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twenty four get all your news on europe and the european elections on france twenty four in france twenty four dot com. that you're watching live from paris in front twentnty four the headlines this hour. the united states s imposes more sanctions on iran targeting its metals exports this off to tehran found t to resume its nuclear prorogram within sixty days. unless europe did more to protect its economy. maybe is he went back to prime minister tells frost twenty four he hopes the paris will do more to help his government in tripoli. as heavy fast all continues his offensive from the east. and south africa's ruling party braced for a bloody nose from
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voters fed up with rampant in a call to see and corruption polls suggest the anc. will suffer its biggest losses yet. but as the united states has announced fresh s sanctions onn iran it comes off to tehran threaten to roll back its commitments to the twenty fifty nuclear dale. unless europe could do more to protect its economy from us sanctions tehran says it will begin to enrich its uranium stop well closer to weapons grade within sixty days. in response the us president donald trump signed an executive order targeting iran's metals industry has 10% of the country's exports president ronnie. made this announcement earlier a year to the day after trump moved away from the j. c. p. away. more than about a john tower in the nuclear deal we agree to keep the uranium enrichment levels at three point six seven
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shots. yeah. we will stop this commitment and will not keep up with any specified levels anymore he'd be about t only moments. read the site is in tehran with more on that announcement. the running government not completely withdrawing from the nuclear deal but certainly president rohani taking a small but significant step. in putting iran potentially on that path president rohani announcing that iran will no longer ship out it's enrichment uranium supply that exceeds three hundred kilograms to russia. mr rohani also announcing that it will no longer ship out to old lan it's heavy water supply to exceed a hundred thirty times heavy water an element necessary to make nuclear fuel. we should point out that new us sanctions already prevented russian oman from taking the supply so in many ways the ron. did not have a choice in this matter here in saffron many worry about escalating tensions
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with the us. everyone are worried about this but we can make the changes you know. your love of things happen every day you will hours and minutes and what we can do not seeing. all these issues are only hurting the people. there are threats from that side that's from the in reality. who are under threat? in his televised address president rohani giving european signatories of the nuclear deal sixty days to deliver on the promise benefits of the nuclear deal. otherwise he said more measures will be taken by iraq. may decide they're putting from tehran will european powers say that iran will face consequences if it chooses to abandon the deal entirely simon harding has more on the international reaction. my comompare and jeremy huhunt standing side by side conondemng iran's withdrawal from certain commitments of the twenty
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fifteen nuclear agreements. the british foreign secretary. tehran to reconsider eighties we just the i iranians to think vey long andnd hard before they brek that deal it is in no one's interest is certainly not in their interest because the moment. they go nuclear the neighbors with as well with the us secretary -- social warnings that's around though he also commented on the fake threats made by the rihanna governments. and said the us would wait and see what they did n next i've sn the reporting on the scene the letter.. that's been said i thinknk it ws intentionanally ambiguous we'e'l have to itit to seee what around actions actually are -- they made a number of statements about actionsns they threatenedo do in order to geget the world o jump -- what we'll see what they actually do the access will wai- to observe that. it runs decision to stop selling this surplus uranium and water as they can mostly on stories of j. c. p. l. a. armenians by surprise. russia however said that since the u. s. as rigid rule from the pact and may. twenty eighteen the accord had
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become french on is with the data which the joioint compmprehensive plan of action s a very complex structure. it wasn't created in a month it took over a year. zero virgin within it and everything was extremely balanced. the americans came out o of the agreements it became very very fragile eyeless the loose my response. the european union has said they are assessing iran's message and we'll take steps when appropriate. whereas france has said they will increase sanctions if necessary. the french government has confirmed that it sending a new shipment of weapons to saudi arabia despite outcry from human rights groups critics say the arms are being used to kill civilians in yemen. accusing paris of being complicit in alleged war crimes germany suspended its weapons sales to saudi arabia last october. is the french defense minister frost poly defending that move. and if i don't even call it has not yet arrived in the porch of love. june i'm not in charge of the surveillance of delivery.
