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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 7, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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genie: it is time for 60 minutes live around the world. i am genie godula. two journalists freed in myanmar after more than 500 days behind bars. they were convicted of breaking the secrets act for reporting on the crackdown of rohingya muslims. as the site for libya's capital continues, the government kicks
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off a tour of europe for support. meghan markle and prince harry welcomed the baby who will be seventh in line to the throne. adapt toain stores changing consumer patterns? ikea has opened its first for people whoet do not have cars. a russian doll series of addresses or katy perry in a luminaire. a look at t the costumes, coming up.
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myanmar has freed two journalists jailed almost a year and a half ago. they were arrested following their reporting on the killing villagers. the journalists were among the the prisoners released in latest wave of presidential pardons. free at last and determined to return to work. two journalists were freed from a jail tuesday. addressing reporters on the release, one could not wait to get back to the newsroom. to thank all my family members, friends, coworkers.
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people around the world were kind to us. >> they were arrested in december 2017 for breaking the secrets act. they were sentenced to seven years in prison. they had been investigating the killing of 10 rohingya muslims men during the august 2017 crackdown. of rohingya muslims o or killed and forced to flee into neighboring bangladesh. arrests raised eyebrows over the state of democracy.
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they also defended the detention of the journalists and insisted they were not arrested for reporting, but for publishing state secrets. ngo, some 48an political prisoners are being detained in jail while hundreds of others are being charged or are facing trial. in libya, the rebel commander is continuing his push to take control of the capital. the head of that government is meeting key european leaders to get desperately needed help. his first stop was in rome with the prime minister. .et's bring in philip
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it seems even the i internationl community y is not sure which se to weigh in on. britney is -- even though britain is pushing resolution, the united states and russia said they are going to veto it. this support is not even coming from the united nations for the government. france,f that, you have the prime minister of libya is due to visit emmanuel macron. there is supupport for h him, be does not have the international
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support he wants or needs to move forward to try to win back the lost territory, who is pushing forward towards tripoli and has made it clear he continues to push forward during the muslim fasting month of ramadan paired -- of ramadan. genie: they were enemies o of qaddafi, but it was not enouough to put them on the same side. >> they have met on several occasions and have pledged to move or work towards elections for the country and to work towards a cease-fire.
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they pledged to hold elections by 2017. another series of talks in june is likely the talks will continue to go ahead. is theic bottom line general accuses the government of he has vowed to rid libya islamic state. it can explain in part if france is supporting him, that is why france is doing so because france does not want another round of terrorist attacks.
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genie: the mayoral race was one fiveposition candidate weeks ago. here is more from the mayoral elect. >> they might have pressed and obtained a decision to win 40 to their dirt.over genie: jasper morgan moore is
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covering a story for us. are talking about what president erdogan has to's they about rerun ofof the vote. >> when they spoke this morning, rerunning the election wouldld lift the shadow o over theheoles that marked the 31s1st. he also claimed 20 thousasand of ththe 62,000 electoral offices n istanbul had not been employees of the central government. c cannot be an ininnocent mistake. opposition has repeplied to the lalast chargrge. if the electoral authority enough employees,
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they are still civil servants, but maybe of a lower level. the electoral authorities were electoralg the officers who conducted the inctions and the referendum 2017, when the new constitution did noted and erdogan void those elections. hundreds took to the streets last night, particularly in the and theyn strongholds
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were chanting things against the banging pots and pans. to leans more appeared out of their windows and bank pots and pans because the video poposted on the internet recordd a cacophony of kitchenware. panss,ging of pots a and when those people who couldn't take to the streets expressed themselves. over showspening all the decision to avoid the elections has made a lot of istanbul lights -- is simple people very unhappy -- istanbul people very unhappy.
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this is plain dictatorship. the lira fell by 3%. erdogan rebuffed the businessman electoral a authoritieses shshould give thei reasonn for this as soon as possible. a dutch member of the eueuropean parliantnt said, erdogan does not accept defeat and he goes against a wealth of people.
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one of the key campaign issues has been immigration. it is a sensitive issue in the country. stefan report. >> he was left for dead on the side of the highway. when he looks back on the picture of himself, he remembers he was stabbed because he was a muslim. >> it is a miracle this driver is alive.. burnt aliveo he was with his truck. >> we tried to regarded as a criminal event, but there is
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elements -- in place. the authorities regularly plan -- regularly fan the flalames. the mayor of johannesburg spoke out about his concerns. >> the immigration crisis in our -- provide services with immediate funding. example inpractical get between 25% and 39%.
