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bond funds like cats. and fonts like at dot com. nnova you didn't see you at night from paris with me rachelle ferguson the id's of the top stories that were covering for you this hour. an ongoing crisis between kataloniya on the spot and status uncertainty over whether the regional declare independence continues. memeanwhile patterns prezidt is scheduled to address regional parliament own cheeks you to exercise leadp that flexibility in unblocking brexit tool
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saying the bull it's sunday in the blocks court. if if the crisis continues between at kataloniya on the spanish state this monday's quake and remain about the every. pendants. headlines president's is a schedule to address regional parliament on she stay when it's thought he could declare independence from space. but on sunday hundreds of thousands of spaniards around eight jet ramping up the pressure we counted on its castle and sees it. as a cool for you to phone expat fox meanwhile has announced it will not recognize counseling. effectiveness independence. yeah william's report to barcelona university what opinions unfit independence remain divided. the university of barcelona is symbolic of the yes votes
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in the oktoberfest referendum many students have mobilized in favor. of kataloniya becoming independent but now that divided. over what the regional president of kataloniya because the german should do next. money if they are going to been at this question to him for. independence is just enough troops on politically and i think that is not possible to declare it now is there isn't a big enough majority supporting the cause. yeah. well actually we don't know if there is or not. to be senate's in there needs to be an authorized referendum i'm not gonna be in connecticut in the back that are gonna good okay syntnthetic a program i mea. i think we have to declare independence. puts the months governments has been preparing for this for two years. you going to put it back on so i imagine that the state structure is already in place. and ready to go. which of the skies there is that you have less than that but i. just like the students the
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independence campaign catalans regional parliament is also divided over what congress could german should do next. this moment history professor says captains regional president caught now go back on his word. bilko de stuff fourth a little. fit i think that he has to declare independence both of said opposition is how will he phrases article out of your own he could announce independence definitively battling the people make a declaration that personal place. about off to independence waffle see issue in any case the announcement is it was you only symbolic or it's going to provide the in a world ny asides the i do s. to review a decision to suspend at. months visa services pataki
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citizensns a m move which is prompted a* for tat response. washington suspended visas for tax hopingg to you a visit all study the u. s. after ankaraa rested a u. s. consulate employee calls at matching type was last week. own allegations old espionage. but according to a media reports turkish authorities have since issued an arrest warrant for a second u. s. continental kill eunice stumbled. across twenty fourth kubona right brings us this report. the diplomatic* for tat between the us and turkey. the american embassy in ankara says recent events forced the us government to quit reassess techies commitment. to the security of u. s. mission services in the country. in order to minimize the number of visitors to our embassy and consulates while this assessment proceeds. effective immediately we have suspended all non immigrant visa services at all u. s. diplomatic facilities in turkey. okay responded by suspending all visa services for americans in u. s...
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the move follolows the arret of a techie stuff at the us consulate in ankara last week on suspicion of links to fit to to greenland. and excelled muslim cleric accused of plotting last year's failed coup in turke. authorities in ankara say the employee made a phone call to a key suspect. on the night of the ku. there are serious accusations. and the evidenence has.. since he's working. the. for a diplomatic mission. i was also informed and i ask. a actually the authority some judiciary and to thehe authorities and stumble.. they told me that there are serious findings and the evidences. hung corea has been pressing washington to extradite cute and for monthths. but the lk ofof movementt on the issues infuriated tacky. tensions have also risen over washington support for kurdish ypg fighters in syria. which ankara see as an extension of the outlawed pkk militant group. the u.