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another administration is in charge of that but i did some research to be able to answer you because i i imagine y you we going to ask me e this question thank you. there will be an arms delivery according to ththe terms of a commercial agreement that was concluded a few years ago see if your the weapons will be loaded up. yes yeah. maybe as you invite prime minister has been meeting with the french president emmanuel micron here in paris micron is calling for ceasefire in libya as fighting rages on between forces loyal to fires on the ceras. and the militias fighting for former get daffy general highly for half day off to rest told this channel that he hopes franz will do more to support the western backed government in tripoli. the look on the phones -- what tweaks thanks from from in a year considering that friendship with libya? is for them to have a clear
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political position. on the situation in the yes in the future. for the past three years we have been meeting with holly for haftar. unfortunately he was already preparing for this offensive and we were getting close to an agreementt and possibly a solution with international costing us it went on to the we were expecting a more positive outcome when i went to the apple dubbing negotiations. with ob and unfortunately after decision to attack tripoli. is very stupid. it is put an end to any hope. of reaching a political agreement among when -- also in the in the how. i see a baby a pakistani christian woman who spent years on death row after being convicted for blasphemy is reportedly on her way to canada
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wish to be reunited with her family. she was accused of insulting the prophet muhammad's during a route with the neighbors and was sentenced to death in the country's most notorious blasphemy case when the incident happened. about ozzy entering some water from the other woman's jug and they had an argument. then oz your committed blaspsph. i cacan't repeat what she said some people in the village wanted to kill her but we prefer to follow the law. after learning of the verdict we regret not having taken justice into our own hands. five days later on via a christie and was dragged from her home by a mold and beaten in front of police officers. she was arrested and charged with insulting the prophet muhammad's a crime punishable in pakistan by life imprisonment or death. in two thousand ten she was put on death row in what became pakistan's most notorious blasphemy case i'm one that's polarize the nation. one of phoebe's m most high p profile suppororters t the governor of punjab summomons hisis it was assassinateded by one of his own
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security guards in january. two thousand eleven of the public key appealed to the pakistani president suppose in her. two months later the federal minister for minority affairs shahbaz boxy was killed by self described toleman gunman after he called for the reform of blasphemy roles. as you bb spends nine yeyears ii solitary confinement. until the thirty fifirst of october two thousand eighteen on pakistan's supreme court overturns the earliest that dick cheney to a lack of evidence. the landmark ruling outraged religious hardliners with thousands taking to the streets the moms and babies execution. breasts that's when some for days on the far right is the best policy consists civil disobedience. public support for strict blasphemy laws a strong in pakistan the leaf out of those currently on that free for the crime all christie and south africa's rululing party is bracd for losses as millions of fights his head to the polls for presidential and parliamentary
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elections. the anc has ruled the country for a quarter of a century but it support has fallen and its corruption. high unemployment and rampant in a quality the party that helped end apartheid. is being challenged by the centrist democratic alliance animal radical economic freedom fighters. with this ring a call a me collapsing public services widespread inequalities and soaring on employments the stakes are high and so far for concerts heads to the polls. especially for the ruling african national congress which is fighting to refer us lighting supports i'm kicking up its tarnished image oft repeated corruption scandals. costing his votes in soweto president cyril ramaposa trip hello with the country's first democratic national elections. and the twenty five years ago. this is. not mine. nineteen ninety four
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ninety nine people were just as excited as the because they will have. you. and your future. the agency's two main challenges all the center right democratic alliance the largest opposition policy on the radical left economic freedom fries has. long viewed as the policy for the country's white minority fifty a. is running with its first black leader missy main main. yeah says to us let's stick with what we know hope says let's bring change this spring a new chapter so one day we can deliver jobs if the confidence i'm calling for south africans. creaeated in two thousand thirtn by former amc you're free to choose a small amount the eff constant thing in anger. millions of young unemployed black south africans. but different numbers will receive from our people. would welcome them with both hands. it's a monday tv in one fort collins. will accepted that does that the results and this is what the people of south africa feed.
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abode day the f. f.. preliminary results are expected to be announced on thursday in the capital pretoria. one that i'm joined by day well my finger he's the southern africa director at human rights watch thank you for being with us some fronts. twenty four now poll suggests that the a and c. we'll win this election but will see its share of the vote full dramatically why is it the people are so angry at the anc. what they i a number? of problems that old and got a part. of the piazza. willing. endemic rampant corruption. yet to deliver what. is -- we took a whole club a rising unemployment among the a lack of access to education. you god be telling you that if.
