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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 29, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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press one for service. this message. is. for for for comp [inaudible] prince [inaudible] yeah. john john john tell us i think just doesn't help house's easy. one past
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[inaudible] twenty twenty the most. seven days later time was [inaudible] one no no it does not island and innocent vision speaking to resign and i'm in on the nine nine trying. to get [inaudible] the risen risen resources on the promotional springs [inaudiblele] andrea. here here is --
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people are. dancing g sort of sort of ns and regional. regimes we terms densely brbridge which w which and a reliable and use your here's been a couple of things one of one of his hand and i'm now israel's was a lot of this is. starting. . to oppose. station should have known once. jim came today [ [inaudible] ten tentative [inaudible] so.
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moving and send d sizes he couldn't. jane and people.. raisingg. he s says. his his ministers. so -- you knknow you know moviving everything away -- turnrn or traraditional. conservative it education is you in in -- campaiaign. he whehether whether. after he said he e said he's got kind of a n number is always always.
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trees. streaming down down never been dating general. twenty nine fifteen might might be [inaudible] nine line. three streets that's right right accent as mass goes in as much less than also. ship with the on the school. those -- it in on a on a in the year
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[inaudible] two she is. i prisoners elected to do it in a different places in the country's residential. email me. as well as well you eliminate. section also narrows how. he will he will make to make it easier forces word order to use the it was it was in
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the fifty days. cooling [inaudible] and finally. three days later it doesn't. exist [inaudible] ship [inaudible] with with. here. is the is this weekend has medical concerns us lister story. i can. to take take jobs
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judge also. does. the public. twenty should. he's on the other side my mind this is. my land line [inaudible] many. in the in the twenty one twenty one hundred and since i will i will not run candidates for the chchancellor. we should add that. to take weeks we don't really in bringing up children's with. in two thousand fifteen the
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local clubs along. because many many of which will. the whole the movie also. controversial. i did it because she she also does is a all of the following [inaudible] attention. indeed this is a selection has says us all the a a i i green same day into nine nine bill that last night as a police these this is. the interior ministry.
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they say that's a no no you'll to ours sees no no group claimed responsibility deborah as opposed or story. in june two days off on the side so i will lose her self up on one lizzy lizzy entry. three say they exclusion . to be given. in his considers it a cool control is a little.
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hello to those as an exam done this is rush rush them into clinical socials. as crowds on to with this is justin right. she she it is yes. yeah yeah polite i aggregat. tells us so that about. took place i think it was. truck that [inaudible]
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well -- is not not to run around and tried to disease the main i high street of the cow is where where it's which was nominally in you and you come congress fertile and ice. cream and the in the in the cafes and it's and it's als. late late is because where. thousands internet any i can i can on that let god got it to our house. was the residence and i well that let me was really pleased to go. how you're using is the way it was sometime i five always that is and i went well that? the end of them.
