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tv   DW News  LINKTV  January 26, 2018 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ anchor: this is dw news, coming to you live from berlin. america first doesn't mean america alone. that is what u.s. president donald trump told a crowd in davos. in closing remarks at the world economic forum, he took credit for a booming u.s. economy, and attacked unfair global trade practices. also coming up, defying warnings from washington, turkey vows to expand its controversial offensive against kurds in northern syria. resident erdogan says the
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operation will extend eastwad, where u.s. forces are currently stationed. also ahead, trying to tame corruption in africa. the fight against corruption is at the top of the agenda a at te african union's main annual summit in ethiopia. we ask our correspondent whether the plans under discussion can actually succeed. i am sarah harman. thank's for joining us. u.s. president donald trump has told leaders gathered in switzerland that america is open for business. but the u.s. won't tolerate trade practices he sees as unfair. trump was delivering closing remarks at this week's world economic forum in doorposts. one of his key messages -- growth in the u.s. spells gross for economies around the world.
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>> the anticipation was palpable. politicians and highflying executives waiaiting in line for over an hour to get inside the hall where donald trump would deliver his speech. the first u.s. president to do so since bill clinton two decades ago. and eventually, with plenty of pomp, trump arrived on stage. he did not mince his words. pres. trump: as president of the united states, i will always put america first. just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also. bubut america first does not men america alone. when the united states grows, so does the world. reporter: and what is being viewed as a disgsguised referene to china, he demanded a reformed trade system. pres. trump: we cannot have free
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and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense of others. we support free tradede, but it neededs to be fair, and it needs to be reciprocal. in the end, unfair trade undermines u us all. the united states will no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practices. reporter: the u.s. president stuck to his america first message,e, and used the davos ststage to pitch to investorors. pres. trump: america is open for business, and we are competitive once again. reporter: trump took advantage of a q and a session afterward to take a swipe at the media for reporting fake news. his comments were met with disdain. despite the booing, the u.s. president later tweeted his speech was a success. sarah: nicholas cassels joins me
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. he is a political scientist here in berlin. we have got trump the protectionist addressing davos, a meeting of globalists. what do you think he is hoping to achieve here? nicholas: he was speaking -- he was not speaking to the business elite or political leaders. he was speaking to his own base in the united states. in 2018, the republicans are facing midterm elections. what he was saying was basically, i am responsible for the economic upswing in the united states, and we are open for business. what is happening is that the world economy is pulling everybody up, including the united states. he was basically advertising himself and his policies. sarah: what do you make of the standout line from his speech, america first does not mean america alone. are we seeing a softening of his stance? nicholas: he was simply catering to the audience. obviously, he was in davos, and
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he recognized the gathering as a gathering of world leaders, of internationalists. so he said that. but he is an opportunist. that is not necessarily a bad thing. but it was a little disappointing, to say the least, that the american president, delivering the closing speech, did not address the question of the splintering international globalized world, and to get to the finishing touches of the doorposts meeting, outline a real strategy of how the u.s. is trying to reshape a more fair and more just world. sarah: do you think trump's speech to the doubles elite or republican voters at home is going to have impact, or is this a lot of hype nicholas:? i don't think the speech had any impact whatsoever, particularly not on international cooperation. sarah: that is nicholas cassels,
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political scientist at the jfk institute in berlin. nicholas: thank you for having me. sarah: ok, we have time for one more question. sometimes that happens. does not come through. i was struck watching the speech by how trump seemed on message. it looked like they had him on the teleprompter. he gave a coherent speech, a largely scripted speech. what did you make of that? can we look forward to more of that next week at the state of the union? nicholas: i read the speech is a transcript. that is different from hearing it. what i read was everything but coherent. america is open for business. we need fair trade. we need just trade. america first, but not alone. you know, it was -- it was a lot, but as i said, it lacked a strategy. it lacked this coherent denominator that said, this is my vision for the globalist -- the re-globalization of the
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world. he said the forgotten men and women have been forgotten for too long. i am here to fix it. i am the dealmaker. there is no deal to be made. there is no deal to be had. he is out of the tpp. he lost the pacific economically. this speech did nothing whatsoever but tout the uprising in world economic activity. sarah: that is nicholas cassels from the jfk institute in berlin. thank you for being with us. ♪ ♪ >> it is time not to give you the economic perspective about the from speech. despite the criticism, what is clear is that the business people in doubles-- in davos approval to the policy so far. the president left him helicopter after delivering his highly anticipated speech, but none of the economic views he presented were really new. so the world economic forum comes to an end.
