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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 9, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ --genie: this is "france 24." these of the headlines. , whereet to catalonia hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets again sunday. this is against the region's independence. talks inound of brexit brussels, despite a recent conservative party congress in the u.k. that left the prime minister weaker than ever. and chance l longer merkrkel maa
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nenew deal in her attempt to fom a governing coalition in germany. in concession to the conservatives that cap the number of migrants led in every year. this hour, the nobel prize for economics has just been announced. we love the details in the business update -- we will have the details in the e business update. and more on this incredible career, coming up. at first, the top story live from paris. catalonia is at a crossroads this week, the catalan pair mr. president and minister going head-to-head over the region's eventual independence. they days ago, catalonia voted to leave spain in defiance of a top court that the clues about
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illegal. just yesterday, the so-called silent majority, some 350,000 people, turned out in catalonia to say they want to stay in spain. today, the french minister for european affairs says that france would not recognize catalonia if it were to succeed. in the leader of spain's socialists said they were's -- they would support the government's response to the catalan vote of independence if and when it comes. will the catalan president declare independence in his speech to the regional parliament tomorrow? - --repoporter:ht it's waiting with bated breath to see with the cattle on region will do. declare independence or not. the pressures intense. this weekend's events have made things even more complicated for separatists.
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some three and 50,000 people filled the streets of barcelona to march in favor of a unified spain. calling themselves the silent majority, the strong showing against independence may or may not sway the decision. even if he says the catalan constitution gives his government the right to secede after winning the october 1 referendum. it points to the fact that 90% of the votes were in favor of secession. critics point to the low turnout , only 40% of voters went toto e polls. two other issues may also weigh the first is -- how madrid would react to a declaration of independence. in an interview sunday, the spanish trimester said he hadn't ruled out sacking the entire catalan government and calling -- the spanish prime minister said he hadn't ruled out sacking the entire catalan government.
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offices may move to spain out of the catalan region, which would be an economic blow to catalonia. shot in comparison to the effect independence would have on spain, which relies on catalonia for 1/5 of its economic output. let's bring on a profession of european economy in barcelona and treasure of the association behind sunday's anti-independence demonstration. is staying in spain is so 300 50,000o these protesters, why didn't they turn out to vote in the referendum last week? demonstration in --celona streets [indiscernible] with normal people. with 20,000 people
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in support of the spanish constitution. this declaredout by barcelona, but it's one million persons by our accounts. this means that all the gains national the game in catalonia has changed. barcelona past times, no constitution people were in the streets. it was by separatists. reallyhink this is [indiscernible] genie: what do you think of the , given what went saw yesterday, we listen to the silent majority or through an declare independence? guest: you know, this is not is ay important because
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declaration of independence is , only one state in the world will support them, venezuela. they have no international support, and they have no majority. of october, this was not a referendum, this was a farce. law andutside the outside the spanish constitutional court. what they have on the table is , a dedeclaration of indedependence. ifif they produce a declarationf independence, that it -- the spanish government will apply article 155, stripping the regional government and new
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leaders under the rule of madrid. if the declaration of independence will be a stop it absolutely if they don't declare independence, they will maintain doing certain times, this challenge. catalonia isic of this charge to the rule of law. governmente a legal against the central government of spain. they are now outside the law and i hope from the spanish as toacy will be so solid surpass the current situation. genie: thank you for taking the time to speak with us. that was a professor from barcelona. a fifth round of brexit talks are on today in brussels, the
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british prime minister, theresa kobe painting and optimistic speech to the house of commons and the u.k. today. officials speaking ananonymously so they don't see any real progress on the way. more on what the temperature is in brussels, let's bring in our correspondent meabh mcmahon. what should we expect? west: we did --reporter: understand u.k. negotiators are coming to brussels on optimistic tone, looking for a partial breakthrough this week. onir boss will be coming thursday, but he will be telling them to give a message to the european union negotiators, which is the ball is in the court of the european union is the message that will be driven home tonight or this afternoon by theresa may when she speaks to parliament. she will be calling for flexible , only futuretalks relationship between the u.k. and the european union. she gave it on concession back
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in florence, but messages and speeches, especially to a domestic audience, is not really what you negotiators are looking for. in the last few minutes, we've seen a spokesperson say no, the in thealks are entirely court of the u.k. when it comes to moving on to the next phase. they will be looking for clarity on a number of conflicting points from the citizens rights and the role of european courts. many here are still very worried about the deportation actions that were sent in the summer to a number of eu citizens in the united kingdom. the home office did withdraw that and say was a mistake, but it makes people very nervous about the state of those people post brexit and they also want more clearly from the united kingdom when it comes to the invisible border issue between the republic of ireland and northern ireland a and the also want to know about the phrase in the speech, what theresa may meant when she said the european 2700 -- other
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states would not have to pay more than they put into that seven year financial framework. so the budget for the next seven years of the european union. many here are nervous about the thetion of theresa may and way the stocks are going. this is the fifth round already have these right to negotiations. genie: leaders in the european union are preparing a big summer for next week, meant to the side of talks can move on to phase two or not. reporter: absolutely. where the real showdown on the rigs talks will take place, because next thursday and friday, you have all the heads of state weighing in with their twopence. other countries of and calling to move on to that phase as it is possible in other countries like ireland are extremely nervous when it comes to brexit. many island described as it is a slow car crash with ireland being in the front seat.
