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breakthrough is unlikely. on the german chancellor angela merkel says trade talks could begin by december come upon row has the story. between of rock and a hard place british prime minister theresa may calls on the u. leaders to move forward with brexit talks. face as she arrived at a key eu summit in brussels.
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this councillors about take install fix also about looking have patches. how we didn't gold the challenges that we all share across europe schools would also be looking at the concrete progress that's been made? in our exit negotiations aren't looking at. yeah ambitious plans for the weeks ahead. particularly for example want to see urgency in reaching an agreement officers that's right. well both sides are eager to reach an agreement greg's it talks and now infirm deadlock. neither companies willing to concede on the cost of the exit settlement with brussels saying the twenty billion euros outlines by may in september is not enough. main meanwhile has been under increasing pressure from our own policy to move on to the future trade deal. schools tool expiring calls for how to walk away. you leaders however say key issues have yet to be addressed as a portrait of the multiple mission of on here because there has been progress. at this point it is not sufficient to enter
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the second phase. but it is encouraging. we will continue the talks with a view to reaching the second phase in december five vases to high school. european council president donald tusk house once they would be no breakthrough at the two day summit. that's that's progress could be achieved by the next scheduled meeting of eu leaders in december. well to tell more about that i'm joined by philippe known that he's the president of the greens ifi a group in the european parliament. he joins us said tonight from brussels thank you for being with us on france twenty four tonight now. seven months later have processed aston's britton said it was leaving the european union why has. some little been achieved in the negotiations. well i think stool so little has been achieved a before because the uk government has had trouble formulating. what the treaty once on citizen's rights i agree with prime minister made that we are close to an agreement? we need to see.
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hope we can ensure the enforceability of the rights of us citizens in the uk and to get citizens on the are. on the continent and dead the role of the pre european culture of justice is the thing. that. needs to be resolved but on the money. what is really troubling is that the united kingdom still? falllls shoho of recognizing that if there's a legal obligation too horn. its commitments the commitments taken while it is still a member so what theresa may. conceded and for you know florence speech was said basically the united kingdom would continue paying twenty nineteen and twenty well. im at the fifty billion whereas is the number and it's the
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the print it just amended the british brexit negotiate well i bet that if this if i may finish. says that that number has been plucked from the army wettest a figure come from. well when i look at the negotiation paper of the commission i see on line by line computation off the commitments they can now. part of all of these. this computation relates to contingent liabilities and when they are contingent two it's hard to put a figure on them and i agree. the and this is why i'm not talking about the figure is up about twenty billion it's about that legal certainty. that what's in the uk as committed to will be harder to and then i would even say let's trust of computation two with. an independent third party i would have no problem with that as long as we agree on the principles. that every line of the new budget that has been subscribed to by the united kingdom will be haunted that's number one but then ireland. he's a sticky point because indeed. a their city inherent contradiction into uk's government position
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between saying we would be out. of dynamite if you don't have n't jre the eu wide let the british move on to these issues out about island about you citizens about anything until you get the commitment to the money. some people might say that sounds a little bit not blackmail. no no it's it. no it it no it's a combination of the three topic soul on citizen's rights we close to an agreement on islands we on f there is willing that's on the uk site to provide the alt line of the irish sosolution which we have yet to see. and to have a formal commitment and i'm not speaking about a number i'm speaking about a commitment to hone our. old the commitments that have been taken and some of them will
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result in failed to theresa may's up to twenty billion but there we took from signatures earlier. but again twenty billion is dot net contribution of the united kingdom for two years but then again this. commitments that have been taken before the exit that will result in pay alt beyond twenty twenty one i could you twenty please everybody threat was. the wife because anybody when running enemies certainty i can very sorry but just just briefly deceive you actually care if britain leaves without a deal because. it will be bad for the british economy obviously but. might be preferable for the e. because it will deter other states from ever thinking about leaving. i agree. i know it's it's not about that and i agree with you will death a a disorganized brexit will heard both ways. so might say i know michel e
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negotiator. he is eager to move to the next phase but he cannot do that if we do not achieve sufficient progress on the for three shows that it's a problem. filipino matt thank you very much indeed. well the president of the european council donald tusk i said a short while ago that there are no plans to discuss the crisis in catalonia at that summit in brussels he also says that there. is no place for european intervention in spain. five position. i mean the institutions and. member states are. clear those though. room those faithful and the kind of mediation or. hello international. move initiative so far action. and to. i don't expect. the. wide discussion or debate about. this edition it through.
