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twenty four dot comm.. the evidence is welcome to live from paris will use an n analyss from francnce m my cat i'm m man ese are the m main world news headadlines. okay lawmarsrs vote against accepting a no deal breaks it it means t theresa may.. try toto seek an extenenon. beyond a april thehe twelfth yoy or may not agree meaeahile the spspeaker of the house uses his vote in a debate on more indicative vototes. jumper bececause deciding. coldld ends that process. algiers now forormer president sent an open letter to the people to apologize ababout staying is time. eigighty three year old abdelel azizeautifululy to step downwenty fourur hours ago after thehe army made hisis position untenable.
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members o of th pacifica entotourage of being a arrested. nato secretary general addresses the us congress jens stotoltenbg appearance marks t the seventieh anniversary of the alliance and warns againinst a resurgent rus. it seemsms the job of presididet trump storms nato critic sector generaral stololtenberg was iitd by the democrats. ththank you very much for being with us that'ss been a sequence of developments on brexit as the u. k. steams t to walls a and no dedeal disorderly departure f f. the e.e. u. lawmakers approved e first statage of a briggs it dey lole b by three enginee fifteen votes three hunundred ten the am is to delayy beyond april the twelelfth. and d avoid t that no deal c crt meananwhile you can opppposition leaderer jeremyy corbyn set that
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been no agrgreement with prime minister to o resume on the optn of a second referendum when they met to discuss possiblee ways ot of the brarakes it on purpose. with the new deal looking more and more likelyy and the economc and administer cast that might that might ensue speaker of the house john boca madee an interventition he split a tight vote in the h house. i rooting agagainst more indicativeve votesell let's s se now w from the labour leader jeremy corbyn. we had a discussssion and the hasn't been as much change as i expepected but we e are continug to have e some disiscussions tomorrow morning -- to explore some of the technical issues surrounding i it -- on the meetg was useful but incononclusive. i want the governmentt to understand that the house does notupport the deal that she's great she's gonna come up. at the evil of ththis very l lie stage with somethingng that is acceptabable to the house whichh doeses move in the direrection t the lalabor partyants in order
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to reach an n agreemenent with e the dangegers of crashing out wh no deall a very verery serious. vevery serioious indeed i i have avoided.. they belelieve that jeremy corbn let's begin mark on it senior lectcturer in politics. at the u universrsity of lancasr up t then the northwest of engld region i know extremely welell mamark thanks for b being with s can jeremy corbybyn. and ththe labor pararty find any out of this -- i reverting to called donald tusk like c cool beans are origiginal plans. well y yes i i think today i thk eieight mister coleman was taken by surprisise by. mrs may and his words are quite hard t to interprpre wee all geu to thehe stage now where we're looking for the reaeal meaning f the facts andnd phrases. i misissed a calll been saying t the walllls as much change i ins macy e expected. i thinknk is a verery interestig phrase - -- i thihink that's whe would likee p personalllly is to sosomehoww -- you not like those forces in the house o of commons
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who wantsts. a compromise very softt brexitt the problem is with talalking to mrmrs mattie he's got strong w k outt what she's up to because she's put down t the red linin which don't suggests that ththe the possibility. of a compromise brexitt so i think mister c coleman like evereryone elslse would like tot a resolution to a l list of all she walks likike least anything. is to helplp mrs m may basically pushed t through thehe commons a deal which he projejects in whih the cocos itself is rejected three times. he's thehe speaker of the house john bururke a right to cast his vote the way he didd to stop any furtherr indicated votes.. well i shouldd say that h he did ththat with the mixixed feeeelis because it's jujust a cusustojut the conventionon. that the speaker cast his vote againsnst anyny mion whihich res in a tie it's just -- it's often happened in fact agagainst governrnmentss in the past the speaker wl have his or h her persrsonal feelingngs is just gg to do that -- but again -- given
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that the that the housese of commons f felt that ththe indice lks were h helping p progress towards a c compromise brexit i think the d dks anonother b blon the thehe the the the process which i i think was. really goingng along. very late in n the day but walls butt big making some constructie contribution others rather puts a stop pararliaments tonight's overseas focususing on the build piece o of legislation. thatat would prevent briritain leaving without said deal howevever -- you know thth realy isisn't specicifically construce contribution because w we couldd only get any k kind of extension if we can c convince the europen union that we havee something nw to offer. so it is justt a new version i'm afraid that the stalemamate interestining things aree happeg the polilicies soo the conservre partyy loss to judy a about admiministers today -- in t thet alall the other events it's also remember that these things happen butut the conservative policy is n not close to the naa to c civil war. on the surface nhing seems to be changing but the false is a
