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the two spoken to out live from paris world news and analysis from france twenty four on marco in these are the headlines. the world as we know it is a risk and it's all our fault scientists in paris. a million species contact immediate risk of extinction. unless we all take action now. impact of the loss could check at the end of our own planet. hello john formalwear media fix it begins a three year jail term michael cole is been convivicted of campaign finance violations. relating to hush money payments made on the rest presidents the
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home of election odum lost is being re run the votes of the state to get any stumbled. to presidents what was left of his party plus ground across the whole country. code out. thank you very much for being with us the extent of the risk of human activity to our planet has been unveiled he embarrassed well scientists say. there are a million species at the urgent threat of extinction. on this is old because of various kinds of human activity across the world for instance one intent insects. are a threat of extinction the role of course if it's not doubt could spell the end of pollination. of some crops this could mean widespread shortages of food. the threats when you put it in those terms a pretty obvious the findings a wide ranging
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assembled with the help of a sesearch my hundred a and thirty countries. french president emmanuel macron spoke of the need to act. syllable moody doing this report tells us clearly that bio diverse city is a problem as serious as climate change. he couldn't approval we can only win this baffled by tackling both of these problems together. and reversing the trerend he was just in all of this set it on the house. moroccan speaking at a little earlier let's bring in now and say msa joins us from lancaster and that the northwest of england she is a specialist in the ecology lecture and a researcher that. that's at the university like us as a say in the northwestern with a place in a very well. thank you very much for joining us -- individual take on just how serious the current situation is. well i think the statistics interest port restrict ourselves and we are seeing.
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a enormous declines in long lines and and station iron actually chrysostom's. and yeah i'm big. the assessments -- paint classically picture i think because of the state of nature - today but it also shows and soo. pathways t to solutionss and soe of the things that we need to stop thinking right to make a difference. and these things are all due to human activity of and let me talk in terms of biodiversity and on these kind of words i think people. maybe find this a bit nebulous - the difficult to sort of grasp completely can i just bring it close to the home where you are for instance fracking is a big proboblem is that i'm that's obviously a man made problem. fracking. yeah -- well and i am definitely no express on tracking -- i'm i'm also known nexon of trucking in in the in this particular region but yeah that's the idea i don't i have no idea what
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links right i rested y'all that but i think the point is that any. it's the exploitatation of our natural resources and and and the the change or land use change that we're seeing. as a result of human activities are cracking for example you you need to play a very large areas- it t to any kindd of any kind of mining local e extractions thins like natural gas and minerals -- and and then we'll see you doing damage to the ecosystems in our area -- and it it's not damage that land use change not ever exploitation that is is really feeling kind of scg loss. so eight eight these these kind of things we have to stop thinking about. how do we how do we -- maintaining -- our our our lifestyles ole ole our way of living. in a way that is also sustainable and doesn't destroy the planet. because we can't go back. to seventeen fifty for instance when the industrial revolution kicked off we can't go back to sort of pre seventeen fifty can we need to find another way of doing things is the thing.
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and how much is the onus on individuals rather than companies rather than governments. no i think i think i think we can do things on all levels so this -- the individual can take action are small things that each of us can do so. through our the choices we make how we how we live what we kissed you how much you can see how much waste we do u use -- there's kind of things can actuallyly make quite a big differencehehen everybody starts making small changes. but then -- obvbviously your businesses -- businesses and and governrnments. and even so the international bodies need to stop thinking in a slightly different way about how. are you know what is what is profitable it's not jusust ececomics we have to stop thinking right -- our well being in terms of nature and and and our natural resources -- and not just in financial terms so i think i think. there are different w ways of tracking these problems at at at
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many different levels and we need. to all of this. make contact with the rich individuals and businesses all govevements. and and of course we can always we must always remember that -- we assndividualsls alslso have a voice throrough thehe right retirement.. we can tell politicians for what we want what we need -- and i think question also that's been happening i in in the u. . k. recently. and it's a big question paula cole positive saying -- that that we can change the political landscape -- body talking more about climate change talking more about what i missed you loss we go to do quickly i am a thank you from city emisora lecture and research it in college. at the university of lancastster in the northwest of f england thank you very much indeed for joining us. thanks a lot from paris michael cohen us president donald trump's former personal lawyer. headed to a federal prison to begin a three year sentence this monday he's the biggest victims
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so far of the mole enquiring. codede who once vowed to take a bullet the jump now call silicon man. he's a serve time in federal correction institution in otisvilllle new york it's from arranging hush payments to two women. who said they had sexual encounters with trump? and colonel so light and the us congress is expected to state prisons minimum security camp. mr trump is a con man. it's february twenty seventh. twenenty nineteen michael collls cocontentiouss congressional hehearing is streaming livive te american public. as the president's long time lawyer in fixer turns on his boss calling him a racist a liar and a cheat. the last time i appeared before congress i came to protect mr trump [inaudible] today. i am here to tell the truth about mr trump. i lied to congress well mr trump's stop negotiating the moscow tower project in russia. i stated that we stopped to go
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she aiding in january of twenty sixteen that was false. our negotiations continued for months later during the campaig. it's a far cry from collins twenty seveventeen claim that he take a bullet for trump. he spent months providing congress some law enforcement would further lean in the investigation. a trump tower project in moscow. a hundred thirty thousand dollars in hush money to adult film actress stormy daniels to cover up an affair hi everyonene one of the earliest subjects of special counsel robert muller is investigation. his name appears more than eight hundred times in the final report. but he declined to pursue a formal cooperation agreement with new york prosecutors. he was sentenced to three years for crimes including campaign finance violations tax evasion the lying to congress. he gave a final statement outside his home there's still.
