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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 12, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> you are watching france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. these are the headlines. seven palestinians and an israeli officer killed as an israeli military operation turns deadly. we will be talking to our jerusalem correspondent. of fighting24 hours in yemen's port city. the un's chief said the destruction of the court would be catastrophic. over 30 killed in california as
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the deadliest wildfires on state record continue to rage on. also coming up, the french transport minister tries to salvage a high-speed train line between italy and france that derailed.g a solo sailing race across the atlantic. one with just seven minutes to spare. our look on the way. first, our top story live from paris. an israeli military operation has taken place in the gaza strip killing seven palestinians and one israeli soldier. the flareup came days after israel and hamas took steps to scale back after months of
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fighting on the border. the israeli prime minister cut short his visit to paris to rush back on. let's go live to jerusalem. first of all, tell us a bit more about what happened. >> it was an intense night. we had israeli airstrikes in the gaza strip. there was return palestinian rocket fire into israel. it was an israeli undercover military operation in the gaza strip that went wrong. i have heard a palestinian describing what he saw. israelisow knows as using guns with silencers. once they started engaging and actual -- engaging in an actual firefight, israeli strikes began. we now have heard from hamas. this was an israeli assassination operation.
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we have heard from the israeli military that it was not the case. the israeli military spokesman did not specify what was taking place. all we know is that it was an undercover operation. >> why would the israelis have moved forward something on this now especially given the fact that the sides were inching towards scaling back on the fighting. >> that is the question being asked in the israeli media. they were edging closer. that millions of dollars in funds and diesel fuel went into gaza. things were moving towards some kind of different method. and then, this. what we have heard from some israeli military commentators, speaking off the record, they say these kinds of operations
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happen all the time. the only reason we know about this one is because it went wrong. something was botched. that this issee is not an unusual operation. the problem is the result of the operation. >> thank you for that. close to 150 people have died in 24 hours of fighting in yemen. many civilians were killed as street vital -- as street battles broke out. the fighting forced medical staff to flee the largest hospital as government troops took it from insurgents. speaking earlierer, the head o f the u.n. said the destruction of the porort would be catastrophi. rebels,g on pro-government troops advance into an industrial zone.
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the coalition backed by saudi arabia has been fighting since june to retake the port city. over the weekend, they began to move in on civilian district. retaking the city's main hospital with the help of warplanes and helicopters. willd the coming hours, we sweep the city thanks to all of our men. >> according to the u.n. refugee agency, around 50,000 civilians are still living in -- all of yemen depends on the port city. the entry point for all of you and supervised aid. as the humanitarian crisis deepens, saudi arabia and's main arms suppliers are under increasing pressure to take responsibility for the conflfli. til now, washington provided
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20% of refueling for the coalition's planes. the united states announced itit would stop aerial refueling support. the white house once a cease-fire by the end of november. the british foreign secretary is visiting saudi arabia this monday. >> not the california where a deadly -- where deadly wildfires continue to burn. the worst of the fires is called the campfires -- the campfire. it has almost wiped the town of paradise off the map. reachedsey fire has no 31. >> killing dozens of people, forcing others to evacuate. california governor jerry brown has asked presidentnt donald trp to declare a major disaster. this is not the new normal.
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this is the new abnormal. this new abnormal will continue certainly in the next 10 to 15 or 20 years. -- best science 2 -- >> in northern california, northeast of sacramento, the largest blaze now known as thee camp fire has now earned down -- rescuers collecting bodidies in the a area whilile firefigightee pusheded forward to achieve 25% containment. hot, dry winds of up to 64 kilometers per hour. it could take up to three weeks to fully contain thehe blaze. further south near los angeles, thousands of homes in malibu are also under threat.
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the fire has doubled in size since friday. evacuations have been issued to over 250,000 people across the state. >> while the fire in the south at least has slowed to a crawl, more strong winds on the way could fan the flames. >> according to weather forecastst the weather is just goining to get worse did thehe firefighte -- 20 get worse. the santa ana winds werere ableo die down a l little bit. that is why y they were ablele o get the woolsey firire up to 10% containment. authorities fear that that is not going to continue as far as containment. as far as the santa ana winds -- the santa ana winds are starting to rise up again. they can travevel up to 45 miles per hohour. that is dangerous because the
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embers that are all over the place can travel up to one mile. igniten 89 -- they can surrounding areas. santa ana winds have pickededp. authorories are onon high alert. they are trying to save everything they can and make the containment a little more than what it is right now. the current ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of the congo has become the biggest and their history. more than 200 people have died from the viral fever. attacks from armed groups are only hurting efforts to help.
