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where he's been meeting with nationalists to hit edmonson for greater autonomy for the island. today he addressed because it is a parliament and said the one he was taken to a specific mention of course a infringe constitution. also rejected the call for the calls in language to be accorded official status and it is not as a which has more. most mediterranean department for its cultural identity as an analytical made his position clear goals of this place raids on the homes of the french republic analysts as a moral tone ascendancy. wednesday speech about csc enjoyable of many of the demands of the islands nationalist groups including the
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recognition of the calls and language for official purposes. the vice president did say however he conceded at one point says. should be legally enshrined in frances constitution. why shoes in certain emotional g.? if i suddenly announce that i am in favor of corsica being mentioned in the constitution. and a bill allowing for this will be submitted. to parliament in the spring should it gives us a new bottle. own shoes data content to serve any an objective to mark the twentieth anniversary of the murder of prefects clued in the neck. a reminder of the nationalist violence that has long comes to show the. relationship with mainland franz tensions up the president to vote pledging to provide further missiles is from paris we wish to tackle them. galliano's office you recall anything as long as bonds and security this update the
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life of people office. is violence related to terrorism all male agreed on is is not good for that was a cat and mouse the eradicated. sponsor instances of the. organized crime. drug trafficking the state's response will be one of zero tolerance. also zeal. the french president also evoke some of the challenges the island faces including the housing crisis in which soaring real estate prices have pushed many local people else of the market. michael rejected the idea of a residence status which had been moved as a solution saying most social housing should be built. well were about that i'm joined by and handle gun a french politics expert and summer university thank you for being with us on france24 tonight. now mackerel i has reportedly been concerns about these turning into the french equivalent of the castle and crisis. in spain at easing his handle the issue with this visit.
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i think. there are three points so we can make about you speech today one it was this species on to reading anchor cool seek outays in the republic. because he kept emphasizi how the state the rol of e state and how to stake in hell because you careful. acal second it was a very very slow and speech because he's actively rejected or did you months from the nional is. a call from coue you get the constitution and hiding hours. also it' this point is tha is typical of michael's you also see the. sameime philosophy license famous for because what he said. in effect is yes i hearing you yes you hospices diseases yes i recognize them but at the same time
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there is absolutely no need for radical transformation and oral specificities. can be accmodated within a public if you if you if you take a few points yes to bilingualism buto because you can being on official language. ye wcan article seekers to theonstitution yes you can hobble always at the same time it will be on the all vehicles seventy two and all seventy four that he wants it. yes you can hobble always intoxication if you do you will get less money from the state. yes no huge problems ways property prices but distant but but decision is not a race as. a resident status so he did what he you know is it was a typical michael speech at the same tim it also free right and and and french bne
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shoreline which. is one of the re elementsf french reblicanism. o it's it's a hugely symbic gesture and all in all of people are yet ready to do it. and the second reas is if you nt to run school section. stages officia along which you will have to change the constitution and in pticular article one. because it is also cled tas about the indivisibility and unicity of the french nation so in order to do in order to giv. a status notedo give the official. status of urse you can you will have t change the constitution a
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no there's not all of the site to change this first article that . this is also the best how e people.of ordinary french where did you hear not not not clean china samurais the the relationship when he said that because you guys you know is isn't into your into your cost of french history? you don't and and you mentioned you mentioned the. most analysts. you know because you guys very very. and lights. you know and he says it's your resume so yeah it has a very special place and that's why is this school is speech was designed to you kw three
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anchor. uncle seek out by saying yes you hospices is re recognize them. but we can help you. uniforms feel or his business or is this is it is fulfilling potential through the republic. so you really remains and his eyes. close and ties historical ties between and the men lands and cole ceo. are ariana vogue at a very much in dates. now hold on some his you won the election german towns angela merkel has reached a coalition deal with the social democrats it comes at a high price of a germany'sr period without a government. chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the center
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left social democrats say they're ready to rule again. one hundred and thirty six days and counting since september selection this matters because the country is europe's largest economy. i know that many is this is a closely watching this long process over the past weeks they had. just what it says. governments a bubble as state governments. so. we think and. we'll nee. people. the. germany is also a key player in sensing he you policy. so we germany will with this coalition agreement once again take an active. role inside the european union. the main sticking points in recent days will workers rights and healthcare. the deal ends months of political deadlock bhat it's
