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coalition government . getting straight to our top story from washington where president ultrasounds and he's waiting sanctions targeting iran for he said was the last time. that by keeping the two thousand fifteen nuclear deal alive at least f for the american civil few months. will not alter the drum has pulled school not a cool he's close to pull out of it altogethe. welcome being the waiver announcement president trump directed shop criticism of the iranian leadership.
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nationally in light of the recent recent protests in the country he imposed sanctions on more than a dozen new entities and individuals. was understood the president trump is acting on the formal recommendations of his secretary of state. is defense secretary and his national security adviser though some republican lawmakers are opposed to plan all the way up. with whom he was not a coastal residentsts say who joins us. from the tehran thank you so much for joining us rosa i'm assumin. that they're awesome sighs of relief that it's. this deal h has not. bebeig the. this from the on friday ni. he's. excuse. we. will bee officialally since i'm also what set reaction because it's very likely. musicians
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are the ones least. to depipict these funds incisin as it can n be for. for. national. this is a sign that we use walklking as much international support recent slump to kill it however i don't think many of those one if this is a man one needs for that matter. are going to be celebrated asks for several reasons f first off they have yet to see benefifits off the nuclear l signed back in two thousand fifty. second o of all. of this see everyry three or fr montnths. to see what is s so does whn it comes to. end. maybe saudis are c convinced
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that mrr solves allll t tody jack all eyes s on may twel. this m mix that. we have to see whatat u uses. this. us under the presentnt drum coming down pretty hard on iran is it and and it's difficult to seize how does. iran move forward from here raisa. yeah. debates the business law wants to. see at. the. borderss of this deal to survive many bonds will be eighght beatss. . it asks f. support for the european allies in the coming weeks in the coming months look for iran to continue its intense. diplomacy to continue. to have that supports up by your. remember what she did is known to be lobbying is well distance up in his
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administration they're going to be pushing the european. allies. on their side so i think all i started to be. okay france and germany all you get is the. one and this year afford. to this white state. for all you get a band distance offset demands that there should be more restrictions walking these students. this happens. okay thank you so much for the update was area. in it to run thanks again. the us ambassador haiti has been summoned by the authorities importer prance to explain vulgar disparaging comments made about the carribean nation. comments attributed to president donald trump was not just haiti that's complalaining. also those foreign ministry has sent a formal letter of protest in washington on the african union. has issuedd a strtrog condemnation going that's remarks i could have a major upset things we're take president from now denies making those remarks about haiti el salvador african nations all over one of the.
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president's was the democratic senator dick durbin and he maintains that trump didn't use that language. and not just once but repeatedly. what's. the press. what? no surprise resesidens are treating this morning. the new solution which. is not true. we certainly sinful things. said. when we e started this righ. rations from africa that was being protected. this bipartisan nation. yes we use this file. max. holding the nation's. shuffles. news. just once repeatedly. the democratic senator dick durbin speaking of that what has been a great week for us diplomacy. newspaper tv reports in the netherlands are filled with collins today about the new us ambassador to haiti. whose
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introduction to the dutch press might be described. as awkward had best mostly version of a charter explains. yes i answered questions. our hoster boxed himselflf into a corner. at his first press conference with a dutch media the new us ambabassador to the netherlands refused to answer a question regarding remarks he made in twenty fifteen. in d december he hd bebeen forced to apologise after being confronted by dutch news outlets user video now. respond version that you were wrong. where you started about politicians are cars being grown because you can discuss views like this out but not fax was wrong remark was it falls i i study i issued a statement saying my mated with highs? i yeah i i express my regrets and my apology for the comments that i made. and i'm not revisiting the issue of f for one remamark
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exactly. this is important only original remarks. our. our politicians being burns and another once in the past is that something you believe yes or no. i'm not revisiting the issu. unfortunately for hofstra the journalists in the room refused to accept answers and many repeated the same question. this is not how it works. right. yeah or of. course. person. hans was nomination had caused a stir in the netherlands when it was announced six months ago his refusal to address the source of that controversy only seems to be making it worse. the world needs a further one hundred fifty people have been arrested in tunisia. number of those it detains around eight hundred was at the end of austin in a week of angry protests right across the country. missiles the price and tax hikes. was what if id only is being sent into several jews in towns and cities. activism opposition
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politicians are calling for fresh demonstrations in the capital. was exactly seven years ago the country's leader will be three decades z. optimality was ousted from office described it triggering. all series of events which became known as the arab spring overall thirty fours chris morris in tunis and joins us now. agrees it's via a difficult week for june is there any end in sight to this onerou. was to things that would be happening i festival a street protests against the price hikes on basic goods which came as part of the i twenty eight seeing budget was attended. place during the day and then i i know i is that it's not cache is between a primarily a young people young unemployed people often students. and the security forces often in the poorer parts of jesus towns and cities over the past twenty four hours or s. as things have calmed down a
