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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 22, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> you are watching "france 24." time for 60 minutes live around the world. these are the headlines. media reports say the board of nissan decided to fire its chairman, carlos ghosn after the once revealed later -- leader was detained for financial this conduct, it is sent shockwaves through the company and renot. details coming up in business. ththe u.s. supupreme court juste john roberts lashes out at
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donanald trump after the presidt slammed a ruling on his migrantt policy by atat he called an obama judge. china pullsites in all beltre and gabbana goods from their cells. insultingt over remarks made on the social media account. more from beijing in just a moment. also coming up this hour on this all-important american holiday of thanksgiving, you will find out just why many turkeys are actually getting smaller. that is in the press review. first, our top story, live from paris. ♪ genie: in japan, public announced -- ou
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st -- - along with greg kelly. the story has been huge in france as the sun is partnered with french carmaker, renoit. sudden fall from grace for carlos ghosn. the chairman landed in tokyo. prosecutors quickly boarded his jet and arrested him. the 65-year-old is accused of dramatically underreporting his nissan earnings and remains in custody and could be held for up to three weeks before being charged. the arrest sent shockwaves across the business world. a tight and of industry, he is credited with resurrecting nissan from the groep the and creating a three car company alliance that is now the world's largest automaker. last year, they sold more than 10 million cars. i monday evening, the ceo began to paint another picture of the
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chairman. >> way beyond feeling sorry, i feel great anger and disappointment. i am forced to say we are talking about the dark side of his era, which lasted so many years. lt, therance at renau board met on tuesday. a two man team was named to fill in temporarily to the frenchction of the government, which owns 15% of the company. it helped renault and nissan save billions every year. my alliance stress to the key shareholder. we need power and strong industrial groups. askedstions are being about how the alliance can be maintained without them. mitsubishi has called a board meeting for next week to discuss
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his position. in the u.s., supreme court justice john roberts lashed out at donald trump after the president slammed a ruling g on his hard-line migrant policy by what he called an obama judge. our washington correspondent philip crowther has the details. andhis highly unusual unprecedented back and forth between a u.s. president and a chief justice of the u u.s. supreme court began on tuesday. that is when donald trump criticized the judge whoho had stoppeped his newest asasylum py . that was a policy that was suppososed to block asylum reququests foror illegal immigrs crossing intnto the united s sts from mexico. donald trump called that judge on the ninth circuit court in san francisco and obama judge. the reaction from john roberts, the chief justice on the supreme court, came on an official statement from the u.s. supreme court saying that there was an
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independent judiciary in the united states. the response to that from the u.s. president of course came on twitter and did not take very long, donald trump insisting there are, in fact, politically motivated and politicized judges on the courts of the united states. he says there are, indeed, obama judges. donald trump has had a very intense relationship with the supreme court during his time as u.s. president. he has managed to get two supreme court justices, two conservative supreme court justices confirmed on the highest court in the land. the man who responded to the u.s. president, john roberts is not just the chief justice of the highest court in the land, he is very often the swing vote. he is a conservative, but has in the past sometimes voted to the left and sometimes to thee righ. any which way, this is unprecedented.. a u.s. preresident doesn't tendo
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get ininto a verbal flinging mah with the u.s. supreme court justice. genie: that is philip crowther reporting from washington. our international affairs commentator was on the set and gave us a bit more analysis. >> it is a rare rebuke from a chief justice. over the past two years, there has been a series of -- against the judiciary and the court's attacks which have in many cases -- degraded the courts, undermined the role of an independent judiciary in the u.s. system. the u.s. being divided between three branches which are supposed to be checking and balancing one another. trump, then, we had candidate trump savaging a judge who was hearing a case about his trump university and saying he cannot be fair because of his mexican heritage.
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this was at a time he was bashing mexican migrants as rate and murdererss coming into the u.s. -- calling him a so-called judge . we have had a number of these checks. the timing comes at the moment when there were reports from ordered his white house counsel to go after hillary clinton and former fbi director james comey basically to prosecute them. there is an overall pattern of trump showing a disdain and contempt for judiciary, especially when he is losing. he tended to go out by trying to politicize the judiciary and imagination by making people believe these courts are against trump. it is playing to his base a little bit. not a little bit. a lot of it at the expense of the court's independence.