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gathering i think for something momentous to happppen over the next week or so. now lelet me b be more on that a of civil warar within the conservative partyty d does this whole e eaks it a f fad -- basically spelell for t the conservatives us s some really d nenews given the scale of thee schism t that breaks it is calas within tory ranks. well yes i meaeathere's anan awl lot t of ironies in this one i really is this is made was a kikind of a compromise in the vy toto divide the policy so. it looked like s she was the bet opoption is prime m minister h r a studedent she h hadn't said leaving you i immediately see te terrible scenarios that come frfrom the policicy. it's m more than likely that the policies g grassrootots membersl enensure that has succecessor ie haven'n't got t to the point tht success will b be a hardline brexit see it. noww it's ststill thehe case the majority of conservatives in parlrliament arrived thahat remn is old very soft rock city is so
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you seeee i immediately as soons you put somebody andnd talk abot policy he's s very committed to one side. rather than another. then you are releleasing a all e forces of d divisionn a and i iy is amamazing to o me thahat ther was just stay the night shiftft the e so longg that shows how reluctant they also fired t the firstt shohots in walk i think. i could even be a a fatal civil war f for the conservative p pay givenn that thehe two wingsgs aw fighting each other o on an isse where it's so difficult to find common ground. anand how ironic that if t tt dd spspell the end off t this have departed all began to dave cameron a conseservativee prime minister. launching the brakess a referendum mk andnd no deal disorderly brexit come aprilil e twelftfth -- what would this men for the u. k. on the millionon f ordidinary working folksks who d leavee in t that june twenty sixteeeen breaks a referendum wewell yeahh this is one of the
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another of the savagee ironies the e fact is obviouously if yoo baback over historyy we cann see that the r remaining campaign ws very pull ththe p plans.. and it was based on the idea that therere wasn't really anyy enththusiasm the t toll for thee european unionon but what that could be was f fair if the alsoo this it. also results things of the consnsequences of thee actual ve itselfere exaggerated i have been shown to be an exaggegeratn as a resulult people out that still saying that. people fear mongering that the babank of engngland t the goverf the bank i think that's the nicecest warned about t the consequeuences for person.. of that no deal b boxes and peoe are believing him so we're really livining still under the shadow of the ox -- votes and graduallyy i think people in these constituencies flat jobs depend on trade with ththe e. u. they all b begning it seems according to the opinion polls to register -- about kind of realal along that some of the scare mongeringng mind set out o be true but it's really -- the the the the way the remaiaining campaign is -- have created a situation in which he told him a
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terribible b but an aide mymyicl been sayingg crushshing out witt to deal that t see t this fear mongngering b but it's p prettyr that that will at least be a vevery sharp shawl. shorort term don said in the buh ececonomy andnd the jobs will be lost that i i think is s absoluy sets in now a a it't's just i i think the pololitical classes responsibility to get together andd say to the public the mamajority of them at leastst ie political classes. and say youou didn't b believe e face stoes but honestly it really is going to hurt britata- just tototly brexit about hopefully will give thesese peoe the confidence to get t together andd make sure all thatt a and i think really all the trends d do suggest that well wiwired othern it t terribly chaotic fashionon. the british parliament study rights is going to do it's very
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best to stop a at the totally brexit mark on a at lancaster universityty in the northwest of englandd great to have you onn board so it's always a plpleasue to have youu analysisis is very clear veryry concise and very forensic. into you put it togegether s so thank youou very m much indeed r your timee and that just remind people watchching thatat of coue after one cast university.. atat detail inin the kind d of problems thatt couldld. lead to intensivee loss o of livelihood loss o of jobs and te ordinaryry people who somehehow voted to leleave s seem to o bee ones who will l suffer thehe mof course -- - because e of the wel mimishandling of t the whole tht by the people in power we of course will be you every step of the waway e every devevelopment. as it hahappenonon bret. next alger's nowow former presesident sent an open lettero the people to apologize outut stayingg his t time. eighty thre year old abdel aziz beautifully because stepped down twenty four hours ago after thehe army made his position untenable. meanwhile members of t the beautifully entourage of being arrested. let't's begin our correspondent algae is most f. eight caseyey months f. good evening to you
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tetell us s more about thihis lr that abilities beaututifully cut has sent. . to his p people.. you know what happenened tododas ththis phonene bececause of thas becausee i d did for the first . ththere are a lolot of it is the he used d to ride but this. one expresses a sort of you kno. s sort of emomotion becauause e wanted to adaddress the a algers for the lastst time this is what hehe said. so in this fighght and in this heat final mesge at the nokia x. residents who expresses himselelf as a simple citizen. ask for forgiveness f from jillian's -- he said thatt mistakes is something human so he a asked.. the o on duty is to forgive him for any y your lexuxus either by word or gesturee so the w words this is what h he wrotote so ane added that o on julian's we hava new presidedent very still. so he asasks god and h he said d