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you [inaudible] red. but he could be democratic ally. it be economical to fight yeah. it. was like really slow to get. through but you would be a a governing. now the massive inequality between rich and poor in south africa. has been in focus throughout this election campaign our inequalities in south africa getting worse and if so why. the biggest problem. growing at that [inaudible] he it leaves hair above will. themselves so corrupt it is one of the big reasons why you got the head. the quality and the black -- priorities [inaudible] the to insure a cruise to serve
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you do that you'll go that also so we got you. to be local right click. he opened up a cut if you get a close up we got it old you a quote. that resulted in. the gulf. the the grow your court okay it to then are you the quality we become. put up a number -- five quite a crew to cocorrupt it up but he s what get a decisive action. go i called the bill if you look at the nobody has yet been jailed or upset it -- jacob --
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quick to use that to be a pretty bed. are locked o out with you'd be a look that you look up because that to put the number of ports but his dad eats up. two three do with corruption but f for wih that done -- dole for president jacob zuma you out by y what. you could in taking place here in paris for victory in europe day it marks the surrender of *-*- g germany to the allies on the eighthh ofay back in nineteen forty five and against the test will. flanked by in on a god president micron began the ceremonies by paying his respects the structure of shoulder gloria. before sharing a few words with
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the former leaders grandson. the republic is well because of you. i'm aware it's not an easy task. but that won't stop me other people have to face much worse. the gloomy weather only added to the somber atmosphere. far from the scenes of violence during recent events demonstrations. last december the out the tree on foot damage by protest is. restoring the monumument to cost more than one million euros. micron rekindle the flame on the tomb of f the unknown soldier. before french on the quiet signage on the boxes on the french r resistance on hello. continuing the commemorations of world war. two on the sixth of june ceremonies will be held to mark the seventy fifth anniversary of the d. day landings. the few survivors remain like this veteran.
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but also i can officially invited to the ceremony on the sixth of june. can president will be that. we will have a ceremony with of the veterans. to political differences will put aside for the occasion. with former president francois or loaned and nicolas sarkozy present for the ceremony. the seventh in line to the british throne and has a n name harry in macon also known as the duke and duchess of sussex have named their baby boy right for it. archie harrison mounts bassin winds that he will not have a a title and that's s being seen aa sign that the couple would like him to have. a more ordinary upbringing away from the mededia and the publici can't rush has this report. his name is archie harrison mountbatten windsor. britain's prince harry and his wife meghan markle announced their newborn son's name in an instagram post on wednesday.
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the reveal came just hours after the first of what set to be a lifetime of photo calls for their two day old baby. who was seventh in line to the throne [inaudible] amazing. the two best guys. is really. all. the question of what the couple would name their first child had set up the betting frenzy in the uk. especially on monday when the gender was revealed. one thousand pounds the bangles and free the roof as does morere chances to win basically because we know it's only one gender is more clarity for people at once that we know w it's going to bea boy's name unlike say alexander images populist right away but it wasn't a popular. name when we didn't know the gender of iraq. thirty three to one archie defied the bookies odds but it wasn't just the name that broke
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with recent tradition. a couple also decided not to pose for pictures directly after the birth. the royal fans didn't mind the wait. and i think. i was very proud to be british dispone sissy a new addition to the royal family. fantastic useful baby boy. see i've enjoyed in quite some motional. being a wizard when the residents. it feels like it's it's a member of your family has just had a newborn baby. archie was born at five twenty six on monday morning weighing seven pounds three ounces. and we are happy news in dade around as his embassy suite now k. media's he would mean that she got a cake i laura i'm gonna start with. a top executive at the chinese telecoms giant huawei backing coles is about them so it was all that the extradition hearing a four man wants to she's hoping to avoid being sent from canada to the united states. to face fraud charges which was arrested
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in vancouvuver in decemberr sparking diplomatic tensions between beijing ottawa and washington. manning is for ways chief financial officer and the daughter of the billionaire founder. american officials accuse manning and fall way of conspiring to violate us sanctions on iran. well separately washington continues its efforts to convince allies to block while a technology from being used in the development of five g. networks. last week the british defense minister was fired over alleged leaks the press which suggested the government was leaning towards allowing hallway to play a role in the emerging network. after meeting with his american counterpart might come mike pompeii okay foreign secretary jeremy hunt said a final decision had yet to be taken. with respect to the hallway and five g. -- we have not made a final decision as a government we are considering the evidence for a cafe -- but we would d ner take a decisision not compromise our ability to share intelligencece with awe -- five eyes colleagues.
