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tv   DW News  LINKTV  September 28, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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berlin. germany greets turkish president recep tayyip erdogan with the state banquet, capping a day of diplomatic bridge building. erdogan wants to build a bridge was germany but his record on human rights remains a sticking point for the nato allies. also, a u.s. republican senator calls for the fbi to investigate sexual assault claims against
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supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. the move could delay a final senate vote to appoint him. plus disaster strikes, not once but twice in indonesia, the island of sulawesi is hit first by a powerful earthquake and then by a tsunami. and the personal data of millions of facebook users could be at risk after hackers attack the social-media giant. ♪ sarah: i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program. germany has rolled out the red carpet for turkish president recep tayyip erdogan. tonight he attended a state banquet in his honor at berlin's bellevue palace, where he was greeted by german president frank-walter steinmeier. it was a glamorous occasion
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which took place within earshot of noisy demonstrations against the turkish leader. earlier, erdogan met with chancellor angela merkel to repair the fractured relationship between the two countries. at a joint press conference in berlin, merkel said differences remain but she is hopeful of finding common ground, despite fears criticism in germany of turkey's human rights record. reporter: even in germany there are sometimes moments when journalists can't pave exactly as they please. president erdogan was in the middle of his press conference with angela merkel when a man revealed a t-shirt that said press freedom. he was quickly bundled out by security officers. the brief distraction seemed to abuse erdogan, but his crackdown on journalistic freedoms was one of the issues the chancellor raised at the meeting. it is nosy but there are
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serious differences in recent years, and there still are. it is mainly about the rule of law and about press freedom. asked about the case of a turkish journalist now in exile in germany, erdogan was defiant. >> he used a loophole. anand he fled to germany. but his court sentence remains valid. and this person belongs in jail, because he has revealed state secrets. reporter: outside on the streets of berlin, protesters were also drawing attention to the lack of basic freedoms in turkey. >> our protest is not against erdogan, but it is against his politics, his politics of violation of human rights, his politics of a violation of
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freedom of press, and journalism is not a crime. but it seems to be a crime in turkey. reporter: earlier, the german president greeted erdogan at bellevue palace, an attempt to normalize relations in a time when things are anything but normal. turkey has imprisoned thousands of its own citizens. many were the honors go to far. >> i think this smells like appeasement and this course is totally wrong because it betrays and mockss all those who are victims ofppression, and there arare hundredsdsf thouousas of them in tuturkey. reporter: a number of demonstrations for and against erdogan are due in the next .4 hours, b but with thousands of police deployed in central berlin, there is deterermined that's -- there is determination that street protests will not overshadow diplomacy. sarah: part of president erdogan's program on friday included the state banquet in
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his honor hosted by german president frank-walter steinmeier. dw's charlotte telson pill is outside the ban banquet, and we have analysis in the studio. charlotte, i'd like to turn to you first because i would like to talk about the banquet. it is a significant because of who attended but also, because of who did not. charlotte: that's right, sarah. a number of german opposition politicians announced they would boycott the banquet as a sign of opposition to the turkish president's state visit. a number of people have pointed out that the german chancellor, angela merkel, is not taking part in the state banquet. that, though, it has to be made clear, it's not something that's especially unusual. she doesn't usually take partt n these state banquets. it's not any kind of signal that is being sent. so far though, we have heard the
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banquet has been going as planned, fairly smoothly, although there have been reports that president erdogan, in his speech at the banquet, went slightly off script. there are reports he reprimanded the german president frank-walter steinmeier, upset by steinmeyer's reference to political prisoners in germany, and a number of german visitors that are currently behind bars in turkey. reports are still emerging, but it appears there was some anger at that state banquet. sarah: no shortage of controversy with this visit. many germans are highly critical of the fact that erdogan has been welcomed with full honors to the country. i would like to turn to you, julia, because it comes at an interesting time for turkey, this visit. what is erdogan hoping to achieve in germany? yulia: looking back at what
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happened today, this is one of the most controversial, if not the most controversial state visit to germany this year. quite a number of scandals we saw today, and that outburst of anger by mr. erdogan, that charlotte was just mentioning, again, these are just reports, we have not been at the banquet, we have not listened to the speech, but this is probably not exactly what he was hoping for. for sure he was hoping for glamorous pictures. he was received with military honors earlier today by frank-walter steinmeier, the german president, he was shaking hands with merkel and he wants these pictures because it shows he is respected and received as a statesman here in germany, in europe's economic powerhouse. and my feeling was that he was looking forward to these kind of