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to get herss t the steps o of ur used more developmpmts andnd evn the aspiratations of expecectatn of her body and children. is what motivavates us s that'sl ththis is a vevery strong. message in that in n the letter pepeople are aittle bibit dividd some somome of thehe in social a have been only retired. others have youou know didn't acceptpt w what he wrotete becae they think it's too late. to say these words. i'm the man o of the transitioi- on s staff it seems to be - -- e got cut t out bin n saleh. yes because i in a in a nsnstitutionalal way he would be the mad reaeally i'm sure this transition b by there's a probl. because these the milillions of ouour jury in n people w who. took in the streets most ofof tm are gone. you know they call - -- at the r
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the end of the system and not only of the r resignation o owht if the if momonday's - -- nine announcement is good news. it is not enough for them this is this is a very big problem so this strt a the peoeople on the street gololf once. inside because the people associate him with good if you're class so it doesn't seem greater birds hammond the demonstrators ask. for these departures -- or friday traditional datata globalizatio. we are we e are sure that. theyey couldn't resist wave anad the wants to say a another time they want the lead to system to me not even one side atven the prime minister one of the in between. and even the president of this constitutional cououncil everyb. according to their words so i end up inside his that wewe acceptpted by the people some other names and personalities arare like expressing themselves in the social media but nobody
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isis officially represented the people so we are expectingng. for an unsupporteded someone. so t the demonstrations sufuffer friday set to continue that concept thank you very much indeed most affected casey aree- correspond thatt in n algiers keeping on n old development set for u of course i will be bringing reactioion and analysis asas it happppens. nenext july from paparis jens stoltenberg hasas told the unitd states to bebe aware of a resurgent russiaia. speech is seen as a job donald trump the us preresidents a staunch criticic of nato stoltenberg spopoke to the us congress at the invitation o of the democrats the speech marking the seveventieth anniversary. of the north a atlantic treaty organization. get p plastic does not the v vis it unites uss makaking a plea fr trans atlantic community and defending thehe relevance of nao on its seventieth anniversary. jens stoltenberg is the first head of nato to speak before t e us congress w where he receivevd bipartisan ovation. but his s speech was really a message to the u. s. . president
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who has in the past called the organization obsolete and accused european p partners in particicular germany of not p pg their fair share. ththis message is having a real impact. over t the years -- reduducing e fence budgets or loss of stocock pickups. and all o our allies havave increased the defense spending congradulations donald trurump also gave himself credit foror e rise in nato contributions whehn hehe m met with stoltetenberg on tuesday. the u. s. presidedents skepticim over the alllliance has worried nato partners who have long relied on the united states as a pillar. in his speech stoltenberg warned thatat russia is becoming incrsingly asserertive and expressed his concecern over rurussian and uss plans to o wiw from the i. n. s. treatyy. a l ldmark nuclearar arms contrl pactct that eaea country accusus the other r of not respecting. we d do not want a new cold war. but you must notot be naive [inaudible] an agreement. that iss only respepected by one
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side wililnot keep u us safe. so will be high on the agenda when nato foreign ministers meet on thursday. they'll also discuss turkey's plans to buy a russian missile defense system. on grorows decisioion hasas angd the u united statess creating another source of tension in the alliance as it celebrates itsts seventieth b birthday. that's the user for now time to business committee joins us histories miss scrcrambleses too break the brexit on bassss. european officicials are getting that no deaeal contingency plals intoto order lots of moneney's n spent on this alreready absoluty and there really laying down the law marar abobo w what would ben the cardss at u. borders. ininhe case o a n note d deal customs checks w would impmpose limits on cacash and one british meatat or dairy prododucts. it has more detatails. warnings of long queues extra costs and the mountain of paperwork for bridgdge c crossig borderss and you companies trading with the u. k. the
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european e economy c commissionr pierrere muscovy s sees says cus chececks will become o obligatoy overnight. on all goodsds a arrivin from te u. k. i in the case of a no deal brexit.. the u. k. would becomee a a thid party overnight. itit would mean an insnstantanes and radical legal changee of substantial proportions f for te u. k. the problem in the statets anand ourur companies was it the moment. an estimated eleven thousand vehicles enter and leave the u.. k. daily and e. u. countries believe paperwork would rise by 4250% in the case of a no deal. with complex calculations of v. a. t. reimbursements also expected. indidividual travelers arrivinin the e. u. from person wld be limited to no more than four hundred and thirty euros worth of kids. would not be able to bring in british animal products such as cheese or sausages. producucers would stitill be abo exportrt them if britain passed laws to comply with the u.