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with other discussions focusing on everything from cyber wars to the future of education, it became evident that the global economic and political elite will continue to tackle the challenges ahead, with or without the u.s. president. and dw's team has been covering the meeting all week long. they have been talking not only to business leaders, but also experts from the world of science. elena humphrey had the chance to meet the head of the cern, the european nuclear researcher, to discuss global challenges. reporter: thank you for joining us. >> many thanks for the opportunity of this chat. reporter: as the head of a center for nuclear research, you know perhaps better than anyone the power of a split atom, and therefore the power of nuclear warheads. does that keep you up at night, knowing there are potentially unwieldy leaders who have nuclear codes, nuclear buttons on their desks? just: of course this is worrying for everybody. on the other hand, it is clear
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we cannot stop science because of the fear of how science is going to be used. atomic physicists, nuclear physics, it has led to atomic and nuclear weapons. it has also led to -- nuclear medicine, which is used to cure people. i think we cannot really stop knowledge because we are afraid of how the government or political authorities are going to use it. reporter: these are uncertain times, times of handwringing, worrying times. how important is it that we take the scientific approach to thinking that we consider facts? guest: it is important. science can play a role. it can play a role because science is unifying and universal. it can connect people, and it can help build a shared future in a fractured world, which is actually the theme of davos this year. it is also important that
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science becomes one essential component of the decision-making process. when authorities and society decides about the big challenges -- not the only component, but one of the central components -- decisions must be based on facts and not just on opinions, and on scientific evidence. reporter: we began by speaking of the warnings linked to nuclear armament and so on. having nuclear power can have advantages, particularly when we are talking about climate change, finding new energy needs . in the time after fukushima, can you ever see nuclear power stepping in to fill some of our energy needs again? guest: i think we have to continue to work on all our technologies in order to make them more reliable for society. we cannot just say we stop everything and use alternative energies, because we know they are not going to solve the problem. we have a challenge, and we have to try to face it in all
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possible ways, by using all approaches. reporter: i want to bring in the fact you are the cochair of the world economic forum this year. one of the rallyining cries has been t that the davos man needso listen to the davos woman to make things change. do you get the sense that is happening, frankly, this year? guest: i think having a panel of cochairs made of women is a very strong sign. i think it really speaks to the importance of diversity and inclusiveness. if you look at the panel, we are all women, but we are different. we have different backgrounds, different messages to bring. i am a strong believer in diversity, which means giving everyone the same opportunities. reporter: thank you very much for your time. guest: thank you. thank you. sarah: that was my colleague, helena humphrey, from the world
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economic forum in davos. we talk about the future of the economy, because cannabis is getting legalized in more and more countries. that means great business opportunities for those who dare to get involved now. one investor in iceland believes his country is ideal for growing weed, and the government is missing the opportunity of a lifetime. reporter: growing cannabis, the plant used to make marijuana, is illegal in iceland, but one investor wants that changed. he believes the island offers great conditions for growing weed. >> we need electricity and water for production. we have a lot of both in iceland. reporter: iceland has a huge amount of geothermal energy. he says using that resource to grow cannabis could benefit the country's economy. >> it is clear that they are big things happening in this area, and everything is on the mov whether we like it or not,
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everything indicates this is going into an extensive international business. reporter: as far as legalized marijuana, the market is growing. legalizing marijuana went into effect this month in california. experts say sales of marijuana could reach $7 billion. use of the drug is already legal in countries like spain and the netherlands. no surprise that investors in countries as are away as iceland are hoping to benefit. analyst: -- javier: that is all from the business desk. it is back to sarah, because we have more news. sarah: in brief. short news from around the world. in south korea, at least 37 people have died in a fire in a hospital. the fire broke out in the emergency room of the hospital, which also operates a home for the elderly. it is not yet known what caused the blaze. a moscow cinema says it will no longer show a band movie, following a police raid.