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coming coming to cut it could be a repeat. is he is using think this. is like my how to have an impact on the two exacta. a total today stay with him- haven't i don't know it but i think i think you can say that is not a problem. with these silly lines act for certain nothing up at the security rating about i fits in emoting. country -- then again to get a seat talk talk today is just always on attack again against the city. against country people because it's a different
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different strategies that gentry of of of of we can in the state we can we can in the state by inviting i can believable and and then sen. off of it as a date and time it and this is a why in general general this kind of attack has has. had with with for example a selection of twenty to one another just is that the not a date going going down georgia and when clinton missiles he previously indicated more. data you don't always went. against him meanwhile that unless you if you just hold on donald trump would be well well it depends. until till he didn't know now white. one was in today today i how
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we jointing granddad. saying they president this at this time. the resident in was when. well t the old address regional okay. individuals on anybody but it. about our secure injuring baby name there's only onsite. and i'm thinking spaces is missing sometimes has. provided by us that. two
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days. she was in the and the morning a survivor. from control deal. off talking here on social. teke. in the forty forty six to a little while is on rebel what about you to please. it is the uss thank god like i 3-0 only because there was a show like lies lto door or the states there will nobod. paid any attention to this data and warm well doubt
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[inaudible] of these. authorities a mailing that men and women women. she's changing. the victory stages as range of the four ninety is. that how. to and six i found on the american a judge issues. and one had and and always always is your source and deserves it she's she's the speech is generally going going going on a new disease different franchises. and you know you know they say and and it it'd be rather rather do you think they say they just outside words i'm sorry rises
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anything even mean the united states. i'm trying to do see if you need anything of course for so long has zero zero there is a reason he says you have to have some which gives years there's a date when the when the songs on and how does this and again. and i was like. some conspiracy theories though does use. yeah the mad magazine restrictions to the united. you mentioned and that the i'm i'm similar you know united states at all. donald trump and that's that century there is a group
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from the the united states says as long. as in santa ana some is missing its tag titles right twenty fifty seven cents at you know united states clearly. cell something is using changing didn't think that there's when you clear years and and and and is there is a video. freedom down on those those kind. each each and heads and and and has has years and am day and and have them. and and and and have. i mean i mean it's not. yeah he does he does eye and
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a dead today yeah. is usually very very in the sixties sense i think and i was i was -- in the last. year of two large resources as it as a thank you time time. at coming coming up nine nine to encourage residents and business is now out on a growing up right right [inaudible] right right. the on the democracy of the country are you and your
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business as the whole recovering dentention [inaudible] well. ambassador serving he says that. you know many many record highs yesterday. the members who triggering okay things also look [inaudible] john johnson [inaudible] changing. particularly when it comes to the nation. trade trading [inaudible] there's a their china that we only one a maintaining. as with which is. interest.
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buchanon experimenting on any any on country was because combined. rather on the line. to long. lines who waited when this was regime. was left separately at all at all is in charge of the hundred hundred twenty the cells are interrelationships [inaudible] the state [inaudible] policy however. like risen risen. texas does not. the money so it. is a restaurant twenty says
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site. five right right changing and the phone lawmakers along the line traditional fourteen says as the seats initiaiations greg grass. thank you the eagle government just as be unveiled last budget posisibles finances hamid hammadi members. let's let him put a slice by dvds reserve it ministry strange following. thousand chris. now we finally [inaudible] judge.
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well when we sees hope helen wanted. 1100% on longer murkland plant down down twenty twenty one one way away arms are on mon mar but not not bad about. frank i think that he's in and around one point 2% and down down lately right right at home's monologues even and when it. first or second account on here. up just under on half half percent wall wallstreet reverse first early early intimate reports for you.
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when you when you as a china china dow dell phillipe? low interest rates. the infrastructure projects japanese prime minister [inaudible] what [inaudible] is. we have we have to resign in on any movement on the on indian and under current consoles will amount to about. rising --
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bill world third there are large airfare. to two thousand jobs but but when we're going to go a little money money put it quite a public reprimand wrangler weweirder wilder sosounds. jacket. on robinson has more. it's high time. twenty one twenty two address real dark my controversy and now and then i checked [inaudible] vacation. it's one word that evidenced it's two to use as much open environmentalists lays a the drive right i kills on on and city city for an absolute. yes my name access to his construction come comes must
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fossil fuels. highlighted on a contract tracks to build. a tunnel. then you don't find myself i don't feel sorry for that debt to repay problems and a half. haitian so we're his his land land. title for it in dorms renovated makes it hard hard to hold on one nine in the neighboring town how he says as well as well as have tons on sounds. face according according to his college eligibility planning. it's got an assurance or when they're going.
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to thank you very much
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10/29/18 10/29/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracacy now! >> this is the most horrific crime scene i've seen in 22 years with the federal bureau of investigation. members of the tree of love synagogue conducting a peaceful service in the place of worship were brutally murdered by gunman targeting them simply because of their faith. amy: pittsburgh is in mourning after a gunman opened fired at a synagogue on saturday morning, killing 11 jewish worshipers in the e deadliest antiti-semitic


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