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latest from barcelona now a correspondent chris more is that. and chris up what exactly is the catalan leadership landing today next following. this court order. well that remains. anybody's gasto in terms of what happens out with this cold water as you say monday
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was cents b. i. key tights i in terms of our books i happens i next after lawmakers set. to i discuss of the results of the out referendum perhaps a vote on it. and of the speculation was that following facts of the catalan leads out words are finally go through with his. unilateral a declaration of independence which is of course i've mentioned in the eye new research interviews. recently now the poster still call has now plot that at the behest of the act catalan socialist from of the great site here in barcelona. of acidic getting over that they realize because a lot of uncertainty here and people are a little bit. feet while there's a lot of
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speculation among some people were talking to you. about what might happen should the police turned up. on monday obviously what happened in terms that police violence of the oppose outlaw sunday. is obviously fresh eye in people's at members in terms of anybody's next move. it's a highly unpredictable about monday still looks like it could be a key date. and i certainly felt yes ita lot of people out of raised as we've talked them out to tie in terms of all of our public opinion here over state. the pro independence camp i've been the house of the winds and it say with some people who a pipes inclined to sit on the fence to start off with. a really laying the blame for what happened squarely at madrid store saying we've reached the point of no return and that
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we may as well go through with that a unilateral. declaration of independence that's only part of the story of course. are there was a big. no cap which affect to be boycotted the referendum. fay about lending it legitimacy and that also a lot of people a stock and somewhere between the two camps i think. one boy was but to the soft loan sums up how people are feeling right now she was. initially pretty well disposed towards the idea of independence but she now feels that. this standoff has become too uncertain to dangerous levels financial considerations that you eventually just now. i will because i of her of her rationale. and she just wants both sides are to get down and talk of the catalan leadership that is saying two things i want sci fi three they're saying we were the ones. who often negotiations we were the ones who appear from mediate that it was always be a
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retreat the plot based? they all still holding out the possibility of unilateral declaration of independence. i madrid is saying well as long as he to fat. filipino tolls a day this fact rivals in the conflict hussein. is behind the regime of the shot aside to saudi arabia packs the rebels will to talk more about that visit and. the implications i'm joined by mark katz he's a professor of government and politics at the george mason university in the united states thanks for being with us on france twenty four tonight. and let's start with the two latest then as pigeon in king salmon what are they hoping to get out. this may be what do they want from each other. but i think i think they want different things like been proven wants deals he wants. oil deal he wants us saudi investment in russia saudi. arms purchases. that think
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that the saudis are are more concerned about dictating the wrong order russia to. cooperate with them on around and think they're worried now that they with assad winning. that iran is going to be are more powerful in the region and they're hoping that. russia can can be. induced to. to work against that at even if russia a date wednesday that doesn't have the power and the influences winning against the opposition. there is something of a competition for inflfluence betweween te rurussians and the i iranias for influence in damascus which of course assad is. not playing them ofoff agait each othther andnd i think t
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the what what the saudis have decided is that. if but if in. assad one remain in power. will then they're they're much better off if he. is leaning toward russia and not a raw. we're just dismiss it tell us about russia's growing influence in the middle east and. where does that leave the united states? well you know i think it's not really anti american move in the sense that obviously i donald trump seems to be interested in cooperating with russia. and i i think that in fact what does trump is also interested in and somehow eliciting russian cooperation against. iran now this hasn'n't workd out so far. up but i think. from the iranian point of view just seen the saudis and and the russians cooperatate s so much you he such a friendl visisit. this could be sort of unsnsettlig and and that might be good enough. from riyadh's point of vieiew if they c can. if they can i increasase. disagreement among the
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russians and the iranians that that might be the start of something useful. fsm not because thank you very much indeed. thank you. that iraqi forces are claiming victory i the islamic state group in the town of how ouija the northern town was one of the groups lost remaining strongholds in iraq from is to hide a body making the announcement. here in paris during tododay's visit catholic. destroying islamic state signposts on the road into who ouija. iraqi forces remarked that territory has there prime minister announced the key town happy brought back. iraqi control. how the indecisive offered up his victory is not just for iraqis were for the whole world? we must fight this terrorist organization fight it's in every place. our victory against terrorism is restoring security. and returning the displaced to their homes in awg hymne presidents came out into the streets to celebrate. you end cemetery in office