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russian police paid a visit to the cinema a day after it screened the british satire "the death of stalin." russia's culture ministry has revoked permission for that movie, saying it marks the country's soviviet past. voters in the czech republic have begun casting ballots in the presidential runoff. the pro-russia, anti-europe incumbent had been forecast to win a second to hunt term -- a second term, but it is now a neck and neck race. german chancncellor angela a mel and her conservatives have begun formal coalition talks with the social democrats. besides a stressed the need for speedy negotiations, and set a deadline of february for, roughing up talks to form a government. many coalition deal still have to be voted on by spd party members. paris residents living close to the banks of the river seine art
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evacuating amid rising floodwaters. the water flowing through the french capital has been swelling due to heavy rain. water levels are expected to reach their peak over the weekend. turkey's president has revealed plans to expand and offensive against kurds in northern syria, despite widespread international criticism. today, he announced that turkish forces will head east from an enclave in syria, toward the iraqi border. ankara wants to drive kurdish fighters out of the region, that there is a risk that the confrontation with u.s. troops stationed in a town -- they are allied with the kurds. the united states has raised concerns over the operation, and asked turkey to limit the military actions. turkey's president appeared to brush aside objections from washington. here is what he said. resident erdogan: we will continue operation olive branch, in its seventh day today, until
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all our goals are achieved. we will read the area of terrorists. no one should take issue with this, because the real owners are not these terrorists, they are our arab brothers. afterwards, we will continue to fight up to the iraqi border until no terrorist is left. sarah: could nato allies, turkey and the united states, and up facing off in syria? terry schulz in brussels but the question tomato's number two, deputy secretary general rose gottemoeller.. terry: you just returned from turkey, where tensions are rising in northwestern syria between allies of nato. are you concerned that this could move from a political class to a military clash?
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rose: i am not worried. i have been watching very closely what has been said in washington and and kara. the countries seem to be closely communicating with each other. they seem to be paying a attentn to making sure the other is ininformed. so i am not worried. of course, in general, nato is always worried when lives are being lost. that goes for syria, turkey. ththat goes for afghanistan, ir, anywhere in the world. in that sense, we are worried about conflict. terry: the german forereign mininister is calling for nato o take a stronger role to facilitate more dialogue between turkey and the u.s. clearly, allies are worried. what more can nato do? rose: first of all, nato is already actively on the g ground in turkey. we are not operating in syriaia, the we are on the ground in turkey, providing for air defense, for control, for surveillance. we are doing w what we c can asa nato ally to help turkey in their fight against terrorism,
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which has been going on a long time. but in addition to that, we have been hearing from the turks here at nato headquarters who have been getting briefings -- there isis a lot of information flow. allies have the opportunity to ask the questions they need to ask. i do think that will continue, and there will be great interest in this matter in the coming days. terry: it is one thing if the opponent is bashar al-assad or terrorists the pkk. it is another thing if the united states is on the other end of this operation. rose: i think we need to continue to bear in mind that the two countries have been operating closely together in the fight against daesh in syria and iraq for many months, and so they are accustomed to paying attention to de-confliction, and accustomed to staying in close to medication so their actions are transparent to the other. i only see that continuing. terry: thank you very much. sarah: that was rose gottemoeller, nato's
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secretary-general, speaking in brussels. fighting corruption is at the top of the agenda at the african union's annual summit, underway now in ethiopia's capital. over the weekend, african heads of state and government are due to join discussions of key challenges facing societies across the continent. our correspondent in nairobi brings us this report about how corruption affects people's lives. reporter: police checkpoints in nigeria have been part of everyday life for years. but here, they are not about maintaining security. they are little more than pay outstations of corruption. -- pay-out stations of corruption. although the chief of police outlawed them long ago, his colleagues continue to stop cars and demand money. we are on the road from lagos, the economic capital of nigeria,
