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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 10, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: this is france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. at least 13 people killed in southern california by falling boulders, debris and massive mudslides. a u.s. federal judge puts a temporary block on a white house decision to end the daca program protecting young immigrarants fm deportation. new clashes in tunisia overnight one day after a man was killed in violent protests over rising cost and government austerity.
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kindcoming up, a different of codec moment. -- kodak moment. and a heads-up for all of you shopaholics out there. haveales in france officially begun. more on that coming up. first our top story live from paris. we will start in southern california where at least 13 people have been killed by and fallingoulders debris. the worst hit were towns along the coastline already ripped up on a series of massive wildfires last month that burned off the vegetation protecting the bluff. thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate and local officials say the death toll is likely to rise.
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after fighting a string of wildfires, californians now have to battle the mud and lots of it. across the south of the state the dirt and debris has blocked roroads, trapped v vehicles in r tracks and invaded many homes and gardens. the sheriff in santa barbara county has described the scene as looking like a world war i battlefield. gee heavy predawn delu woke up shocks locals. >> it sounded like a freight train coming down the hill. the whole house was shaking. >> one of the worst hit communities has been montecito. the speed limit sign since ironically slumped in the dirt, redundant on a stretch of road where vehicles stand glued in the mud. racketeers asht
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they described the ordeal. >> we were worried about a neighbors house. i went over to see if they were ok and we heard a little baby. got the mud out of its mouth. a mammoth cleanup operation is already underway with an army of bulldozers out in force. on those highways that are still open the tailback of traffic stakes back as thousands follow evacuation orders and leave their homes to escape the mud and water to safety elsewhere. a u.s. federal judge has just put up a new roadblock to donald trump's immigration plan. the judge granted a request by california and other plaintiffs to keep the white house from stopping the daca program while
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their lawsuits play out in court. the trump administration announced it would phase out that program that is protecting hundreds of thousands of people brought to the u.s. illegally as children. at a a meeting witith memberersf common on tuesday trump said he is willing to politically take the heat and provide a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented migrants if congress agrees to let him build his wall on the mexican border. thomas waterhouse has the details. the u.s. congress has been trying to pass immigration bill for over a decade. after an hour and a half meeting in washington on tuesday some progress was made. donald trump told republican and democrat lawmakersrs that a comprehensnsive bipartisanan rem is now within theieir grasp. the president says he is willing to back a two-step approach that protects the so-called dream immigrants from d deportation if he can have his controversial anti-migrant wall. >> truly it should be a bill of love and we can do that. but it also has to be a bill
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where we are able to secure our border. drugs are pouring into our country at record pace. a lot of people are coming in that we can't have. meeting with president wraps up its senators from across the political spectrum stepped out of the white house full of optimism. >> he believes as we do that the issue of the future of those who were protected by daca as well as other immigration issues and 40 security issues should be a priority. >> what was so productive about this meeting is that we narrowed the scope. there's only four topics. daca, border security, chain migration and the lottery. the other elements are now we focused on the principles anand we will wowork towards t . >> hailing mainly from mexico and central america ththe status of dreamers fofocused on the prs and we will work towards that. was thrown into jeopardy in september when trump announced he was scrapping his predecessors daca program,
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sparking protests in several cities. congress has until march to find a new solution after obama's scheme which allowed millions of undocumented immigrants to live and work on u.s. soil temporarily was ripped up. this tuesday a federal judge in san francisco is temporarily -- has temporarily blocked trump's decision to end the daca program, saying it should stay in place while litigation over the decision unfolds. genie: former white house chief strategist steve bannon has left breitbart. the conservative new site he cofounded is seen as a platform for all right ideas. it comes after his public break with president donald trump after his remarks criticizing the ministration in the new tell-all book fire and fury. first he was ousted from the white house and now from a media group each cofounded. an announcement about his departure from breitbart, steve i am proud of what
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the breitbart team has accomplished in so short a ariod of time in building out world-class news platform. executive chair of the old right outlet since 2012, bannon shot to a prominence in 2016. ofwas named campaign chief republican candidate donald trump less than three months before the election. he went on to become the white house chief strategist. >> if you want to see the trump agenda it's very simple. it was all in the speeches. he went around to these rallies and these speeches had a tremendous that of content in the. i happen to believe he's probably the greatest public speakers in those large arenas since william jennings bryan. >> his days at the white house didn't last long. following repeated clashes with the ivanka trump and jared kushner bannon was forced out last august. he then picked a fight with the republican establishment which he saw as not being loyal enough to the presidents amamerica fift agenda.. but t his support for the controversial candidate roy
