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and i've yes to gay couples. but as a person and frowns have agreed on a new folder tree city with the uk paging tens of millions of euros to shore up security in calais. migrants from africa and the middle east try to reach the uk illegally from the french scho city and version willl cocontinue to carry out borr checks that will this is emmanuel michael's first visit to the uk as french president. and he also managed to convince the british to commit to his key foreign policy place as fighting islamist terror in
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the sun held as it regional of north africa. the uk from share belief incomprehensible approach to mass migration. as all efforts in the saw hasn't across africa demonstrate. we will work together to address the instability which feels it. president back on a life of those concerned that the uk and france remain committed to the principles of a long standing issue kay agreemen. under which the uk is able to carry out full checks on french soil. and today we have agreed additional measures which will work in the best interests of both faults in the uk. see it is the first time in fifteen years that we've been. is find its own. treaty. on topic will enable us to improve the management of all join border. between food because we wanted to do so that work with them transits in countries and countries of origin eighties about. ending. people from moving.
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so i said minute she cooperation it very much on the cost between britain and france it will it be possible once the uk has left the european union. millions that questions you christopher hill professor of international relations at cambridge university. but also britain only only to a you countries which a couple of projecting conventional ministry fulls outside european says several of us that are limited in that. both the menu camp house now nobody else in europe has that. there is a key question her. as to how saw bert brexit is going to coalerman is lost in some ways germany has always been in favor all developing european defense cooperation making the european union. effectively a player in the world security system. but if britain leaves. germany is going to have to decide how much of results it close into thatt. process financial and human and
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otherr moment rounds is clearly in the lead. if rick britain l leads out of the same time a call act on its own so as we sort libya in two thousand eleven. as we see even in mali now. france does need some support in britain is a on the a european country type look providing that civil that present. now and why ally st necessarily go in the same direction. draws a b burden hahave a lot i in common thi hahave hugee differencnces s wewell foror example even internallyly they approach e problem of multi culturalis. in very different ways. theyey're a actually c chooe tools european integrationon
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is different at leastt in principle. added goalss it britain leaves then they'ree gonna be in a very differen. interernational political situation previouslyy we could also sayy t that frane wawas on dubious terms with united states a and britatan was closose to ththe unitedd ststates. onlyly enough in e loss ten yearsrs one could argue that perhaps as a reversed not just through the long drawn by the. drawn since joining rejoining of the. military structures of nice a. has become quite a reliable ally of the united states and an important player in night so britain called even play that particular called. alone anymore. now the british government
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is under increasing pressure to accept moral unaccompanied minors from the market comes in those of france it is totally five te applied for unaccompanied minor status in france last year. apple season see these from the real difficulty for young migrants is there's no coordinated care for them which incncreases theirir vulnerability will teach. for they often sleep outside so their defenses against smugglers and human traffickers elderly classical now france seeks to sign a new agreement one in which britain would shoulder more of the cost. of handling migrants camped in the northern french port city of calais in hopes of reaching england. ginger your ministers ourrad cologne told the day breezy and newspaper france also wants britain to take in more refugees especially on accompanied minors. but theresa may's government has a poor record regarding these children in twenty seventeen it announced the uk would take in just four
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hundred and eighty unaccompanied minors. as part of the so called dub scheme this down from an expected three thousand after a backlash from right wing tabloids. uk has taken and far fewer refugees than other large western european countries ministers say britain's large monetary aid contributions make up for the shortfall. at least six people have been killed in germany and the netherlands is violent storms wreak havoc across northern europe change of advice countries is a look ground to a stand still. answer them made apple was was the grand ole flights at is today some have now resume scotland's email is dealing with heavy snows. as hazardous fools. about the landing at the airport as high winds wreaked havoc in the netherlands. earlier amsterdam's schiphol airport was forced to spend all flights after gusts of up to a hundred and forty kilometers were recorded by
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the weather service. winds blow off roof tiles causing the closure of several of the airport's terminals. officials say some flights will resume as the storm moves inland the to expect severe delays. as the country's national weather service updates warning to the highest level train travel was also to spend it. firefighters were called out to help remove fallen trees and debris. germany to was battening down the hatches as officials canceled all long distance rail services as a precaution. this. solves the security aspect that was surely the right decision. there is a danger the trees will fall under the overhead wires there's a danger of the trees will walk roots. they cancellations disrupted travel plans stranding passengers. i'm supposed to return to paris. there's no train. apparently they were going to order a taxi. but i'm not
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sure that's going to happen. i'm m just waititing. this storm knocked out power to around a hundred thousand people in northern germany. a neighboring belgium supported again was closed down so too were several roadways is the high winds cause traffic chaos. meanwhile people in scotland were digging out from an unusually heavy snowfall. officials say driving conditions remain extremely hazardous and are asking motorists to stay off the roads. yellow warnings for snow and ice remain in plac. debating some of the most sensitive to them is facing modern society now scientists ethicists don't dozen citizens are discussing phony issues like euthanasia and reproductive rights for gay couples in a few mononths time. . that ha will then advise the government or whether or not little needs to change the laws result has the story. this is what emmanuel michael wants to avoid. hundreds of thousands of
