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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 7, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: you're watching france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines.
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militant palestinian group hamas calls for a new intifada against israel in the wake of donald's decision to officially recognize jerusalem as its capital. schools and shops have already shut across the west bank in protest. in greeceip erdogan for the first time in six decades. more on the tense start to those talks on the way. french president emmanuel macron in qatar today focusing on the fight against terrorism, but also bringing 12 billion euro's and trade deals. mexico's private industry is changing the oil sector. that's coming up in our business update. and france mourns french rock icon johnny hallyday who died yesterday. first our top story live from paris. ♪
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genie: donald's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital has been met with a wave of disapproval. leaders from within the muslim world and the wider international community slammed the decision with some of them saying it could provoke more violence. today the top leader of the militant group hamas called for a new uprising or intifada to begin against israel tomorrow. trump also approved moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. ours bring in dearest correspondent. what has been the reaction? have seen the sadness, the shock and anger from last night expressed in the west bank.
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schools and shops are closed and there have been protest marches now. in the main towns in the west bank. it was quite a large protest. they marched towards the checkpoint. that is usually a sign that clashes will begin. on could smell burning tires the palestinian side. you could smell the gas on the israeli side as they tried to disperse the demonstration to stop them reaching the checkpoint. you could hear the sound of jerusalem. songs about jerusalem, songs about intifada. that's what we are seeing. something very similar. it is something that is familiar but it is definitely a response to what we have heard last night.
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intonald trump stepping this ages long conflict. genie: this announcement from donald trump was good news to israel, particularly benjajamin netanyahu who spoke earlier today. he addressed the international community. what did he have to say? >> he called on the international community to follow in america's footsteps and move their embassies to jerusalem. and he said as soon as the american embassy moves he is sure that other embassies will follow. have heard from czechoslovakia for example that it is considering moving its embassy to west jerusalem to the area that israel formerly controlled. you.: thank recep tayyip erdogan is in greece today for the first official visit by a turkish president in six decades.
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the trip got off to a tense start with the turkish leader repeating comments about the need to update the 1923 treaty that lines out the borders of modern turkey. let's bring in jasper mortimer. tell us about what happened today. before leaving turkey, president recep tayyip erdogan gave an interview to greek media in which he said that the treaty which is the bounding treaty of turkey needed a revision to update it. greece replied this morning that treaty was nonnegotiable. and very pointedly said that it hoped erdogan was coming to athens in order to build bridges, not build walls. back to a history of tetension between the treaties.
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there are partrts of the treaty that turkey has not fulfilled. forr insnstance, underer the try it is obliged to give the ficial mororities in turkeyy such as the greeks, the armenians and the juice a free hand when it comes to their education and religious affairs. but for the last 30 years turkey has kept closed the greek orthodox seminary on an island in the sea of istanbul. the greeks very much want that to be reopened and turkey has repeatedly refused to do so. the problem with relations between greece and turkey is that they are very much tied up to quid pro quo. the french have a word, horse trading. everything is very carefully horse traded.
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each side demanding an equivalent gesture from the other. neither side is prepared to say we are going to do this because it's the right thing to do. and if the other side doesn't reciprocate, to hell with them. unfortunately when the greek and turkish government get together they are like two merchants in a middle eastern bazaar. genie: the trial of the leader of turkey's pro-kurdish opposition got underway. 13 months after he was first arrested. the leader himself wasn't in court today. why? he very much wants to be in the court. however, the judge in ankara refused his request to be transferred from his prison about 600 kilometers west of here. the judge said he should give a and hevia video link
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refused to do soso, saying it ts hirighght to be inin court. during hisis trial. the judge inincidentally also refused to allowow international observers to attend thee trial. human rights watch issued a statement last night saying the evidence against him is flimsy. on hisased largely public speeches and his and he is charged with establishing an armed terrorist group. human rights watch said the a package oft of repression of the opposition in turkey. genie: thank you. the french president emmanuel macron is on a one-day trip to qatar today, still in the midst of a boycott by four arab nations. bahrain, egypt, saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. they begin the boycott over allegations that doha supports
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extremists. the president's visit today brought t in 12 billion euros in trade deals but it also focused on the fight against terrorism. of stabilityation in the gulf is a priority for us because we have many friends in the gulf and that's the reason i france's support of the mediation efforts by kuwait. my wish is that we can find a rapid resolution of the current problems. andre is in doha. he told us more about the press conference today. veryshort visit but a dense one. this is what has happened during these few hours that emmanuel macron spent here in doha in this press conference. probably one of the most important aspects is fighting terrorism. there has been a high level meeting here which was the first
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of the series that aimed to prepare two things. one is a summit which will take place in paris in april 2018 with an objective to tackle the financing of terrorist organizations and it seems that france and qatar are going to be cooperating on that. france is operating -- offering technical support in the 2022 world cup that will be held in doha. khamenei macron said that france had a lot of experience in the matttter having organized the world cup in 1998 and the euro in 2016 despite terrorist attacks in the country. other files were also talked about. emmanuel macron said the position in france was to back the mediation initiated by
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kuwait. the french president said the meeting that took lace yesterday was very productive which is not what appears to be the common shared point of view when it comes to the regional leaders that saw the meeting collapse quite rapidly. they want tois remain neueutral in this matter and have a position as a mediator. there's also the contracts that have been signed during the visit. 12 billion worth of contracts. of 350 airbusg planes and combat aircraft as well as an option for 36. also the metro which is to be whoby the big french groups specialize in this area of expertise.