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fluffy and our agenda. soon the snow. space for. did you interventions here. well spain will now start dismantling catalonia's regional powers over the local g government's refusal to back downn on independen. the catalan president responded moments beforee a deadline expired att t ten o'clockk thisorning ththreatening a f formal declclaration off independee if madrid would not agree to talk so on saturday prime minister mariano rajoy. will evoke article one five five of the constitution for the first time in spain's history. it makes you feel lucky unlockable kagome department the government. has called for an extraordinary cabinet session to be held shipley meet on saturday you just get a lot out of swim tens of fees to protect the interests. of all in spanish ines catalan citizens. full
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answer restore gotten your rule of lowest around only four people should not end up on the album. both about a. lot mean we did the whole of the attitude of the catalan government spain is a notory decentralized country. the spanish government grants seventeen autonomous regions varying degrees of political autonomy and health. education. purity. urban and environmental policy. but the nineteen seventy eight constitution also contains a safeguard for the spanish government. article one fifty five allows the central gogovernment to take control over autonomous regions in times of crisis. if a self governing community does not fulfill the obligations imposed on it by the constitution or other laws. or acts in a way that is seriously
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prejudicial to the general interest of spain. the government in may following approval granted by the overall majority of the senate. all measures necessary to compel the community to meet said obligations. attack the above mentioned general interest. the article is short and relatively imprecise. the second paragraph vaguely stipulates that the government may issue instructions. all his forties the self governing communities. article one hundred and fifty five has never been used making it difficult to know how it would be applied in practice. according to o the s speciat the govevernment could chooe between a number of different measures to restrict catalonia's autonomy. it's going via. did is they could be anything from economic conservatism. a control over the autonomous police forces. they is that or even control over the regions institutions oil equipment or. and we could even get to a point where the government makes a decision to dissolve the regional parliaments.
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swim and hold early elections the soda but a moment open on the go aecom about electronics album on the guy. to trigger article one fifty five mariana hoyle have to submit the exact measures he intends to apply. to a vote in the spanish senate. dozens of afghan soldiers have been killed or wounded self to suicide bombers used armored vehicles to destroy the minute she base in the southern province of kandahar. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack which is the third major assaults on afghan security forces this week. that octo plays last night and i shortly before three o'clock in the morning. and i had to that humvees armored humvees packed with explosives. war used in this complex attack a large group of taliban. armed with have been small weapons an attack this post. i think what you're seeing is ththat thid such attack already this weekend which and the
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militants can use. the armored humvees that that they had captured or seized from the afghan afghani forces. there now using and against. afghan national security installations i think what is quite worrying that at this rate the casualties and fatalities of the afghan i security forces. is simply not sustainable the district of and are in the province of highs in the. is being surrounded the district governor of dead district. has gone on local media criticizing i'd be more blod deadly incidents that we simply don't know about. because of lack of communications or i i strategy by the government where they managed to keep these. incidents.
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away from the eyes of the media. you know somewhere in that reporting any from kabul. and senate he will make his have passed a bill which legalizes religious marriages sick crowds clerics rights that were previously restricted civil servants. say it is a blow to turkey's secular tradition france twenty four s. hussein sites has the support. it's so low that spot lots of debater parliament. he to chyna is a representative of the opposition party. and the only woman he sucked on the parliamentary commission which looked into this reform. she thinks wowomen especialy conservative women are the ones who suffer from it. you've got to maza cash nsumer sure dean. the government knows that it can get conservative women to do anything in the name of religion. and they use religious leaders to do so chinook cartilage corrected budget.