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pictures to reassure financial markets, to regain trust to show that he is among europeans and is well respected there. sarah: a difficult time for the country. the lira has tanked, economic pressure, erdogan coming to increase economic operation between turkey and germany and with europe, just generally speaking. and not everyone and europe is happy about that. they were on the streets today and there were protesters out. charlotte: that's right. there were thousands on the streets of berlin today. they were looking to counter that image that yulia was talking about, that image of president erdogan is a statesman, being welcomed here in germany. there are lots of people who. -- who feel very strongly about the visit. people walked through the
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streets of berlin, streets were closed off to make way for them, as they headed toward the presidential palace, where they said they wanted to make their voices heard by president erdogan. there were people from dozens of organizations taking part in this protest, including far left organizations, people who told me they were increasingly concerned by what they say is president erdogan's increasingly authoritarian rule. we spoke to people concerned about press freedom, free speech, political prisoners. there were also pro-kurdish protesters on the streets here, who said they were angered at the turkish military offensive against kurdish militia in syria. so a number of different groups here, but we united them -- but what united them was anger that germany has essentially rolled out the red carpet for president erdogan. sarah: a lot of concerns on the table as these two leaders meet. day one was friday and day to is
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saturday -- and a day two is saturday. yukilia, you live in turkey, and you see this as a relationship reset between the two countries? do you see political will? yulia: i see political will. i see the president erdogan has changed his language. he accused the germans of nancy zi, and now he approaches them and says he wants to revive the friendship and so on. and there are reasons for germany and turkey to cooperate, of course economic reasons, geostrategic reasons, syria, the migration crisis, but as the german chancellor said today, there are profound differences that remain, and these differences appear when they talk about the rule of law and human rights.
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and there, i really have the feeling that they don't speak the same language. chancellor merkel is ringing that up in the president erdogan says we have a stable, constitutional democracy and i don't know what you are talking about, basically. so in order for this relationship to get any better, to improve, they need to speak the same language basically. and i inc. is a lot of work to be done there. at -- and i think it is a lot of work to be done there. sarah: thank you so much, to both of you. now we had to the united states, where the u.s. senate's judiciary committee has said it will ask president donald trump to open a new fbi probe into supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. earlier, the senate judiciary committee took a vote. talking about that testimony yesterday from dr. christine blasey ford, who said he
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assaulted her at a gathering back in the 1980's. in a vote along party lines, the committee backed kavanaugh. the deciding vote was cast by anti-trump repubublicann jeff flake. he says he is urging the senatee leadership to delay a full vote on cabinet -- to delay a vote on kavanaugh fofor a full week untl the fbi can conduct a probe into allegations of misconduct against kavanaugh. let's listen to flake's statement to the committee. >> i think it would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to but not more than one week, in order to let the fbi do an investigation, limited in time and scope, to the current allegations that are there. and i've spoken to a few other members on my side of the aisle that may be supportive as well. sarah: let's break down what this means. dw's very own maya shwayder is
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standing by washington. we have the committee sing that they will ask president trump for an fbi probe. are they likely to get it? what is next? maya: that is the million-dollar question. we are in uncharted waters when it comes to supreme court nominations. senate republicans are also teeing up the full senate vote on brett kavanaugh's confirmation, despite the fact that they agreed to have this fbi investigation happened. so it looks like they are still trying to push forward with. this. even with these -- forward with this. even with these obstacles thrown in their way, there's a vote scheduled for saturday, to see whether they will go on with that vote. and the thing is, the senatate n stilill move forward with their vote and not have this
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investigation happen. this is a double-edged sword because they could give this full week that has been asked for, and let this investigation happen. the investigation could turn up nothing and they could go ahead with the vote, but that could also give enough time for these senators who have declared that there on the fence, particularly to key republican senators, to be swayed one way or another. sarah: and it's interesting to see one of these senators, jeff flake, pushing for this investigation after he first announced he would support kavanaugh. he was thenn, we should mention, confronted by sexual assault victims in the halls of congress. i'd like to play that footage and get your reaction afterward. >> you take responsibility for it and then you begin to repair it. you are allowing someone who is unwilling to take responsibility for his own action, and the conduct that he is done to one woman. >> be a hero. >> senator, why now, why now?