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for take a with united states. the united states has announced a fresh sanctions on iran's steel aluminum copper and iron exports. targeting the country's second largest source of revenue after oil. is after tehran said it would reduce its commitments under the international nuclear deal. it's a further blow to the already struggling economy is pure del rick's planes. it's the first week of ramadan and shoppers at tehran's grand bazaar are struggling to afford food. since last year the prices of even the most basic items have skyrocketed making the elaborate evening meals that break the fast an expensive. if not unaffordable celebration. it's very difficult for the people very difficult when people can't afford even middle can date. what are they supposed to eat? you go to bed and when you wakeup prices have been raised ten times. a year ago us president donald trump with through america from the obama era international nuclear deal. since then inflation in iran has
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hit over 50% and food prices have jumped over 85% in just a year. threatening any country trading with iran of sanctions trump's policy has been choking iran's economy. cutting off its financial lifeblood oil revenuess which represent around half of the country's annual revenue. the situation has led iran's presidentt to threaten to leave the nuclear deal if other sisignatory countries did not shielded from us sanctions. level one also but can be if that britain france germany russia and china return to the negotiating table and help iran now reach its benefits in the field of oil and banking. iran will return to its commitments according to the nuclear deal. the international monetary fund announced in late april that is expected the iranian economy to shrink by 6% in. twenty nineteen unemployment rate already a 12% could also increase especially among the
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youth population. donald trump says china's trade negotiators are coming to washingtonon to quote to make a deal. but he suggested that higher tariffs on chinese goods or actually boosting the us econom. and most analysts say that that issue is far more complex than merely filling us coffers as he seemed to suggest in that tweet there. will vice premier li you who is leading the team which is set to kick off two days of talks on the ongoing trade standoff. us p president has said he w wil increase and expanded tariffsfsn chinese products as of friday. essentiaially putting an end toa temporary truce between the world's two largest economies. is advisers say beijijing has bn reneging on parts of their earlier commitments. china says it will take necessary counter measures that he goes ahead with that threat. well that's like optimism is giving a boost to markets which had been plunging this week ass vestors w worry about the resurgence of a trade war. wallstreet managing some gains the dow jones up about a hundred and twenty points or half a percentage point there -- all
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these on hopes that a deal could be within reach apple shares about eight tenths of 1% this hour. earlier the major european indices managed a positive close attacks rolling nearlyy three quarters of 1%. shares of siemens jumped on stronger than expected profit. from company saying it would cut as many as ten thousand jobs as part of a broader restructuring. including spinning off its oil and power units. south african rand has had a rocky session as voters head to the polls in a general election which amounts to a referendum on president zero run opposes government. currency plunged as voting got under way but then recovered to trade up about point 3% against the us dollar. analysts say a resounding win for the ruling anc party could sit around rally investors are looking for a strong mandate for the president's economic reform. to attract more international inter investment. drivers a for the ride sharing service uber on strike in cities across the us and u. k.. they're trying to draw attention
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to what they say are poor working conditions and salaries as the out prepares to list its shares on the stock market for the first time. the ipo is expected to value the company at tens of billions of dollars. and the striking drivers say they deserve a share of that while you're brian reports. only in some in bridge. as lloyd hailing company drivers go on strike. when we started it was 10% 20% that they took off eacach right now they're taking almost close 250% these? fourteen sixteen hours a day dr was made those companies valuable. and yet there is no driver's life that's been improved over the years. strikes a taking place in more than ten cities across the us and the uk. from new york to los angeles and london to costco. right is have been urged not to cross the d digital picket liney ordering a cab from -- brawl left and demonstrations have
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been planned for outside that refuses. those taking action want to show the china's livelihoods over in contrarast to the sums of money these terms of making from investors -- biz inititial publc offering this on friday and it's expected to be valued at up to ninety two billion dollars. in -- twenty seventeen behind ceo dollar closer show he to help move the company pasta series of scandals including sexual harassment allegations and data breaches. he's promised to treats drive is better -- but is set to spend more than three hundred million dollars some bonuses for them and fridays canal tape. on tuesday a spokesperson said the company strongly this around e hearts o of that service. the strikes due to continue as drivers call really to be heard ahead of thisis masassive stock market flotation at the end of the man that's a huge company and really transforming people's lives but as we can see not always for the best all right kay thank you very much.
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indicate me to death witith the business was taking a short break to go away
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05/08/19 05/08/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! pres. trump: there is no law. as you know, i got elected last time with this same issue. and while i am under audit, i won't do it. if i'm not under audit, i would do it. i have no problem with it. amy: "the new york times" reports trump's taxes for a decade in the 1980's and 1990's
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