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good evening we begin with the latest on what is regarded as being a major shake. us policy towards iran the us president donald trump saying earlier on the scene. at he is not going to certify the deal struck two years ago. between six world powers and iran that deal. the goal of cutting the islamic republic's nuclear ambitions was speaking at the white house earlier on today president trump's said the deal is no longer the interests of us national security. although he did not pull you s. of the deal altogether. please give in the us congress sixty days to decide whether or not to re introduce sanctions against tehran is reset. states and i am announcing today that we cannot. and will no. make this certification. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence. more tara. and the very real
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threat of iran's nuclear breakout. that is why i am directing. my administration to work closely with congress and our allies. to address the deals many serious flaws so that the iranian regime can never threaten the world with nuclear. weapons. us president donald trump is speaking of that. will his sick comments that drew i from the iranian president hassan rouhani who took could to the airwaves and later on this evening. disregarding what the us president saying he said. calling his remarks baseless and saying that it's not up to one country. to put the jet though to put it a multinational deal in jeopardy. and that is what the iranian president said just a short while ago hitting back. at dot more aggressive stance been taken that by the trump administration of principles white house correspondent phillip
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crowther. isn't standing by for us and joins us now. at philip wettest this announcement by president trump leave the iran deal. still very much. dad it's. what donald trump didn't do here? is he didn't withdraw from the iran nuclear deal as the president of the united states. he can withdraw the country from it whenever he wants now that doesn't mean that the nuclear deal ceases to exist after all there are plenty of other countries that signed up for it and they've as you heard just now. all rules still sticking to this agreement don't from also did not sir did not announce that he wanted to renegotiate this agreement straight away. instead he punted it took congress. and what congress we will now do is it basically has three different options. one is to decide to change nothing and leave the nuclear deal as is that would mean that all trump and ninety days truck timime would probably. have to decide whether to certify the deal again or not. another option for congress
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is this one it would be to impose new sanctions may be similar to the ones. that were eliminated with that sanction relief that iran got a in exchange for curbs on its nuclear program if those sanctions were to return no new ones would to be. imposed well then the nuclear deal might fall to pieces. because one that member of the agreement might not want to stay in it. then there is the actual preference that the white house has. it wants a more aggressive stance toward iran as you just said in that includes a curbs on its good ballistic missile program if possible. the united states doesn't want iran to be sponsoring terrorist organizations abroad that's another example given by us president donald trump. and what he would like to see congress do is create triggers when one of those things happen and they are rather likely to happen after all. then you sanctions would be put in place that's again would put into danger the nuclear deal with iran for now. the
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avante via trump administration rather is sticking to the nuclear deal and it is keeping open that option of staying in it for quite awhile. but they don't always we the us presidents who will want to get out of its almost as quickly as possible after all remember it was a campaign promise. he wanted to stop this deal as quickly as possible. yeah it's interesting because of course in making that announcement today of president trump has irritated. a quite a few key u. s. allies namely the united kingdom france and germany of taken at unprecedented step of. issuing a joint statement saying that delays is absolutely necessary also russia clearly. irritated with that stands been taken by washington however he has pleased. at israel and saudi arabia to give the impression that to president trump is also winning favor with the domestic audience. in taking this more aggressive position against iran phili. he m might welell be becaus. what a vote soo wantsts isr
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a president to they elected into office? to keep theheir promises and that was that promise to get rid of what donald trump considers. the worst deal of all time one of many was deals of all time in his opinion but this was one of them. and this might be perceived as him getting rid ofof t the nuclear deal w wh iran though of course. he's nonot actually it's stitilly much. in placece so for that rean alone while his supporters might very well like this this is the blunt donald trump he was very aggressss. toward iran a lot of people in the united states believe that iran is one of the biggest thrhreats to us national sececurityy. along with north korea just take a look at some of the words of donald trump used a fanatical road regime a dictatorship a state sponsor of terrorism. a lot of american voters want to see donald trump bee aggressive wiwith the countries that ae perceived ass being. america's enemies b but when yoyou look at what's actualy going and going on inside the whwhite housese a long y