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little bit of both fun things are not quite the last night that you hear in judaism but also elsewhere and country just a few isolated incidents reported that. identifies the protest people with some down to the streets today by ads face buy out clause of the opposition is as what happened up behind me here on avenue poquito which is that she is is my death or a fat. is a couple of hundred protesters. marching to government offices the mahdi withdrawal of ththat at twey eighteen budget in terms of where we go next this weekend the country. box the anniversary of that revolution you're talking about the time i was in recent years people have not achievements of. overthrowing the evaluation
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team for the same type of the same time is increase the become that who you tola junior suburb which is seeing some of thesese at class that had to be should be emphasized thehe the dame because in many cases not take the wide spreads. some cases show that banks etcetera i have been attacked the attack of the fifty had a windows smashed. other pretty m much too heay you will talk to you. including those who work for many of these businesses that is in some casases you managege these businesses wl will telll you. that i willl not happypy obvioiously with these. scenes of violence and not time but w we doo understand that way at the anger is coming from. has to be said is become a kind of cyclical in the wake of evolution
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that all of f these underlyg economic problems. of still a cause for concern is often trinkets of the start of the year by things like a price like some basic goods. of that many tapaps into he's . cycle in the pasta governments have given. a certain concessions on thos. economic issues to try and. make the at the pale lighght as this this o one night. as it was we as a city kind of depends odds as to how things are kind of on the streets in the coming days. t to what the government will be able to once again as it is out what they w wil hahave to offer concessions. all night twenty eighteen budget when we put in place really at the behest of the
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bonds made up on the i mf. okay well thank you so much for that update from circles chris more. images in capital thank you very much indeed. after months of uncertainty ever growing signs of the deadlock in germany could soon be broken as genocidal close conservatives and the social democrats agreed on the times. for formal coalition folks. lots of both parties racked up losses and loss of time is an action. all right across europe the news from the coldness topic called me from the size of thirty four out. of the euro climbing to a three year high against the dollar. breakthrough in the early hours. i was in talks lasting over twenty four hours between angle merkel's conservative alliance and the social democrats. the fruits of their labor a twenty page blueprints outlining the compromises on issues like tax and immigration within its pages of focus on strengthening europe. as close cooperation with france. major condition in winning over the spdc read
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the health was also. the world is waiting for us. we need a fresh start for europe and we have worked on this witith the different party presidents defined path to a sustainable solution. not only for germany but europe to. but is still onene morore hurdle t to get past before formal coalition talks could begin. a process as pt party votes on the grievance elements as adam because. of unanimously decided to support this agreement so that she will answer recommends to our. party mandates. the spd represented pharmacological name. lastly losses in the september election which saw historic rise to the far right's. esp initially refused to govern alongside the conservatives once agai. but when michael's attempts
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to form a coalition with two smaller parties fails is opened up these exploratory talks however strong resistance remains to such a coalition within the party. its members are set to vote on january twenty first andn issues. innocently on plans for a fair taxation of internet giants making big profits here in europe. will venture capital is because his first stall for bilateral visit since he took office in december while he ate the coalition. which includes the far right eurosceptic freedom party willis is enough for both men had to say about the outcome of the austrian elections. the visual of down at the local mall it's not the place of a european leader to comment on his or her neighbors elections. edition
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i regretted everywhere i'm fighting the far right in my own country. sire credit everywhere in europe. david chase because we fail to respond to the inside you know that eight weeks off office. therefore as having a europe that. is that investors on so i can bring to the shift in any of. this up mohammed does he stand for our government program is a pro european. and one that wants to play a role in the european union's shaw's if growth. is a program that's good for our country and for its economic competitiveness. i ask for you to give us a chance and judges on our program and our actions. and maybe we'll be able to convince you in the coming years with what we've accomplished as yeah that makes me on the grounds of of its. site. the austrian chancellor and the french president for him speaking that. not many people around the world and yes the russians were twelve days ago of members of north africa is
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bubba communities was known as the nisl versions are happening right now pharmaceuticals rodolfo a past explains what's happening. in algeria small start of the year. his. designed to strengthen national unity for the first time in algeria the but the community is celebrating the nin new year. as a public holiday the indigenous people who refer to themselves as a human being of your own force with greater recognition for the ancients language and customs. has been overshadowed by arabic culture in the country and across the border region isn't is i wish a happy new year to all and ideals wherever they may be. in there is a great and is your heritage that must be preserved and this is our duty as a cultural organization. this year will be good d for
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algegerian generals and. and smoking the enemy is celebration of being held across algeria. the feast of traditional means of distance and chicken being laid out. phones is traditional games and holes rates are also being held at you need. we prepare seven types of dishes for the occasion because the i'm as their calendar is linked to the earth. we a are thankful to the young people who fought for the on as their cause. thank god yeah there is rainy this year. that's a good thing for the crops he do with it it. is a dead en. the marginalized community of ten million i'll do involves traces its roots to north africa spree. inhabitants. a knee in the mountainous northern region of could be. yet a as celebrations mark the beginning of the agrarian calendar for the new year of two thousand nine hundred and sixty eigh. based around the seasons and agricultural luck inspired by the gene calendar.