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french citizens in the streets to protest reforming divisive loans back in two thousand thirteen the debate about gay marriage and reproductive rights for homosexual couples. was a serious thorn in the side of also rans government. but since then game marriages become legal and opposition has died down been medically assisted procreation remains a controversial issue. polls show that a majority of french citizens are in favor of legally allowing single women and lesbians couples to become pregnant with medical help. currently there are lot she go to countries like spain belgium and denmark will heterosexual couples can get the procedure done in franc. president michael has said he's in favor of reforming the law. the more one us city. four the from you don't. want to accept any of women having and a couple can benefit from that it is just administration. it's logical that we recognize that right in the single women in same sex couples
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given that we recognize that a mother could raise a child on her own. two women can you on a cououple.. then and six. the debate e over medically assisted procreation is one of the hot topics is now open for nationwide debate until july. at this is science is doctors and citizens will be hashing out controversial medical and bioethical issues such as euthanasia and altering the dna of embryos. the nation wide consultations occur every seven years and they will lead to our of oz law that slated for two thousand nineteen. even if the medical government has said it has little interest in leading the fight for such politically volatile issues. well elevation a vice is a new religious and as director of such as you see on cnrs is you know it he told me how these debates can be useful. one aspect users the scientific questions you have a lot of illusions in the field of genetics in the field offer reason sean
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honorarios. but also in the field of science for example. artificial intelligence of being data so you have a certain number of new evidence is in science that are raising new. possible technical possibilities that the same case are green sea else the main to. treat patients. and we have to discuss the ethical issues of these new possibilities for example. is it possible to treat with some genomic tools. on reviews. on the other side you have transitional issues about mall societal such as the game of of. the opening of the medically a assisted procreation. to.
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couples of women or the questions around the assisted the. this to young is all really two different domains and we need it disease democratic exercise. which i see with e scientists themselves said on these issues. wheels. keep off of the bone becaus. reasons of prisons lose. us seven agencies like actual stability in the us to make good annual reports. owns a progresses and suggest some amendments to
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lose. every seven years is a general overview of zero an. in these concert quaresma. it as you would like. to take us through a us two ways of changing zero for example. in two thousand and nine it was the last of my you to go but as soon as two thousand and eleven and in two thousand and seventeen. zulu change aromas of research on the over use because some scientific progress this is about fixing full the genes that might develop into diseases yeah well the wild wild as a basis. only two. and any more more than that because for example before two thousand and seventeen. it was strictly prohibited to make research on on radios. we some few exceptions. and in two thousand and surgeons a rule change it was a route to make research on on where
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you. under certain untiring moaned and on the. clear programme. of frozen is. zero question of of prenatal diagnosis. . he's already a little to make it waiting the genetic disease is already known. it will be at stake on discussion. if we extend these possibilities to any diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities. presently not to load in france alluded in uk or religion eagerly. and considered it was a very different throughout the european union and. in. the interest of the discussion is to discuss if disease i migliori these changes are low. increase for examples of us right because the objective is not to. change the road to change ago its to. increase some. scientific possibilities are increase some.
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treatment facility. now the film there is a woody allen has once again denied allegations he molested his adopted daughter dylan farrow gave a first tv interview on the subject this week providing times. that he assaulted her when she was seven years old issue zero the right to has the keys have family is sitting flee exposing the time's up movement. to make what he called discredited claims records and has the story. the moon need to campaign that of down hollywood producer harvey weinstein in mind. dylan farrow is wondering why her f father still hasn't received the same treatment. in her first television interview she says it's time for people to finally start listening why shouldn't i be angry why shouldn't i. the hurt. why shouldn't i feel some sort of? outrage that after all these years being ignorored and didisbelieved. and. toss aside. for years has
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announced sexually abused her when she was only seven years old in nineteen ninety two. allegations he's always denied calling the idea ludicrous the news became public in the wake of allen's divorce from his then wife mia farrow. in reservist again in twenty fourteen when dylan publishing op ed in the new york times recounting her story. but it didn'tt some high profile actors among them a when wilson adrien brody and rachel mcadams from working with alan. now that may be changing. actors are of alcohol ellen counts in the upcoming film or read a in your work posted instagram to say s se regretted her dececision to work with alan. and was giving her salary from the film to charity. i see not only how complicated this niger is but that my actions have made another woman feel science and dismissed. i am profoundly sorry. i regret this decision and wouldn't make the same on today. and coming actor timothy shallow may who starred
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alongside hole in the film. that he would follow suit. both actors will be donating their entire salaries to charities including the time's up campaign. launched by women in hollywood to fight sexual harassment and sexism. donald trump is continuing his rule on the mainstream media asset he unveiled the eleven what is a few cycle fake news our walls this almost a year up to the us president call thank yous. the enemy of the people and i wish that many people found alarming erin of the past story. this media. it's unusual award to give out. especially for a president. in the latest of many unconventional moves donald trump reveal the winners of his fake news awards on wedndnesday. aimed at unveiling what he calls the dishonest media. the awards werpublished on the republican national committee website. the so called winners included journalists from the new york times cnnnn and the
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washingtgt postall regular targets of donald trump's criticism. though a typical the fake news awards the not come as a surprise. the us president often criticizes the mainstream media for its coverage on everything from the size of his s inauguratn crowd. to the investigation of collusion between russian officials and the trump campaign. russia is fake news rush for trumump's views of the press are far from being unanimous among republicans. just last week arizona senator jeff flake compare trump's may here to that of one of history's most infamous dictators. file is a testament to the condition of our democracy that our own president uses words infamously spoken by joseph stalin. to describe his enemies. it bears noting that so fraught with malice was a phrase enemy of the people. that even nikita khrushchev for bait use. fake news a popular term on strong men in the past and present.
