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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 3, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello and welcome to "france 24." is hour --nes the sou algeria succumbs to pressure from the s street and resigns. may get set to meet jeremy corbyn. eu leaders welcome the move but say and no deal exit remains on the cards. leaderla's opposition has been stripped of his immunity.
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after 20 years in office, algeria's president has stepped down, forced to take the decision after nationwide protests called for him and those around him to go. the departure will be formalized by the constitutional council later today. celebrationss, after news broke that the resignation was happening. >> i'm very happy with his resignation. i stand with the army. we have removed him. god willing, we will have a
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smooth democratic transition. we need to remove the whole regime. that is the hardest thing. it is hard to do it peacefully. >> for more, we can go to our theespondent standing by in algerian capital. what happens now? we have any further details on the transition period? yes, we have new developments. the constitutional council is in a meeting right now. what will happen n now, the constititutional council, we knw shallnal vacancy -- they immediately communicate the final vacancy to the parliament.
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then, the presisident of the will assumeations for nine days and then an election will be held. the constitutional council is in a meeting to take a all these decisions.s. he will become the head of state for 90 days. >> thank you for the update. according to algeriria's constitution, the speaker of the upper house of parliament will become the leader. he has stepped in on numerous occasions in the past.
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algerians, he's a familiar face, often charged wiwith welcoming foreign leader. duties ifakeses on the the country's leader is too ill to perform. algeria's upper house of been aent -- he had supporter of the widely contested plans to seek a fifth term in office. he's a member of the national , a party democracy closely allied with the liberation front. he occupied a number of high-profile roles, taking on the presesidency o of the coun's lower hohouse of parliament in 1997. he's been continually reelected as the leader of the upper house since 2002. loyalistsweeks,
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turning their backs on the as thent, he has to leader -- he is expected to take on the role of interim president. they will have 90 days to hold new elections. it's a move that is unlikely to appease protesters who've been calling for an overhaul of the establishment he represents. >> attention will soon shift to how they run the country -- an investigation has been opened. haveominent businessmen had their passports seized, accused of embezzling large sums abroad. >> people call them algerian oligarchchs. 12 businessmen who control five of the country's most vital companies.
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they been banned from leaving the country -- private jets are no longer allowed to take off from the airport in algiers. they have strong ties with the outgoing president's brother. his closest ally, the f former head of algeria's business lobby, was arrested on sunday near the border with tunisia. like an industrial tycoon and his brother and a giant in the transport sector have been accused of corruption. investigators believe they use presisidency the to expand their bubusiness empi. >> the course of action was determined by their proximity to power. they obvioiously benefited from measurures taken b by the coun's leadadership. they also worked in ways that benefited the president to return the favor.
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>> on the streets, many question whether this is a genuine attempt to crackdown on corruption. >> we don't believe in anything anymore. it's just a charade. >> protesters are calling for drastic change. >> theresa may says she will seek a brexit delay and reach across the aisle to find a way out of the brexit deadlock. she is had to sit down with jeremy corbyn later today. that change in strategy comes ahead of an eu summit. it could lead to a soccer brexit -- soccer brerexit -- softer brexit. dave is standing by in brussels for us.s. how have you leaders -- you leaders reacted to the news that they're looooking for -- eu
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leaders reacted to the news that they're looking for a softer brexit? ier seemsle barney cautiously optimistic -- we will hear from jean-claudude juncker. he will give his verdict. we've seen a good cop, bad cop routine. toarnrneier and donana sosounding optimistic -- donald tusk sounding optimistic. emmanuel macron sounding a little more concecerned. some of these options like a permanenent customs union w woud termthehe u.k. . that medium extension that that you had originally talked about -- that .u. originally talked
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about. right now, people i in brussels arare happy that she's talking o the opposition. this is something that people have been wondering h here for a while, why she wasn't doing it, considering the referendum such a narrow margin and she had a majority government. >> cautious optimism where you are. the u.s. has been talking tough with london. if the extension is granted next week, whatever deal that is hashed out would tilt toward a softer brexit, risking alienating members off may's own party. that't's really what we're hearining. the was the original idea, extension of the medium-term
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exememption was contingent u upn may getting her deal through last week. that didn't happen. seems to haveay revived may 22 on her own. options may still require a long-term extetension. that does mean theresa may has to run those european parliament elections. if the u.k. ends up being in the on july 2 and the u.k. hasn't run the election in may, they would have to run the whole european election over again. thee eu really wants to be strit about this. it may be that the u.k. ends up running the election on that when he third of may.
