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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 4, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ >> welcome to the france 24 newsroom. it is good to have you with us for the next hour of news. there are the top stories where following. a record at closing quarter billion dollars transfer deal, the brazilian player will be presented at his new club in just a few moments. presidentes for a new . despite accusations of ruling through repression. the top venezuelan opposition
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leader is released from prison. he returns to house arrest. loomsdown -- showdown over the presence controversial constituent assembly. ♪ >> first, we will start with sports as one of the world's best football players has arrived in france. he joins his new club. shortly the 25-year-old will face the cameras one day after his 222 million euro buyout clause in barcelona was activated. we're there outside, west of paris, this is a day fans have been waiting for.
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walk us through how we have been getting to this. tell us about the deal. >> about this deal, it all started over a year ago when gets approached neymar to the transfer last season. that deal did not go through. if anything, he use that to improve his contract with barcelona. they came back stronger this summer and made an offer he cannot refuse. they activated the 222 million euro buyout clause to freedom from his contract with barcelona. that is more than twice what manchester united pay for the previous record of the biggest football transfer. this is a deal that had a lot of time to get done. there was a number of obstacles along the way. for instance, my actual fairplay rules, clubs are not allowed to
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spend more than they are in. paris had to come up with clever financial mechanisms to get around those rules. one of the hypothesis around this is they did not actually pay a dime. got a 300 million qatar to be afrom master at the 2020 world cup and then he paid his own buyout they are that is a very complicated procedure. it all let-up to this day with everyone behind me. is exciting to see the first glimpse of naymar. >> we should see the player shortly. tell us, i guess the fans behind you would say it is certainly worth it, but what is he expecting to bring to psg? >> the goal, and that has been since 2011 has
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been to win the champions league. only one french club has done it in the past, marseilles in 1991. it is not one of the best leagues in europe. it is an ambitious goal. neymar could be the one to bring it to paris as he is one of the top three players in the world. you would not expect him to play his football in france. he will be's run by a good team. he is surrounded by a lot of teammates from his national brazil team. they have a very strong team. perhaps there is a little question on the goalkeeping department. he is the kind of player who can change the course of the game on his own. that is what he did last season with barcelona against psg. that is how they got kicked out of the champions league last season because neymar was playing against them and set up a number of goals.
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here is a special player. extremely fast and very agile. they have definitely done a good deal here. >> thank you for that. we will check in with you after this highly exist tainted -- highly anticipated press conference happening within the hour. once again, we will be taking that press conference live. voting is underway in rwanda. the presidential election widely expected to give the president in office for a third term. he is credited with turning around the east african country since the genocide. we can speak with our international relations specialist. i like to ask you, president kagame says people outside of rwanda should stop criticizing his policies and mind their own business. he says any assessment of where
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rwanda is today should take into account since history. is this a fair point? >> it is a point that has been raised in various occasions. the united nations mentioned this in 2008 in a report saying the human rights situation in rwanda should be emulated. was, to stop the -- was calling to stop the arrest during the campaign. as the voting has been occurring, it has been a continuous, ongoing claim that rwanda has its own way of seeing democracy. insident kagame has been office for 17 years. he may stay in office until 2034. a certain number of human rights
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activists outside of rwanda are claiming democracy was not a reality in this election. this is one of the aspects that was raised a few months ago during the referendum to amend the constitution, which allows president kagame to run for a third term of office. the figures were speaking for themselves as 98.3% accepted the reform of the constitution. >> on paper, we have three candidates running, to others besides the president. there is no doubt as to who will be the victor in the vote. walk us through the current state of the rwandan opposition. beene opposition has not authorized by the national committee to run. only three candidates, the leader of the green democratic another runner for
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the selection, independent journalist. all of the other candidates were not authorized to run. the real opposition, the national congress of rwanda, the democratic united front was not authorized to run. therefore the results may be already known as the election polls, the 2300 election. the few hours -- the fewtion will stop in a hours. the opposition will not accept the result as it is not a fair and honest election as they have been saying in 2003 and 2010 when the president was elected with 90% of the polls.
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>> we will have to leave it there. i appreciate you joining us on the program. >> thank you. >> next we go to venezuela where the top opposition leader has been released from prison. he has been returned to house arrest. this is according to his wife from twitter. he was detained by military police on tuesday. his release comes as the newident promises to seek a constituent assembly on friday, in an attempt to rewrite the countries constitution. >> in a show of defiance, venezuela's chief prosecutor has filed for aimed at blocking the new constituent assembly. a vocal critic of the government, she has ordered investigators to investigate allegations of election tampering. nicolas maduro denies allegations of voter fraud.