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genie: what was it about this that made the supreme court justice break his silence? >> it was all these things when trump was attacking the judge with a mexican heritage and the judge in the anti-travel ban case, chief justice roberts held his tongue. this was a george w. bush nominee. he has always been fiercely defensive of the fact courts --uld not be politicized there aren't obama dredges -- judges, from judges, clinton judges, they are independent judges trying to do their job. i think you are asking why now when he hasn't said anything in the past. even during neil gorsuch -- said he believed trump's attack were dehumanizing or demoralizing. even then, roberts did not say
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anything. even though this particular trump attack happened to be on the circuit judge, not on the highest court, on the supreme court. the supreme court has been effectively much more politicized and i think chief justice roberts since anthony kennedy announced his resignation has become the swing vote. that crucial pivotal point. i think he saw it as his duty to break his silence and protect the integrity of the supreme court. he does not want the supreme court to become a total of donald trump's politicizing of the judiciary being dragged into gameplaying and politicizing of judges, court decisions. i think that is why he spoke out. he sees trump going after the fbi, undermining judges in courts. he said if i am ever going to speak up, this is the time to do it. genie: the e.u. says it agreed
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in printable to a text setting out its relationship with the u.k. a statement from the summit chair says a deal has been agreed on a negotiators level and the political level subject to the endorsement of leaders coming in to sign that deal three days from now. spain is threatening to oppose it unless it gets assurances over the disputed peninsula of gibraltar. this isn't the first time the rock of gibraltar has been fought over. major boneong been a of contention in anglo-spanish relations known as the rock gibraltar has been a military base since 1713. -- to be held and enjoyed forever without any exception and .mpediment whatsoever
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gibraltar hass the right to decide its own agree.and gibraltarians in a referendum, they voted overwhelmingly to stay with britain. in 2002, 90 9% of the electorate voted against a proposal for joint u.k. sovereignty. gibraltar enjoys a tax haven status that made it a center for finance and online gaming and a considerably higher gdp than its neighbor. thousands of spaniards cross the border into your browser every day to work. thelooming exit from european union is problematic. 30,000 residents voted to remain in the e.u.
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-- is threatening to make gibraltar a sticking point in brexit negotiations unless the spanish government is assured it will not be shut out of decisions. by themerchandise made think has disappeared from e-commerce sites in china. that is the latest -- racially offensive posts on the instagram account. dolce and the bohnene has bbana hasd and ga apologized. let's go live to beijing. give us a bit more background. what exactly happened? >> it all started with a series of videos posted by dolce and gabbana on their instagram and the chinese v version of twittt. those videos present an asian lady dressed in stereotypically
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orientalist garb trying to eat italian food with chopsticks. if that was not offenensive enough, at some point it turnsns into something quite crass whenn a male post comes -- narrrrator cannoli s she is trying to eat with chopsticks is too huge. it was a top trending story on wednesday afternoon and there were hunundreds and millions of comments underneath these vidids . people calling i it crass, condesceceing chinese culture that has a millennial tradition. it has really provoked the ire of the chinese consumer and this got worse with the apology from dolce & gabbana with people saying the apopology is not enoh
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and people are asking dolce & gabbana to leave the country, that thehedon't want their brand, don''t want t the clothig in china and this s led - -- explained influences and celebrities boycotting the brand and dolce and cabana was --dolce & gabbana was supposed to have a fashion show and the had to cancel it. genie: all of this is bad news economically f for dolce & gabba , particularly given china's growing taste for luxury goods and itits huge budget. >> absolutely. dolce & gabbana has stores in about 25 cities according to ththeir website in china and the chinese consumer market for luxury goods i think was worth year in2 billion last spending and other figures have it as chinese consumers represent about a third of all
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luxury spending in the world. it i is a huge m market and dol& gabbana will probably have to -- probably p pay for their mistak. this is basically a sign for luxuxuryrandnds who enteter the innese market eager to rope ththis new market t of people wh high purchasing powower. they simply cannot entnter the market without trying to understand the culture and respect the culture. this echoes another case of american clothing brand gap who had a similar problem a few months ago when they printed a t-shirt in china -- actually printed a t-shirt worldwide that had a map of china in it that did not include taiwan and this provoked the ire of chinese consnsumers. luxury brands and brands in general have to be concerned with being culturally sensitive and politically sensitive in
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china. genie: thank you for that. it is time for our business update with stephen carroll. you are staying on top of our top story. nissan's board has dismissed carlos going as its chairman. >> this is coming from the broadcaster nghk. they say the board -- broadcaster nhk. they say they decided to remove .im as the company's chairman the meeting was called after he was arrested on monday on charges of financial misconduct. interesting to look at this point of the composition of the board making this decision. kellyers, ghosn and greg both arrested on monday. ofis the chief executive nissan and he was the one that held that press conference on monday and -- announcing the details of the allegations against carlos ghosn.
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itt position has been sure from -- stripped from carlos ghosn and greg kelly. it is interesting to note those positions have been taken away as well as carlos ghosn's position of chairman. nhk saying the decision was unanimous. we were expecting or hearing there were splits on the board. genie: what happens next? >> the next thing will be the meeting happening between the prime minister and bruno le maire because they will discuss the alliance and the competition relationship between rental -- renault and nissan. andeen those companies
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mitsubishi as well. the question of the interim chairman has not been resolved. who is going to take over that role when carlos ghosn has been removed? that likely to take up position. peter o'brien has been taking a look at this important figure in this corporate scandal. peter: nissan's ceo stunned the world's press when he launched a string of fears accusations against his mentor. he appeared to be personally affected by what he called the dark side of carlos ghosn's leadership. , , iy beyond feeling sorry feel great anger and disappointment.
