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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 15, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ paw patrol, paw patrol ♪ we'll be there on the double ♪ ♪ whenever there's a problem ♪ 'round adventure bay ♪ ryder and his team of pups ♪ will come and save the day ♪ ♪ marshall, rubble, chase, ♪ rocky, zuma, skye ♪ yeah, they're on the way ♪ ♪ paw patrol, paw patrol ♪ whenever you're in trouble ♪ ♪ paw patrol, paw patrol ♪ we'll be there on the double ♪ ♪ no job is too big, no pup is too small ♪ ♪ paw patrol, we're on a roll! ♪ ♪ so here we go paw patrol ♪ ♪ whoa-oh-oh ♪ paw patrol ♪ whoa-oh-oh-oh
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♪ paw patrol this school year, it's okay for your kto struggle.ared. they're learning resilience, and tenacity. here's to the moms who show their kids that every step -even a misstep- is a step forward. ♪
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♪ ♪ ryder: here you go, pups. fresh, roasted sausages! zuma: awesome! rocky: thanks! mmmm! oohh! sure you don't want to try a liver sausage, ryder? they're really good! thanks, rubble, but i like mine liver-free! (heavy breathing) oooh, mind if i munch a morsel? help yourself, cap'n turbot! ummm, but i think that's a pup sausage. mmmm, ryder, these lovely liver-links are liver-iffic! (all laughing)
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glad you like 'em. have all you want! don't eat too many or you'll turn into a pup. (laughing) well, i guess anything is possible under the magical mer-moon! yeah! like in that totally cool legend of the mer-pup! mer-pup? what's a mer-pup? dude! a mer-pup has the body of a pup and the tail of a fish! the legend says when the full moon rises exactly at sunset, -- like tonight! it's a magical mer-moon and the touch of a mer-pup can turn you into one! for on that night only, and just until the sun rises. that is the tale, tall or true, and that is the marvellous, maybe even magical, mer-pup-moon! magical mer-moon... please. have you actually seen a mer-pup, cap'n turbot? i think i have, young pup! many moons ago, i had a magically mysterious, mystically-marvellous, mer-pup meeting!
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zuma and rocky: whoa! skye: really? the magical mer-moon filled the sky... beaming bright as a beacon. suddenly, i saw something splishing and splashing! a sea otter? or surely a seal! but as i sailed closer, i saw something with the tail of a fish, and the face of a pup! it swam undersea, but i could still hear it singing its sweet, sweet song. ♪ ar-ar-arf ♪ ar-ar-arf ♪ ar-ar-aroo! the legendary mer-pup! i just needed positive proof that it was true! (camera shutter clicking) ahh! ♪ ar-ar-aroo! come back, mer-pup! see? the tail tells the tale! (all exclaiming) tsk, all i see is a thumb! i always dreamed of becoming a mer-pup! it would be pretty cool to be a mer-pup.
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except for the getting wet part... i don't know... are you sure the tail wasn't a walrus or something? well, nobody's ever gotten a real good picture of a mer-pup-- it could have been something else. (chuckling) perhaps this picture isn't perfect proof, but i know i saw a mer-pup on a magical mer-moon night long ago. and that myth might come true again tonight! i'd love to see a mer-pup! i'd love to be a mer-pup! i'd love to... (snoring) i think it's time to start dreaming of mer-pups! rubble: huh? ryder: goodnight, pups! all: goodnight, ryder. all: goodnight, cap'n turbot. goodnight, all! (snoring) (all snoring) hey, you awake, skye?
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yeah! i can't stop thinking about the mer-pup! me too. we should totally stay awake and look for it. okay! ♪ (yawning) ♪ ar-ar-arf ♪ ar-ar-arf skye! wake up! what? i heard a mer-pup! at least, i think i heard one! ♪ ar-ar-arf huh?! that's the sound i heard! (gasping) skye: wow! the legend is true! but cap'n turbot said the mer-pup's song sounded sweet! that sounds sad. yeah, like she needs... together: help! (barking) whoa! ryder, pups! cap'n turbot! wake up! skye, zuma, are you okay?
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we're awesome! we saw the mer-pup! the mer-pup?! no worries, pups. i'm okay! the mer-pup? what, where? somebody turn on the lights, please! thanks, ryder. where? in the water! we think she needs help! well, come on, pups! let's go! ♪ i don't see anything. (splashing) huh?! (gasping) she's out there! (sniffing) nah, that was just a dolphin. see? (chirping) but, i was totally sure. yeah! we saw... i mean, we thought we saw. i guess it was a false alarm. okay, everyone, back to bed! that mer-moon is marvellously magical! did you really see one?