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s. meanwhile has criticized turkey for its recent crackdown on political opponents. arresting hundreds of journalists and academics including several us citizens. let's bring us more about this a diplomatic row with that tacky and the u. s. inhabited it is a political analyst he joins us up from washington. misa today good to have you atocha sir if you will how big a deal this pass actually is. this is a. pretty big deal higher up i think it is the first time actually between the countries. as such a visa suspension their decisions takeover as we all know turned can you as had been ally since nineteen fifty two burn. turkey becamame then that tk all i. the happens turner can us had very difficult times. like my conservative for
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cyprus that or two thousand a three iraq war banter can reject that but this is the first time. a u. s. suspended all visa of course is not a sudden. event out chilli turkey and us relations have been going down to heal for at least two or three years but turkish administration was hoping that. trump administration and will.. bring some new and positive. news for doing relations but after nine months assistance from a consideration. and so a at t issues de us policy and regarding s syrian kurds. a
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started the obama administstration at turkeyy scenenes thehe ypgpg a k kuh mililitants in syryria and s them as terrorists while. the us has been supporting made in that plans and old out there as strategic air levels and so that r really popoisoned relelationship. d also after being cool and te month regarding extradition of these men and also handed them big issue. and resolve zyro pull is it iranian turkish businessman how upset you wait iranian
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section sanction for years and he got arrested. in u. s. who has really close thai still. that's hard on administration mr today as you say that a range of in some out of the issues that don't seem to be river result. i didn't use coming in is that turkish authorities have reportedly. issued an arrest warrant for now the us consulate wacka this had been arrestee most prominent one is american pastor brownson has been. arrested for about year accused of award trumping turkish government ways been living in turkey for about twenty three year. and there is one consulate over sitting out there now who has been working for in
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merry commissions in turkey for toward the six years. that sold his range of people and also in the made you tired she made you have which is very close to the president. that are done at have been really accusing and main the us and a citizen and calling for more arrests off does u. s. law o drastic an exit ordinary action. okay an antenna you're a political analyst at speaking to us from washington planxty upon the sea. thanks. the trump administration house a cool debt for funding a war little league sudden border with mexico is a pot of measures to allow young undocumented
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immigrants known as dreamers to remain in the country. patrol recently ended the deferred action for childhood arrivals program which it protected nearly eight hundred thousand immigrants who arrived in the u. s. us children. democrats have sweet flea at rejected the white house list of demands which includes limiting the number of legal immigrants to the u. s. and implementing. on immigration point system. protests like these have become a common sight around the united states. undocumented migrants covered under the dreamers act that donald trump announced last month would come to an end. when a bomb air program dachau in with the deferred action for childhood arrivals kept some eight hundred thousand children and young adults from being deported. allowing them to secure work permits. now though the white house has given the program a possible stay of execution. fourth least something to replace it. if it gets something in return specifically massive reinforcements the
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immigration staffan funding. reform to the green card system preventing extended families for obtaining the documents along with closing other asylum the polls. hike to board fees and financially targeting sanctuary cities which don't share information with immigration authorities. democrats are already up in arms saying the proposals ignore any attempt at compromise. and even include the controversial border war they previously ruled out of negotiations. by the way there's now six months to f find a way f fod the full of those covered on the dhaka leaves that protection. so if it the us officials say at least twelve children of died off for a boat carrying reading the muslims fleeing burma capsize. the accident happened late on sunday nights on the. not read that hundred people including children were believed to be on the bus at the time. rescue teams alright continuing the such operationsns. kenya police fired tear gas at protesters demanding reforms to the country's
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election that commission. demonstrations were held in several places including the capital nairobi and they come head of new polls scheduled for later this month. but the opposition leader at rally or didn't get reiterated that he won't take part in a re run of presidential elections. on october the twenty sixth if his demands won't mess. the supreme court annulled presidential polls held in august citing irregularitie. in apparent say saving measure under michael's at kristin social union has agreed to a little limiting the number of migrants allowed entry to germany. to two hundred thousand. well kristin social union whose the system party to michael's cd you had long since called for cap something which model content until now resisted. the parties have agreed the parliament does have the power to change up figure in the future how swivels. ray reports. a face saving deal so she can govern.