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come at a price. medical has agreed to the next german finance minister. social democrats. killing thing is also again. team members must. agreements and that process could take weeks if they do so jimmy should have a government's again by easte. so is spaces chancellor lines in the hands of the rank and file of the chosen junior coalition. on celtic territory politician known as the most powerful leaders in europe. german politics has changed as well. from a rifle tentative the germany campaigned against immigration and a hero. but in september's. it is now the country's main opposition policy. in syria government forces and a russian allies continue to bomb civilian areas in the rebel held district needs moskos is despite calls from the u. and full and immediate humanitarian cease fire. least twenty three people
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were reportedly killed in easton goes to this wednesday aid workers on the ground and human rights groups say ninety four hundred people have been killed in bombing raids in recent days. including ninety four children any how the million people are trapped in the neighborhood yesod regime is trying to bring under its control. the land of the isis landlords ahead in french court once again today as is always made the case for his increase self so i've been those his accuser with three others harboring to of the perpetrators of the twenty fifteen paris attacks. prosecutors believe he did not know what the man had done when he offered them the keys to his apartment chris morris trial. which what band i would giving a lengthy on a rambling final dress to the cold room i hate in paris during which she apologized. to victims families also made reference. to the fact that he and his defense team feel all of this is being a bit of a case of trial by media trial in the courts of
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our public opinion. station to being dubbed each what comedy shows the jawad a trashy show yakin may's by his defse team and the class was kind of and i haven't seen a. is that yes is a man with a difficult backgrounds of violent postrel polistes. in the tough suburbs of will the paris but they are not man i was extremely sympathies would ever knowing it out poverty to terrorist. incidents the third defendant i use if i has said things possible complicated for him. a prosecutors late on the mounting a maximum five year sentence for him officials r
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him to resign and allow deputy to cyril ramaphosa to take over. is already despite his annual state of the nation address and many believe it will be too difficult for him to survive a series of ongoing corruption scandals. not and i say this in more detail at a man who would replace him. this is cyril ramaposa long considered a man with ambition school south africa's top job. he cut his teeth in politics during the fight for racial equality sounding decide nelson mandela in nineteen ninety four when the african national congress does swept to power. then he was an active trade unionist organizing strikes against the white owned mines. bought off losing a presidential race without a bacchae he ducked out of professional politics in the late nineties. two decades later he's part of south africa's business elite with hands in almost every sector of the economy
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and the personal fortune estimated over three hundred fifty million euros. in two thousand and twelve he stepped back into the political limelight coming soon is that easy two years later a. and while they may be all smiles here ramaposa has run on a ticket vowing to fight the corruption so associated with xerostomia. as well as revitalising south africa's economy. the united states is preparing to unveil the toughest sanctions yet sedans north korea vice president mike pence ideas and say from japan where he's spending three days. before sending the winter to make and i think certainly in south korea on friday and also said that pyongyang would not be allowed to hijack the games. the north korean leader kim jong moon is sending his c. set to represent the regime next week kim yo jong it is the most senior member of the eagles dedication it's attending the games. as we
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the first member of north korea's ruling family to visit the south since the end of the war in nineteen fifty three should have a target has the story. breaking new diplomatic ground. the presence of kim yo jong in north korea's olympic delegation is a major event should be the first member of the dictatorships ruling family to visit historic enemy south korea since the nineteen fifty three armistice. seoul welcomes the announcements. in particular eighteen you john as sister of kim jong and plays an important role within the workers party. and we can say that her visit is especially meeting for all has. twenty eight year old kim yo jong is the vice director of killian's propaganda and agitation department that transmits the party's ideological messages to the media arts and culture. she seen here at the funeral of her father kim jong il who died in twenty eleven. she was blacklisted last year by the us treasury department
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for human rights abuses and censorship. other high ranking officials will be part of the olympic delegation to south korea including the country's nominal head of state. give you jones is it could be the first step in breaking north korea out of its diplomatic isolation. overstaying white snow across paris minded beautiful but it's been a logistical nightmare for thousands over could uses this wednesday at least fifteen centimeters of snow blanketed the capitol. of the suburbs last night's hundreds of people simply gave up trying to get home from work and sets in that because most of the story. a u. de icing truck stopped in its tracks by dozens of abandoned calls. heavy snow full brought traffic to a standstill across the paris region on wednesday. the and one way to move to a to that site was particularly badly affected.