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thanys turnout is higher reported. 7,500,000, i believe there are more than 10 million venezuelans that came to the street, and more than 8 million could vote. >> sunday's election is coming under mounting scrutiny after the ceo of the company organizing the ballot said the results have been tampered with. the national electoral council said 8 million venezuelans voted in the election. opposition leaders said the turnout was less than half that figure. >> our estimates, and these were obtained by exit polls done through the most prestigious universities, is that they did not reach 3 million voters. assemblyw constituent
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will have authority over all existing branches of government. the opposition believes the president will use it to bypass the democratic process. they are planning large protest for the first day of the assembly. >> next, the latest into suspected russian meddling in last year's u.s. presidential election. robert mueller has reportedly convened a grand jury, a common way to subpoena witnesses and records. there is no indication of any charges being filed. >> it is a sign of progress in the ongoing probe. on thursday, the wall street journal reported a washington-based grand jury has already issued subpoenas as part of the investigation into potential collusion between any trump associates and the russian government. according to the new york times, at least some of the subpoenas were related to the business dealings of president
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transformer national security adviser, michael flynn, currently under investigation. others were in relation to a june 2016 meeting with president trump's son and a russian lawyer who promised him incriminating information on hillary clinton. speaking to supporters in west virginia on thursday evening, president trump continued to dismiss the accusations as fabrication. >> most people know there were no russians in our campaign. there never were. we did not win because of russia. we won because of you. that i can tell you. >> what kind of powers does a grand jury have? should donald trump be worried? a grand jury is a group of members of the public called in to examine evidence and make a preliminary decision on whether or not to officially accused a criminal defendant and determine whether they should stand trial.
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they are a common investigative tool used by the prosecution to subpoena crucial documents and witnesses. when asked about the latest developments, a white house spokesperson said he was not aware of the injury but reader. -- of the grand jury, but reiterated the white house is fully committed to operating with robert mueller. >> in australia, police have foiled two terror plots. one of them was to bring down a passenger plane with a bomb. this was one of the most sophisticated on australian soil. >> they planned to target flights from sydney to the middle east. developing two separate plots, the first involved placing what is called an improvised explosive device, ied, on an asiatic aircraft.
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receivednfirmed men components from turkey transported to australia the air cargo. >> it was received via international air cargo to the accused men in australia. with the assistance of the commander, the accused assembled the ied into what we believe was a functioning ied to be placed on that flight. >> one of the men brought the device to sydney airport on july 15. the attempt was aborted before they reached security. failed, theyst bid changed tactics and were in the early stages of developing a chemical release device. four men were arrested last saturday. armed counterterrorism officers homes in australia.
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2 men have been charged with planning a terrorist act. a third man remains in custody. australian airports have ramped up security after last weekend's raid. the official terror threat level remains unchanged at probable. >> one of the world's largest residential towers have been brought under control after a fire in abu dhabi. the 86 story porch tower was on fire. it is not there what caused the blaze. it is the second time this tower has caught fire in the last three years. a record of eclipsing quarter billion dollar transfer deal. the brazilian player to be presented at his new club in just a few moments.
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rwanda buzz for a new president, kagame widely expected to win. time now for a business update. we going to begin with markets. the dollar is under pressure again under political uncertainty. >> the currency is struggling to recover after a fresh report that the justice department special counsel convened a grand jury. flat, european shares dropping. investors worldwide are nthlyously awaiting the mor u.s. jobs data report. it is forecast to show a slight improvement. if the unemployment rate is higher than expected, it would increase the likelihood of a december rate hike. >> we are going to a growing
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food scare in europe. >> on major supermarket chain announced it is removing all eggs from its stores after a scare on pesticide contamination. eggs aftermoved the finding pesticide that is banned for use on animals. >> the scandal could be worse than first feared. up to 10 million contaminated dutch egsgs have been sold in germany, leading supermarket eggs aldi to take all off-the-shelf, a precautionary measure. authorities continue to warn against the potential health hazard. >> there is the possibility of long-term damage. it can cause liver damage.