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estimated some seventy eight thousand people were trapped in and around the city. well over twelve thousand flags. they've been living under the extremists rules since june twenty fourteen. varon isn't. they hot sauce i haven't seen my son's for four years that the. thank god we've got rid of him he's been racing for this day and i'm not. defensive to take back a week joe was launched on september twenty first and carried out by u. s. backed iraqi government troops and iranian trained and armed shiites paramilitary groups. lying some two hundred thirty kilometers north of the capital. it was one of just two remaining i a strongholds in the country. along with the parts of the euphrates valley straddling the syrian border. one so we jon surrounding villages are cleared of mines and searched for hold up militants. iraqi forces must turn their attention to the islamic state group's last remaining strongholds in the country. and the iraqi prime minister has also been discussing
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kurdish demands for independence during today's toast with the french president emmanuel macro.. and a body sayss he doesn'nt want a a confrontation with the because but says back that's authority must be imposed in the region. micro agagreeing today that iraqi sovereignty must be respect. france. the muscles hiba has always been very popular. concerned field with the situation of the kurds. but even before the the mention of the referendum. the stability of iraq in the territorial stability is essential therefore in the next few weeks. chirac yellow there needs to be a dialogue which sure you respect city sovereignty and unity on. iraq. to the united states now with more details are emerging about the last vegas government steven paddick he killed fifty eight people on sunday authorities say he. may have had help planning the shooting. and that he
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planned to flee afterwards they'll say say he. but one thousand dollars to the philippines the days need. pat ex girlfriend who was in the philippines at the t tie has not r returned to the u. s. for questioning. in la has its. returning from the philippines the questioning the sixty two year old girlfriend of the e last ves shoots out met with investigators. mary lee danny says she had no knowledge of stephen paddocks plans for the attack. speaking throttle yet she described him as a kind caring and quiet man. he never said. anything to me. or took any action. but i was aware of. that i understood it anyway. to be a warning. something horrible. like this was going to happen. the fbi says no one has been taken into custody as a suspected accomplice. investigators are still tryingng to understand what
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motivated and retired accountant to commit mass madam. despite a claim of responsibility from the islamic state group. authorities say they haven't found proof to back it up. we have found no evidence to this point to indicate terrorism. but this is an ongoing investigation we're going to continue to look at all avenues. we're not closing down any doors. the one certainty in this investigation of the attack of methods. at it carefully planned the tragedy stockpiling weapons he bullets in various state. forty seven firearms have been recovered. they were purchased in nevada. you talk california. and texas. among his stash of arms offices found bomb stokes. accessories that modify semi automatic weapons. enabling him to fire rapidly and continuously into the crowd. with the issue of gun control center stage in the
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wake of the attack. a democratic senator introduced legislation this wednesday. aiming to ban such devices. and there's so called bump stocks are at the center of a debate on gun control in the u. s. the powerful lobby group the national rifle association the nra. says that devices that allow semi automatic rifles to function like fully automatic ones dude needs. tougher regulation and is calling on the government to look into that's. we will the white house is calling on congress to raise twenty nine billion dollars worth of aid for people affected by harkins early this week president trump visited porto rico which was devastated by her career maybe two weeks ago. . muchf the islandd still remaiains without electricity or running water a corresponding got a family is that would destroy. more than two weeks after making landfall in these parts. hurricane maria continues to have a crippling effect on much of porta rico.
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like m many o of his colleas who were previously paid to keep an eye on beach goers. brian has converted intnto being a full time handyman at the resorts that employs him. right now for a week i think we only have a five percent. with electriricity so that means that we've been here for a raid two weeks of the storm. so if you multiply that it may be tomorrow maybe polic. six months fifty for saying maybe eight months. seventy five in like i think a year for a hundred percent from you have. electricity here. local authohorities have ben facing major hurdles in establishing a clear pictur. of what the situation i is across the island for instance. it remains difficult at times to get information. from some of the more remote parts of porta rico. in the mountainous areas. basic commodities are hard to come by. of the latest
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some choose to hold their head up high. you can't just sit around and wait. you have to get up and get going. i told you about the woman opens a window we replaced. but we don't wait for the government to come and do it was. in some cases hurricane maria. has set locals back by decades. forcing them to return to the ways. but the by gone era. the natural disaster. dealt a severe blow. to the economy. of an already heavily indebted island. at least three american soldiers and an unknown number of ni cherian troops have been killed in an ambush on the border between nietzsche and molly. islamic state fighters have established a presence in this region french fighter jets were dispatched to assist. the clashes come for years of to french troops launched an offensive to and. the move from the region.