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not far away police line tape us to break up the stubbornness protest. eleven women are arrested. one of them if i send he we catch up with after she's released from custody. about two minutes until today it women in this country have been given a lot of rights thanks to secularism and now it looks like we're losing some o of themem. visasa criticisms rejected y the ruling policy eventual that the criteria for marriage going to change talking. i get mail. you stilill have to be over rage and polygamy is still forbidden. but in the same way that people h have the right to go to town hall to official as the marriage. they can do it in front of a mufti now to. since nineteen twenty six a civil marriage has been the only form of union authorized and tacky. certain legal expererts believe that this reform could father put women's rights in danger. wrong the civil code which is part of the republics lawsws should not be change. but recently the government has voted in lots of reforms
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which conontradict the constitution. and i don't see what can stopp themm. ad not opinion is aeaeal risk. the low voted in wewednesday night now allowows misty's o officiate marriages. giving them the same power as mayors. but critics already saying that taking the matter to the constitutional court. in what is just the latest piece of legislation dividing turkey. a thirtyty six year r old russssian socialized says se will run against rather refuge in in next year's elections because then if subject launched her candidacy as another opposition leader alexei navalny remains in jail. he's describe subject as a crime in stooge claire rush has the story. the russian version of paris hilton. this is how vogue magazine described kseniya sobchak into twenty sixteen article. the thirty five year old said wednesday she would run as an opposition candidate as opposition leader alexei navalny has been barred from standing yes s i look senenr subjecty
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name i is chris any of subj. i am thirty six. and as any russian citizens beating i now have the right to stand for president. i've decided to exercise this right by sports illustrated problem. a social life is the daughter of the late saint petersburg mayor anatoly sobchak. her career as a reality show host in a mid two thousands skyrocketed her to faint. a stunned many six years ago when she joined protests against president vladimir putin. now she stunned russians once again. not going of the person who is so jackk nobody. knew s e has done nothing for rususa ukukraine she wanted to clib to the presidency. presidium. risks to send yourself check in do whateverer she wants. vlvladimir putin l lookst hr and thinks it't' a second. for a new set of china app it will turn the elections into a circus some of the files that might be another reason why many people won't
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go vote. subject caster self as a candidate against all intent on fighting corruption. but some analysts say her campaign is a farce intended to divide the opposition and detract from opposition leader alexei navalny. the von the shot to prominence by organizing protests against guten in twenty eleven and twenty twelve. france declared his intention to run but the kremlin says he is on eligible because he is serving a suspended sentence for fraud. putitin has not yet annnnncd whetherr he will seek reelection. now everybody's favorite goal is preparing to head of the out since it to me for his next adventure france twenty four the libya size i wednesday. takes a look now at how the fifty six year old asterix characters holding up and how the storylines a more relevance than ever. off the press and sticks his latest transalpine adventure he's taken his motley crue on a chariot race to italy. story touches on regionalism and national identitity drawing comparisons with catalonia and the recent
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brexit votes. it's a case of owns imitating life. and it's not the first time. asterix in spain was published in nineteen the nine. a sly wink at the holds a french tourists who had started taking the holidays in spain. with all the cliches bulullfights a and traffic jams on on the highways of the tyrannies a year earlier the ghoulish parents in the peak gains wetland magic potion is stolen b by the romans. use it as a performance enhancer. was a coincidence the games in mexico that year with the funds to apply drug testing to athletes. let the current defense that came from writer clinical shinny. do the job. identity he was one of the editors chief for the deluxe might. and in that role you to have to be plugged into what's going on in the news. the trend continued into the nineteen eighties.