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to the neighboring country, benin, observing what traders and travelers go through every day. although we are still more than one hour away from the border, we have been passing several checkpoints of the police, immigration, and customs. in many cases, drivers are asked for bribes. more than 10 checkpoints on an 80 kilometer stretch of road is hardly unusual. anyone who refuses to play along and fork over cash will need hours to proceed. many people here say that nothing has changed since mohammed bihari was elected president of nigeria. >> they used to collect money from us at the checkpoints. >> corruption is a big issue. it is a huge one, at that. the police, even when you don't want to give them money, like the bus drivers -- they do it as
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if it is their right. >> [indiscernible] we expected something very urgent, a kind of drastic changes, but we have been disappointed so far. reporter: during his campaign, he promised to combat corruption. but a recent afro barometer study shows that more than 80% of nigerians still believe officials are corrupt on the other hand, 59% of nigerians think the government is making a serious effort to fight corruption. three years ago, that figure was just 21%. experts have praised the government's initial measures, and people began to fear getting caught demanding bribes. there has beenn no sign of chane at the instititutional level, ad little evidence of a shift in behavior. in other words, business as usual. >> we had an example of president bukhari, -- buhari,
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whwho is said to be somebody who is detached and does not seek a lot of personal wealth. that a person who is really disciplined and understands his mission, the mission of everyone around him, is clean. nigerians do not feel, rightly or wrongly, that those around him are clean. reporter: despite indictments and arrests of several high-ranking politicians, no final convictions have been delivered. the government says it has to abide by the rule of law. >> it is -- i mean, the judicial process is circumventnted with a lot of technicalities that tend to slow -- bubut not slowing the war. the war is still aggressive. this snail's pace judicial process -- we will continue. reporter: the snail's pace is what people traveling the road to benin know all too well.
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it is one of the most important trade routes in nigeria. where the rubber hits the road, it is still a far cry from the anticorruption rhetoric in the halls of power. sarah: turning to sports news, a passion for the sport of cycling has reunited a group of friends who were separated by the war in eritrea. the refugee cycling team was founded in neighboring ethiopia. now, they have received documents from the united nations refugee agency, and they are hoping to raise the cash to allow them to take part in international competition. >> the love for cycling is in my blood. i have been cycling all my life. if i had to quit, it would be very sad. >> i am very passionate about cycling.
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i cannot put it in words, but when i am writing a bike, it makes me happy, and i feel relaxed. reporter: early morning on the outskirts of addis ababa in ethiopia. these men share a love of cycling, as well as a similar life story. they have all fled their home country, eritrea, , where they could have faced compulsory military service under slave like conditions. anyone who resists risisks their life. everery day, they spend hours in the saddle under the professional guidance of their coach. he fled eritrea to escape being drafted into the military. >> i am very proud of being the coach of the refugee cycling team. back home, i was a professional cyclclist, and hadad technical manager of the eritrea cycling foundation. reporter: once the training is over, the team heads back to the city. it is a tight squeeze in the car, even though several team
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members are not here today. three are in ugaganda, and othes have left for europe. >> we don't have any money to pay them, so they don't get a salary. i think they might have gone to uganda to look for better clubs and earn some money. reporter: refugees are not allowed to work in ethiopia, so they need to survive on money sent to them from relatives or friends in america and europe. but it is not always easy. cycling can make you very hungry, so things like food need to be included in the budget. >> four of us live in thihis ro, and we pay rent ofof 3000 barrel -- birra per month. that is about 1 150 u.s. dollar. we share everything, and all of
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us contribute to the bills. reporter: after the rent is paid, each cyclist is left with around $100 a month. this has to cover all other expenses, including bicycle repairs and spare parts. if you crash and damage or bicycle, you cannot train for weeks. >> our main problem are the tires. we have to change them frequently. butt if f other bicycle parts break, that is moree problemati, and even more expensive to buy. reporter: if all goes according to plan, the team trains every day. hard work is already paying off. cycling has a long tradition in eritrea, a remnant of the colonial era. >> we started from scratch, with very limited r resources. but we comompete with differeret teams frfrom addis ababa.