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you believe in the mer-pup, rocky? i used to dream of meeting a mer-pup! i even dreamed of swimming with one. you don't even like washing your paws! oh, right. dude, you want to look for the mer-pup with me and skye? uh, yeah! zuma: really? skye: cool! it's gonna be a long night. (snoring) well, at least for some of us. we can wake him up if we see the mer-pup again. (laughing) huh? we know we saw the mer-pup. let's get close and prove it! skye: yeah! we can use the paddle board! ♪ you see a mer-pup? no. ♪ ar-ar-arf but i hear one! listen! ♪ ar-ar-arf (gasping)
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both: it's... it's... a mer-pup! whoa! hi, i'm skye! and i'm zuma! zuma: whoa, what's up? skye: where are you taking us? (mer-pup barking) is something wrong, mer-pup? do you need some help? whoa! hey! ♪ we have tails! we're pups, skye! we always have tails. no, zuma. we have fishtails! we're mer-pups! just like the legend! i'm a mer-pup! (skye yipping) zuma: awesome! (cheering, barking) this... is... amazing!
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hey, where'd the mer-pup go? (barking) zuma, maybe she turned us into mer-pups because she needs our help under the water. we've got to call ryder! (phone ringing) what? huh? come in, ryder! zuma! what's wrong? there's an emergency with the mer-pup! a mer-pup? yeah, we found her. she's totally really real. zuma... are you sure? totally, totally sure. 'cause skye and i are... well... look! you have a fishtail! me too, ryder! it's like the legend. she made us mer-pups too! ♪ ar-aroo what was that? that's why we called. we think the mer-pup needs our help.
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♪ ar-aroo ah, oh! moaning mer-pup mer-song! the tone of that tune tells me there's trouble in mer-town! totally, cap'n turbot. skye and i are diving down to check out the problem. ryder: the homing device in your pup tags is on. i can track your depth. i'll get the other pups up and be right there. thanks, ryder! see you under the sea. (laughing) let's take to the sea! let's dive in! no job is too big, no pup is too small! paw patrol, to the beach! all: ryder needs us! (crashing) hmm, this pile feels smaller than usual. (all laughing) paw patrol ready for action, ryder, sir! and cap'n turbot too!
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(all laughing) zuma and skye found the mer-pup! and it seems she... uh... magically turned skye and zuma into mer-pups! all: cool! cool! oh, as if. ryder: just like the legend! i knew the magical mer-moon wasn't a myth! skye and zuma dove down with her. we need to get out there and help. cap'n turbot, i need you to go under water with the diving bell! turbot tackles trout! turbot tackles trout-- my callout! really rocks, right? nice, cap'n turbot. (all laughing) it's so funny! ryder: marshall and chase, i need you to ride along with cap'n turbot. i'm fired up! chase is on the case! the case of proving that this mer-pup stuff is just some old legend. ryder: i'll turn zuma's hovercraft into the sub. rubble, i need you to ride with me in case skye and zuma need our help. rubble on the double!
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what about me, ryder? don't worry, rocky! you won't have to go under water. thanks, ryder. you stay up here with my pup pad and let us know if zuma and skye's direction changes.
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paw patrol is on a roll! (all barking) ♪ paw patrol ryder: come on, rubble. let's go! rubble: yeah! go paw patrol! cap'n turbot: into the diving bell paw patrol pups!
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♪ whoa! ryder: there's zuma's paddle board. this must be where they went under to follow the mer-pup. let's dive! ♪ paw patrol, paw patrol (ringing) hey! there's skye and zuma on the pup pad and the third blip must be the mer-pup. (mer-pup howling) zuma: whoa! this is so awesome. and beautiful! (barking) zuma: how deep can mer-pups dive? let's find out. (barking, cheering)
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skye: wow! a sunken treasure ship! (mer-pup barking) what is it, mer-pup? what's wrong? (barking) (gasping) you're a mer-momma! and your little mer-pup is trapped! come on, skye! we've got to move the beam! (grunting) zuma: it's too heavy. it won't budge. (sad barking) don't worry, mer-momma! we have friends coming down to help us! i'll go find ryder! ♪ (gasping) there's skye!
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and she is a mer-pup! ryder: cool! marshall: skye and zuma as mer-pups? i don't want to miss this! me neither-- ahh! whoa! meh, i bet we're missing nothing. there's no way you can say that mer-pups don't exist now. huh? pup? fishtail? skye?! mer-pup?! let me just turn on my handy-dandy diving bell speaker and we'll be able to hear skye! skye: follow me! guys! am i glad to see you. what's the problem, zuma?