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short but very dense india. genie--indeed. genie: france is on its second official day of mourning for french rock star johnny hallyday. often called the french elvis, wednesday age 74. he had been wednesday age 74. he had been battling lung cancer. the details of his funeral are still being arranged. he will be marched down the famed schaum's elysees -- shocked elysees -- schaum stilley say -- >> johnny may be gone but right now in france you can hear him almost everywhere. period we are
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going through. we can't believe it. we are here in front of his house but we just can't believe what's happened to us. >> the serenades ring out from paris to nice. the city set up a giant portrait of the singer for mourners to come say their last goodbyes. > i still want to cry. loved him.m. we miss you, johnny. >> in brussels, hallyday's admirers address their songs to the sky. the fans are on stage. professional singers paying tribute to their idol as all of france sings for johnny. you're watching france 24. let's take a look at today's top stories. militant palestinian group hamas
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calls for a new intifada against israel in the wake of donald trump's decision to officially recognize jerusalem as its capital. schools and shops have already shot across the west bank in protest. recep tayyip erdogan in greece today for the first visit by a turkish president in six decades. french president emmanuel macron on ther today focusing fight against terrorism but also bringing in 12 billion euros in trade deals. time for our business update with brian quinn. you are going to start with those trade deals emmanuel macron has just signed on in qatar. >> a number of important commercial contracts signed in qatar. one of them a 1.1 billion euro commitment from the qataris to purchase fighter planes and a 5.5 billion euros for 50 airbus a320 one jets.
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along with a 3 billion euro deal for commuter rarail service.. we signed a number of commercial deals reflectining te ststrength o of our economomic . indndustry and the arms industry, a highly anticipated deal for the growth and maintenance of the metro in dodoha. equally important for countering soil pollution. inin total and a amount close t2 billion eururos has been signed today which demonstrates the intensity of its relationship. overall -- overhaul of the country's state oil monopoly. >> exxon mobil has open the first mobile branded gas station in mexico. it comes on the heels of bps
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first mexico outlook earlier in the year. developments made possible by sweeping reforms to the energy sector. the countries consumers have seen their costs rise. and subsidies cut. a rather generic welcome for a new service station. this is the first mobile brand station to open in mexico. part of big plans made by exxon mobil corporation to open as many as 50 more service stations across the country by the end of march next year and to invest in mexico's energy sector. mexico is a growing and important market for our whole corporation in oil exploration, chemical products, branded fuel stations and high quality lubricants. it's only recently been possible for foreign and private oil companies to start selling
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in mexico. e government haslso cut fufuel subsidies and stop s setting the price of fuel. a decision which saw the price of petrol surged by 20% early this year leading to violent protest which claimed the life of six people. the government has set and upper for every liter of unleaded petrol. ofstill operates nearly 80% gas stations in mexico. genie: how are the markets shaping up today? >> travel and leisure stocks leading the pack. investors still hedging on the state of texas -- tax reforms.