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>> it is the biggest outbreak in the democratic republic of the congo. around 300 cases of ebola have been confirmed and the northeast of the country since august. there been over 200 deaths. -- there have been over 200 deaths. >> my thoughts and my prayers goes to the hundreds of families grieving. the hundreds of orphans in enough and the families that haveve been wiped d out. >> armed groupups are hindering aid efforts. says health m minister response teams have faced kidnappings and having their equipment destroyed. the area affected around the city, -- uganda has begun vaccinating some of its health workers. the world health organization says there is not yet a global emergency. lessons have been learned from previous ebola epidemics on the
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continent. including the devastating outbreak in west africa from 2013 to 2016. 25,000 people have already been inoculated. some with a new vaccine. breakthroughbeen a in the case of the sabotaged fruit and australia. -- fruit in australia. there were cases of selling needles and pins found hidden in fresh strawberries. police have arrested a 50 rub woman who worked on a fruit farm. -- a 50-year-old woman who worked on a fruit farm. >> on pins and needles no more. police say they have nabbed the person they believe to be behind the contamination scandal. sewing needles were found hidden in strawberries. >> the accused was an e employee within the strawberry industry. matatter is now before thee
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courts, i cannot provivide furtr dedetails on the evidence that e would are -- that we are relying upon to support our prosecution. >> 100 officers worked for two months on the case. interviewing strawberry pickers. dnawas arrested after her was found on a basket with a needle laden strawberry. since the scandal b broke, some 230 c claims of f needles in frt have been reported. most of which police believe were copycat acts. it pushed the government to increase jail terms for food contamination. no injuries were reported from the strawberry sabotage scare. it did cost growers millions in
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lost sales. >> sports news now. the celebrated french sailing race. one of the most now biting and close finishes. first and second place winners just seven minutes apart. >> seven-time is a charge. -- seven-time is a charm. at afterventh attempt seven days, 14 hours, 21 minutes and 47 seconds, the 60-year-old won the prestigious transatlantic sailing race. breaking the speed record. >> when you are the victor after having tried and multiple races before, you savor it all the more. france ahe sailor left week ago, along with 123 other racers, he and the boat were not paid to be the winners -- not
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to be-- were not pegged the winners. after weathering multiple storms, the favorite skipper was in the lead. as the sailors navigated around to island, joyon managed pull ahead. his finals -- in his final off thehe pulled finish. a reminder that good wind can lead to victory. >> let's take a look at today's main stories. seven palestinians and an israeli officer killed as an israeli military operation turns deadly. 150 die in 24 hours of fighting in yemen. the u.n. chief says the destruction of the port would be catastrophic.
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inr 30 people killed california as the deadliest wildfires on state record continue to rage on. time for the business update. you are starting out with divisions within opec. >> good afternoon. two of the most influential members of the cartel are at odds with what to do with slumping prices. the kingdom will be reducing exports by 500,000 barrels. it was a global output of 100 million barrels. russia is open to cut. oil prices have reacted positively to news from saudi arabia. opec members are expected to decide on what to do for next year at a meeting in december. here is what the cartel secretary-general had to say. >> he directed the committee to
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continue to closely monitoring the oil market conditions. updated data with regard to functions on new 2019 production adjustments which may require new strategies developed the market. >> the french transport minister trying to salvage a multibillion rail link. elisabeth borne will be trying to convince her italian counterparts on the benefit of the trail line -- of the rail line. betweenreduce time france and italy to four hours. the0,000 people protesting heart of turin.