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look! the mer-momma's little pup is totally trapped in the cabin behind this beam! we tried to get it loose but it's wedged tight. we've got to get her out. we can use the sub's arm to pull the beam away from the door! great idea, ryder! ♪ (ship creaking) ryder: zuma, skye! try the door now! (grunting) it's stuck, ryder! when the beam fell, it must have jammed the door shut! (ship creaking, rumbling) (whimpering) (barking sadly) (whimpering) uh-oh! the ship's gonna fall! i wish i could help get that mer-puppy out. ryder: cap'n turbot, i need you to use
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the diving bell to break open the door. aye-aye, ryder! skye and zuma, be ready to swim in and get the little mer-pup as soon as that door comes down! great idea! skye: let's get out of the way. (barking) go, cap'n turbot! cap'n turbot: hold onto your hats! marshall and chase: whoa! (whimpering) skye, zuma, go! (barking) wait, where is she? little mer-pup? little mer-pup? where are you? zuma, look! i think our friend is scared. (whimpering) we're just here to help you. we've come to take you back to your mer-momma! ♪ ar-ar-arf listen! (mer-pup barking happily) ryder: pups, hurry! (barking) cap'n turbot: oh! there's skye and the little mer-pup!
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ryder: they're out! skye: yay, we did it! yeah! wahoo! whoa, dude! zuma! whoa... oof! (grunting) my tail's pinned! uh, guys, there's a bunch of very big things headed your way... uh-oh... (gasping) awesome! (ship creaking) (all gasping) whoa, whoa! whoa! what's going on down there?
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cap'n turbot: oh, this is bad. ryder: zuma looks like he's trapped even worse than the little mer-pup. if we can't get him out of that wrecked relic before the full moon is over the flagstaff, then he'll turn back into his regular puppy self. we have to save him before he turns back. how, ryder? we need help taking apart this hull. maybe rocky can help! aroo! huh? skye? whoa! wet, wet, wet! oh hey, little mer-pup! wahoo! i'm a mer-pup! wahoo! whoa. (gasping) ryder, look! oh-- wow! is that... rocky? with a-- a fishtail? i can't even get that pup near a bubble bath!
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(laughing) ryder: ugh, it won't budge! rocky, use your tool arm to loosen the screws. rocky: you've got it, ryder! arf! screwdriver! (whirring) (teeth chattering) zuma? hi, rocky! thanks, dude. (all cheering and barking) yeah, way to go! okay, everybody, let's get out of here! (all barking) ♪ ar-ar-arf skye: now that's a sweet mer-song! 'cause her mer-pup is with her and totally safe.
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paw patrol, you saved the marvellous mer-pups! we all did, cap'n turbot. if you need anything, just remember to yelp for help. (laughing) ar-aroo! oh, the moon! i must get photos of our fantastical finned-friends before the magical moon is gone! what's all that mean? i think he wants to take a picture. cap'n turbot: ah, don't fidget a flipper! i need to flash a photo! whoa! (camera shutter clicking) (sighing) (barking, singing) so, chase, what do you think about mer-pups now? mer-pups? everyone knows they're real. (all laughing) good one, chase. hey, skye, before the mer-pups leave, you want to go for one more swim with them? let's do it! want to join us, rocky? oh, yeah! ♪ a magic song ♪ floating on the breeze ♪ so sweet, so far away
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♪ a magic tail was told to me ♪ or was it just a dream? ♪ hear the song, the mer-pup song ♪ ♪ way-oh, way-oh ♪ calling you out to sea ♪ hear the song, the mer-pup song ♪ ♪ way-oh, way-oh ♪ takes you where you want to be ♪ ♪ on this magical night see you next magical mer-moon, mer-pups! it was totally awesome to flip around with you. yeah, it was so cool swimming with you! what? it was! getting wet isn't so bad when you have a fishtail. whoa... our tails are gone! so are the mer-pups. but that means... wait a second, i'm in water! wet, wet, wet! (all laughing)
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ryder: that sure was a long night. (yawning) pups, i think it's bedtime. i'm going to stay up a bit, just in case they come back. (giggling) but cap'n turbot, you said the mer-pups only come out during the magic mer-moon. yeah, that won't happen again for a long time. i know, but i'm going to keep an eye out, just in case. (yawning) you've all been such good pups. (yawning) ♪ paw, paw, paw patrol ♪ paw, paw, paw patrol ah, you never know. those mer-pups... might... just a... (snoring) ♪ you're all good pups ♪ and you saved the day ♪ ar-ar-arf, ar-ar-aroo! ♪
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♪ paw patrol, paw patrol ♪ we'll be there on the double ♪ ♪ whenever there's a problem ♪ 'round adventure bay ♪ ryder and his team of pups ♪ will come and save the day ♪ ♪ marshall, rubble, chase, ♪ rocky, zuma, skye ♪ yeah, they're on the way ♪ ♪ paw patrol, paw patrol ♪ whenever you're in trouble ♪ ♪ paw patrol, paw patrol ♪ we'll be there on the double ♪ ♪ no job is too big, no pup is too small ♪ ♪ paw patrol, we're on a roll! ♪ ♪ so here we go paw patrol ♪ ♪ whoa-oh-oh ♪ paw patrol ♪ whoa-oh-oh-oh ♪ paw patrol be impressive! b-e impressive! be impressive! b-e impressive! b-e i-m-p-r-e-s-s-i-v-e


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