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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 21, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> welcome to live from paris. a look at what is making headlines. resigned in protest of trump's decision to remove u.s. troops from syria. tensions in the democratic republic of congo after the government postponed the presidential election by one week after a fire destroyed voting materials.
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the opposition coined the move unacceptptable. drones buzz the tarmac of gatwick airport and bring flights to a standstill and stranding passengers in the lead up to christmas. jim mattis resigned, saying his views were no longer in line with president trump's. have a right to a secrcretary of denense whose vis are better aligned with yours, adding allies needed to be treated with more respect.
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there are reports trump has decided to pull out a significant number of american troops from afghanistan. >> after trump's decision to withdraw support from syria, another partner. jim mattis submitted his resignation, citing policy disagreements. in an orderdvance that is conducive to our values and we are strengthened in this effort by the solidarity of our alliances. you have a right to have a secretary of defense whose views are more in line with you. >> he previously warned an early withdrawal would be a strategic blunder. praised theve four-star general, suggesting his departure will disable trump's administration.
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>> it is about our values as a nation written by a patriotic general who was a voice of stability in the trump administration. mattis does not mention policy disputes over syria nor address rumors swirling in the u.s. media. last year, republican senator bob corker claimed mattis, along with white house chief of staff john kelly and rex tillerson were helping separate the country from chaos. leave nextis set to february 28. the islamic state group has launched an attack on syrian democratic forces in the
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southeast of the country, according to an official from the sdf. we will bring you more details as they come to hand. hearing,t we have been many observers are expressing concerns that with this resignation, there are no adults left in the room. >> lets go through the people who have left the administration, who were in that mainstream mold. left, h.r.on mcmaster left. john kelly is leaving at the end of this month. resigning.mattis decision onp's syria was the last straw. as we heard, there is a more fundamental rejection of trump's
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america first policy when it comes to foreign relations in that resignation letter. he says we cannot protect our interests without maintaining strong alliances and showing respect to our allies. that is a key phrase and highlights how hard it is going to be for the administration to find a replacement. whois left in those ranks is going to want to take up this job? >> what more do we know about these media reports that donald trump is thinking about withdrawing american troops from afghanistan? >> this was reported in the wall street journal and it has not been confirmed or denied at this stage by the white house. reports, ao earlier decision on afghanistan was made the same time the decision on syria. supposedly u.s. troops will be halved. that would take troops down to about 7000.
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all of this at a time when afghan peace talks have been going on and one wonders, if this happens, if the u.s. does half its troops, how much leverage will that give to the taliban in the next round of talks? this will be an issue of concern to nato. nato is reacting this friday morning to the resignation of jim mattis, hailing his contributions to the alliance. one can imagine the jitters in brussels behind these official statements. on one hand, we have news about the attack on the syrian democratic forces in syria. to nato.oncerning nato does not have a mission in syria. in afghanistan, it has a training mission to support and assist and equip afghan security forces. if these reports turn out to be
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true and if the white house confirms them, that is going to be an issue for nato and afghanistan. >> thank you. presidential elections in the democratic republic of congo have been delayed as fire destroyed polling equipment, timeng the vote to a weeks from sunday. it had been marred by problems. the opposition said the move was politically motivated. our reporter has more. >> since kicking off a month ago, the presidential campaign has been marred by a series of incidents. oppositionte of the has accused the government of restricting his movements. he says several flights were delayed or canceled and some of his supporters were prevented
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from attending meetings. similar allegations were made by the camp of the opposition's says candidate who partisans were blocked from going to his rally. joseph kabila's successor was foforced to abort a trip to the city due to violence demonstrations this week. with tensions running high, violence has begun to spread in parts of the country. at least six people were killed in protests and clashes with security forces this month. on wednesday, the provincial governor decided to suspend campaigning, citing security reasons. martin was blocked by police. much to the anger of his supporters. the campaign has been affected issues, especially regarding the use of controversial voting machines. on thursday, not a singlgle one
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had bebeen installed and authory said more ballots needed to be printed, even in can sasha. as many incidents have led the commission to postpone elections -- for the third time. >> drones have buzzed the tarmac of gatwick airport. there will be limited flights after warnings of delays. police have yet to track down the operator of the drones. critics saying the incident reveals how much to u.k. government needs to do in order
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to regulate drone usage. this incident is exposing how vulnerable airports are, not just in the u.k., but across the world. it reveals how inadequate british law is when it comes to the use of drones. in 2012, we have some -- to be near -- of course. includes newe regulation in 2000 16, which increases the penalty and fine drone withinyour
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about one kilometer near the airport. >> what needs to be done? have european regulation, which is in progress , hopefully next year it will be europe.all some chip in the tone which will enable identify each drone, each owner of a drone. it will be like cars. we need to know which one it is. >> and who owns ththem and where they are. the problem is, when it comes to introducing legislation, it is a long process. as a result, technology is much
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quicker. >> it is very interesting. it is not a leisured term. most often there are incidents dronesappened, leisure -- >> they are accidental. >> here is different. they are professionals. they play cat and mouse. they are professional drones. they did it on purpose. they want to stop gatwick traffic. what is the difference between someone who is professionally doing this as opposed to someone who accidentally flies a drone over an airfield. what are the hallmarks of a professional operator? >> it appears and disappears. they cannot find them. it is professional. is nonprofessional, it
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will be caught. not the same fines and penalties if you were using just not on purpose. in france, it is six months of fine.nd 15,000 euros of in england, it is more hard. it is five years of jail, i on purposeou do it in france, it is one year. quite a difference. it is much more hard in england than france. it will be interesting to increase the penalties to avoid these kinds of incidents, which could be very dangerous. >> thank you for your time.
