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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 15, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> welcome to live from paris. i am annette young. let's take a look at what is making headlines this hour. in spain, the prime minister, pedro sanchez, is calling for a -- also, u.s. president donald trump is set to declare a national emergency to bypass congress in order to build his long-promised wall alolong the u.s.-mexican border. in india, they are calling for
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the complete isolation of pakistan after a suicide bomber in an indiandiers province. annette: but we begin with spanish prime minister, pedro sanchez, who has called for a snap election april 28. it is the country's third pole in less than four years. -- third poll in less than four years. he failed to get his budget through on wednesday. the cattle pro-independent p pay rejected a spending plan for this is what he told reporters earlier. between the two options, doing nothing and carrying on without a budget, or convening
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to give the spanish people a choice, i choose the second. i proposed a solution to parliament to announce in the general -- to the 28th of april. annette: joining me now is catherine nicholson. europe editor. , a is there another election third one, in less than four years? catherine:e: exactly. we have had so many elections in spspain, haven't we? this is the budget failing to go through.h. it is not that the budget was particularly controversial. it all has to do with support for pedro sanchez and h his govevernment. the prime minister, june of last year -- he became prime minister in june of last year. pedro sanchez managed to put togethther a minoritity governm, but it was all very fragile with dealmaking and called a frankenstein government the leaders of the centrist party.
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also the left-wing party. and two catalan separatist parties. in the end, it was the catalan separatists that became the key to this week's budget failure. they wanted legally binding assurances that there would be a legally binding independence referendum for cattle in the. -- for catalonia. the socialist party is obviously against that. what about the timing of this election date? catherine: that is a very good question. april 28 is where that falls, slap banged between what is supposed to be the brexit date, march 29. we then have them -- we then have after that european elections at the end of may. all through this ongoing concerns about catalonia. though to take you through some of these. opinion polls show that no one party is set to get a governing majority, so we are looking at
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this dealmaking. u.k.rms of brexit, if the 's departure from the e.u. is pushed back, which is still a possibility at this point, we still do not know a great deal that is because the deal is being negotiated. everything is back on the table. , the statee things of gibraltar. making problems for the u.k., saying they are wanting to change the status of gibraltar as part of the brexit deal. could that become an election issue and therefore a new brexit headache? the european parliament election -- widely predicting as the populist and far right parties around europe are going to do and all sorts of issues, could that mean the far right factions in spain do better? we have already seen the far right party strike a deal with the more mainstream party in the and lucy a election.
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election.e adalucia analonia -- it is is extremely hot issue. catalan politicians are clearly very aware of the ability to cause trouble at the national level with this issue. the the independents split vote? ,ill there be more dealmaking with financial concessions for their region? it is hard to predict how this fractured landscape is going to pan out on april 28. it is going to be a verery interestining campaign. annette: indeed. thank you, catherine nicholson, our europe editor. the washington, where presidedet donald trump hasas said they wod he will invoke rare national security powers to fund the wall between the u.s. and mexico. congress has refused to approve
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the money needed. senior democrats are accusing -- of a grososs use of power of a gross abuse of power. our cocorrespondent has more.. wall isump: leigh very, very on its way. >> president trump is repeating his longtime campaign pledge, going to extreme lengths before surrendering. the u.s. president is planning to declare a national emergency. the border security bill, which he has agreed to sign, does not give him the funding he needs. >> he has indicated he is prepared to sign the bill. we will also issue a national emergency declaration at the same time. >> making such a declaration direct federalse funds from elsewhere to pay for the water the statement immediately brought condemnation that he was abusing his authority, and a warning from democrats that it would set a intentionally problematic
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precedent -- set a potentially problematic precedent that could set back republicans. >> if you want to go down that path, that's look at what really is a national emergency. i am not looking for any president to do an end run around congress, but republilics with dismay the threshold they are crossing. >> but despite trump's friend's and under pressure to avoid another government shutdown, -- 300, the naysare are 128. >> five -- far from the money that trump wanted for his long promised wall. annette: we take a look back att how the situation got to where it is now. pres. trump: we will build a great wall along the southern
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border. >> it was a hallmark of donald trump's 2016 campaign, promising to construct a wall along the u.s. border with mexico he said mexixico would pay foror it. demand the mexican president at the time unsurprisingly refused. his solution then, to get the u.s. goverernment to finance the project, with an estimated total price e tag of $25 billion. for the u.s. president and his republican alliess, they said te wall could be built at a maximum of $13 billion, less december's spending package demanded $5.7 billion for the project. but the midterm elections put a snag in that plan. democrats regained control of the house, and the bill, including the $5.7 billion for the wall, failed to attain support by the deadline. as the president refused to sign any legislation without wall funding, the u.s. government partially shut down at midnight december 22.