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much to be cold. and i look forward to the day. that i can share the truth. he reported monday to a cushy minimum security prison in otisville new york. seventy five miles from his old manhattan office. trump's lawyer formally michael current on his way to a federal prison. next election any stumbles in the cloud now and void a complaint brought by the president recep tayyip erdogan has been not held his eighty k. party. took a thrashing the local elections the included defeating ankara from strong hold the defeated he stumbled was narrow. opponents of casting doubt on the status of the result that be struck downn. just. just online from and for more on thisis just because he continued tells more about this d decisio. and it's's possible implication. well the suprememe electoral council had so you know withthin the lost allll i used to the statemement. saying that certain elelectoral
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officials in istanbul will not fit for the troll. and the people thahat up accordg to them wililbe prosecuted. hi this is canceceled the licene to be mamale over the p position who won on n march the thirty first i it created in the m mol. but the interesesting thing i ie supreme electoral council hasn't coconductedd. hasn't canceledd invalidated the auto raceses -- elelections were held - -- on march thehe thirty first i incncluded herein on crs and i was voting n no need for e il over on cross. but also for the males my district in on the municipal council of my district among current as well l as the neighborhoods -- hit man t the o calllled mostall -- now -- yoyou
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see these e all the the r races- municipal may out municipal council in both saw haven't been coununseled in istatanbul and mt of those otherer races well one bite -- the ones. onon tv. onlyly canceled the mail over te whole city -- his license to rurules and for that reasonon at of people are going to accuse the supreme electoralal council inconsistencyy but it's also known. but the electoral council was under enormous political pressure. you know on saturday -- the one was calling for a new election to be held yesterdrday thehe ste om news agency -- was reporting that forty three of the electoral officials will go to in this -- they haven't been. found guilty in n court yet to e good at this but the state. news agency was saying but prosecutors havave found them to
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bebe good. so yeah.. that's's a lot of discocount fo- among people i crawled has assembled outside the house where. in mamoru broke his false tonight john john saying man at cram don't stall we are with yo. in terms of the general reaction of the opposition just to tell us more about that i imagine. the must be great fear is what happens next among these people. yes well the only most of the opposition parties have cold -- full your general meetings -- tomorrow -- immortals policy the chp will hold a meeting here in non corrupt and immoral will try to improve for it -- but to the kurdish party has come out tonight -- and criticized this decision. yeah as being. political and very on that.
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lolook the funny thing about all this is but politicallyly -- to one's party stands t tlose on the new electition which we now know will be on june the twenty so. then the economy will be in woworse s shape - - the layer os full length of the every week -- in my old -- has behaved mocks bathtub. on quality candidates in istanbul bid on the yellow drones among oldlder. condnduct in the past five e wes bubut it's clclose waiteted votn thee sense off t those votererso could vote by the way -- that he is the best man to be male. andd so theyey everybody knows s election is pretty cool just because they are quality loss. so in my more who will benefit from a flu tivo. however the one thing that could come over to the analysis i've just given you is full.