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we dominated the addis ababa championship. we are very proud of that. reporter: big races like the tour de france will probably remain a distant dream for t the africa refugee cycling team. it is unlikely that countries will grant visas to these eritrean cyclists. sarah: that is your news. you can always find more of the latest on our website, at deed of i am sarah foreman -- at i am sarah foreman. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ ♪
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yeah i'm here in the french capital you're watching live from paris on franance24 ensemble just was in these awful stories. as the turkish army bottles kurdish fighters in syria president president precious time one threatens to take the fight. all the way iraqi. america first doesn't mean america alone as the message president trump takes the double story addressed the world economic forum idea today. some of the ways is whether on record as a. level of the river. rising to between four and five meters higher .
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leaving the turkish president russia top other one said today that his army will push all the way through northern syria as far as the iraqi border. this is it continues in operation to crack down on kurdish fighters in the are. turkish offensive in the northwest and syrian region of africa has opened up a new front in the syrian conflict. and it's straining ties between ankara a nato ally washington. as because the us forces all allied to the kurds and his on them as well together they force against the islamic state group but turkey. considers the white bg that's one faction of the kurdish militia groups to be a terrorist organization. is well attackers president had to say about operation in northern syria.
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we will continue the only branch operation which is on the seventh day to day until we reach all of our targets. after this we will cleanse mundy's from the terrorists as it had been promised to us. nobody should be bothered by this. gives of not also miss. judy moon which indexes the real owner of my undies is not those terrorists but i have a book has that. after that we will continue our fights into no services left a note in syria until the border with iraq elements. presidency mass of also he was acting as belkin is on the front line between us as an african. as shehe elains now the weather conditions are playing an important part.. they i in a trencnch dog bye free syrian only now you can prprobably had abobout. . sg all a around us ypg slight s heavily trains like thiss al nonot far awaway a tool in s
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position. is being defendede by the fsa bututf cououe. that violence has been hampered by bad weather that's been full there's been rain and that these soldiers. that's why angra do the best hold this position. civil sexiness in northern syria. on world news now america is open for business and us economic growth will benefit the whole world what was the message the us president donald trump was keen to get across the lake. as you dress the annual gathering of political and business eighties in davos. taking the stage trump received modest of roles that was some boos and hisses noticeably when the president took aim at what he called i quit. the nasty mean and vicious fate press. it's the first time in eighteen years a sitting us president made his speech at the world economic forum. trump hitched his vision for the future of international trade to the world business elite. as somewhat subdued
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version of his america first policy america first does not mean. america alone. when the united states grows so does the world. that the us president insisted that free t trade it needed to be quiet that and reciprocal his speech was far more moderate than his usual protectionist rhetoric. charm focused instead on deregulation andnd tax cuts. echoing apart to french president emmanuel macron wednesday speech for the european leader said frances back donald trump to is inviting industry leaders to invest in his country. american is the place to do business so come to america we you can innovate create and build. the us president underlying the responsibility devil's attendees have towards market and concealment. and some welcomes. world turn down message.
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i heard it editors and people that i think it made some people sort of look more at the economic side it lasted a very controversial political side. that others would have convinced you know he for ten minutes you can try to sound like a regular republican. some fool anybody. demagogue these tactics and demagogues user id slippery we can't be fooled by him absolutely no. the us president try to strike a balance between his protectionist agenda and his latest audience. this sales pitch focused on his tax cuts for corporations unknown to work his devil's crowd. if we're going to the new york times in a report the u. s. president donald trump had called for the man heading up the russia requiring. special counsel robert mula to be fired. was very happened back in june of last year however according to that same in new york times reports. president trump and changed his mind when the white house lawyer threatened to resign in protest. lost about not today in doubles
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president trump dismissed it as and i quote fake news. overall three was white house correspondent philip craw the has more on that. that's something that works for and that certainly with his bass as cold with trump votes as they decry the fake news at every campaign events and white house event this week go to we had that reaction. but of course the us president with what he says and doll of f us and we can say this with one hundred percent certainty was wrong that this is not fake news fake news are invented stories. things that have a malicious intent this is clearly not the case these are some of the most well souls reporters in washington on the white house speaks. with full sources at bringing this story to lights and the same that happening in other publications the washington post for example has ended up with the same story. importantly the white house the press shop that is within the white house has had a pretty much twelve
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hours now to r react to this and is more than welcome to say. this is not the right story you've got it wrong they on notes doing this in fact nobobody is doing this other than the u. s. presidents. using a refrain that is used so many times in the policy doesn't ring true of course any mall when he says fake news. this story as it stands a is believed by everybody it's shows that. the us presidents was very very seriously considering a firing robert mueller the special counsel the mantra sites lee who's n not just looking into possible collusion between russia and the e trump campapaign. this about also looking into a
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potential. essential attendance a form the trump white house to obstruct justice byy firing the that fbi director james comey for example. now this comes close to an obstruction of justice get e the story it's obviously true and it's being decried as fake news by the president's but. i think we can safely say he's wrong. a white house correspondent for the crowd the reporting that. no diplomatic relations between spain and venezuela have been strained ever since nineteen ninety nine when the late socialist it will go china's came to power. only five years after the death of china's relations of his we know better under the current and is writing president. nicolas maduro and today in madrid ordered venezuela's ambassador to leave the country what was it take a top move office spain's top diplomat. missile the pack up and leave for raqqa's.