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the lesson we need to move it -- learn from the negative part of was tooloss is p power concentrated. >> he was long considered loyal to ghosn, owing his career to the powerful tycoon and having worked for him for 15 years. last year, ghosn and trusted him with running nissan, a key member of the alliance, he also board rental -- renault's until 2016. recently, it reported ghosn planned to fuse the companies, souring their relationship. with strong opposition from the sun and ghosn's arrest, it would appear the idea is dead. he insists the alliance will survive the scandal. his priority will still be to
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protect nissan. genie: it has been a bad week for those company's shares. how are they happening today? >> we saw small recovery on the two japanese companies in this alliance, nissan and mitsubishi. those shares both up like -- up slightly. renault shares responded positively to the news. really, we are seeing moderate moves. all of those companies, their shares were significantly less than they were at the start of the week before we heard the news of carlos ghosn's arrest. the next big step the markets will be watching is the meetings in paris later. genie: they have been reacting to another story over brexit. >> the draft of the political agreement being released caused a spike in sterling up against the dollar. it had been up more sharply in
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the first few minutes after that had been released, still some sign of details to be ironed out and currency markets watching closely for theresa may and what she says later on. the ftse 100 trading down, that is normal. hitnger sterling tends to the firms that are exporters on the ftse 100. they benefit from a weaker currency. paris and frankfurt trading in the red this lunchtime. genie: you also have the latest over italy's's budget battle with the e.u.. >> the prime minister insisted the country will not change its budget plala despite pressure from the european union. .ome refused to change e elemens a republican newspaper reporting italy's president wants the prime minister to reach a deal with the e.u. genie: that wraps it up for business newews.
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now time for the press review. ♪ genie: alison sargent joins me to take a look at what the papers have been saying. you are going to start in the u.k. where the papers are focusing on a british epidemic -- academic sentenced to life in court. alison: they accused him of spying for the british government. his hearing lasted less than five minutes and took place without a lawyer. his name is matthew hedges. you can see him on the front page of the guardian with his wife. this verdict came as a shock because it came days after the u.k. foreign minister met with the uae crown prince and people thought he managed to convince him to do something about this man's case. the guardian writes mr. hedges sentence is not only an injustice to him, but also a slap in the face to the u.k. the paper calls on the foreign minister of follow-through on
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warnings he has given there will be diplomatic consequences. genie: another story sparking interest in the papers is the story of an american tourist killed by tribes people when he illegally trespassed on their land. alison: this is in the north sentinel island in the indian ocean, a very remote place. reportedly, it is illegal to go within five kilometers because it is so dangerous. even the indian navy stays away island. local fishermen were paid to take him there and they spotted his body. a local paper writes rescue teams do not know how they will get the body because it would be dangerous for them to approach the island. local authorities have registered a criminal case against the tribes numbers although it is hard to imagine how they will get there to prosecute. genie: this man who was killed was not just any tourist. people are saying he was a missionary hoping -- hoping to bring this tribe toward
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christianity. alison: he knew the danger he was getting into and he wrote to his family telling them not to be angry if anything happened to him. his dream was to convert the people to christianity. he interacted with them the first time. gifts and then they became angry and shot an arrow at him. the fact he managed to interact with them at all is sort of impressive breed a french paper writes only one other person was able to do it before, and explorer in 1991. the paper gives good reasons to stay away from the island. survivorofit international says they are one of the most vulnerable societies on the planet. their estimated to only 100 people. they have been living in isolation for over 60,000 years and could be easily entirely wiped out by an economic --
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epidemic as simple as the flu. genie: today is thanksgiving if you are american. one american couple made a very lucky discovery while getting their house ready to celebrate. alison: they found a lottery billion.rth $1.8 you can see they are looking very happy with their check. this is from the website nola, which is louisiana. they found the ticket on their bedside table. it ate it all the way to june and would have expired -- dated all the way to june and would have expired in two weeks. i think purchasing some big turkeys would be a big -- a good start. genie: it is amazing that thought to check the number. many papers are reporting turkeys are no longer fashionable -- bigger turkeys are no longer fashionable in the united states. it's all about mini turkeys. alison: there is more and more
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demand for smaller turkeys and caused many in the media to lament the end of the classic thanksgiving dinner with a massive turkey that leaves you with leftovers. who is getting blamed? no one but millennials. millennials worry about waste and prefer free range birds, .hich tend to be stronger the magazine writes less -- millennials have less money and live in smaller homes with less to cook. all these reasons they are choosing smaller birds. 42% of millennials know how to carve a jerky. maybe they are opting for the easier option. genie: i guess it is easier than just a turkey leg, which i did, very depressingly. let's wrap up with a story that -- about avaded by neighborhood that has been invaded by bears. inthese are stuffed bears
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the southeast of paris. this story was flagged to me by our normal press reviewer. these have been popping up in various places and enchanted the local population.
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