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away from donald trump's electorate. well not everybody is on the same page that donald trump wanted to get out of this nuclear deal with iran didn't really succeed in doing so. really didn't want to re certify this that he didn't do in the end but there are plenty of people within his administration. who think that the nuclear deal with iran is going just fine and are in absolute agreement with that the in the united states allies with the united kingdom with france with the european union? at with germany with russia and china as well. they believe that this is going just fine but have not been able to convince the president and all now basically. getting on board with him and all creating this policy that you saw portrayed today by us president donald trump shipy
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call. has been giving words of assurance to the iranian president hassan rouhani saying that france remains. committed to that two thousand fifteen a deal this also talk of a possible visit. to iran by the french president with the goal of course being. dialogue between france and iran with the goal of at keeping that deal alive. we israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu meanwhile congratulated us president donald trump that started to against iran he called it bold. and he accused iran of the first time. supporting international terrorism. closely fools a jerusalem correspondent heiress macula joins us now. a series what donald trump a president trump said seems of going down very well in israel they go down well right across the board you think. it certainly went down well with the prime minister it communication of its growth prime minister's views. iran
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has been the killers the foreign policy came out of his prime ministership. and he is on the same page of donald trump. he looked into action that video congratulating almost trump. came out only moments of the gold trump speech. so he was working and his initial response was from the hot you know this is the opportunity to fix iran dea. you'll remember thomas that he campaigned against that al a includingng speaking to the congress during obama's presidency. . against obamas position that he now sayss f the deal can be fixed it should be fixed and he will. and president trump divisio. to give the impression that there are specifics all the deal that are particularly objectionable to. the leadership of the in in israel because from the united states is very difficult to understand just what donald trump doesn't like about the deal. or perhaps he just doesn't like the deal a because it was struck by his predecessor
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barack obama was the feeling that i in it in israel. the feeling in the apparel m. is that that was your suggestion may well be right but that nevertheless there is a core. concern here. at about the relationship with iran about the belligerents all be around to would israel about the fact that iran has a proxy in lebanon. that it is now building to have a proxy in syria so if there is a war in the north as they work with lebanon for example. up to five or six years ago what we will say now this time around will be both syria and lebanon that might be any serious you can get out so i think inside the corral very. definitely concerned about iran that look the same level of concern is the prime minister has but other politicians. and ordinary
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people are worried about what it would main for iran to have that proxies in dole subsidies. again because self you describe those payments as and i quote a bailout for the insurance companies. but senior democrats called his actions spiteful principles alison sergeant reports. i don't vannatter by signature donald trump is trying to do what congress couldn't. repeal of the affordable care act millions and millions of fans hold we signing up for and every be very happy. would be great help. congratulations. this latest executive order will make it easier for americans to buy cheaper healthcare plans with fewer benefits. missing things like mentatal health treatments maternity care and prescription drugs all required by plans under obamacare.
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but it was hours after signing the ordered at the white house delivers a real blow. confirming that the government is going to stop giving money to health insurance companies for low income patients. the trump administration says the government can't lawfully continue to pay the cost sharing subsidies which you're worth billions of dollars. the congressional budget office estimates that the move will cause american healthcare premiums to rise up twenty percent next year. if democratic congressional leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi were quick to issue a response. it is a spiteful act of foremost pointless sabotaged level that working families and the middle class in every corner of america. make no mistake about it trump will try to blame the affordable care act. but this will fall on his back and he will pay the price for it. a group of state attorney generals led by new york say they're working on a legal to. meanwhile health care stocks have already edged lower in recent days. and analysts