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jihadis news, a french suspected of helping the carried out the journal killings. -- charlie hebdo in paris. 's ararrest i is a positiveve development becacause that teterrorist playayed a key rolen the organization of the attack on charlieie hebdo. againstves the fight terrorism m kes time. when you remain determined and proactive, you get results. prosecutors officers seeking a trial for people suspected of providing support for those in
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the attacks of 2015. belgian media is reporting king philippe has accepted the micheleion of charles . told belgiane politicians he would submit his resignation as pressure was building on his government after the biggest party in his coalition quit support for the united nations migration packed. -- pact. jim mattis resigns in protest to trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria. also, his rejection of international alliances. tensions in the democratic republic of congo after the government postponed presidential elections after a fire destroyed voting materials.
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the opposition is calling the move unacceptable. it is time for a business update. massive chaos at london's second-biggest airport. >> drones flying overhead affected at least 120 thousand people in a busy travel season. the disruption was the biggest at gatwick since the volcanic ash cloud in 2010. that lasted d er a week.k. financial impactt this time has yet to be weieigh. with 46 million annual passengers, gatwick is the u.k.'s second d largest airport. it was fororced to shut down for nearly a day andnd a half aftera cancellationsed
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of all flights. >> my focus is on making sure we get as many passengers to their destinations in time for christmas, but my priority has to be there safety. 9:00 on wednesday, we closed the airport and i am pleased we are back in operation. passengers have seen plans disrupted during the travel period as airlines struggle to accommodate them. itit is i illegal to flfly drons within a one kilometer radius of an airport in the u.k.. those who do so, risk five year prison terms. aviation experts say drones pose a challenge for airport operations and disruptions can have a huge economic impact. >> and appropriate use of drones can slow down or stop airport operations which create a big damage to the community, for the
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airlines, for passengers. of near misses between private drones and planes in britain nearly tripled. even after the airport resumes flights, disruptions and backlogs are expected to last for days. prosecutors in japan have rearrested a man on allegations of --. shiftreported he tried to losses incurred during the 2008 financial crisis to the carmaker. you can see, closing down over 3%.
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let's check in on the e trading action. european markets are red across investors worried andt slow or global growth the u.s. heading towards a possible government shutdown. business stories we are covering the sour. the french economy is closing out on a downbeat note. fell by .3%. direct result of -- paired the french assembly approved macron concession. hit back after the u.s. and its allies criticized it for industrial espionage.
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the foreign ministry urged them to withdraw charges on two chinese citizens. u.s. has aims the long history of eavesdropping on foreign governors and businesses. volkswagen plans to cut 7000 jobs in germany in the coming years. the cuts will be realized after voluntary retirement. delivery hero. one of the largest online food itsvery has agreed to sell business to a smaller rival. takeawaysaw shares in jump as much as 19% this friday
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while delivery hero gained 14%. investors developed an appetite for just eat in the u.k. the brititish takeawaway group s urged to sell assets earlier this week. nice christmas story for you. >> thank you. it is time for the press review. at what is making headlines around the globe. i am joined by nicholas. daily is leading with the decision by donald trump to pull american troops out of syria. the paper describes him as a quitter. >> quitter. let me show you the paper here. trump in picture of
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profile. decision, of pulling troops out of northern syria, inside the paper, the articles americans,after the this withdrawal is an echo of the withdrawal by the u.s. in 2014, which led to the emergence of the islamic state group. papers are saying his argument that the fight against the islamic state is over is not true and this paper is decrying what it says is a pattern of yo-yoing in and out of the middle east over the decades. the top story, as well. >> it is arguing for the turkish is a win. this the analyst says what we have is
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elections, locally and regionally across the country, and the e possibility a conflict has occurred and could be again for erdogan. the paper saying if turkey does make a move in northern syria, this could be a problem in terms of nato. could there be a crisis within the alliance about what erdogan does in the coming weeks. >> the american press are focused on jim mattis quitting. he did so a day after the american president overruled him by ordering the withdrawal of u.s. troops. theim matheson is seen as one of theed as
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adults. they say jim mattis was right. the decision to leave syria seems to be something not thought through and this is why mattis has resigned. in his letter, he did not specify that as the reason. they had been clashing over policy for a couple of years. the new york times is saying yes, the kurdish forces are the losers. vladimir putin is the winner here. another beneficiary is iran. the quote is that his assertion that the war against the islamic state group is over is absurd. there is a comment piece in the washington post, which has been published in the chicago tribune. enough is enough, we need to go into bipartisanship mode and
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find ways of dealing with trump. be broughtn should to testify and congress to explain, is he fit or not to deal with security issues. secondly, congress should assert its authority to wage war and denied trump the abilityty to launch unilateral strikes. thirdly, if there is a movement an impeachment motion, republicans must trump in -- must jump in and remove trump. the departure is a shock to the system for the republicans. >> a change of pace. it is the last friday before christmas. not surprisingly, christmas stories are coming in. you spotted one you like. >> one of the nice things about
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going around and seeing the santa clauses hanging off people's homes and clock towers and no free towers and -- and belfry towers. trend. an father christmas paid 600 to 1500 euros to dangle as part of an entertainment for kids. he goes down the clock tower. artificiallot of snow, lighting effects. that story, looking at how town halls are hiring more people, professional climbers. a nice fun piece, takes the edge off the yellow vest movement. >> that was not the case when i
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moved to this country. certainly a recent trend. thatbit of christmas fun doesn't do anyone any harm.
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