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the charlotte saad nicolas maduro energy could you tactics have all recently used a phrase. leaders that many may have been emboldened by donald trump. that is a business is very activities it is in this you had a case where i am just so sick with the world's biggest passenger events as well has are just a few days ago warm bells were sounding at airbus. firms that is considering winding down production with a three eighty jumbo jets because of weak demand. but its biggest customer and right says now place in order which allow the program to take off again. the first order in two years for the model airbus says it needs to o be making six claims per year. it viable only insert reports. the world's largest passenger jet has been brought back from the brink sluggish sales put the future of the abbas a three eighty it risk. earlier in the week the company warned it may have to spend production of the jumbo it couldn't secure any new order is.
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i'm hopeful that we'll work out a deal with embers and others can add airplanes on totop of that. this thursday the ashcroft was for a lifeline. . after months of negotiations emmert space provisional order for twenty of the planes. within option for sixteen more in a sale was as much as sixteen billion dollars. amorous is my father larargest operator of the a three eightyy responsible for a hundred and seventy eight out of three hundred and fifty three total orders for the plane. the deal's accuses future of this exciting ashcroft for at least the next decade. when aviation experts believe the m market may take upp. ththe ever state is simply o large for the present way of that allies want to fly and whwhat they are playing at w is to get it t to. survive untill thehe market catchchp which we wilill do it marke. common market is doubling every y fifteen yearsrs so t
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i playing now is the time. a double decker ashcroft with eight hundred fifty three seats these giants of the site cost four hundred and thirty seven million dollars per plane. despite its patchy performance abbas believes the super jumbo still has a future. as as traffic rises and apple spoken more congested. on the day's trading action now is a mixed close in europe the axe outperforms gaining three quarters of one percent. for the one hundred dropping slightly for a second day in a row airbus she has hit their highest level in fifty two weeks. closing above ninety euros per share wall street seated a breather after yesterday's record breaking session. doubt trading down still just barely above that twenty six thousand mark. british energy giant bp has signed a deal with the iraqi government to develop oil fields in the northern province of kirkuk. she's retaking from kurdish forces last year after controversial indndependence referendum. kurds had been
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exporting oil to turkey through their own pipeline separate transport system could take up to two years to establish. region is not currently exporting oil and is producing only a fraction of its potential. government hopes to more than double its capacity. pop up to seventy seven hundred and fifty thousand barrels of oil per day. meanwhile all prices are still hovering near their highest levels in over three years around seventy dollars per barrel. you stockpiles had been dipping for two months while opec said it was expecting stronger demand than it had previously predicted. while breezes cartel has been scaling back its own output in effort to boost prices analysts say that agreementt has takenen thehe better paf a year to make its mark. basically the console two thousand seventeen allowed always talks to come down. and. as market participants realise to stocks. and on top of that basically were very healthy mind indicatedd
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is so we called again because i was on basically most of the combination of these factors sounds so basically to crowd was prepared for the course of two thousand seventeen. the latest release them to buy some examples where and basically bbc show maqbool run. moving on some of the day's other business headlines no. rents parent company has come one step closer to having a new form of voluntary redundancy plans in france. center just last year. ministrations labor reforms majority of unions are given the carmaker morgs tumbled nearly sixty percent in the fourth quarter as it paid a one time charge of nine hundred and ninety million dollars. his tax overhaul of. the investment bank also said begun clearing bit queen future straits for its
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clients following in the footsteps of rival goldman sachs. is the world's. and sees. amazon has unveiled its shortlist of twenty cities. to host it's next headquarters. new york washington ball and boston are on the are among those cities that are smaller options like columbus indianapolis and calgary. final decision is expected before. the year. chinese economy grew at its fastest pace in two years in twenty seventeen the world's second largest economy expanded by six point nine percent last year. as a faster than had been predicted. it's also well above the government's official target of around six and a half percent growth julie kim explains. face value china's economic outlook is bright. the nation's gross domestic product has gone up by six point nine percent in twenty seventeen it's false as pace in two yet as. he stood by strong exports and prophecy it's also the first time in seven years that gdp growth
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has accelerated. well it's good n news for investors aquinas the warning that do you lies ahead for china. of the years of making it easy for banks to lend money the government has changed direction. the imf predicts that china's total that's lies around two hundred and thirty percent of gdp. and that it could hit almost three hundred percent in four years time. policy makers are trying to discourage investors from risking excessive debt gently slid down very. measures include shutting down stop loss proroductionn the c cl and m metal sectors
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