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that said, last week we saw the european parliament vote on a two toriis voted there were not sufficient progress for the stock to move on to phase two, which is the trade relationship between the european union and the united kingdom. they want to have the final word and he will do so next week at the eu summit. theresa may will be present. mcmahon reporting from brussels. just a long glamour girl has made a new deal in her -- chancellor on what -- angela merkel made a new deal. she agreed to cap the number of migrants let into the country at 200,000 per year. we have the details. reporter: striking a deal she can govern. has long been against the idea of capping the number of migrants that germany lets in every yearar.
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she's now walked back on that stance. so that her party can once again work with the various christian social union, the csu. after hours of closed-door talks on sunday, the two parties agreed to a quote upper limit. 200,000 migrants per year. thank count that even just one day before the compromise on saturday, the german chancello made clearhe was against. some people, including myself, look to german law and articles the scene of the constitution. it makes no mention of a limit or number. thers like ththe csu say problems of asylum and immigration are increasingly a problem and resources are restricted. if they were to limit the requests to join thousand the year. -- 200,000 a year. reporter: the csu broke with merkel and her decision to let in refugees in 2015.
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the cdu received its worst score sense 1949. --iged to form a correlation a coalition, a deal with csc was just the first. merkel must now negotiate with other parties. among the possible partners, the pro-business ftp and dream. with diametricically opposed vis on a number of issues, including migration, they will have to work together if they want to govern. at least 12 muslimim refugees dieied after their overloaded boat capsized and five of the victims were children. strike theheagedy to ongoing violence in myananmar. refufugees were e headed towaras bangladeshsh with a boatat carrg upup to 35 people, whwh flipped ovover. hundndds of thouousands of rohingya have fled myanmar after ththe military launched a crackdown that been slammed by the united nations as ethnic cleansing.
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in afghanistan, the international red cross says it is going to drastically cut back its operations there. as after attacks that killed seven of its staff members this year. the icrc has an operating for more than 30 years in afghanistan, home to the fourth biggest humanitarian program. exposure to risk has become our greatest challenge and concern. risk,w there is no zero we reached the conclusion that have no choice but to drastically reduce our presence and activities, and in particular, the north of afghanistan. genie: president donald trump has sent congress is immigration legislation priorities, which include building the controversial border wall with mexico, speeding up deportations, and dramatically increasing the number of involved in
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enforcement. the list, which includes preventing immigrants from sponsoring their extended families to move to the u.s., drew immediate fire from democratic leaders in congress. they say goes far beyond what is reasonable. and here in france, people are morning the death of actor john hefort.or -- john roc he begegin audience favorite inn the 50's and became a comedy star. three o of the french equivalent of the oscar. one of his lifelong dreams was to play don quixote on the was nearly that achieved, but he became ill, and the project had to be in shelled after only a few days of filming. time now for the business update on "francece 24." i have brian quinn, you are studying in stockholm and they
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just awarded the nobel prize for economics. thalerit goes to richard , from the university of chicago. the nobel prize committee pointed to three areas of his work. what is the idea of limited rationality by which people civil fine decision-making by creating separate accounts in their heads when a more holistic approach would be more effective. the other is social preferences, people's concerns for fairness affect their ability to value a product in cases like price gouging umbrellas during a rainstorm. the third area is lack of self-control, where the wisest financial decision is often not the one we take, whether it be saving enough or staying away from the bar. his research on the idea of using policy to make it easier for people to make sound , would affect workplace retirement planning and health care enrollment strategies, a key for the nobel committee is his recognition that in economics, , as in all things, people do not always
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behave rationally. let's take a listen. economists are trying to understand how people make economic decisions and behave when the interactive markets. the problem is that human behavior is very complex, so if we want to construct useful models, we have to mix of locations. one such civil vacation, very important in -- one such simplification is that humans gave rationally and make economic decisions to maximize their own well-being. over time, researchers gathered more and more evidence on how human psychology actually deviates from this fully rational model, and richard thaler is a pioneer when it comes to incorporating such insights from psychology into economic analysis. genie: that was the chairman of the nobel committee. in mexico, snakes in the negotiation of a major
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free-trade deal could have because of this for industry. >> the fourth round of talks to negotiate nafta are getting the u.s.this week in amid growing signs of a stalemate between the u.s., canada, and mexico, mexican officials are warning the u.s. president is leading the continent towards protectionist trade war with his america first policy. one from counting on successful resolution is u.s. commercial vehicle maker navistar, and for over half of parts in their trucks from the u.s. to mexico. reporter: the face of this factory in mexico hangs on the uncertain future of the free trade deal. one that president donald trump is certain to scrap. over half the parts used by the u.s. commercial vehicle manufacturer navistar here there as roberto plant come from the united states and canada. growing signs that nafta talks me into the stalemate, the