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>> a large denial within the polititicians. >> they are keeping their head down. they have been living in south africa for 10 years and have nowhere to go. a aeghan markle gave birth to baby b boy. her husband says thther and b by are doing well but they have yet to decide on a name. >> it is a boy. first child for the couplele who was marriried a yer agag officials say he was born at 5:26 monday morning. the proud father was present for the birth. , as am proud of my wife
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every father and parent, they say your baby is amazing, but this baby, i am over the moon. >> journalists and well-wishers have camped for days waiting for the baby's arrival. >> we just had a baby eight months ago. it is very exciting. good for the country. somee couple chose to keep details private. the royals decided not to find out the child's sex in advance. >> the top fashionistas took to
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the carpet of last night off met gala in new york. the theme was camp. byy gaga stunned the crowd peeling off layer after layer of incredible outfits. o out lookingrned like a gololden peacock. male actors gogot into the act. a waxleto showed up with double of his decapitated head. the guest list for the gala is handpicked by vogue editor anna wintour herself. look at your headlines. two reuter journalists are freed in myanmar after more than 500 days behind bars.
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reporters were convicted of breaking the secrets act for reporting on the crackdown overhang to muslims. as the fight for control of ,ibya upon capital continues they kick off an urgent tour of europe. for meghan n markle and prprince harryry. they have welcomed the yet unnamed baby who will be seventh in line to the throne. have a great idea for the name of the baby. >> let's start with the u.s. china trade talks. beijing's economic start will travel despite the threat of more tears. insnsisted tops
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trade negotiaiators accused beijing of b backtrackcking on a number of commitments it made during the talks. >> one day after donald trump announced a surprise wave of fresh sanctions against china, an explanation. trade representative robert lighthizer said over the cououre of the last week, the u.s. saw an erosion in commitments by china. steven mnuchin adding the u.s. had been hoping to conclude a deal at sometime this week. to changehe potential the deal dramatically. trump's decision to raise tariffs to 25% from 10% brought an abrupt end to a truce that has cost the world billions of
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dollars. between 2018 and march 2019, chinese exports fell 47%. imports s from the u.s. took a % hit. into a trade amounts to $25 billion. despite the latest turn in events, the chinese vice premier tuesday. travel china insists it hopes to arrive at a win-win agreement. genie: world leaders are voicing their concern over the escalation in the trade tensions. thestine lagarde calledd
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battle a major threat to the world to economy. they say tit for tat tariffs are always a deadlock. been jitteryhave about this since the start of the week. inthere is a saying, sell may and go away. donald trump's tweet about hikes accelerated that. european shares have extended losses tuesday. markets are calmer after monday''s selloff. chinese shares turned positive, recovering from heavy losses they suffered yesterday.
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genie: coming back to paris, a look at furniture shopping. it is a headache to get out of the city if you do not have a car. the first store in paris. >> we can look at other business headlines we have for you. the u.s. government has started returning asset seizures linked to state funds. athorities are investigating corruption and money laundering case. profits fell 74% in the first three months of the year as they set aside 1.4 billion euros for an expected antitrust penalty. millionfell to 588
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euros from 2.3 billion euros in the same quarter. eu'ss contesting the allegations it colluded with four other carmakers to delay the introduction of clean emissions technology to avoid competition. is seeking to raise $510 million in its market debut in the u.s. the chain has filed for a public offering on nasdaq and says it 30 million to sell shares for $15 to $17 each. and we are finally coming back. gina says i had to jump the gun. an ikea in paris. >> it is to reduce reliance on big suburban stores and open a different type of retail space
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in central of cities such as here in paris. ikea is not alone. other chain stores have been adapting to the changing consumer b behavior.r. >> ikea's central paris store is open for business. it is a first for the company mass suburban warehouses. it is smaller than the average ikea. we know fewer and fewer people have cars. we know our business needs to adapt to the changing world. keep largeoes not
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stock insight. store.rder in delivery comes in at 60 euros. for some, that defeats the point. >> it doubles the price, and the prices what is good about ikea. it is not a good option. > they are ablble to providea better customer experience outside city limits. >> you don't find everything you need, but there is a g good seselection here. you can n find whahat you needd quickly. giant has opened 670 -- has opened the six city center outlets. clearly, it is worth it.
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topic forn interesting city dwellers. be e --very option might to the budget.s genie: i am still excited to go get some of those little glasses. thank you so much for that. coming up in the next half hour, the queens' apartments in versailles have reopened after a three year renovation. we will look at the renewed luxury of marie antoinette.
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[music playing] matthew carney: it's a cruise with a difference, and we almost didn't make it on board. we're going to spend the next week with 800 others getting a crash course on sexuality in china. [music playing, cheering] carney: and at the end of it all, there wilill be an act t of mass civil disobedience. nine same-sex couples are going to get married. they'll be defying the law, chinese conventions,


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