for the protection of minors. to allow cardinal pell to stay in this position while he faces these charges would have been unacceptable according to his approach to fighting sex abuse in the church. losing a valuable ally and it's unclear what will happen to these reforms once cardinal pell steps aside. >> josephine mckenna, thank you.
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the iraqi army says it has fromen the iconic mosque -- the site is where the islamic state leader announced a caliphate on i.s. held territories back in 2014. army is now examining the site to see if it is rigged with explosives. under new criteria set by the white house visa applicants from muslim nations will require a close family or business tied to the u.s.. this after the supreme court partially restored and executive order that was widely criticized as a ban on muslims. instructions say that applicants from syria, sudan, somalia, iran
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must and lemon -- yemen prove they have a close family relation in america already to be eligible. president trump will hold talks with his south korean counterpart at the white house this thursday with the pair hoping to boost bilateral ties. the triple be his first to america since becoming leader. north korea's nuclear program china's role in the region and the u.s. militaries missile defense system in south korea are expected to top the agenda. >> on his first official visit to the united states he is treading carefully. the south korean president and his american counterpart disagree on several key issues. first and foremost how to deal with north korea. donald trump wants to increase sanctions and pressure on
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pyongyang while moon advocates dialogue with the north and greater economic cooperation. south korea and the u.s. have different concerns when it comes to north korea. we do not want war in our territory and the u.s. doesn't want their mainland to be attacked. >> another sticking point, the american antimissile defense system deployed in south korea. the u.s. hopes to maintain these installations to protect their military bases on the peninsula. in the past he has been publicly critical. further strengthen the alliance. nevertheless, negotiate with the u.s. and china. also high on the agenda, convincing trump to maintain the current free trade agreement between the two countries. the u.s. president has qualified it as horrible and wants to
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renegotiate. brings with him a delegation of over 50 ceos from south korea's largest companies. >> china's leader is in hong kong to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the former british colonies returned to china. the territoryt to since becoming president in 2012. she told crowds that hong kong had always tugged at his heartstrings. angered by meddling of beijing and its affairs. security has been bolstered with thousands taking to the streets to protest the visit. it's a first in highly symbolic visit. china's president greeted on thursday by a sea of waving red flags and marching band.
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for threeong kong days to mark 20 years since the returned to china. he underlined his commitment to one country, two systems. >> over the past 20 years beijing's central government have been a strong backer of hong kong. and well as always support its economic development. and improvement of people's lives. many in hong kong don't agree that this is a celebration of the visit. several prominent democracy activists including lawmakers were arrested.
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as more protests simmered on thursday hong kong was placed under an unprecedented security lockdown with thousands of police deployed to maintain order. >> a change in pace. time for the press review. >> what's making headlines around the world. good to have you. the day'sking about top story. it's an australian cardinal who has been charged with historical sex offenses. seniors the most catholic figure in australia and a very senior figure in the vatican itself. the role of chief financial advisor to the pope. now the 76-year-old is facing a slew of child abuse charges and a legend mishandling of clergy
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abuse cases when he was archbishop of melbourne and sydney. cardinal pell was in the vatican to return home to australia to get his day in court. he has denied the charges for the moment according to the paper. at theso take a look life and times of cardinal pell. the 76-year-old was born in a mining town in the countryside. he was born into a religious family. manpaper speaks of a young who loved sports, who was destined for greatness and hoped to study medicine after he school before his calling eventually was religion. it also talks of his meteoric rise to become one of the most powerful school before men in tc church very close to the pope himself was feared, respected and plotted against. if the charges stick, his fall would be just as remarkable as his rise. in the papersons
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about venezuela's ongoing political crisis. the chief prosecutor was barred from leaving the country after a scathing critique of the president. >> it culminated on tuesday with a helicopter that fired shots at the interior ministry and dropped grenades onto the supreme court according to the french newspapers some believe this is actually self sabotage on the part of the president. to provoke the opposition and not a presumed military coup. it is clear that maduro is starting to panic now. the paper likens the current unrest to that of 1958 when the last dictator was overthrown. the writer called on the opposition to react thing they have a duty of coming together to restore the validity of the
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country's constitution and to defending venezuela's democracy. there is really interesting opinion piece the calls venezuela the zimbabwe of the americas. alliance of corrupt politicians and he calls on europe and other latin american countries to support what he says needs to be a quarantine of the outlaw regime of maduro. he is calling on the west to boycott maduro in every way possible. financially, politically, diplomatically and commercially. >> a man once called the most hated person in the country is facing trial. the youngs grayling hedge fund manager who thought it was ok to hike aids drugs by 5000% simply because he could.
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he is become a poster boy for wall street greed. he also bought an unreleased wu-tang clan album and refused to release it until donald trump was elected president. allegedlyrial now for defrauding his investors and a pharmaceutical company that he created. is proving fascinating insight into america's relationship with this man and wall street. the chicago tribune reports that his trial had to be delayed because they had trouble finding jurors who could look past their hatred for this man and his previous actions. they did find their 12 jurors eventually. scroll he's lawyer admitted that his client is odd and mocked by his colleagues. some fountain strange but said he is brilliant beyond words.
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he was born this way, that was his justification for his irrational behavior. this tactic is to play the victim. he faces up to 20 years in prison. a group of german police officers have gotten into some really big trouble over some departures behavior. to end allhe party parties because about 200 german cops got expelled after they were -- they were from a berlin unit and they were sent to hamburg to help with security operations ahead of the g 20 summit. it turns out there was a policeman's ball at the time. the whole group of these cops took things too far. there was copulating in public, urinating in public and one performed a striptease.
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shocked their other colleagues and the officers in questions have been stood down. their exploits earned them the morning of -- moniker of party police. shocked their other colleagues and the officers in >> doesn't make them sound very credible. thank you very much. don't forget, if you want to see more of our press reviews you can log onto to our website at france more international headlines coming up. ♪ >>
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