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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 26, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ watching you are "france 24," i have your international headlines. a representation of peace. french president praise tribute to the elderly priest murdered in his own church when you're ago today by the islamic state group -- one year ago today by the islamic state group. 10,000 people evacuated in the south of france as a fire breaks
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out in a region were more than 1500 square kilometers of land has been ravaged. and a first for spain. the first serving prime minister in the country history to appear in court, taking the stand is a witness of a long-running corruption case and will have warm wet our court -- and we will have more with our correspondent in which read. it is 1:00 in paris and madrid and hotter news from japan. stephen will tell us why kitty cat -- the savvy flavored kit kat is creating jobs. this is live from paris. ♪
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>> thank you for joining us. our top stories, paying tribute to a french priest who was murdered exactly one year ago today by two young frenchman claiming allegiance to the islamic state group. the 18 five euro father was celebrating mass when the pair broke -- the 85-year-old father was celebrating mass when the pair broke in print a delegation of french muslims were among the dignitaries. >> these two murderers wanted to exacerbate the fears of the french people who had already been scarred by the july 14 attack in nice. but thanks to you all, once again, they failed. at the heart of our laws and moral rules, there is a
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principal that is not negotiable. on,that cannot be trampled one that is sacred. principle is human life. core respondent has more for us. >> president emmanuel macron addressed at the victim's family directly saying that terrorists had failed to spread hatred in this community of 30,000 inhabitants. he said they found the victim's family to find at strength to forgive through their religious at thehrough praying same church we see behind me. he said religion has contributed in the fight against hatred and
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that it is a very long battle that the people have wanted that battle. --won that battle. we spoke to religious leaders including muslims, one person told us in maine will macron's speech -- inmate will macron -- effectivepeech was and he was working hand in hand with the french government with mosques across france and imans to try and make sure that youth are not "brainwashed" by terrorists organizations or by the internet, for example. he said macron was symbolic today. and the former mayor of the area who was working at the time of the massacre and he told us that the population in france and
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abroad have all been affected by this murder. he told us that the population is standing united. take a listen to him. its people have become stronger due to an ordeal that will so powerful. the people found deep within themselves the capacity to resist and not only the capacity to resist but also the ability to keep going and to keep working for the greater good. >> now, the european union has raised concerns over new american sanctions on russia. the u.s. house of representatives voted to oppose the measures on russia, as well as iran and north korea. leading lawmakers say they are
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threatening u.s. interests and their neighbors. concerns already been a expressed in europe where there is a high reliance on russian oil supply. there is some concern saying a berlin once to agree on a common policy with washington. more from the house. 3,with 419 votes to just congress sent a clear message they would block any attempt by donald trump to ease sanctions on russia. >> for our president-elect to hold russia responsible for attack on washington, it is important for us to make sure that russia will be held accountable. >> most of the focus has fallen on moscow as a u.s. president focus accusations that he wants to reassure russia that
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sanctions imposed at the end of the obama era would be rescinded. . is one the few areas where congressional republicans have ifn warning to defy him and the bill passes through the senate by more than a 2/3 majority, it would override president trump's ability to of this of missed an ongoing investigation into alleged in russian meddling into the election. president trump has turned on attorney general just sessions who recused himself -- jeff sessions who recused himself from the russian investigation. >> i am disappointed in the attorney general. he should not have recused himself almost immediately after he took office. and if he was going to recused himself, he should of told me prior to taking office and i would've quite simply picked somebody else. >> sessions was one of trump's
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earliest champions and now that stand for little as the president sees him at the disposal. >> now, officials in afghanistan said 26 soldiers have been killed by the taliban on it afghan national security base in a province. you can find out the latest from our correspondent who is in the afghan capital and we heard it happened overnight. what more do you know? the spokesman for the ministry of defense said at least 20's next national afghan soldiers were killed and 13 more were wounded and eight taliban were killed. privately, officials tell us the attack started late last night as it is based 16 kilometers from the district in the province of kandahar and in
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borders northern area that has been the taliban's stronghold for many, many years. we understand at least 40 soldiers from the afghan national army were killed and 25 wounded who were brought for treatment to kandahar and some are missing. afghan officials assume they are being held captive by the taliban. understand, there are airstrikes carried out for four hours of intense battles. units in a big numbers along with anti-taliban fighters are on the offensive and try to attack more bases. a very prevalent feature in this part of the military strategy. obviously, it is of the fighting season. both sides are upping the ante. and the taliban have wo