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happy new years of people in algeria. celebrating the festivities. was time now for business news to lotus is. joins me hit hard as a lot of. that stuff by looking at this a man this is scandalous okay ways it for the dairy company locked us in the head of that companies in someone by the french foreign ministry spokesman that's right on the evening that happened earlier today the french government is. scrambling to send the damage done to the failure of hamas recall of baby milk products thirty five children have fallen ill in france from salmonella contamination. and french health authorities say one child in spain and steak and ale one another case is being investigated in greece. finance minister bellona matt has announced the recall would now be widened to cover all of that kind of speedy melt manufactured at its taxi in north west fronts. son harding reports. summoned to the french finance ministry french
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finance minister bruno in them at two officials from the front step every group like the lease in the wake of food poisoning scandal. the verdicts with sylvia all products which will produce in a contaminated factory also be recalled visualize somebody i gathered yesterday the representatives of the big retail centres to ask them to take the necessary measures. i have already announced these measures yesterday and today we take a supplementary measure. we recall all the milk cans produceded on the site i if. i receiveved not one shoulde left in distribution glass exists on. on t thursday retailerss scaffold underclass admitted they had failed to clear the souls of baby products which had been found off of the food poisoning outbreak. the crosses bergalis assault of december off the twenty five children would diagnose with salmonella p poisoning upon was quickly put in place some baby milk powder products marketed globally under the stadium you met and peco brown's. the french government found that ninety one ounce of two thousand
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five hundred points of sale was still setting faulty products. that would really i want to offer our apologies again for all the parents who have you could have been affecte. i really want you to believe that we are sincerely deeply sorry for what happened wilson deserted is get the iv. the french finance minister said the reputation of french agriculture and was in jeopardy concerns which were echoed by presidents menu and i call you said the overseas markets needed to be reassured. let's get a check on the markets snacks and here in europe stocks ended the week in positive territory investors comforted by the fact. angle americal is on track to forming a coalition government. back on here in paris was the biggest gain articles up hough a percent. over in the united states at this hour we are seeing all the main industry in the green that out jones is currently up eight tenths of one percent. gains of over half a percent on the nasdaq and s. and p. five hundred. at this hour. thank facebook says it wants uses to spend more meaningful time on social
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media the company wants to cut back on items that are passively consumed and instead. connect people with whom they really care about the announcement from the social media giant will likely hurt news outlets and other businesses that rely on the site to share their content. so far facebook has given a little details about what they consider meaningful the move will not affect advertisements which will continue to appear on the site. using. next year and i salute has handed over the reins of the eurogroup presidency to mario sent to you know the former finance minister of portugal is credited with reshaping the country's finances. the incoming president says he hopes to bring the countries that use the single currency closer together. adding he has a window of opportunity to deepen the monetary union. i think this is a great time to take over the eurozone is doing very well. as an opportunity to. reform is even further. the time of of mean though that you have now both politically and economic. still be used to complete. the landscape of easy to use and. that we have. in
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the in the area. these relates to the banking union the capital markets union. though the discussions we have. around people policy. karen says it wants to narrow its focus on luxury deal enough brands like gucci and will take of it as a. plans on spinning off its sports brand whom up the german company had struggled for years to turn itself around carrying purchased room off of five point three billion euros in two thousand seven. and will be handing over seventy percent of the measures in kind to existing investors. next is our delta and marriott international these are just some of the companies that have come into the cross as of abilities in beijing. this for recognizing tibet and taiwan as independent countries on their websites earlier this week hotel chain marriott international emailed a global survey to their loyalty members. which
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included macau hong kong and taiwan as countries. the chinese foreign ministry says foreign firms need to respect china's sovereignty. trade growth in china cooled off in the month of december it could signal weaker global and domestic dimond total exports last year rose seven point nine percent while imports were up fifteen point nine percent. china's trade surplus with the united states grew to just overr twowo hundred and seventy five billion dollar. beijing has come under pressure from the united states president for the trade imbalance on china street with north korea i mean while shrank fifty percent in the month of december. as governments tightened sanctions imposed on your own yeah. saudi arabia is holding its first ever motor show specifically targeting women it comes a few months off to the kingdom decided to lift its long running back on female drivers. they're expected to get behind the wheel from this june longer
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sector has the details. in the shopping mall in thee port city of f jeddah. dozes of women are searching for their dream car. and even if they won't be allowed to drive for another five months many already seen impatience to hit the road. modestly adam. interested in because. i wasn't able to drive. so now i'm really thinking about buying a car. looking around for good prices and deals. wiwith an attitude. a decree issued by king solomon in september orders and ends to thehe country's ban on women drivers. and will come into effect in june. it's been hailed as a historic decision and as proof of a progressive trends in the deeply conservativeve soon making them. it's also an economic opportunity for car makers looking to tap into this new markrkets. ahead of them on the objective of the exhibition is to facilitate
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women's choice of a future car but showcasing all the brands in one place. andd providing payment solutions. car sales in saudi arabia grew by fifty three percent between two thousand five and two thousand fifteen. before abruptly dropping by twenty one percent in two thousand sixteen. even as global sales continue to rise. trends that could soon be reversed. studies have shown that with a potential nine million female drivers entering the markets the country's auto industry could double in size in the near future
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