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worry the latest announcements will cause even more chaos in the already unstable u. s. insurance market. now the executive board of you nascar has voted for france is old today as related to head up the paris based un agency. as la and already beat the qatari candidates hamah bin abdulaziz al calorieie thiry to twenty eight was the result of this the final decisive round of voting for the top job. live on the french culture minister becomes the second and the french eat healthy un cultural agency. chill replace the outgoing director general irina bokova. mostly because rudolf are a bass tells us more now about hops off to victory. fuji as la has largely kept out of the public on a since the french presidential election. was in recent months the discrete forty five year old has re emerged from to the stage. as the candidates to lead you nasco an institution for which she had grounds ambitions squad to prison prissy then as i
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name. sicker soft on the body growing risk we face is with some political debates. we've been unable to solve them elsewhere at the u. n. in new york. so they end up being debated by your nasco sunday the bad to the new school things of becoming outrageously and disproportionately politicized in the face of educational emergencies. the missouri unlucky i usual syndicates you've. audrey as la wants to renew the institution and give it back a leading role in global governance. and her career history it's likely to o facilitate t th. besides beingng an alumumnif the prestigious french national school off admininistration which trais top civil servants. she also held senior roles at the national center of cinematography. she is quiet and expertise in cultural and scientific administration. and assets that monster had you'll franco moroccan background a position as minister of culture between february two thousand and sixteen and may two thousand and seventeen. also paved the way for her to its international affair. in march the cag urged the
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united nations in new york to prevent the smuggling of cultural property. that is a resolution makes a lot of john the financing of terrorist groups and the trafficking of cultural goods it strengthens operational tools in later had to deal with this issue. over the previous resolutions of the security council. on that same day she met with irina bokova who has stepped down from the role. now moving on to some other world news for you the burmese army says that an internal probe has been launched to investigate the conduct of soldiers. in the northern region of a rockin which resulted in half a million people fleeing across the border into bangladesh. will you end has describe actions against the muslim row hanga minority as and i quote ethnic cleansing. well meanwhile bombers in battle vita and t thanks to kyi'ss she's been. criticizd internationally for lack of action on this issue.. and the un is sending one of the top representatives to burma arrive today that out to meet with the authorities in to discuss that very
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crisis will franceinfo team in the north of the country. sent us this report. i know to pine is one of the lost her hand give villages in this part of northern iraq kind. thother mlims who use their lives around have little fled defiance. they haven't seen visitors in weeks and are hoping these ministers can help them. i don't. do the the ha. ha it's really important that you n't leave e your villagege state councillor on censored she said things will change now. as soon as possible. t awaway from theheroup of officials several rain gonna ask us to help them escape the village. one young man choice toto explaiain their in danger. a lot of little one over lebanon. we are scared to live here. we will move to bangladesh. even if we go out fishing with the attack. no humanitarian aid has arrived since fightingg broe out between rohingya insurgents and the army in august.
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the woman explains she has nothing else to eat except when on a chunk. there isn't a. i'm starting. we don't have medical care we have nonot even allowow sufficicient. ththe united nations ascendg that undersecretary general for political a fast about maturing you a very complicated dialogue. with authorities here. . the leaa fact so of the countrtry was on suuuu kyi. has already warned that the burmese know better than anyone else what is currently taking place. that in iraq communist states and the united nations would of course try to obtain a finally the right to bring the much needed humanitarian aid. to northern iraq kind and to the rohingya population. because it was so closese because it reporting that from ilhlham dima. say ty h have sent thohousas more peshmhmerga troops to e iraqii region of kirkuk that's amidst rising tensions. which for one from last month's independence referendum in which the
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autonomous in the autonomous region of kurdistan. letter since the central government in bagdad has been taking measures to isolate the region. including a ban on international flights and hold to crude oil sales with iraqi prime minister haidar al a abadi. has repepeatedly said he hass no plans o of y esescalation but the kurdish authorities. accuse the backed out of significant military build up. in that oil rich region of care. in line with the deal struck between of russia and iran last month the turkish army has begun setting up observation posts in the syrian province of idlib. that's in a move aimed at reducing the violence between insurgents and syrian government forces. but some analysts say the part of turkey's goal here is to rain in kurdish militia groups operating in that part of syria. falsely for sharing gaffney tells us more. a convoy of turkish military vehicles prepares to cross the border into syria for an operation and it live province a region largely controlled by jihadists.