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they japan born british novelist kept sewer ishiguro has been awarded the nobel prize for literature swedish academy making. more conventional choice for twenty seventeen after the rockstar bob dylan won the prize austin sharon gaffney reports. we thought there is like margaret atwood onto redeemer comey among the favorites for this year's nobel prize in literature. the eventual winner was a surprise choice. how soon? shapiro who have no holds. great demand from both schools. many foreigners series premise of. with a vote of. the sugar it was born in japan but move to the uk at the age of five. is best known for his nineteen eighty. novels the remains of the day for which she won the man booker. it's was later adodopted foa film starring anthony hopkins and emma thompson. the authors a laser work includes never let me go on
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to the beverage giant. i certainly extremo* is books are so portents they always feature characters who were overcome by histor. by cruelty and who do nothing. who stay calm in the face of horror? but because of his discrete style. and the way he makes us understand the psychology of his characters and because of this lingering sweetness it works every time he's a great novelist. but also very accessible critics issued. issue group the one hundred and fourteenth winner of the nobel prize in literature has welcome to the awards us unlike inefficient honor. his win represents a return to form for the swedish academy after two years of more unconventional laureates. last year's choice singer songwriter bob dylan proved particularly controversial the rockstar initially failed to acknowledge the prestigious awards. but accepted the prize at a private ceremony in stockholm in april.
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now first stock has. now star is french president emmanuel macron has fallen foul of unionists once again during a visit to a factory in northern france today he used. colorful language to say that angry protest is would be better off looking for work rather than staring up on race to that is fueling accusations that he. despises working people aren a good kay has this report. president michael's visit on wednesday left the employees of the gms factory in central france. with a bitter taste in their mouth. as demonstrators protesting planned layoffs at a gms auto plant clashed with police. maklumat with the president of the region to discuss the factory kilometers away that has recently had trouble recruiting employees. since i found you do. about any clear they had on the. we've made it so. with. not the first time cool typically considered a master of political communication. words for union. in september of faced with
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protests against his labour reforms. he said he would not give in to slackers cynics and extremists. these comments were met with outrage across france in further fueled his. president of the rich. we'll deal to de today they're telling us you who work for gms well you'll have nothing euro bunch of slackers. all you have to do is go work in a factory that's hundreds of kilometers away. in addition. it was not north appreciate. his comments are totally inappropriate completely uncalled for and directed employees like myself who lost their jobs. the head of statate has no business speaking that way. doesn't have the right to use those kinds of words. but what they don't really think of. while left leaning politicians have firmly criticized his remarks government spokesperson p. stuff kasten after defended michael. he said that president should be able to call things as they see the. i just want to take a moment said to tell you. about two of our journalists stephanie tweet yeah and
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clamp i canna. we've won the audience award at the swiss web festival if i ever come back tells the tragic story of louise pickup ski a french schoolgirl who was deported. indicted auschwitz using less is she writes to her teacher r. reports to spent months researching the life of the go that's been dumped the french and. you can see the film info on our website france twenty four dot com we encourage you to check that out. alright let's i guess in business news we now take moody is with us in the studio high they kay hi laura had to start with some worrying sides apple people in catalonia and that at least one. thanks and are moving out of the region that's right have been considering these contingency plans really since the movement towards independence a started gaining traction. countries third and fifth largest banks have corporate headquarters in barcelona. smaller the to bank adele sabadell has now decided to transfer its legal base to the city of any counter. because of concerns that future instability catia
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banks could decide to follow suit. moves would be a huge blow for the catalan economy which accounts for about a fifth of spain's gdp. which is already beeb put on a negative watched by credit agency smp. footing concerns about its future behind exchequer has more. playing with the economic fallout of spain's secession crisis. according to the country's economy minister catalonia's latest independence bid is giving investors cold feet. the other in this little different eyes this is generating uncertainty that is paralyzing all investment projects catalonia. they say. minute i'm convinced that right now. not one internrnational or national investor will take part in a new project in the region. model catalonia's. begin those sought to downplay potential repercussions on the spanish economy at large. saying it was still expected to grow by over three percent this year. yet some analysts warn the crisis could expand to the