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italy's president joseph kabila has they given his first press conference in sixty is. the dlc is already on edge following months of protests triggered by kabila's refusal to step down not despite his mandate ended momore than a yeyear . said to the deaths of schools of people in the capital kinshasa. today could be used as a dress to deny claims it for his forces and violently broken up for democracy process. or elections have been repeatedly delayed with many accusing could be a a simply try to king on to power. yeah. he. also critical issues on what i think that congo is on the right track. not federal strike organizing the elections. general motors but. like all people to save of these reassurances. . so what is that there's no. will be the actual virus the kind. people not stay calm.
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it offer that and will do everything. is it a chance to make sure with the lessons are effectively organized. tlc's joseph kabila speaking that. now this very optimism that four months of political limbo in germany could soon come to an end. following on from a set of formal coalition talks at is h. also angela merkel conservatives and the social democrats issued a statemen. saying abe angel wrap up the negotiations by next weekend or perhaps even a couple of days soon. the last opportunity to form a coalition government angela merkel put on a brave face a few minutes before the negotiations started to form a new cabinet. between the conservatives see do you mcs you parties and the spd social democrats. even though of often those who to the sun we'll make sure we negotiate quickly. in the issue and i think people and now waiting for us to move
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towards the formation of a government. so i'm optimistic that we'll get a result. i believe it's possible. friday size it was sold out on site. all see how for the lead of the christensen from union policy was equally optimistic on the other hand months and shows the leader of the social democrats. emphasize the coalition would have to focus on germany's european agenda is a marvelous again almost. this new government has to get back to germany its leadership role in the ea t. which germany has to take on in europe as a largest an economically strong is in the states after the shacks is maybe maybe it's. ideally the german chancellor would like to reach an agreement before february eleventh that would allow the government to stop the monday before the end of mamarch a month ago. all the parties agree on bipartisan policies such as capping the entry of margarines at two
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hundred and twenty thousand each year. a decision which was heavily criticized by the members of the s. p. d. they will have the final say as to whether or not the policy except shoes agreements. if they refuse to form a grand coalition governments germany luminouy tight race in deal polls close at one pm local time on saturday. it's set to be a tightly contested presidential election people in the czech republic have to choose between two candidates on opposite sides of the political spectrum. meals seven the incumbent president pro russian and pro china politician supported by rule i'm working class folks is he's up against the procura p. injury trials until this in
2:43 pm
politics he supports closer ties with the west. and favors the euro currency on his mostly supported by wealthier well educated urbanites. tell your mom as versions that aisles and society is now really divided fifty fifty the result depends on which faces a going to come invites. the jury drop offs it would impose if young people from big cities rights. hero should involve of the reform in the same in its traditional exes need to supports in. the one who manages to motivate his life is the most will win. mulder walks away wheelchair concern about and we had a in the first round it was a man who took the lead gathering thirty eight point fifty six percent of the vote losses opponent only got twenty six point six. now both candidates and naked neck averaging forty
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five percent of the votetes ten percent of the population remain undecided polls in the czech republic will close at one pm on saturday. the results of the election are expected d ter this evening. more using out of correspondent ian will be who's in up frog thank you so much for joining us. seems like a the czech republic is a pretty divided nationon with regard to its use our action. students are very much lost worlds right now is closes being seen as a kind of referendum on the incumbent said on this is an honest. and islamic as migrants seems kind of gravel andnd being that great and racks * blown russian. and he's also in five years had to say here very much divided society is so checks are essentially facing a choice if they want. more of the same o or if they want chann