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president o of the one is knowno be a man who does not eat anything so saw. a second defeats in istanbul okay and what would be devastating. so turkish liberals are wondering what trick well -- the one pull out of my hands. on june the twenty set. and the test but we're counting on you to keep across all about them and so on that story just a modem our correspondent that in ankara as of this -- thank you very much indeed for joining us. this is not between gaza and israel is reported to be holdin. the worst violence since the war twenty any medicine group islamic jihad -- level of the cease fire started after the intervention of the mediators. other than we are observing the behavior of the occupation and are ready to respond to any
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aggression that you buy that in the while the israeli ministry lilifted protective restrictions on residents close to the borde. well some israelis were pleased to see a return to camp. all this stuff to see spock was never. i think that a cease fire at this moment is a terrible mistake. i think that when we have the upper hand need once of roles to finish the terra. because this will only repeat itself. meanwhile in gaza some residents were skeptical over the agrereements like this man who lost his home. what it does god causes all? these troops will be the same as previous ones. each time at the truce lasts only for a week or two we are suffering from the fighting.. yes strikes targeget civilians they strike residential buildings and we are left with only the clothes we stand in russia can cause. over the weekend i israel's ministry targeted dozens of hamas targets that they said were concealed in homes or residential areas twenty three palestinians were killed and dozens injured.
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in the first such targeted killing in five yeyes israel killed a masss comommander it sd it strikes were e r response to hamas and islamic jihad firing several hundred rockets and mortars across the border since saturday. four israelis were killed by rockets from gaza for the first time since. twenty fourteen standards into mediawatch and james at joins us for r that and a good evening to you starting this -- more on these what kind of devastating predictions that made by the at the report on bio diversity. yes and this is about so much more than just climate changes about the effect that humanity has on every living creature and plans. on the planet at least the new york times has illustrated this perfectly. with an image of an olive ridley sea turtle add this photograph was taken in india back in january. and it's a common sight at title wrapped up in fishing nets and ropes and of course it is almost impossible for them to survive once they get caught in that
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kind of situation. at the fishing industry -- the to try just at least in the sea is one of the biggest threats faced bonnie -- seat models and this also talks about the dire threat ecosystems that people all over the world depend on for that survival. and really people are taking from this report -- the the spin if you like that this is going to affect human l life in the he perhaps the people will take it more seriously the guardian's headline human society on the urgent threat from loss of f. natural life. now they took as well about that one million species on the threat of extinction it's a difficult number to reading imagine what that means -- you could also say that one in ever. eight animals or plantss the you look out of the window and you see one in every eight things is going to be. made extinct unless we can make big changes and improve the situation i'm so it really is very dire warning head david throws you right size speeches nobody saunders says.
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were basically living in a sci fi dystopia movie. and yet going about our business pretending everything is totally fine -- and that is one of the big problems that people jusust aren't't mobilized yet some peoe are at but it does seem as though there is quite a statement to you caring about the planet extinction rebellion you may or may it took to the streets in london. lots of very direct action and protests that gluing themselves to trains and the like a lot of people didn't understand what exactly they were protesting about why they were using this method. but he got them talked about the what they said about this report is that it could be a chance to help nature heal the choice before us. is extinction rebellion that they say -- another person who has very much been at the forefront of the discussions on climate change in the threat to the planet is a close gratitude bug the sixteen year old. swedish go -- but she has come in for so much criticism it really is quite inexplicable when you look at it on social media he frequently see have been referred to as having been
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brainwashed. people accusining h her parenenf child abuse saying about dragging her around just to promote that own views not her own we'll fees and this article in the spectator written a couple of weeks ago -- it's a right wing publication. they described as less of a one girl revolution. more of a p. r. creation that allows her to go unchallenged because genesis simply too afraid to question her. it is interesting to see just how some people portray these voices that the same things that i want to have anti not plays into the spectators narrative as you say as a right wing publication firms defending conservative. with the big a a small sea view- put the planet to one side for a moment and talk about a new addition to the planet i suppos. uk's that role family has announced a another child has been born. had to have american. indies at baby sussex as his name because we don't yet know what he's going to be cold you can touches of sussex of course they all did you can touch as a suffix. more commonly known as harry and
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back and they were it wasn't the bus was announced in a very traditional function with this site on the easel outside buckingham palace. but they also took to instagram- to say it's a boy we know that he's at seven pounds three ounces and seventh in line to the throne is born at five twenty six this morning. just noticed that two point two million people liked it absolutely -- its proving extremely popular and what's interesting as well as the radio on not many people commenting. with sort of anger or bitterness a few things about you know there are peopople starving in e world -- but there we go because harry i lots of people commenting on the fact that he come he and his statements are off to the bass at how any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension. the only the first mantissa. they're probably not a absolutey remarkable stuff congratulations to harry and to make an end to a long life said to the youngststr however he is named. amber thank you very much indeed
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imaging's and media watch [inaudible] that's a question coast cold sandwiches ways here without a business -- coal spangler sorry as starting with the us china trade dispute tweets from donald trump perfect cost out. of the ability of both sides to strike a deal as top throaty that when they come. straight and gotten gotten worse now negotiators are said to be in the final stages of talks to ease these very costly trade tensions. that was before the us president took to twitter. in a message sunday night donald trump threatened to hike terrace on all chinese imports 225% on friday. he then dug i in with anonother tweett on m monday keeping the threat firmly on thee table. the missives came as talk seems to be reaching their end game with the final round set to begin this wednesday in washington. there's some speculation this is just a ploy to ring some last minute concessions fromm china which has confirmed it will still participate in wednesday's talks. either way it's an unexpected development the influential investor warrenn b buffett said monday that the us china trade war. would be bad f for the whole wo. you're engaging. a response from someone else.