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suntory rules bought they would pay import duties. still no clear answer however on the sensitive issue of the irish borderer. both sons and then the you want to avoid elaborate border infrastructure on the islands fearing it could undermrmine pe. muscovy see saidd the you cououd hand island extra funds and chchallenge.ancnce to meeeet the the ticket o on the day's tradig action now the major european markets closed higher attacks up sharply about one point 7% as media stocks rose in germany. the basic reason has an auto industries also rising across eupe wallstreet pared back some of its earlier strong gains but still managed a positive close. at the s. and p. five hundred notching up a five day winning streak there the nasdaq up two thirds of a percent to close. there are a lot of hopes the latetest round of trade talks between the us and china could finally lead to a breakthrough. the chinese vice premier is in washington for meetings and report suggests they haveve sold a number of their issues that a deal could be e in thehe offing.
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border front car maker who knows decided to block pension payments and last year's nuses to carlos ghosn citing quote serious questions about millions of euros expenses under his tenure. cones also formally stepped away from runners administrative council. has turned against the former ceo and chairman this week even erting french authorities to more suspicious payments apparently benefiting a distributor in oman. cohn who's currentlyly on bail awaiting trial i japan denies all charges against him. is that he's p planning a press confererence next week to tell s version of events. from amazon an n alphabet t to monsanto and unilever corporarae giants dominate today's global economy and a debate is raging about if and how they should be regulated. a new report from the internationanal monetary fund shows t that the growing concncentration of market powowr has so far had only limited effect on business investment prodtivity and wages. but if that trend continues wee could seeee it still more r riss
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according to the e study's leadd author home anand do that. should be woworried about this phenomenon because we need to tatake a four looking pererspece these rising mararket power is ongogoing is continuing. and beyeyd a certatain point at the start discouraging innovavation right if youour ifr a a dominant firm y you h have s pressusure too late and you mayy discouragege c competitors f frm innovatiting. and what we findd for insnstancn our studies that if the rising market power c continueses unchd overer the next fifteen years tt the stock k of buttons in ththe economy no team decatur of of innovatition buttons. the stuck with full by about 4% the next -- fififen years s so that's significant and that's why you need to keep -- corporate e market power in che. you can see that ininterview in full in the six people in n prot on thursday at twelve forty five paris time. now if youou find yourself short of casash next timime you'r're n london might be able to geget yr hands o on some goblilin goals. grgringotts wizarding bankk is openining to the pubublic allowg visitors a glimpsese into one of
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the most i impressive sets f frm harry potter universe. located on the warner brothers studud lot -- the bank shohowces costumes and prosthetic from the film franchise as will be underground vaults where some of the more exciting discocoveries anand action took place -- and markrket t there'slso reportedla somewherere in those vololts.gon if you havee the nerve to coacha hunter to explorore we should ornize a field tririp that's fantastic is that price imprpressive looking my local bk doesn't look anything like that yeah mine does something wh a you u -- but i have no gold in the account that's what i shohod say okay thahanks very much inindicated because within grifn doraran top of thehe house and everythihing and i would been baninished. to a less a part of the whole works out like e on t. great to o see youou problemem e court has done f for the trip excellt great. cacan we do with the b business. ththat's cross thehe great divie that w we cool off t to your ta. and speak to james crayton holoy said v very well grereat to seew than the peoplple now g. area -- on the one hanand celebrating te other hand kind of looook at wht
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happenss next because is thatat isissue now is about whwhat haps nextn out herere now that. abilities beautifufully guys go. what comeses after him? well i'm'm i could jumump to the better the deaeal because it ist is a big question mark and essentially at what's next right and this is an article in tsa algeria and they're saying why did the three bees. need to go right now the freebies are at delta dental penciller he's the president of the senate and basically he's kind of a a in the transition periods. you know meant to kind of the feeling is being talked about as the man of the transition to make an off the president is right but others. so he's one of the three be the other two are the prime minister of but we and the president's constitutional council at bell bell at bell at melodiess. but any conflict take a look at this cartoon bali hick basically what they're kind of afraid of here and that's what the cartoons of is referring to is that the army was sort of prop up. ben salah when it's been made very clear -- bali many that's it they don't want that this a transition period to be a sort of continuity with just all