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rest of the country. as lenders rarely invests in politically unstable states. see latin but as humans castellum but at least that is the investments that we're planters those that arare underway are delayed t could affect gdp. is a perfect on people is a for international investors there always be an alternative in europe that can replace those spanish stocks until the uncertainty passes. catalonia's two biggest banks sabado in case. have already begun to make contingency plans. sabadell said thursday it will shift its legal based on the isle the counter region. while cases board of directors will meet friday to discuss a similar move. both groups are keen to retain access to the euro area as well as europe single markets. advantages that catalonia could lose if it declares independence. check in on the day's trading action now spain's benchmark ibex thirty five recovered after wednesday's sharp losses. closing up about two and a half percent as to catalan banc sabadell
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and catia up six and nearly five percent respectively a before those moves pronounceable keep an eye. on their trading on a frida. can count here in paris up about a third of one percent at the close. well streets continuing its winning streak with new record highs for both the dow jones and nasdaq. weekly jobless claims drop slightly ahead of the monthly unemployment report which is due out on. friday. french economy is on track for its best performance since two thousand and eleven that's according to the national statistics statistics office in say. which raised its estimate for gdp growth from one point six to one point eight percent this year. the government's a separate forecast still stands at one point seven. households and companies were ramping up investment judah low interest rates and relatively high business confidence. it's lifted the overall economic outlook according to in says fortified report. living on some days of the business headlines now. amazon is reportedly testing its own delivery service. bloomberg outlined the
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online retail giant's plan to make more products available for free two day delivery. and relieve overcrowding in its way causes. amazon insisted it was not trying to disrupt the delivery industry. cares about fedex and ups have dropped about two sent. the bank of england has warned that international lenders could begin moving out of london uk and eu don't agree on a brexit transition plan. by the end of the year. most financial institutions say they would need about a year to set up fully functioning branches in other european cities. in order to keep their business going smoothly. and is if there'ss no d deal for theho maintain accccess to the european market. all staying in london. and london's mayor has just suggested that uber is heading in the right direction as it tries to get regain its license to operate in the british capital. city khan said thee firm's executives had shown humility in their recent talks transport authorities. which both sides described as destructive. google has unveiled a range
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of new high tech products including a new version of its smartphone a laptop and wireless earphones and speakers. it confirmation of google's desire to compete with the likes of apple in the hardware market. as brian quinn explains. proud to introduce the global pixel two a new focus on the physical world has google hopes its updated mine of pixel small. in the critical heart. google's android operating system dominates smartphones where with roughly two thirds of global market share. but as rivivals like apple amazon and samsung add digital assistants to their hardware ranges. google riskseing lefeft behehind it so under i'd has some song by google doesn't. if you think about it that way where some the is trying to build their own ecosystem they have their own. assistant. google doesn't own that and has no way of controlling that survey need to have
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their own hardware so they can cocontrol the ultimate. series for consumers the pixel launched last year is the center of a new hardware division. but parts shortages hindered production. prada weaving the search giant with just one percent of the u. s. smartphone market. compared to thirty two percent each for apple and samsung. in a bid to streamline production last month google bought a part of taiwanese phone maker htc. but it's counting on its expertise in artificial intelligence to help it stand out. with ear buds to translate foreign languages in real time and a camera that takes pictures of faces that recognizes. for now google is only targeting specific markets for the new pixel. french customers who want one right away will have to order from britain or germany. so this is for now or i'll be back in the next hour with a closing word on wallstreet take any force that thank you very much indeed. kate radio that with a business are taking show breakdown though i
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10/05/17 10/05/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, , this is democracy now! >> the committee continues to look into all evidence to see if there was any hint of collusion. amy: at the senate intelligence committee says it has really -- reached the conclusion russia interfered in the 2016 u.s. presidential election, but says it is still examining whether the trump campaign colluded with russia. we discuss russia, utin


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