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the big winner today is bitcoin which keeps flowing through record price levels. currently sitting at around $13,500. $4 million of it was recently stolen in a hack of a slovenian marketplace. a volkswagen executive in the u.s. has been sentenced to seven years in prison with a $400,000 fine for his role in the diesel gate candle. got the maximum sentence over a plea deal with prosecutors is one which the german automaker admitted to violating clean-air laws and conspiring to mislead regulators. like sharing startup has raised $1 billion in new capital. allie baba is among the investors in the new round of funding which provides daca spikes with gps tags unlocked the smartphone app.
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it has expanded in 19 other countries. the 20 roman from florida was responsible for the uber data breach last year according to reuters. paid $100,000dly in a bug bounty program that rewards hackers for finding and reporting flaws in company software. compromised the personal data of 50 million passengers and drivers. a relatively new sector of the u.s. economy is seeing some very high returns this year. >> marijuana legalization has opened up a huge marketplace growinges of legal weed faster than experts have predicted. retail marijuana sales will hit $10 billion in 2017. that's 33% higher than 2016. the numbers are expected to keep growing. one market is set to explode.
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california's medical pot sales are already greater than washington, colorado and oregon combined and recreational sales are due to start next year. big market just getting underway. genie: it is now time for our press review. we are taking a look at the headlines today. >> lots of reactions to donald trump's decision to declare jerusalem is the official capital of israel. let's start with a very conservative is really newspaper with a defiant victorious headline on their front page. thank you, mr. president. adding that donald trump has achieved in less than a year what israelis have been demanding for thousands of yearar a sort ofeally celebratory tone across the board. the belgian daily says trump has rattled the middle east while
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the lebanese paper calls it a slap to the world. genie: there's a lot of anger from the arab language press. you have been looking at reaction through cartoons. >> a lot of evocative cartoons from the arab language press. this one shows a valter that represents israel swallowing up jerusalem in a sort of predatory manner. the vulture is enabled by the u.s. according to this cartoonist. paper sees it as a ticking time bomb. theite like this one from times. the british daily cartoonist has trump essentially smashing to pieces a day of representing the peace process in the middle east. genie: in the papers there is mixed reaction to the decision. one writer in the guardian says it's a disaster for the arab world because it
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retroactively legitimizes israel's seizure and military occupation of arab east butsalem in the 1967 war the writer says it's a disaster for the u.s. as well because it will disqualify washington as a legitimate broker of peace in the middle east. papernservative is really jerusalem post says it's a decision that recognizes the obvious and the writer says it won't jeopardize the peace process but it will open the door for future discussions with all sides. this piece from the washington times says that for once trump's taste for all capital letters makes the right point. the editors say reality is a hard sell in the middle east when hating choose is all that's expected of a leader. you have been taking a
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look at celebrations in australia as the gay marriage bill is set to become law. of jubilation in the australian papers. let's start with the sydney morning herald which says australia has done it. what a day for love, what a different quality. the daily telegraph says yes, gay marriage made legal in australia with a really nice picture on the front page. have been justle as joyful. look at this tweet posted by one user. i love e-koala-ty. it still needs to be signed but it is pretty much a done deal. gay marriage could take place as early as next month. a historic feat that puts a straily on the world map -- australia on the world map in terms of gay rights. genie: the front pages in france are still focused on one man.
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the country's biggest star died yesterday, johnny hallyday. >> all of the major national papers and local papers have dedicated several tens of pages to this man. he passed away at the age of 74 yesterday. this is in reference to a radio show that made him incredibly popular with fans in the early stages of his career. the paper hails his style of rock which symbolize all and it's contrary. he was rebellious and reactionary. he was a big drinker, seducer, husband, loving father. from 20like this page minutes. they have chosen an old photo of johnny for its cover. here he is dancing and singing in a paris concert in 1962. he is engraved in rock history. you found a piece from
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the washington post about the slow death of the power suit. >> traditionally the suit did represent power, seriousness, maturity, professionalism. it was a rite of passage. deal. a big it turns out we are in the throes of its final dying day. a death that started with casual friday and then the power suit managed to survive that but the tech moguls came with their billions of dollars, tracksuit hoodies and whitite sneakers and it essentially run the death knell on the power suit. it's more about style, self-expression and sex appeal. thank you for that look at today's papers. you can get a closer look at the press review on our website, france in the next half-hour, france
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mourns the death of rock icon johnny hallyday. we will take a closer look at the biggest rocker you have probably never heard of. more on him in the next french connection coming up. the next half-hour, france mourns the death of rock i sami:,
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