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their faces. he there are signs of crack tony of sorts this tweet referring to the office at sonatrach ceo. could do were banned from leaving a jury at this at this - tweet here wondering whehether u know other members of the so called good if he could count clan could be sort of closed in and if you like. at the cut the at chop chop keep a little bit them on the fringe there is a f former energy minister a and formemer presidef opec. so i suppose therere is. concern n now among releasese of opec yes indeed victim of the compmpound well gee this is a concern g gosh i supposese t tho muchch involved in some form of corruption or involved in the power keyey could now. see that that t that the nationl title because this isis being ld by thehe army t that welell i se it's all it's s in it't's own cr for now but thahat that the peoe in the street don't wanant to se continuity essentially. at thihis is s at anonother at s a satirical att media c cold a d muncnch arere worork inn p progs the titltle of thisis set. of this s set. re wororking all of t the last supper a and y you can see thert a didisease but if he canan't im very s souther figurures in gran
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otherr words they've been elimininated i suppose that't'st thatat if he's with he e and his brothers. i i couldldn't be one of f centl but i i put it kind of wondnderg who t the other members of thee power k key. that might b be next to o go mit be i suppose that will be at the hope at least. no i was referring to this yesterday eveningng as well thi- editorial i itsa under basically thing everyone needs to get out on the streets on fririday postd becacause of been frfriday prots anand for weeks and w weeks.. both to o celebrate butut also o keep t the pressure up on t t ay and so that. you know at that that that things go as one would want them to go. very streets as well mark from - countries neighboring countries this is from june is yet next door eight years ago of course at and i lead was arrested there we are we living it we really ever choosing revolution through our algerine friends and this is good. at this return to fundamentals welsh and is it has been struggling in recent years to move forward in its own transition. sort sort of reading between the lines are i suppose. hope that things michael e even better in algeria perhaps this is from egypt game as a you t te
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is that human rigights activist and was very. well known for her involvement in the r revolutionn and she sas don't at my algerian brothers and sisterers continue and do nt leave the field. i do t too don't leave thehe sts in other words for the militara. it to insist that the e military leave the political round and government. to at the civilil sesector iff you like i don't be fooled by at their current discourse that's a warning from egypt were of course. at lcc on the army aren't in power now this again sought her kind of speaking volumes here and i'm sure lots of saw her coming out of them the last week or so. i'll see see congratulating khalid s saleh guide so who is e head of the armyn algeriaa. i'm warning him again t the ririsks of dememocracy basasica. and any case what more to say on us lots more put a disease with a ticket he did address of final letter to the algerian people today because he was essentially rush types. and yesterday. ththat's a also beingng sent ofn style by - -- durining my bat ts is a at and imamagines tweet twt her version of ththat letterr.
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saying as a jury andnd my answering compatrtriots it's all my fault i take full. anand i'm realizing howow i h hn just leaeave the word youu alllf these years i'vee been p pretty regressors masask yourr pityy. under yourr your forgiviveness - can n we start again. kisses everywhere. and this is another element char headline imagining that he had returned to the presidential palace last night because he is charger pointnts when charging money so jessee i just t really doesesn't want tgogo. i'll finish on a cocouple more cartoons b because look it's s y on time and so i mean perhaps we shld some pity for them on but maybe maybebe that's nonot of te algerian see i it foror now. good r riddance celell says the lambs cartoon here. and quite a few references too brings it as well -- texas. that sir francis plan to and this again is the lamb. if it was a take that here it's blue test lexus for this very bright she's on the team. we don't hear anymore but brings us it'll really at but we're proudd of gems deter we'veve goa long wayo go before we escape that particular wish checked it's even seepiping into algerin
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politics it. okay it's time for a james exit yeah therere you go i w will i l accept it doesn't it doesn't work. jajames thank you meaean i'm soy to see you thanks to a case as well we'e'll find a question oky trtrack andnd basilisisk in gris bank and kind of workout would get half that. was a drdrag dragon yeah because yoyou have to do some reaeadingd reading t that delve back into harrrrpotter andnd come up with the e answer thahat the books nt the f film. clear books a great out t there
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