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support of plan for a new high-speed train. >> we want turin to be open to development. we are here to say no to those trying to block innovation and progress. >> the project has been in the pipelines for more than two decades. its goal is to have done traveling time from today's four hours to only two hours. by digging tunnels including a 57 kilometer long segment under the alps. those opposed say it is a waste of public money. the cost is estimated at 8.6 billion euros. the european union is due to pay 40%, italy 35%, and rants 25% -- and france, 25%. planonmentalists say the will have an overall negative
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impact on the environment. italy's gogovernment is d dided. scscrapping the project with a campmpaign pledge from the five-star movement who wants to hononor its word while the leaks backing the -- while the league is backing the high-speed line. >> sap has announced is picking up a software provider called trek for $8 billion. the company helps get feeeedback from customers. let's get a check on the markets. oil prices are weighing on investor sentiment. trading in the red. the dax in frankfurt leading the
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decline. down a tense of 1%. -- down 2/10 of 1%. >> in china, it was single stay this past sunday with another massive record set. record $30rakes in a billion during singles day. it originally started as a student holiday to celebrate being single. it is also called double 11. it is the biggest online sales event ever. >> take black friday retail sales, add cyber monday buying frenzy, even put together, they are still crushed by single state. alibaba put on its usual show. like every year for the past decade, it ended with a record. 213.5 billion yuan.
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it is the biggest online shopping day of all time. one billion packages have already been delivered. singles day annual growth rate is lower than ever. falling from 39% to 27. the ceo of alibaba says it must even all to keep -- it must evolve to keep growing. --n as china is china is in a very important time window. singles day, also known a as double 11 due to the date of november 11, is also facing growing competition in china. including the so-called 618
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festival that hit $23 billion this year. thank you so much for that look at the business news. it is time for the press review. a look at what the front pages are saying. a lot of the papers are focusing on remembrance day commemorations that were held on sunday. the britishw you tabloid daily mirror. it is going with a picture of an army veteran. for your tomorrow, they gave their today. a very poignant headline. on the front page of the independent, a portrait of different soldiers. this will -- this is one of wilfrid 01. he is one of the -- wilford ow
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en. this is part of denny boils project -- danny boyle's project. emmanuel macron's speech and at donaldled jibe trump and vladimir putin. thatinancial times noting macron attacked nationalism. reallyhington times gives us a different point of view. they held donald trump's strength in weathering a lecture from a chronic. -- from macron. through it all, they say donald trump went out on a high note by refusing to let it affect him
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and his tribute. history was also overshadowed by one visit that he did not make. to the american military ceremony and memorial and the city of -- memorial in the city of belleau. in this cartoon, saying less to get wet. in thessacre took place small neighborhood of west belfast in 1971. it was the year before the bloody sunday massacre. 10 unarmed people shot dead by british soldiers. including a mother of eight who was shot in the face. whilecatholic priest shot performing last rites to a dying man.
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they were arresting ira suspect. the british army say those who were gunned down were armed terrorists. the families say they were innocent protesters. an inquest will begin today. >> something different. a controversial idea by british businesses is to microchip their workers to protect company data. >> it is a swedish company that is providing the technology. legal andn talks with financial firms to microchip their staff to they are -- their staff. they are about the size of a grain of rice. they would allow companies to restrict who can access sensitive documents. there is a really eery quote from the article. there is always going to be an ultimate backup with these microchips. around 4000 people in sweden are
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microchip including dozens of workers at a travel company. the idea has sparked backlash. control of the human body. the list can go on. economicia-pacific summit gets underway in public new guinea. -- in papua new guinea. >> 21 countries will be attending. it was overshadowed somewhat by what the government -- by what the guardian -- it was revealed that the government splurged on maseratis. poverty.n despite of the summit will take place at a convention center that was paid for with chinese money. something that regional players like australia are increasingly worried about, growing chinese influence in the region. a local paper calls it the
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opportunity of a lifetime that will allow png to rejuvenate its tired old ways of development. the route to rome already has its winners. it is a transatlantic solo yacht race. taking place every quarter years. competitors sell from brittany -- sale from brittany to guadeloupe. it is a lot of time at sea. some skippers have been sharing their daily lives. particularly what they eat. the huffington post says whatever you eight on sunday was infinitely better. that is scrambled eggs and cheese and a powder -- cheese in a powder form. there was another sailor eating
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a banana. there was a small fish as well. the last picture, that does not look appetizing. some sort of food in powder form again.
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