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-- on may y 23. that would be an interesting dynamic. a sympmptom of how much thisis s been brougught down to the wire. chances.n't take any >> anything is possible these days. dave reporting from brussels. the election board in turkey has ruled in favor of partial recount of the results following local elections in istanbul. president erdogan had asked for a recount in the capital. appeals to the election board are still ongoing. the party losing in two of races, abiggest crushing blow to the president himself. venezuela's opposition leader has been stripped of his immunity. the move paves the way for juan guaido's eventual prosecution interest. -- prosecution and arrest.
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wino has been recognized as the interim president by a number -- juan guaido has been recognized as the interim president by a number of leaders of foreign states. >> stripped of his parliamentary immunity, a defined juan guaido vowed to keep fighting against nicolas maduro's regime. >> they think that by prosecuting our political party and fellow legislators they are going to stop us. obviously, they are wrong. the people of venezuela are determined and nothing is going to stop us. >> venezuela's constituent assembly voted unanimously to guaido's immunity on thursday after the opposition leader violated a court order. he dismissed this as a political move and questioned the legitimacy of the legal body
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behind the decision. assembly's constituent was created two years ago to replace the national assembly and is entirely made up of madura loyalists. tuesday's vote was the latest attempt by venezuelan authorities to pile pressure on juan guaido. the young opposition leader can count on considerable support abroad, with many countries, including the u.s., recognizing him as venezuela's legitimate president. the trump administration has continuously warned of severe consequences if juan guaido is harmed. setuthorities in mozambique to roll out a mass cholera vaccination campaign. two people have been confirmed dead from cholera.a. infection can kill withthin hous
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if left untreated. when i left last week, last thurursday, there were 249 cases of c cholera reported. increasedayays, that has to 1428 cases. eight workers are very concerned because e they say witith chole, if you arere infected and you fd out in the morning you have cholera, if it goes untreated during the day, byby nighthtfal, you cocould be dead. really working swiftly to contain thihis breakoutut, but also to get as many peoeople immunized d as possible. most of the affected people are one area but surrounding areas are also being affected.
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>> nato secretary-general set to address the u.s. congress later that it. jens stoltenberg is in washington to mark the anniversary of the alliance. on tuesday, he met the u.s. president in the white house. praised countries for increasing their contributions, butut called for more. >> if yoyou look at the charts d different things, you go back 15 a roller coaster ride down in terms of payment. since i came into office, a rocketship up. we picked up $40 million of additional money -- $40 billion of additional money and it looks $100we will have 10 billion more by 2020 or a bit into 2020. >> for more, here's philip
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reporting. with all thegether foreign ministers of the nato member countries, jen stoltenberg headed to the white house where he told donald trump that his message was having a big impact. the message being that of a u.s. president who calls nato obsolete oncnce upon a t time bt has been encouraging all nato countries to be spending more of their respective gdp's on defense spending. the u.s. president took credit in the oval office meeting with four countries is spending more of their money on defense. but, he still singled out germany for not paying its fair share. that is something the president and the trump administration is expecting to be talking about a
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lot, the burdeden s sharing, tht is. the president said he believes may be that spending will have to go up even higher than 2% off each country's gdp on defense spending. billion might have to be spent on defense by the year 2020. n stoltenberg -- jens stoltenberg will b be giving a speech to congress later today. then, the real meetings get underway at the state department. two countries are expected to be the main topics of discussion -- russia and afghanistan. the third largest city in the united states has elected its first gay african-american woman as mayor. was one of two
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african american women in the running to be mayor of chicago. >> her name has made u.s. history lori lightfoot represents a double first for the countries third -- country's third-largest city. the first black female mayor and the first openly gay mayor. >> together, we will put the interests of our people, all of our people, ahead of the interests of a powerful view. -- few. together, we can and will make chicago a place where your zip code doesn't determine your destiny. 1837, chicago has voted and one black and one female mayor. key y electoral issues where the high levels of gun violence and
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fears of political corruption. it was a strong desire to shshae up local politics that swept the mayor into power. a political novicice, lori oveverwhelming an majojority against prech kwinkle. >> while i may bee disappointed, i'm not disheartened. >> lightfoot has promised to increase affordable housing, fight homelessness and crime and reform the police department. >> time for a look at t the da's businessss news with brian quinn's. you are starting out with a long-running trarade dispute between u.s. and china. the two sides are closer to resolution. >> it's their r 10th round of talks. the chinese vice premier was in
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wawashington for t that round of negotiatioions with the u.s.. expectining to makee headway. most of the e issues have been resolved. washinington and beijing have imposed d tariffs of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of each other's imports since early last year. the trump administration is seeking refororms to china's tre practices. madeng has reportedly significant concessions but obstacles remain over how to enforce an eventual deal. donald trump set the tone tuesday night. here he is. >> we are fixing broken trade deals to protect the american workers. we are standing up to china's chronic trading abuses and theft of intellectual properties and so many other things they've done to us. i don't know how you people alallowed this to happen for so many years.