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won advantage -- from 2016 onward and have control of more ground and they are able to really target areas where previously the police and army could recruit from. we know it has been an increasing number of attacks in kabul, the capital. in terms of kandahar on how strong would you say that taliban's presence is at this point? >> what has surprised me, for example, a few years ago, kandahar was one of the most safest of promises in afghanistan. provinces,fferent all of these profits is are in and around as provinces are all in and around -- all these promises are in and around kandahar and it is mainly
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credited to the police chief of kandahar and sometimes he is accused of human rights violations by international organizations. but, this is increasingly become a very deadly and costly war. the casualties and fatalities are not sustainable in the long run. >> thank you very much reporting from the afghan capital. that here in france, more than 10,000 people could be forced to leave their homes and holiday accommodations close to the tourist town of saint-tropez after a new wildfire broke out close by. the latest details. >> wildfires rage on in the south of france, strong winds and extremely dry conditions have left areas on maximum alert and at least 10,000 people stranded overnight. locals and holidaymakers in the region were evacuated as fires
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tore through the town. were 800 hectares destroyed by morning. on the island of corsica, adding to the thousands deployed to this week. this comes a day after the arrival of these at italian firefighting planes sent over after france requested a new health to deal with the situation. 4000 firefighters have been deployed to the french riviera, with wind speeds projected to go up to 75 kilometers per hour today, the region is viable to more fires -- is vulnerable to more fires. >> staying in europe, and unwelcome first for spain's prime minister. firstis of the country's prime minister to appear in court and is a witness in a long-running corruption trial and has shaken his service people's party.
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it is on a kickback scheme allegedly sought companies pay money to lawmakers to civil servants in exchange for contracts. is severalondent more recession as the following the trial for us. west --w off of the witness stand, how did his testimony go? >> almost a two-hour grilling by lawyers representing the defendant, the public prosecutors and the association of lawyers. and really, he said he did not take back nor did he know about partycount of rome by the . he was asked some questions that had nothing to do with this case but asks in a way about the messages, for instance, he sent to the former treasurer of the people's party who is accused in another case of having won that
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slush fund for the people's party. at one point, the prime minister's messages were published in newspapers saying louis, the strong and the prime minister was asked and said he's since a lot of messages every day. he said he did not do anything s'accusationhe loui and another uncomfortable question about why was the end of man's account. his name appears in what louis is said to be the account. he said he has no idea and he has never taken aback and he does not have a bad relationship with louis. >> and, how does all of this come out outside of the courtroom? >> it has been a lot of indignation as the prime minister arrived in a car while one of the side entrances.
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30 protesters were waiting for him, many holding banners saying rahoy, be strong. that famous text message sent to the treasurer and we have seen the opposition party saying that it is appalling that the prime minister is giving evidence in inrt about the allegedly legal activities of his party. and even the socialists leader calling for him to resign immediately. he is saying he does not expand rahoy to resign and that the alternative in the parliament .eeds to get rid of him we do not expect that to happen. it shows the tremendous pressure of the minority government is now under. >> thank you very much. a scientist story for you. some rather unscientific language.
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what you are back to see is a time left video, that is beautiful of innovaro around -- an aurora around the earth. northern lights. this video was made as an awesomeness slathered in awesome sauce. this was astronaut jeff fisher aboard the international space station traveling at 48,000 seemsters per hour and it he is getting rather inspiring experiences is that experiences. -- experiences. now to some business news would stephen carroll. we will start in the u.k. with a new figures on economic growth. they brought some rather mixed news. >> the headline points 3% in three months after the end of june and today is faster than the rate of expansion than the previous quarter which was .2%.
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the office of national statistics said it was driven by the retail sector and by the film industry. that increase in consumer spending it is helping offset weaker construction and manufacturing sectors. the british economy has been a notable slowdown in the first half of the year. economists are at the wing saying slight increase in growth is masking an underlying trend which is increased uncertainty around brexit an additional pressure on consumers as inflation increases. >> we will stay in britain for our next business story. the government say they will ban sale of new patrick carr's through 2040. >> part of a strategy to reduce air pollution. and if follows plans in france.