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of 15sult, with nine federal agencies closese, 800,00 federal workers were furloughed, forced to work without pay. president trump made numerous appeals to lawmakers, even threatening to declare a national emergency. but the democrats did not back down. for 35ndoff dragging on days. it would become the longest government shutdown in american history. eventually the president and congressional leaders agreed to a short-term bill without any wall funding to reopen the government through february 151. tetemporarily ending the impact. -- the impasse. annette: india is calling for sections against the islamic militant group that carried out suicide bombing attack in kashmir. paramilitary police were killed when an explosive in
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a vehicle hit a police convoy. i spoke to our correspondent in new delhi earlier. >> strong words from the indian prime minister this morning. a meeting with his cabinet and national security advisers, he said they will give a sharp response. i would just like to quote from the speech where he says, "the ,lood of the people is boiling and those behind this act of terrorism will definitely be punished." it is a region that is no stranger to attacks by militants. keep in mind the attack comes just a month ahead of the general election in which 850 million indians will vote to elect their next government. for the moment, all campaign events have been canceled to focus on kashmir.
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the prime minister was in kashmir 10 days ago, where in a strongly worded speech he said that he will break the backbone of terror in the state, and experts here believe that this close to the national border, they will be asking if he kept that promise. by attack has been claimed -- has been accused of carrying out attacks in the past. the last time they struck, back in 2016, india responded by carrying out military incurursis inside pakistani tererritory to destroy militant. limitedd diplomatic actions that we have seen this money. annette: moving on. thousands of school students industry -- in france are going
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on strike this friday to protest against government inaction on climate change. it is inspired by a 16-year-old swedish schoolgirl, who spent every friday since august protesting outside the swedish parliament and has encouraged others to follow her lead. as a result, similar protests have been held in australia, elgin, and the netherlands, among other countries -- belgium, and benevolence, among other countries. schoolchildren are calling on adults to address climate change. they have been skipping class to demonstrate every week since early january. we seem to hear that they do not understand what we are asking. >> in countries around the world, including australia, switzerland, the u.k., and the u.s., students are pressing leaders to address climate change. the global movement started in sweden when a 15-year-old girl
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started a weekly strike. every friday she skipped school to protest in front of her country's parliament. >> she became famous after she told world leaders gathered at summit to wake up. >> you only talk about moving forward with the same bad ideas that got us into this mess. when the only sensible thing to do is pull the emergency brake. our civilization is being sacrificed for the opportunity for a very small number of people to continue making enormous amounts of money. >> the student movement is building up to a global day of action next month. the vatican's envoy to france is being investigatated r sexual assault, according to judicial sources quoted by the french daily newspaper "le monde."
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he has been accused of deliberately molesting an official in january. the envoy has been in paris since 2009 and served as a diplomat for the pope. did the french government help those who played a part in the 1994 rwandan genocide escape to congo? france 24 has been delving inino the archives. documents show that they have -- that there appear to have been disagreement between the presidential palace and the french foreign office at stu what to do with those suspected of having blood on their hands. >> in july 1994, the members of the rwandan interim government fled the capital and entered congo, then called zaire. , the membersnt were extremists who were responsible for the -- the french ambassador warned paris
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herere is ththe diplomatic cabl. >> we knewew the authorities played an importanant role e ine genocide despite the difficulties -- despite the difficulties, we have no other choice butut to stop them. >> the headline that day was "pararis ready to o arrest governrnment membersrs." sead by the p president, , this not what wasas said in the prime ministerer's office. >> the decision not to arrest them was taken to the highest level. i do not see how france at the time could have done somemething because there was no clear mandate from the security council. it would have been different if the security council l mandate said there would have been humanitarian o operations and ao one to arrest those who w we are certain were responsible e for what happened. the united nations mandate was a humanity -- a humanitarian onee if not a judicial one.e. it was not thehe armed wing of e criminal court. he said the head of the
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french army under francois mitterrand said france had no choice but to remain neutral. we did not have the power to arrest people who are now considered to have taken part in the genocide. to look after those who committed ththe genocide was not our problem. i mean, we did not have ththat right. >> but the french foreign ministry disagreed at the time. ambassador, who is on the ground, is on the political side, not the military side. he is pushing paris and the french army to intervene, stop the genocide come and arrest
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them. in paris around that time, the french foreign minister promised that those responsible for the genocide would be arrested. but in the end, there is act and was organized and they were not arresteded. >> a reminder of what is making headlines at this hour. pedro sanchez is calling for an election april 28 after his government failed to get a budget your parliament. u.s. president donald trump is set to declare a national emergency to bypass congress in order to build his long proromid wall along t the u.s.-mexican border. india is calling for the complete isolation of pakistan after a suicide bomber killed 46 bususiness news.