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the troops are officially taking part in efforts to form so called t. escalatio. which or being subtle been for it mainly opposition held areas across the country. it's part of a deal agreed by turkey russia and iran julie she fighting between rebel groups backed by on crown. on the syrian government's which is supported by moscow on to ron. turkey's involvement in the campaign as an dot pushing the islamic state militant group from its border. reducing the influence of kurdish militias which refuge by on cara as terrorists. the turkish president times defended his decision to enter syria. do good live is on our border. we have to take precautions just and no one has the right to ask us why we doing this. we have a nine hundred kilometer border with syria. we are the ones who are under threat. idlib province is one of the rebels last remaining strongholds in syria the turkish military operation comes as a you
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last backed alliance continues to be seen d drak. the de facto capapital of te islamic state groups so called caliphate. time now for check a little business news stories that child pentagon joins me here in the city high that charles i town i'm let's begin with the latest on what's been a long drawn out scandal at kobe steel in. japan absolutely other materials and machinery giant explained this friday that the scandal over faked inspections that is a data. expanded to include products shipped to more than five hundred customers around the world. nine more types of products have had fake or manipulated inspections including copper alloy pipes and steel wire rods which you're using vehicle tires and engines. well erin open kay tells us more about this latest japanese quality control scandal. yet another scandal for a japanese company. and one that may have started up to ten years ago. kobe steel japan's third largest steel company admitted to falsifying
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reports on the strength and quality of some of its products. the scandal is expected to have ramifications for five hundred firms. both in japan and abroad. the company's president issued an apology at a press conference on friday admitting he now has zero trust in the firm suicidal. we sincerely apologize again for any inconvenience caused to oururustomers suppliers shareholdeders and many othr pepeople regarding the inappropriate conduct by a company. and i'll group company. inappropriate conduct that will be costly. shares in kobe steel have fallen forty percent since the beginning of the week. analysts say the vast range of industrial sectors and the lengthy duration of the falsifications may prove catastrophic foror the industrial giant. the scope of the consequences for the numerous trains planes vehicles and even nuclear power plants that contain kobe steel. is still unknown
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although could be c. e. o. has insisted there are no safety risks. the japanese minister of industry has given kobe steel two weeks to inspect its products. this is just the latest in a string of embarrassments for japanese companies shattering its reputation as a manufacturing giant. in twenty fifteen the airbag company takata apologize for deaths and injuries caused by defective airbags. a fault that cost sixteen people their lives. in spain the government in madrid warned that it could lower its growth forecast for twenty eighteen. if catalonia continues to seek independence. well deputy prime minister sir i assigns the santa maria backed her statement by saying that ratings agency standard and poor's. issued its own warning about recession for the region. several companies have already moved their headquarters away from catalonia. this could put pressure on catalan leader carles puigdemont who has been given a thursday deadline by madrid to give
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up on his push for secessio. but the woman them breeders have him that's that configured efficacy on. on our lives today the ratingss agencies have warned that political and economic instability could harm the catalan economy you know i declined that if companies continue to leave the regio. it could end up causing a recession in catalonia which would undoubtedly affect the overall gdp growth is though the pro tentative reply at that generalitat is creating all the conditions to plunge catalonia into a shop slow down. even an economic recession according to what the experts are warning is spent those. or stick a look at the markets now on the wall street to main issues are currently treating higher this mp five hundred at a record intraday high. hosted by i. t. in serial sectors. same goes for the nasdaq and dow jones dow jones up zero point two percent. investors there generally betting on companies posting strong earnings this quarte. and there was a mixed picture at the close in europe check out in paris
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that. closed down almost zero point two percent this friday showing uncertainty and risk aversion in an unstable international context. puts in london also closing down and the dax in frankfort. however finishing in the green at zero plans over zero seven percent. moving on to some of the other business stories making headlines this frida. u. s. bank wells fargo has reported a steep decline in third quarter earnings falling twenty percent to just over four billion dollars. this is due to one billion dollars in expected legal costs related to regulatory investigations into its mortgage practices. before the two thousand eight cririsis also affectig earnings is additional spending on compliance following a fake account scandal that came to light in the past. year. meanwhile it's a rival bank of america is taking advantage of a higher interest rate sensing its profits rising this quarter up thirteen percent. growth at the u. s. is second largest lender happened
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indeed consumer banking and wealth management sectors coupled with cost controls. banknk's profits this quartr are its highest in six year. and the bitcoin as hit an all time high this friday the virtual currency was valued at over five thousand eight hundred dollars at one point in the early hours of the morning. total value of all big court in circulation reached over ninety six billion dollars. bobought it is not a stock records market capitalizing shin would be larger than some of the world's most famous companies. by goldman sachs morgan stanley. or netflix. once finished with a quick word of the ongoing negotiations over the united kingdom's exit from the european union. a one of the sticking points in these talks is that of britain ordering a financial commitment to the e. you even as it leaves. brussels sets this summit roughly sixty billion euros some within the european camp. ouour friend that to friendy a stance towowards the uk
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would allow it to leave without paying that some. will one of those people is you chief executive john could you care. let's take a listen. we will have. if you are sitting in a bar. and if you are ordering. the. twenty eight vs clinton suddenly some of your colleagues is even at his okay. that's not feasible. they have to pay to print europeans. i have to be grateful for so many things with them. has worked a to europe doing all after will be full. and every man and every time but note after. from that sitta tom looking like the brexit negotiations are and uphill battle. yeah absolutely
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