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the program includes investment and cycling facilities, charging stations for electric cars and money for greener buses. >> it looks like the future, perhaps. on the ftse 100 mainly driven by companies like itf, shares of over 2%. here in paris, the french carmaker up 5% after their results. the general picture from across the european market of gains and oil prices which are continuing to rise. brent crude above $50 a barrel. a decline in u.s. oil stockpiles. applethe united states, planning to build three new factories, apparently, to make sure its products are fully made in the usa. according to president donald trump anyway. in an interview he said apple
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lost -- boss promised him he would build three manufacturing plant in the u.s. the majority of our products are made in china. year, theyhis announced a fund to invest in u.s. companies that do advanced manufacturing. apple has declined to comment on the president's interview. more of today's business headlines for you. though carmaker psa said --rating profits jumped jumped by more than 10%. sales in aincreased markets including iran and ukraine. upgrading its sales forecast for china and russia for the rest of this year. sales in therd last quarter of over 600,000 a jump in profit which daimlerffset other
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divisions and they said they took bmw to be the world leader of luxury cars. the japanese technology company softbank is looking to buy a stake in uber. to buy ais in talks multibillion share and the ride helen company. softbank is a major investor in the rival in asia. -- in the ride hailing company. to round off our business update. this is from nestle permit they 's factorynew kit kat -- this is from nestle and prepare a kit kat factory. >> this story is coming from japan due to an increase in demand for the unusual flavors of the chocolate bar available there. and wasabi nestle has been making more than
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300 varieties for decades but sales boosted by tourists to japan who are spending more than ever. there's a special store in central tokyo that sales all of these high-end flavors of kit kat. they cost about 11 euros for a selection. i have tried some of these of flavors and they are pretty impressive. >> well, i think the next time you do business news, bring some with you so we can try it. thank you. moving on now with a check of some other the top international newspaper headlines. ♪ >> and our correspondent joins us with what is making news. we will start with a vote on repealing what is known as a obamacare and that happened yesterday in the u.s. is a lot of reactions
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pretty soon it's republicans voted to begin repealing legislation which will essentially overturn obamacare. the washington times said it marks a high point for republicans after weeks of stalled voting and frustration, but the paper warns that the fight has just begun. for the editors at the new york times they said health care travesty and labor rate mitch mcconnell -- berate mitch mcconnell for by -- browbeating and cajoling his members. they said he does not care which proposals are passed out of pride, pressure and he wants a bill to get out of the senate. >> that is mitch mcconnell and a lot of talk around senator john mccain. he came back to the senate for the first time since he was diagnosed with brain cancer. >> that is right. and he delivered a speech. speechs late writer, his
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shows what he is done through his career short of himself as "a paragon of mutual reason but a reality if he is a republican who in a majority votes with the party and when donald trump's agenda despite urging congress not to bend to try's -- trump's will." one person said the irony is not lost while he is receiving top medical care funded by the people, he is voting on legislation that would cut health care to millions of americans. >> to the middle east in lebanon, iran back hezbollah group said it is close to victory against sunni militants in the region close to syria. -- its a region bordering is a region bordering syria. it says it is the end of the islamic state group in lebanon which isf this battle
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being negotiated. the paper held hezbollah and chasing got the sunni jihadists. a london-based pan arab paper is far more critical wondering what has hezbollah going to ask for in return for chasing out jihadists? according to this opinion writer to inform -- to influence iran. >> moving on now to health and news. a new study sounding the alarm on male fertility. >> this study has been picked up by all of the major papers around the world and alarming study that says the sperm count and concentrations of western men, from australia and europe and the u.s. have plummeted by 60% in the last 4 decades. say it is pesticides, poor diet, smoking, obesity are
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hampering male fertility. some papers for your it could lead to the extinction of the human race which i think is a bit of a stretch for the moment. it is cause for concern of the consequences of modern living. >> and a very arresting photo. frenchfrance, the famed ke is going to be releasing a new love buster. is released today. it has been in the works for years, an adaptation of a cult classic sci-fi comic book. it is called his crazy gamble. budget, 197opping million euros and the largest of any film in europe, at least. and it is a lot riding on this french release because of last week, the north american release totally bombed.
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the washington post asked whether it will turn out like his other film, another classic "the fifth element" and it was a commercial failure but ended up becoming a cult classic and was revered for being ahead of its time. huffington post told us maybe time will tell us if valerian suffers or enjoy the same fate. franceer responses from and then the united states so will wait to see. one final story. three mayors from three unfortunately named town for a little party. is god isors of dull, town and bl -- a scottish town and bland are getting together. the festivities are taking place before the u.s. town of boring prepares its board and d -- is party.and dull
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they hope to cash in on their mediocrity. the mayors will hold a meet and greet which does not sound very brought this at all. -- raucous at all.
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