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>> time for a chcheck on the marketets. european shares mostly on the rise wednesday. here in paris, up ovever .5%. the dax nearly doubling g its gains today. new data shows the u.k. services sector sinking for the first time since the brexit referendum. sterling making some gains against the dollar, not so much against the euro. theseeking to work w with opposition party to o end the deadlock.. ryanair has garnered a dubious diststinction. the irisish low-costst airline s one of the top 10 polluters in europe. ryanair coming in at number 10 after nine coal-fired power plants. it's the first time in airline has made the list despite the company's efforts to offset
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emissions. ryanair has made it to the top 10 of another list, and it's not in good company. the european commission has released its annual ranking of carbon emitters in the eu. ryanair shares the accolade with nine coal plants. with some 10 megatons released last year -- the budget airlines maintains that in terms of lights, their offer is s as green as it gets. >> ryanair is europe's cleanest and greenest airline. we had the lowest co2 emissions per kilometer traveled. >> the low-cost carrier has invested in fuel-efficient technology. it has even let customers donate to climate charities. their total emissions rose by 6.9%. onceeration of nonprofits
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political measures -- wants political measures. >> this trend will only continue until europe realizes this under regulated sector needs to be brought into line, starting with the tax on kerosene and the mandates to switch to zero fuel.ion jet >> plane emissions continue to soar. a headache for european politicians as they try to find the aviationween industry and their commitments to the paris deal. shn will give a press conference on april 11. the former nissan boss was released from a tokyo detention center last month amid ongoing prosecutions over financial misconduct and breach of trust.
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tokyo prosecutors are preparing a new charge against carlos ghosn.. board had a meeting on frfriday to settle his package. -- till shipping up to be a b booming m markeforr the fifirearms industry as bolsonaro has vowed to relelax n laws to fight crime. -- brazil shahang up to b be a booming market for the firearms inststry. >> brazil's nenew government is good for business if you are a firearms company. the largest firearms fair in latin america opens this week in rio de janeiro, with organizers expecting to see 450 companies. after president
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bolsonaro signed a decree in january, making it easier for brazilians to buy firearms. this spells good news for brazilian gun makers. >> we have an estimate of an increase of about 20% in demand. that is a conservative estimate. we will see over the course of the year that's going to happen. >> brazil is the world's third-largest t gun mananufactur after the u.s. and china. foreign companies s e hoping t o break into the market and capitalize on a growing appetite fofor small calibers s for self-defensese. >> we are waiting for concrete steps to dissolve the monopolies they have here. companies sell for ridiculous prices. >> many are horrified at the increasingly laxax gun laws.
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were 64,000re murders in brazil, the highest in the world. 45,000 were cacaused by guguns. finally, u.s. republicans abandon their push to repeal obama c care. in andata shows americans increasingly precarious position over medical bills. americans borrowed $88 billion to pay for health care last year with one enforce giving treatment due to cost concerns -- one in four skipping treatmenent due to cost concern. high health costs damaging the the economy -- in 2016, u.s. spent twice as much as 10 other high income countries on health with worse outcomes. it makes you wantnt to thahank
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that we live in france. stay with us. more to come. we are live from paris. ♪
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brandon: my e experience is so difffferent than a mainlanand chinese, it wouldn't be authentic for me to try to cook food for mainland china because that's not me, and that's not my audience. my audience is san francisco,o, and these cross-cultural exexchanges a are the basis for how food evolves. i feel like whatat we'rere seeig in this next wave of this generation of american cooks is this newfound confidence in valuing our traditions and its impact t on the food d culture in america..


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