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the days of hot spot e eveng will. will have a result no. the first round was two weeks ago zone and one that first round quite convincing a but what i his chances looking like you think in the second round.d. in. oncece hee is looking verery inside some on. this week is her reports earlier when both candidates for us k knickknacks. poposy with the sidelines ensure mister crotch arms. i'm. the essence is. . but. first round was that the. tenants. yeah. change cannot in support of his josh. soldiers go out and vote for this you crossed the words seem to have a chance of winning. bus it is very very
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nice and he says dissipation here initial public also choose which of these. differing outlooks. different visions for the future russian. there when the boat house a space. june. yeah i'm sure we're gonna checking in with you throughout the course of the weekend as we. keep a close eye on the vote in the czech republic thank you so much in will be in progress agai. well all three weeks have been some of the wettest old record and that's a lot of people here in paris worried that his the wilson level of the river sends out a three four five meters high the normal. is expected to reach its peak at this weekend's pharmaceuticals mariels soulful spousal. continuing to rise the water level in the french capital is now expected to reach six meat is that most of the weekends less than a floods of two thousand and sixteen. part of a commuter line remains suspended as does any will to traffic on the road to send. some homes along the river have also been evacuated after a break it's buying said earlier this week in addition the boston floor of the louvre
2:47 pm
museum has also been closed. that one lecturing t the floods off two thousanand ad sixteeeen that what works at the new thousand yet. west of paris dozens of families in the town of the lands or send have seen the hopes of managed. home sweet home. this president has been forced to evacuate with one meter of water already have basements. from today it looks like there will be another fifty centimeters of water. that's bad news i think. so i suppose we just have to prepare ourselves. to. local police of regularly patrolling the area to ensure the safety of the remaining residents. there are people who don't want to leave the house is because they don't think that affected and there are others with whom the world has not risen high enough. for them to need to evacuat. yet with the flooding set to continue over the weekends the residents who decided not to evacuate could be pushing i look.
2:48 pm
now he was credited with being the architects of the nouvelle cuisine revolution and today hundreds of the world's chefs. between represent dozens of michelle stalls gathered in the illegal cathedral today the final respects to pull boozy died on saturday at the age of ninety one. also people's you know he has this report. i can't get surrounded by senior chef white. holding his friends and colleagues hatred differences dasha. the usual. his interior minister and for the man. gave the eulogy pointing to hundreds of jethro attended as an illustration of the legacy. behind. it's already. they have come from deal. they have come from all over the country. they've come from all four corners of the world. on the here to show me their affection for. you transformed that profession.
2:49 pm
yeah and out and into a passion but she won't. full book uselessness francis culinary hope. becoming somewhat of an international ambassador the french cuisine. he's chairmanship business acumen and cooking skikills put him on the map in front and a bullet. but the heart of his empire was little bells you pulled the collage a three star mission restaurant that is now become a spontaneous memorial with mornin stopping by. order. the near full vote french astronomy much critical acclaim. is influence county found in japan and china all over the world. did so much for our country and for last city. you will be remembered as an important national figure. and for the city of the all. the way to the news of your. and a proponent of fresh local ingredients and most as a sex book he's is unique combination of tradition and innovation. comments legacy.