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moore in last month's senate race in alabama backfired. the child sex abuse scandal ore left amo stunning democratic victory in the deep red state. the trumpiticism of family has now cost him his business as well as his political career. genie: the president of south korea says the first talks with north korea in two years were held in part thanks to donald trump. north korea ramped up its missile launches last year and conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test resulting in some of the strongest international sanctions yet. the south korean p president alo warned pyongyang would face stronger sanctions if provocations continued. french president emmanuel macron is wrapping up his first state visit to china. chinese president xi jinping told him beijing is on the verge of buying almost 200 jet liners.s a320
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the fight against climate change was also high on the agenda. 2020ina will organize in and important conference on biodiversity and france will stand by its side. france launched a global pact for the environments which we presented in september and hope to see come to fruition in 2020 and china will stand by our side. in tunisia more than 200 people were arrested overnight in new violent protests there. crowds turned out across the country in anger over rising prices and new government austerity measures. the scenes were particularly violent west of the capital as people took to the streets following the funeral of a man who was killed in the protests on monday. chris moore is int tunis and joins us now. more protests overnight in
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various locations of the country ranging from the relatively poor interior town 40 kilometers from tunis where a man lost his life after protests on monday. also clashes in various suburbs, particularly some of the poorer suburbs of the tunisian capital. there have been smaller gatherings out here. obviously the epicenter of the revolution in 2011. if you talk to people about why they are out voicing their discontent it reallyly does all stem back to this year's budget. a budget which contains austerity measures put in place an agreement with the international monetary fund which has really hit the price of basic goods very hardof basi. as one man put it to me obviously we are unhappy with -- we are happy with the 2011 revolution. we are not happy with the economy afterwards. a frequent gripe that you hear
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people voicing their frustration with politicians. at the same time the price of very basic goods like bread and petrol continues to rise in some cases by as much as four times since 2011. tunisia was heralded as such an arab spring success story. but it has had its own share of problems as well. >> that's right. i was talking about the price of a sick goods. there's a number of issues which economists .2. talking about griping from all sections of society. there are people at many levels of society not happy with the way things have gone. here in the capital where the country's middle-class is, unemployment for university graduates stands at 30%. the country's debt a and deficit rarates are atat record vevels.
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protests over pricing issues like this not for the moment out of the ordinary in the wake of the revolution. the opposition are calling for further protests over the weekend including here in the capital. thatovernment are wary they are seeking to reassure people saying 2018 will be the last time tunisians are asked to tighten their belts. at the same time calling for dialogue and hoping -- back here in france today marks the first day of the winter sales. that is heavily regulated by the reportent put a new outlines some proposed changes to the system. >> eager shoppers lineup up for the start of the winter sales.
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despite the proliferation of special one-off promos and the continued growth of e-commerce most french consumers say they will still shop the sales. best deals.e the best deals, the best discounts, the best products. the have been coming to first day of the sales every year for 40 years because you only find things on the first day. i'm quite demanding and i only find what i'm interested in on the first day. >> sales in france are held twice a year in the summer and winter and last six weeks. discount period is heavily regulated by the government. that looks set to change with the new report outlining tweaks to the system. retailers say they would like to see the length of the event cut down to four weeks to create a bigger impact and increase the sense of urgency among shoppers. there have also been discussions about moving the winter sale start date to just after christmas like in the u.k.
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but not all retailers agree. thanks to the growing success of black friday merchants say they also would like to create a similar national sales event to take place between the official periods. the government says any changes won't go into effect before next year's winter sales. genie: you're watching france 24. least 13 people have been killed in southern california by falling boulders, debris and massive mudslides. and u.s. federal judge puts a tempering block on a white house decision to end the daca program protecting young immigrants from deportation. overnights in tunisia one day after a man was killed in violent protests over rising costs and government austerity. time for our business news with stephen carroll.
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you're going to start with a massive order for french plane maker airbus in china. order french president's aircraft will be finalized. an annual macron said he hoped the deal would be done in the coming weeks or months to sell the larger a 350 and a 380 planes. there hasn't been a value put on this order but it would be worth morefinalized. an annual macron said he hoped the than $18 billion. airbus has so far refused to comment on the potential deal. genie: you've got a positive milestone for the global economy. >> the world access global growth has returned to levels last seen before the financial crisis. in its economic outlook for this year the bank expects a growth but it's also warning that global growth is peaking because of low productivity, we can and aging populations. -- weak investment and aging populations.