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why not wait? why not wait for the investigation? >> the process. >> senator do you want to respond? sarah: you could hear the emotion there, maya. this is really struck a chord in the nation. how much pressure is flake and other lawmakers under to vote against their republican party? maya: this is one thing flake said in his request for the fbi investigation. he said this country is being torn apart, indicating he wanted to do something about that. you can see this in the rhetoric of both sides. depending on what side of the aisle you were on, you took away two very different messages from yesterday's very emotional testimony. you either completely believed dr. christine blasey ford oror u completely believed judge brett
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kavanaugh. the senators are under enormous pressure from their party and the opposition party, not to mention their own constituents, who i'm sure are on the phone ringing them nonstop. and the more it the vote is delayed, the more pressure they will be. sarah: maya shwayder in washington, thank you. let's check some other stories making news around the world. gaza health officials say at least seven palestinians have been shot dead buys really soldiers in clashes along the border. others were wounded. palestinians have been holding weekly protests there since march. the israeli army says its soldiers were provoked. danish police closed bridges and shutdown theories linking copenhagen to o the mainlaland s they undertook a major manhunt. police said they were looking for a stolen swedish-registered car containing three people
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wanted for, quote, serious criminality. the shutdown caused major traffic jams in the danish capital. you are watching dw news. still to calm, two-meter high waves sweeping beaches in indonesia as a powerful earthquake triggers a tsunami. >> facebook says 50 million user accounts might be affected in a new data breach. the social-media giant says it does not know who is behind tuesday's hacking attack, and where the perpetrators might be based. but the data breach could allow hackers to take over facebook accounts. users who used to the view-as feature in thehe leicester are especially vulnerable. facebook says it is taking steps to fix the problem, and alerted law enforcement. earlier this year, facebook had to admit 87 million user
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profiles had been compromised. for more, jared reed from our social-media desk is with me. garrett, this sounds bad. what else do we know? jared: facebook said hackers were able to get information that gave them access to 50 million user accounts. and information called tokens, basically the digital keys to our count, and they help us by not making us have to account log back into our accounts every single time we use facebook. so in effect, they stole 50 million keys. and they did that might exploding the view-as option. so you have different security options for different people and you want to know, what does my count look like if jared looks at it? so the hackers got into view-as, to 50 million keys and looked at all these accounts. facebook says it identified the
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problem on tuesday and put a patch in on thursday. ? >> 50 million keys, gone. what don'jerod: facebook says ws behind the hack had to be pretty sophisticated. i guess we can believe that, i t doesn't hide the fact that one of the world's biggest social media companies was so vulnerable that it could get hacked. we also don't know was whether the hackers took anything from the accounts. didn't misuse the information it was able to get, and did yo it o anything to the accounts, didn't post anything, didn't mismanage the accounts in any way? >> i'm on facebook. you are on facebook. how do i know if my account has been compromised? jared: you will be asked to
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login even though you haven't logged out. facebook has reset these digital keys for the 50 million users affected, plus an extra 40 million as a precaution, so in total 90 million people will have to log back in on facebook. passwords are not affected, so the hackers were not able to get into any passwords. >> we been here before. a massive data breach just six months ago. any ramifications regarding this latest data breach? jared: it's hard to tell, because we just found out about it. but it's not a good look. the cambridge analytical scandal happened when the personal materials from tens of millions of people was compromised. mark zuckerberg says they are up to the task of protecting data, but this breach isn't going to convince us that it is up to the task. >> not a good look, indeed.