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that. also has their own calculus and has their own -- internal polilitical considerations on s. it it's it's a dangerous game. sure enough markets responded very negativelyy to donald trump's threaeat to high tariffs we saw some heftyy losses on wal street for muchh of the day. markets and recovered remarkably after trying to confirirm it wil still b be participating in thoe negotiations on wednesday. ststl as you can see here the dow finished the d d down about a ququarter of a percent. share is ann apple fell one anda half percent. very similar story for the major european indices london's footsie was close for holiday monday but the guy got on and frankford stacks both slid it more than 1%. monday also mark the opening of the highly anticipated trial here in france. former executives of france telecom are in court in paris or series of suicides at the company a decade ago. the bosses are accused of moral harassment and creating a climate that led thirty five employees to take their own
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lives. former ceo dj known bob is among the accused if convicted he and others could face a year behind bars. france has relatively pro worker labor laws but the case has shine light on the problem of workplace stress in the country. the trial could last up until july. now to discuss more the issues behind this case. we're joined by flaunts been issue a specialist in workplace health issues. thanks for joining us flaunts to start with can you explain just how historic this trial as hello there good good evening and thank you. and i think -- the story of the chart or the story of the trial of around. one o'clock. where he was a land tour ready can of for its original with the with amy change management -- without any -- like a combined. and during the the to tell on seven boerhaave a more on the
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nineteen not sure friday. hello where we come nigh -- like a professional accident. work well i feed -- injury. right now since this this case we're talking about here as you mentioned focuses on alleged harassment that took place about a decade ago. do you think the french workplace has gotten better since then. i think it will -- kind of address it will individual moral high richmond. but also called right moral our restaurant. for what please try your early is important really fundamental. because i think we will have -- unload before on on after the trial. you have if you have any thoughts about how this trial is is is going to progress. sorry i don't understand do you have any thoughts about how this trial is going to progress -- over the coming weeks. yeah yeah and i think it. will be a longer -- trial until
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the beginning of july i think. don thank you so much for taking the time to join us. thank you for your attention. i hope it will be a a trial for the prevention of this kind of situation in all of the company. i'm so in. so finally to wrap up things a court here in paris has given the green light to the construction of a very controversial building. ththe so called triangle tower s received authorization to be built at the southern edge of the capital. tower is slated to measure one hundred and e eighty meters thas less than the eiffel tower's three hundred metersrs but still on track to o be one of frfrancs biggest buiuildings. opponents had sought to o block the projoject whichch wl be home to a luxurury hotel and ofoffic. now mark w we think classsses le this before over agricole ever over our country me in paris. evidently not this wait about thirty four hoping to have this tower in place just in time for this twenty twenty four olympics anti they go to build something because that's what people get
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paid a course on the eiffel tower was buiuilt in a way but whwhen people hated it. or do you think about the month unless our as well the awful people still say that will but the permission from the loop two people had t that. too so what we'll see how the public reaction goes and evidentltly grows. girls languages i thank you very much indeed for joining a central standard that with his great to see. and that's it set for must've been smoke coming alive from paris
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05/06/19 05/06/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is demoacacy now! >> t this t truce wilill be thee as the previous ones. each time there is a truce for a week or two and ththey are b bao fightingng again. we are suffering from the fight. airstrikes that target civilians, page strikike residential buildings - -- they stririke residential bldldings amy:y: a ceasefire agreeeement s been reaeached in gaza after an intense three days of fighting


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