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debbie ti crude now trading for over 6350 a barrel. the price of oil has been climbing in recent months next ongoing production cuts by the opecdebbie ti crude crude of oig nations among other factors. on the stock market a bit of nervousness today after reports that china is looking to cut back on u.s. bond purchases. markets are still pretty close to record highs. genie: one company that had an astonishing day on the market tuesday is kodak and it's thanks to bitcoin. >>markets are still pretty close to record highs. almostshares soared by 120% on wall street on tuesday after it announced it was launching a business based on blockchain. that's the technonology thahat underpins crypto currencies like bitcoin. ofs includes the creation kodak point which would be used to help photographers control the rights to their images. kodak also plans to use spare capacity -- power capacity at its headquarters in rochester to
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run a crypto currency mining operation that they will be able to rent out to people so you can do your bitcoin mining paying kodak to do it for you. france hastailer in dropped plans to use a new law to lay off workers. labor changes to french law lester introduced a new form of group voluntary redundancy which allows companies to reduce staff members more easily than before. it has dropped the plans after unions opposed the measure. now the focus has switched to the carmaker psa which owns the peugeot and citroen brands. french car group psa looks to be the first major company to use new legislation aimed at making it easier to hire and fire employees. to changes to the country's labor code companies can now cut jobs by offering a new group voluntary redundancy system. the proposal is initiated by the cannot bend employees
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forced to accept the offer. companies no lononger have to demonstrate financial hardship to take advantage of it. unions representing at least 50% of a firm's workers must also agree to move forward with the plan. existeded exit packages before president emmanuel reforms but only on a case-by-case basis. psa is seeking to cut 1300psa is but says it plans to hire between 1300 and 1400 people on permanent contracts in other divisions. most of the union are on board. was a voluntary departures in addition to 1400 people who will be joined the country so it's positive news. it's an exceptional solution that will be really good for the future. >> for management the new rules make it less expensive to cut jobs. hr experts say it's a way for a
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company to adjust its workforce when needed but also provide safeguards for workers. >> there are certain guarantees that are agreed upon in a voluntary redundancy. the fact that unions must sign off on the agreement and that it must be validated by the labored ministration. >> if accepted psa's proposal could be implemented as early as next month. genie: a business that is more profitable than apple. >> it's actually switzerland's central bank that reported record profits for last year of more than 40 6 billion euros. that's a sum worth 8% of the country's gdp. the swiss national bank has a than 600 worth more billion euros. it was boosted than 600 billion euros.
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by a weaker swiss franc. the swiss national bank has a huge holding of shares in the iphone maker. more than 19 million of them. it's faith are tied to the iphone maker as well as the swiss franc. genie: thank you, stephen carroll. it's now time for the press review. by a weaker swiss franc. dheeptika laurent joins me on set to take a look at what the papers are saying today. let's start in france with an op-ed piece by around 100 french female personalities including a huge movie set to star that's ry got people talking. >> that huge movie star is of course catherine deneuve. she is among 100 female celebrities here in france who have penned an article in le monde essentially condemning the me too movement as puritanism saying it is sexual harassment and what could be considered flirtatious behavior. a woman in the same day can manage a team of people and enjoy the sexual object of a man without being qualified as a
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or vile accomplice of the patriarchy, she says. gegenie: this has sparked an any backlash in the press. >> particularly from those at the me too movement. an italian actress in a tweet has accused catherine deneuve and others of "telling the world how their interior iced misogyny has lobotomized them to the point of no return. some very harsh fighting words. in the guardian one writer has slammed the article explaining that women are not angry because they are puritanical as the letter claims that because they seek joy from sexual content -- contact on their own terms, not through abuse or explication of the hands of men. chinese women are defying
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censorship in their country to risk speaking out against misogyny. >> that's right. there is a movement in china. it is still a fledgling movement due to china's strict social control. woman is using her own experience of having been sexually abused by a college professor to speak out about sexual violence. in china, movement this woman says we need to stand up bravely and say no. according to one survey 80% of women face sexual harassment. genie: new york police have solved a cold case about a woman who was raped in 1994. >> the case became infamous because she reported the crime to the police at the time and was later discredited by a newspaper columnist who essentially said she made the whole story up for professional purposes to launch a book or
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something. dna evidence has helped police determine the man who raped this woman. ged due toe char statute of limitations. it is a vindication for the woman who suffered a rape in 1994 and was vilified for it. netanyahu's -- benjamin netanyahu's son has become embroiled in a scandal being called strippergate. son of thee eldest prime minister. an audio recording of a debaucheries night on the town in 2015 has prompted a scandal. netanyahu was using government-funded transport for a drunken night on the town to drunkenly ping-pong between strip clubs. in the audio recordings with her
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some shocking banter about the cash they spent at the strip joints. some shocking banter about what they thought of the women there. and then he brags about a $20 billion deal that his father made with the israeli gas tycoon. the son of that gas tycoon was in the car with him. many of them seeing this as yet another sign of corruption of benjamin netanyahu. the jerusalem post has denounced -- whaton without shame it calls a nation without shame. in other countries this would have sparked protests. in israel there will be very little repercussion for benjamin netanyahu because this is how desensitized israeli politics has become. telik michael wolff's book about donald trump, fire and fury, has been flying off the shelves. another book has gained some shame in the process. >> that book is also called fire and fury.
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it was written by a canadian author and it's about the allied bombing of germany during the second world war. in their haste to pick up a copy of the salacious donald trump tell-all book people have been ordering the wrong book. lucky for him, he is seeing sales soar. he says that moment where we have this unstable demagogue, hopefully his book will offer some insight in teaching us a thing or two about the perils of war. genie: thank you, dheeptika laurent. you can get a closer look at the press review as well as any headlines we are covering on our website, france up in the next half-hour, french movie star catherine is one of 100 french women signing an open letter in le monde saying men are getting too much of a hard time from the me too movement. the details after this.
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