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anglo medical says she in a stronger position to start coalition talks. now that have policy the cd year has resolved a long standing dispute with its sister party the cs you. the two agreed on sunday that germany would not let in more than two hundred thousand refugees a year. a measure which angler medical had fiercely opposed until now. the two parties however refused to refer to the policy as a quid upper limi. insisting the number of refugees around in the country would change over time orleans the ob we have reached a the demise which i think provides an excellent basis upon which to stop a coalition talks. bother site that we've gotten yet all indeed then. deutsch nepal germany needs a stable government and the condition for that woes and is that the cpu and the csu and to these talks with a common position. there. so india one getting grin. longtime allies the cs you broke with michael overhead decision to lessen one million refugees in twenty fifteen. in last month's general elections the to one
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thirty three percent of the votes. that west results since nineteen forty nine forcing medical to seek new coalition partners. she's not hoping to govern with both germany's greens in the liberal ftp policy. forming a so called jamaica coalition the parties colours being the same as those of the jamaican flag. the greens and the ftp however have diametrically opposed views on many issues including migration. anglo medical has acknowledged that coalition negotiations. mitchell said begin on october eighteenth. wiwill be difffficult. britain's prime minister it's reason a ha's edge d. each exercise both set leadership in flexibility in unblocking brexit talk saying the pulled is now firmly in the smoky squares. dressing the house of commons today may said that real progress had been made in brexit negotiations but stressed that the country would need to rise to a number of challenges. opposition party at labor house rejected that claim saying in fact little headway has been made since a referendum last june.
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reaching out. the brexit trees in maine responded to you demands for clarification on the uk's exit strategy. touching on key issues surrounding the economy defense and immigration as. called on leaders tax to envelop toolbox. mister speaker a new deep in special partnership between a suffering united kingdom and a strong and successful european union. is off ambition and all offer to our european friends. achieving that partnership will require leadership and flexibility. not just from us but from our friends the twenty seven nations of the eu. for opposition needed jeremy corbyn the speech was too little too late. sixteen months on from the referendum no real progress has been my. the prime minister. to david yet another. if it's if speech. designed to harold a breakthrough which instead
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only confirmed t the confusn of the heart of government. it's been a difficultlt week for trees in a. is facing a plot oususted from m withine conservatives. following aisastrouss party conference speech. critics of the prime minister say have political weakness could undermine her abilitity as a negotiating partner. earlier in the day the european commission made it clear that they're expecting the uk. to make the next move. basically our sequencing to the strokes. and. . there has been so far. no solution following. all in the step one which is the divorce proceedings. so play ball on is entirely. in the uk courts. a fifth round of divorce negotiations open this monday in brussels. the last before european leaders meet in october nineteen. one of the side if that's sufficient progress to move on to trade talks the uk
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desperately wants. wellll t this entry off to e deaths if a nest of che guevara cuba house been paying hommage to a man who remains something. of a divisive figure. of many give already that played a big role in the cuban revolution was nothing short hero for all those he was a mass murderer he doesn't deserve to be on that. and in gates which reports. nta after his death cubans gathered to remember kyi give mara. around seventy thousand people were present for the ceremony theevolutionaries mausoleum in santa clara. ralph custer and other important figures in the communist governments tende. and many more watch the event on state television. well i think i see chose a moral giant's he grows by the day. whose image strength and influence has grown throughout the world. well what clock you staying true to his legacy on to fidel. it sets in that
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cuba will not make any concessions to a sovereign state or independence when i mean different things you know. the argentinian became an adopted son of cuba after he helped overthrow dictator fulgencio battista in nineteen fifty eight. bringing fidel castro to power. view it as a hero. his name has adorned every corner of cuba for the past fifty years. is images recognized around the woworld. into what i thk month chenene is a model for new generations. he was a man capabable off renouncicing everything to carry out his ideaeas. willingg to give his life if necessary. resultlts here on this side youou in nineteen sixty five he left cuba tighten battles. in africa and leta bolivia. where in nineteen sixty seven he was captptured and executed? bys military backed bolivian forces. his body was brought back to cuba which was laid to rest alongside his fellow revolutionary fighters. . harvey weinstein the man