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streets and the black gold is about petrol time when frances breasts on coast was clinics in an oil slick. he does seem to me most is of the series. thank you from real life to. when we find things. check with. worries or cern's. and we tackle that was a. humor. think they liked best. so william yes is also the question of being lucky of identifying something that's in the air. once inspiration strikes in asterix album takes two years to complete. they shouldn't short of ideas for the next one's ancestors takes his microscope. to content free society. they guided the latest adventure of asterix run this is a business news way cut midi is. with us in the studio and i kay hi laura how to start with that i look at the markets because today is the anniversary. of one of the west crashes in trading history talismans right october nineteenth nineteen eighty seven was the session known as black monday. it was the sharpest ever one day drop on wall
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street your stocks plummeted over twenty percent while the london footsie one hundred lost a third of its value over two days. three decades later markets around the world are trading at record highs. but there's growing concern that it's time for correction. thirty year anniversary of black monday is even led to concerns about a possible repeat. last crispy jim chief market analyst at ig in london what parallels he sees between today's bull market and not of thirty years ago. do you have. a market that's been moving. strongly high up just this year but in the previous years it's well a long time recovery. i am play in stock prices. their city concerns about valuations of every. quite a high level and that they might not be justified by the on line two full months of those companies. there is a reflection of the global economy is moving in the right direction that the troubles of the past. on now more or less behind us. for committee for separate of convoys makes people worry and is also a sense that perhaps we could be on
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the cusp of some good of. new major change directions as a technology and that's really. sort of similarities we had. we'd nineteen ninety seven so there ought they all day. if you are prepared to look for. with crispy to gett hisis thoughts on the state of trading right now. that's in our show people and profit on the france twenty four website now. markets across the globe were read today but was a far cry from a black monday. instability in spain because jitters among european investors. madrid's ibex a thirty five losing three quarters of one percent of your actually climbed despspite that uncertainty. wallstreet is trending down although the dow is still trading just above the twenty three thousand market which it crossed for the first time this week. tech sector down about one person that't's been driving down the nasdaq. retail sales in the united kingdom dropped sharply in september according to new official figures. the point eight percent full came as a surprise following august growth.
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growth for the third quarter of the year slowed to a year on your reign of one and a half percent. that's the lowest since the second quarter of two thousand thirteen. inflation in the uk has hit three percent figures providing further evidence that higher prices are eating. into consumers' disposable incomes. meanwhile china's economy expanded by six point eight percent in the three months from july to september. it's a slight dip from the previous quarter six point nine but well above the government's full year target of six and a half percent. authorities have been pulling back some of their support for the world's second largest economy. but there are still concerns that more reform is needed and the potential bubbles need to be addressed. but there was and is a shift opposite gross model from high speed. two high qualit. yeah so. wheat we think a set of goals with slow down and did so at the moment we'll and. will push for war does the structural reforms.
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moving on some days other business headlines now british authorities are looking into possible ties between to uk lenders. and a corruption scandal in south africa. it's been alleged that hp c. n. standard chartered make it. and may been used in a money laundering scheme to illegally move cash out of south africa. it's hard a scandal linking powerful gupta family president jacob zuma. peace corps giant nissan has suspended production of vehicles for sale in its own home market. after was discovered inspections had not been properly carried out at several factories. stop it will not affect course exported overseas. earlier this month we some announced recalled over a million cars in japan. because of to fox inspections. and french unions led another day of f protests against the government's changes to labor laws. the crowds were smaller than during previous demonstrations about a quarter of a million. streets back in september. despite public opposition president emmanuel michael has continued citing presidential degrees.
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decrease rather intended to boost hiring. french lawmakers have approved a so called soda tax which will increase the prices of fizzy drinks depending o on their sugarr content. its a strategy that's been tested in countries and cities around the world in an effort to combat health problems like obesity and diabetes. the world health organization's urged higher taxes on sugary drinks in order to reduce consumption bar surface hahas more. the more sugar the more expensive. this is the principle behind france's new tax on sugary drinks. up until now the tax on a single count of said it was about two and a half since regardless of the sugar content. the change means that the wholesale price of account of coca cola has now increased from forty six to fifty three cents now was the amounts of sugar increases so will the rates of tax. the aim of the new tax is to push produces to lower the amounts of sugar in their drinks. in the countries where they've introduced this tax the industry has rapidly changed the drinks reduce
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the level of sugar. if you take account of color with the equivalent of seven sugar cubes in it and putut six instead. you won't notice the difference but your body will. and of course the hike in prices is also an attempt to encourage a a healthier dids among. she miss. some nutritional experts how the don't believe that the policy goes far enough. why doesn't work because when you buy a drink it doesn't say on the label taxation to tackle obesity? if you really want to tackle obesity there has to be a doubling or tripling of the prices of these products. france is policy follows in the footsteps of other countries including mexico and sets and so. stace. the tax is a cause for much debate amongst producers and consumers yet where is being implemented the health benefits have been seen. that's how the business for now laura cake thanks very much and they can't really that do stay with us for taking a racial rebels about when you can headlines right after
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