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access to tariff free imports is looking tenuous. >> 55% supplies come from the united states in canada. this program both sides. to lose this treaty would be to go backwards 40 years. it wouldn't even mean going back to a situation where each country depends on what they produce themselves, it would not be mutually beneficial. reporter: a b breakdown o of the trade deal would stop reduction the costs ofg up engine parts 10% and would make up 45% of the price of a more than $130,000 truck. payingrs would end up $500 to $1000 more than they usually do. the company is hopeful that there will be other free-trade deals to export from saudi , to make upstralia for ththe tougher trade laws. >> independent of how the renegotiation of the free trade agreement, mexico is very
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competitive in the production of heavy vehicles, not just in north america, but in the world. navistar exports to around 30 countries and sells less than half of its trucks to north america. time for a --genie: check on the market. brian indexes are in the red, keeping an eye on breaking toxin -- talks. .2% and in0 is down paris, down nearly 1%. the taxes of the all-time high, curry we -- currently hovering under the flat line. brian,ryan, golfing -- golfing can be expensive hobby, especially if you are donald trump. coursesscottish golf have several laws. international golf links in every entire lost over 1.5
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million pounds in 2016, leaving trunk to send interest free for -- interest-free loans. his resort purchased in 2014 has also suffered big losses in all of his scottish golf courses cost the revision 153 million pounds and american taxpayers may know this feeling, one estimate putting the cost of the weekend visits to golf resorts at roughly 33 million taxpayer dollars. , thanks for the look of the business news. sign up for the press review. we take a look at the papers today. lots of focus on this prounion demonstration in barcelona yesterday. focus from the spanish protest, making the front pages of the spanish papers. the end of the silent bonuses --
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voices. the paper says the anti-independent movemement demonstrated in favor of spanish unity yesterday and that they are overwhelmingly in approval of that march. while another spanish daily says they were not to fight spain, with defined headlines from the spanish press. genie: a lot of approvals from editorials as well. >> the editors here really welcome this push for unity. finally endedy the silence to make its voice be heard and what we saw was the plurality of this movement. yesterday's demonstration was a defeat for the independents. genie: let's go now to the united states, where harvey weinstein, the famed hollywood producer movie mogul has been fired from the company he cocreated after decades of allegations of sexual harassment. allegationsse surfaced late last week in a new york times article, and since then, it has snowballed. more and more women are coming forward to present their account
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of allegedly being sexually assaulted or harassed by harvey weinstein. on the weekend, his own lawyer, lisa bloom, quit amid the scandal and at times said many hollywood professionals are hoping this could be the beginning of the major and much-needed push in hollywood, regarding how women are seen. coproducer ofthe the hit tv show "girls," was interviewed by the times and she said the firing of weinstein is going to scare any man in hollywood using their hollywood but makingnything movies and television. the scandal more than ever comes after bill cosby, roger ailes, roman polanski, and even donald trump really showing there's a need to change the hollywood culture is enabling these men and the sexual assaults the keith appling. that's from writing magazine. to change thee culture, you either improve environments in which the less powerful are treated, or you allow the toxicity to grorow, bt
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you have to choose a side. genie: to africa, where liberians are gearing up to vote in their national election. >> the president is stepping down after his two mandated terms. the selection is important, it will represent the first democratic transfer of power. real change is imminent, according to the liberian website new dawn. one of the farmers is a liberal party candidate, and he's campaigning on this idea of real change. the new york times is reporting that candidates have very unusual and questionable ways of connecting their campaign. yorku might see this new times headline. typically, they lose -- they booze anddates with cash, to then disappear behind tinted windows.
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the tables are being turned on politicians and what's happening is civilians have been offering their services to attend political rallies on behalf of candidates to help swell up crowds in exchange for cash, food, alcohol, where t-shirts with no guarantee they will actually vote for that candidate. we're seeing how the tables have been turned. genie: one of the faces you see on t-shirts was jake rivera -- che guivera. we are looking at how his portrait ended up on all of those t-shirts in the united states. >> this comes on the 50th anniversary of his death, being marked today. familiar, it'sry been slapped on every tourist contraption possible and che guevara would be rolling in his grave to know that his icon has become a capitalist icon.
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this photo was taken on march 5, 1916 in havana, when he was attending a funeral for victims of the explosion of a french cargo ship just a few days earlier. wasman who took this photo a fervent, this revolutionary. he only taken two photos of che that day, including this one, which went on to become world-famous. explains he never demanded copyright of until 2000, when the image was going to be used by vodka company. he took them the coroner entered $50,000, and he donated that money to the cuban medical system. he has never earned a penny from the photo. genie: we have paris without cars a few weeks ago. yesterday we had paris without clothes. famed ranges.s's activity day to raise awareness and defend their hopes of a nudist complex in paris.
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not afar, a barbershop, games, singing classes, and a knitting workshop conducted in the nude in the hopes of d dramatizing nudity. welcoming nature
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man: today, i'm going to talk about dominant economic, social, cultural, political system: consumer capitalism. at the heart of ththe success of this model lie two linked ideas. the first is an image of "the good life" based upon the accumulation of consumer goods, and the second is the idea of perpetual and infinite economic growth. what i want to argue today is that both those ideas


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