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there is an acute health risk for children. >> the scandal broke after chases of the pesticide -- after traces of the pesticide were found in several samples in germany. millions of eggs have been recalled. around 180 dutch farms have been shut down pending an investigation. the food product safety board has been resized for handling the case, first saying the eggs posed no danger to human health. >> they say it is more dangerous to use stairs that eat these egg s. it is very difficult to know what to do. >> the dutch poultry producers union warned against overreaction and set the scare could cost the industry millions
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of euros. the netherlands have around 1000 producing one billion eggs per year. >> let's look at other headlines. japanese on the makers have announced a plan to step up a joint venture assembly plant in the u.s.. plant will create around 4000 jobs in abc is a victory for the u.s. president, who criticized toyota for taking on a production and jobs -- automobile production and jobs to mexico. it may move up to 150,000 jobs to amsterdam after brexit.
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it is still 72% owned by taxpayers. it is not made in annual profit is 2007. air france has extended its no-fly zone over north korea following a near miss with a missile a week ago. the jet carried more than 130 people from tokyo to paris. could maken flights from japan to paris 10 to 30 minutes longer. >> we are going to end with a look at steel and canadian lumber. u.s. president donald trump may be targeting spanish olives. >> they are investigating whether spain is dumping olives on the international market. a lawsuit claimed spanish olives were sold as much as 200% below market value. a report on whether american girls have been hurt is due to
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be released on tuesday. spain is the world's biggest producer, and the u.s. is its biggest customer, accounting for a quarter of its all of exports. xports.olive e >> it is time now for our press review. we have a look at what is grabbing headlines around the world. let's start off in france with the sports news as footballs most expensive player is heading here. >> it is a lot of giddiness from the french press, at least from the french sports paper here. they say the king in paris on their front page. the brazilian forward is officially joining the harris family. something has radically changed in paris football. they had dedicated 18 pages of
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their coverage to this transfer. he is somebody who is there interesting. he is brushing shoulders with williams,of serena david beckham,. >> what has radically changed is the amount of money between the clubs with a quarter billion dollars in this record deal. let's go to the world's fastest man. this is taking part in the lending championships -- london championships this week. >> this could be his last race. he is planning to hang up is spikes just a few weeks before he turns 30. bolt exploded onto the scene at the beijing olympics in 2008 where he swallowed ground and danced, posed, and partied.
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he made it look so easy and fun. he will remain one-of-a-kind. >> 31 is so young. just a change of career. let's see what is next for him. in venezuela, we are seeing mounting pressure as president maduro is set to and not great this new constituent assembly despite international pressure against the move. move is a controversial after controversial vote last week. they will have virtually unlimited authority according to the new york times. this assembly is made up of venezuelans from different walks of life, including those who have never held political office before. the one thing uniting them is a will to stifle political dissent, and this is the topic anin an opinion piece from the guardian. they say they cannot mount a credible bid for government
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because they represent the upper and middle classes and not the majority and lower classes. the opposition also features elements from the far right. if there is something venezuelans want less than they want maduro, it is the rise of the far right. >> let's go to another election, is one in rwanda. expectedme is widely to win a third term. >> a controversial vote. fromas disqualified running in the election after photoshopped photographs appeared online. essentially, she accuses the regime of discrediting her. she calls the election a coronation exercise for kagame. a french newspaper reminds us that according to the
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constitution he should not even be running because he is not allowed to run for a third term, but he has been able to bend the rules. kagame will surely be reelected this friday in a climate of fear. >> a lot of reaction from the latest leaks from the white house as we have seen transcripts of donald trump's conversations with world leaders. >> just when you thought you could not get any more surprises out of this u.s. administration, now we have transcripts from those conversations between donald trump and world leaders, very frank conversations that reveal a lot of things. the atlantic, a magazine, says it revealed how foreign leaders manipulated donald trump in different ways to get what they need. you have a mexican president who conciliatory while the australian prime minister is blunt and insistent. both methods worked for both
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leaders to get what they needed out of donald trump. more surprisingly, the website says donald trump is unusually clear and complex in some of perhapsnversations, indicating he is deliberately dumbing down in his public discourse. the guardian says the transcript shows the president to be no more coherent and private than he is in public, ill-informed, narcissistic -- to the point of absurdity. it appears people are missing the obamas dearly. they have been reports that people miss the obama so much that they regularly invite them to weddings and baby
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showers, etc.. the obamas regularly respond. i am not sure they are actually personally writing these notes, but it is still a cool gesture. >> thank you very much. for
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