2:50 pm
pulled bookies the incarnation of righteous journey died in the same room he was born in in the outskirts of you'll. from his culinary capital. written on a to business news i'm joined by brian quinn here this year high that bryant. all week school so he about what's happening in doubles a quite an optimistic mood amongst the leaders there is not from this is elsewhere as well. indeed any report ashes record level of optimism about the world economy among ceos that sentiment certainly on display in dallas several political leaders though pointing out any for not only increased cooperation entree. for a reduction in the inequality created by globalization and message though a bit of a contrast us president donald trump. used his address to take some swipes at china on trade colonel going a reports. as the forty eighth annual world economic forum at
2:51 pm
devil's comemes to a closes. optimism in the global economy has hit a record high. according to the international monetary fund global growth will rise from three point seven three point nine percent and twenty nineteen. the number is expected to further encourage cross border investments. most leaders are treated a good news to multilateralis. insisting populism and stricter border were first recent economic progress. did you all know. isolating ourselves will not lead us to a good future protectionism is not the problem onsite. we believed that if we think that things is simply not fat but i was named reciprocity. me how to seek multilateral assistance and not proceed a unilateral protectionist cools movie isolate ourselves against the other. jordan. while he held multilateralism french president emmanuel mackerel push for increased cooperation and economic policy. a globalization more tractive the lower and middle classes. for many of french and german leadership at the conference mark the
2:52 pm
clips of american influence. the united states will no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practices. including massive intellectual property theft. industrial subsidies and pervasive state led economic planning. these and other predatory behaviours are distorting the global mararkets. . and harming businesses and workers not just in the us but around the glolobe. we were in a final move to reassure that was attendees the american president said he was open to rejoining the trans pacific partnership. only if it's in everyone's interest market is smashed. transforms arrogant kay the transfer market that was clearly containing some thinly veiled complains about chinese trade practices. . sizes that w ws good for its economy is good for the whole world friday chinese foreign minister to come on to defend her country's record. saying that its economic growth iss providining a huge
2:53 pm
ininternational markeket alg with development opportunities she was that in particular china's mammoth belt and road trade infrastructure plan. nine hundred billion dollar multi year initiative covering sixty five nations she called one of the most popular international public products in the world tables in here. what asian a hot and the contribution made by china's economic growth to the world can be seen in various aspects? china registered now bound direct investment of a hundred and twenty billion us dollars an impulse of twelve point forty six trillion u. n. in twenty seventeen. us providing of us market as well as investment and development opportunities for other countries senate seat. for china's trading action us indexes making gains the dow and s. and p. five hundred both hitting record highs as better than expected corporate earnings push markets higher. tech and healthcare stocks among the top performers del up. nearly half percent who think they're the s. and p.
2:54 pm
up around eight tenths of a percent the nasdaq up almost a full percent. strong corporate earnings lifting european shares as well nine and thirty one hundred closing up around two thirds of a percent. frankfurt's dax finishing up around three tenths of a percent french luxury brands lvmh and christian dior booking over four percent caporal here in paris closing up. nearly nine tenths of percent. okay go get some more of his top business headlines. nestle is cutting jobs in france the swiss based conglomerate says that up to four hundred positions will be eliminated. moststly support and administrative functions as e employees around thirteen thousand people in france the company seeking to consolidate seven of it sites around. into one by twenty twenty. but for air algerie resumed on friday following wildcat strikes by cruise on thursday. passengers were stranded in algiers yesterday with for unions gathering at the capital's airport to complain about unfair administrative
2:55 pm
measures against employees. who the second time in a week airlines flights were grounded by labor action? and a loss of one point five million dollars of our. and a european. five rocket is launched to new high power c commercial communications satellites into orbit from french guiana. versioion control briefly lost contact with the rocket dururing its tral leading to fears a large failure. however the are andrew says both satellites including one who see a fifty three million dollars atmospheric science packet from nasa. have a cheap or. finally for business gnutella is quite sweet but some of the behavior from french customers trying to get their hands on a decidedly less so. these are scenes from an international a grocery store in true home in southern france or fight broke out. discussed was a rush to get their hands on the jars after the change discounted a creamy hazel not spread by up to seventy percent. people punched in the head some black eyes police call to break up fights those all been reported in several
2:56 pm
locations around the countr. the president jar fell from for your a fifty to a one year seventy. ferrero the brand owns intel expressed regrets but says this email was intermission ets idea the promotion does run so saturday i will say tom. every year on black friday people is sexy americans fighting over tv is i'm glad for once is not just. was doing. no harm to the brand us out of it was talking about us us so last year pretty much for commercial use it. pretty good free advertising they'll thank you very much indeed for that brian thing with today's business news abu back at half past nine harassed on the go
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