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for that i am joint here in the studio by brian quinn. you are starting with amazon, pulling the plug on its plans to build a new h hq in new york afr very stiff opposition from local politicians. twist a bit of a surprise as amazon looks to expand headquararterspeperations bebeyd its s seattlee homebebase with o new c campuses,s, one in ququeew yorkrk, the otheher in crystal , rginiaia. it has been heralded a as a tetential jobsbs bonanza.. outrage ended up scuttling the project. >> amazon will not be moving to the big apple after all the company is scrapping plans to build its second headquarters in queens, with politician opposition. the city mayor once welcomed amazon's promise to create
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25,000 jobs witith open arms. >> new york k city gave amazazoa real opportunity, and all wewe asked was that they would be a good neighbor and be part of the committee. clearly, they were not going to do that. there was no dialogue, no opportunity to work together. i do not understand it. >> amazon claims to have broad support, but many new yorkers were outraged in the tax breaks offers to the company, which is owned by the richest man in the world. labor unions also criticized amazazon's strong antiunion trak record. activist and politicians, including newly elected commerce woman alexandria oak osseo alexandria oak osseo cortez. >> we want responsible corporate citizens. we want people to respect the community, to respect their workers. new york state governor andrew cuomo had a very
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different take. >> i have never seen a more where political pandering and obvious pandering so defeats a bona fide economic development project. >> despite the setback, amazon says plans to build the other half of the headquarterers in northernrn virginia will not be affected. >> u.s. trade officials have met with chinese president xi jinping afafter two days of negotiations. ending the dispute between the two nations. steve mnuchin said the talks were productive while robert lighthizer said there was headway. few specififics onon what the headway might entail. many analysts believe u.s. demand for major changes to chinesese economic practices ara bit much to resololve ahead offe march 1 deadline. thatat is when u.s. tariffs on
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some $200 billion worth of chinese goods are seset to rise from0% to 25% in what would be a majorr escalation ofof the year-long trade war. for more o on that story, we wil cross to correspondent charles pellegrin. declarations so far. what are we thinking is really going to come out of these talks? well, what seems the most clear that came out of these talks is t that both of keeeep the want to talks alive e and kicking. that is why they have both agreed to keep t the negotiatios going next week in washington, probably they will dress up a memorandum of understanding that will layout a more specific deal that should be signed by u.s. president donald trump and chinese president xi jinping, at a
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summit that we do not know when or where it will take place. the unitited states wowould likr it to take place in donald trump's property in florida, mar-a-lago. the chchinese are floating the idea of having the summimit on e islandnd of -- onon an island in sosouthern china. as for the date, it woululd s sm like it would d happen afterer e march 2 deadline, and s so that woululd mean that the memorandum ofof understandingng wouldld hao bebe accompanied by y some forof an extensision on that tariff he . so thahat extension wawas sort f play into chchina's handsds, asy wowould be abable to buy more te anand not immediately cave-in to all u.s. demands. >> speaking of those demands, the u.s. has some pretty big ones in those negotiations. whwhat are the chinese offeringo far, and what are their main sticking points? well, what china is offering
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are the things that they cannot offer without compmpletely overhaululing their ececomic model. statate m model where the is the c center of everyrything. thatat iwhy they arere willingno make more e purchases of u.s. goods, likike soybeans or oil therein things that t uld help tackle t therade deficicit, onef donald trump's biggest -- that is why they are willing to increase purchases of semi conductors the n next six years. they a are also willing toto do market perform on sosome areas manufufacturing t that would alallow more forrdrd competititn on the chinesese market, o or a better intelellectual property otection, , which would d also workn chini's favor because they have more patents. however, some things seem to be off the tatable. for example, the end of the
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subsidies of key sectotors, especially in technology, those things are k key and cenentral d papart of china''ss economic dnd how they run things. another key issue which will be problematic is an enforcement mechanism, which the americans are really keen on, a way too make the chinese accountable to the -- for the promises that they make. >> we will be keeping a close eye on that meeting next week in washshington. there is partial data -- that is charles pellegrin. let's check on tradading action. euroropean indexes g gaining grd friday after a rough morning when u.s. . retail data, weak u. retail data spelled out the situation for the global ecomy.y. scotland gained after the bank reported d doubling gains erer 2018. shares in airbus climbining 2.5% afafter that c company announcne end d of thehe s super jumbo jet
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program. b be a reignited trans alanna trarade routete. the united s states and boeing have long accused the european union of illegegally subsidizi the aerospace e giant. it is one of the worlds longest running and costliest trade disputes. now that airbus is halting production of the a380 jumbo jet, the case could take another turn of the united states and european union are locked in a dispute at the wto. theart of the conflict, u.s. first accuse the eeeeo of breaking competition rules by the a airbus $22 billion in stae aid, including the a380. the wto decided to part with the u.s. and paid for a way foror te country to repent -- to impose telling tori tariffs on imports. a panel has yet to decide how
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large those could be, but it could all change soon. according to reuters, the e.u. is preparing to argue the a380 subsidies no longer exist because the aircraft is being taken off the market. that could throw a wrinklele ino ththe case, it also covers the a 350 jet. the airbus -- airbus has leveled accusations at boeoeing, saying the aerospace giant benefits from billions of dollars of state aid itself. airbus is estimated to have one billion euros in unpaid state loans tied to the a380. however, the company says due to risksharing agreements, governrnment mayay not need to y thatat money back. yet another trade dispute to keep in mind. annenette: indeed. he keeps you on your toes, i would imagine.e. thanks for that pure that is brian quinn. ." stay with us on "france 24 we will be back after a very short break.
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