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behind at films including shakespeare in love in pulp fiction house been sent by the board of f his own film company this up following accusations that he sexually harassed female employees. the weinstein company said it acted all stick new information about his that misconduct came to light. sucking of the oscar winning film producer comes after report by the new york times which lead to street. over companies direct his stepping down falsity fourth alex jennings house at this report. yeah harvey weinstein one of hollywood's most powerful producers has been ousted from his own production fir. the one scene company following reports of sexual harassment allegations against him. a report published by the new york times last week said the produces sexually harassed women including actresses rose mcgowan. and ashley judd's over three decades and has made eight settlements with women who had accused him of unwanted physical contact. in a statement released by winds teens former attorney
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lisa bloom he resigned over the weekend amongst the backlash to produce it denied many of the claims made against him as patently false. he was a published a public apology in which he said that he grew up in a time when behavior in the workplace was different. before going on to say i appreciate the where behave of colleagues in the past is because a lot of pain. and i sincerely apologize for its so now i am going. u. s. prezident donald trump's at the news didn't come as a shock. no no. harvey weinstein for a long time. about it all the. the movie medical is behind the successes of films including pulp fiction shakespeare in love on the king speech. alongside his brother bob weinstein he turned independent cinema into a thriving global business selling the company miramax to walt disney for sixty million dollars in nineteen ninety three. and founding the weinstein company two thousand five backed by one billion dollars raised by goldman sachs. the reports against him
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prompted the resignations of three of the weinstein company's directors. the company said i is now conducting its own internal investigation. tributes have been pouring enough following the death of one of france's baólay1b not to is shown hoche full who at died at the age of eighty seven. in a career spanning more than half a decade rush fall in icon instantly recognizable dies massage it's not a not a hundred. fifty feet ndi one entitled at three says our world's equivalent policy academy awards in the united states. good perfect. local police. alright well time for a business update now weekend of mixed signals out of kataloniya some pro independence although is a pro union. the uncertainty is making business is quite jittery nervous right madrid trying to reassure everyone but there are so many companies. that are going from bullish to bear sip could there be a stampede of running of the bulls if you
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will maria surface takes a look. a swathe of meetings are taking place to discuss the future of some of spain's largest companies in the aftermath of castle ladies independence referendum. there are more than seven thousand foreign businesses in the wealthy region which is responsible for a fifth of spain's economic output and over a quarter of exports. this was a clear concern to spain's economy minister. hardly the venice of killing is not going to take place use illegal use of rational. reason i felt through their tynbyllik but the only problem is following monday's me. fans including alpert's is and in mobily out a colonial on now following the lead of two major spanish banks cash a bank and saw the downhill announce them moves last week. speaking today the president of the institute of economic studies made clear the financial risks of an independence bacon kataloniya now this is usually. he would be impossible for any company particularly for any back. believe a single day and there this is ku status.
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the withdrawal of tax revenue by corporations within kataloniya is also likely to come as a great shock to local authorities in the region. ash techno life. now as if it the round of brexit talks begin in in brussels back home in britain the chairman of the royal bank of scotland. has warned that britain's exit from the eu could lead to tens of thousands of job losses our davis said regardless of the final dea. there would be an unavoidable cost of brexit with foreign banks moving some operations. out of the u. k. so far. no solution five people have centered the european activities and we're talking particular about the american banks. the japanese banks even the chinese banks and they have chosen to put that enormous line sheriff activity in europe. based in london and then now rebalancing that's going to happen whatever the outcome of the brexit negotiations are. and the question is currently negotiating enough market access so that that cost is
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the knowledge and you know is a few thousand people no. tens of. well after first two stories kataloniya and brexit may come as a surprise that investor confidence in the eurozone hit a ten year hig. the syntax index hit twenty nine point seven in september above economists' forecasts and above the twenty eight point two recorded in august. a sign that investors are remaining calm in the face of political uncertain certainty in spain in the u. but also in germany or angle merkel faces challenges building a coalition. first day
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