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jerod read, from the dw tech desk. the securities and exchange commission is accusing tesla chief executive elon musk of fraud. the sec says he was misleading investorors, and it all started with a tweet. >> i'm considering taking tesla privatet $420, thundering -- funding secured. this is the message elon musk tweeted toto 22 million followes last month. and here is the response of u.s. regulators who have charged him with fraud. >> mosque's statements misled members of the investing public to believe it was virtually certain he could take tesla private at a price of $420 per share, which was a substantial premium over the share price at
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that time, because funding for this transaction had been secured, and the only contingency remaining was a shareholder vote. the market reacted to this information at the tesla stock price weekly traded up. we allege musk's statements were false and misleading because they lacked any basis in fact. reporter: on the day of musk's tweet last month, tesla shares shot up, forcing nasdaq to suspend trading for an hour and a half. that caused huge losses for short-sellers, investors who buy a company stock hoping that it will fall. tesla called the allegations of fraud unjustified, and said he had always taken action in the interest of his investors. tesla shares fell nearly 12% after news of the fraud charges broke. host: for more, let's go to our wall street correspondent. the sec is going for elon musk's
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had great other likely to get it? reporter: that depends. i do know believe the sec really wants to get rid of elon musk, because he is very closely connected to tesla, and the sec in the first place would like to protect investors. and if they get rid of elon musk there might be a negative for the stock price, as we have learned. the sec put it pretty fair deal on the table, but at the very last second elon musk decided not to go for it. and that caused wall street, the stock at the end of the day lost almost 14% on value, but it is still possible a deal could be reached between elon musk and the sec. >> and the latest trouble at facebook, how is the market responded to news of another massive data breach at facebook?
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reporter: initially it was a shocker and the stock dropped by 3.5%. one of the critics of facebook, has been for quite some time, that they are collecting ever more data about are not necessarily able to really protect those. what we have heard so far is that obviously, in this particular case, no credit-card information was stolen. so that's at least a little bit of good news. and the stock could recover at the end of trading, at the end of the day. facebook is done by about 2.5%, but those have been some pretty rough months foror facebook sine the all-time high that was reached in july. the stock is down a good 25%. >> thank you. over 200 ryanair flights were struck from departure boards in spain, italy, germany, the
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netherlands, as workers walked off the job for better pay and working conditions. the budget airline has seen repeated strike actions in recent months. ryanair's continuing negotiations but the union says the offer put forward is not acceptable. with its low ticket prices, ryanair has taken over established carriers to become europe's biggest airline by passenger numbers. a frightening flashback to the 2004 asian soon o tsunami. >> a powerful earthquake triggered a two meter soon o tsunami, hitting the city of palu on the island of sulawesi. reports say houses of been destroyed and communications are cut.
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reporter: it's a horrifying thought, being in the path of an oncoming tsunami. people in high-rise buildings could only watches t the wave hit. the impact destroyed many people's homes and businesses, and also places of worship were hit hard. communication and power was cut in many y areas. the tsunami was triggered by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck on the coast just minutes before. this footage shows the quake's imimmediate afaftermath. many people rushed to the streets s to escape the risk of being caught in a collapse. damage to communication lines hindered initial communications gathering, however officialsls bebelieve severaral people were killed.. many injured w wer taken to the hospital, and staff are treating the wounded and core doors and open fields. -- the wounded in corridors and
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open fields. sarah: now to the san diego zoo safari park in the u.s.. whihics welcomoming its newest resident, 127 kilogram abie elephant. the femamale cap is the biggesto be born in the zoo. the birth of the giant baby took zookeepers somewhat by surprise, as it came earlier than expected. the mother elephant and her new offspring appeared to be doing well. the zoo is now the home to 14 elephants. so cute. and with that, now you are up-to-date on dw news. i'm sarah kelly in berlin. thanks for watching. have a great day. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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going to get a hold [inaudible] thank. thank you. for joining us again in the oceans anyway. senate senate committee house the kind of woman he's used. content great great eleven as it is and it is -- tempted is his even eva has had get against moderate republican senator jeff jenny craig did. have capital little ones we see these incidents hello
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