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local authorities set up emergency overnight accommodation for some six hundred people in a greater powers area. buzz that was by no means the end of commuters troubles. come back for the sports hall on foot when i wanted it was where's my car their cars everywhere the holden moved and we don't know our cars are. both. i'm waiting for the cars in front of the news and i can move to. and people have left because. they store shelves in various places nearby because obviously they can spend the night here. that will also scenes of chaos it powers is major train stations. horrible strings to the city's suburbs canceled. my god we managed to fit in. could use his from further afield will also affected. the phone she that the train was meant to be direct but it stops at every station a two two hours result in paris that just sixty five
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kilometers of a. elsewhere rail connections from houses apple was stopped in their tracks for a number of hours. while at passengers to face delays of the number of flight cancellations. the only trouble is unaffected by opposes extreme weather for the logs with fees. and more snow is for costly said this week so that stuff not multi i just it was as busy as of late i came eighties it is she added. laura and it was only that the markets and they are rebounding after a few days of service idea yet appear to be although it is a really rocky session over on wall street. another's recovery began in the u. s. on tuesday after the wild sell off the salt four trillion dollars wiped off local markets in less than a week. asian markets were mixed this wednesday three european is the stage to strong comeback for the one hundred london closing up nearly two percent. calculus
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and acts not far behind their. continuing our on wall street the dow jones sort of three hundred and fifty points earlier before paring back slightly. as you see the nasdaq has now sunk below the flight line a little under an hour of trading to go their investors still bracing for more volatility ahead. knives he greg earlham around as chief market analyst that wouldn't turbulence represents a blip or longer term repositioning the markets. my inclination says it's a blip belong so we see on the next couple of days ago it's very difficult the site one of the things that we are still seeing is a lot of all the filipino markets and typically. high levels volatility send associated with negative moves in the market so what we are seeing a bit of a rebound for example in the us which is now for a second day. europe's in the great as well these murders tickling your compared the losses we've seen in the days previously as though quite small so we might see the coolest sessions now but we do see volatility called i'm just a little bit but we do
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see. markets remain in the green or least not make any more substantial losses and i think most of us and settles then we will be able to look back on this is a political until happens. i still think there's gonna be a small element of panic and fear in the markets and should be taken with that lower we could see volatility pickle. those losses increase. year and a half or so really with the markets have been powering through these records. and people been talking about the time for a correction do you think there is still more of a correction to come. my i have my inclination says knowles and simply because we've seen such a shock correction will be yol box office at least the pay is the formal polls that if the. data is strong the adding figures we seem for both in the us and europe
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have been very encouraging so this is like a trip up thing i i don't know but. the hospital to complacency i think the markets because it's been such a long time since we see a correction another maybe also feeding into it as well. do you think that computer basil algorithmic trading has played in the recent sell off and the subsequent recovery. i think we simply questions on the role of over the trading plays it'll seem to or at least this is the attribute thing too exacerbating the move. walls results in the drop off and we sort the. home on the evening. here in europe on the tile saw the selling off the minute calls around the thousand points on the album that i mock it quickly became eleven to twelve hundred. anand resist high fifteen sixteen hundred others always quickly was what's the bounce is always quite extreme as well we moved right back to eight hundred points on the day again in a very short period of time says clearly.
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playing a role a particularly in the. downsize and of course the devices now gonna rage again about just what kind of a role. posted role these algorithms to fly in the financial markets. zone will continue its steady pace of expansion in the coming years. the european commission which raised its growth production from two point one to two point three percent for this year and two percent for next. represents a slight slowdown from twenty seventeen unsolvable external side. ae include the possible impact of us policies the unknown impact of brexit political uncertainty and shukham people. attentions needed. european central bank is to begin considering who to appoint a key post spain's economy minister luis digging just is seen as the front runner for the organization's vice presidency. all ireland's
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central bank governor philip lane is also put himself forward. yours and finance ministers will make a recommendation later this month. meanwhile european central bank is one of the clock is ticking for london based banks to make brexit plans. only eight so far taken formal steps to a proper licenses to operate within the european union. and uk doesn't reach an agreement on the terms of its exit financial organizations could be cut out of the block all together. anything that he wishes to relocate from the uk to the your area short. has submitted its license application already. but it has not it should do so by the end of the second quarter of two thousand eighteen. at the latest. the european union is asking washington for financial compensation over its decision to impose import tariffs on solar panels. according to finally at the world trade organization even demanding talks over the issue. china taiwan and
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south korea have filed similar claims they further he's the us of breaking wto rules. exited to kick off this friday and north korea's delegation will be in the spotlight they take part in the games. behind the scenes the athletes won't be getting all the perks their competition u. their government remains the target of international sanctions. robertson explains. young jan two thousand eighteen spells big sports and big business. marketing masses. the international olympic committee is one hundred percent privately funded. relies on marketing and broadcasting to finance the games. among the major sponsors nike coca cola samson mcdonald's while other teams donna new nike kids. thanks. insertion sanctions riveted. yes will be rented from the finish rounds of given by the end of the games.
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because it's impossible to provide an old green c. with american products because this country to the law of united states department of the treasury. devil we cannot see no great athletes playing games in mike uniforms. it is not just us sanctions the united nations sanctions to. south korean phone giant samson set to give gifts to olympic athletes. old box wrenches to the north koreans. so i think we are closely cooperating with the international community. including the u. s. in accordance with sanctions to avoid controversy with regard to north korea. olympic ticket sales or bruised after pyongyang confirmed its participation. taking is a sign also developed a comedy the school progression. the shadow of the north korean nuclear program and international sanctions. monkeys with the games. the pepsico corporation has found itself in hot water over the idea of launching a line of snack products geared specifically to wome. controversy started with a
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group ceo internal he said that women have different eating habits to men up talking about cheesy your readership for example a she said women don't always like to crunch loudly in public and lick their fingers. most men like to eat doritos that way and she said the company was getting ready to launch products designed and packaged differently for women. and hashtag lady doritos began immediately trending on social media one of them is group pointing at pointing out the women ask for equal pay an end to sexual harassment and respect. about not female friendly snacks another user said his daughter could look would be learning that she could do or be anything. do anything except eat normal to readers because they're too crunchy apparently. that's echo has now jumped in sydney's comments have been misinterpreted they say
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companies as we already have to realize for when they're called. the controversy over
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