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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  May 22, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> areas of indonesia in lockdown after protesters are angry over the results of the election. this is al jazeera live from london will stop also coming up, media reports that the pentagon is considering sending i've thousand extra u.s. troops to the middle east amid heightened tension with iran. too --rom loses a bit
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loses a bid to hide banking records. the 2022 world cup will not expand teams. >> parts of the carter have been on love after six people died on tuesday. president joko widodo says he will not tolerate threats to india security. jakartawo of protest in and a pattern emerges. as life outcome of the situation turned volatile stop protesters threw fireworks and other objects at police who after fighting back initially through teargas.
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>> after questioning the suspect, they admitted they were to rise. we are still rooting for the person who gave the money. was another picture early monday with the crowd was peaceful. these are the ones that ran against them in the presidential election. >> they cheated in 2014. we don't want it to happen again. enough is enough. >> we don't care about safety, we are prepared to give our lives. >> as protests spread to other cities, they have called for calm, but also issued a warning. >> i will work together with anyone to advance this country, but i will not tolerate anyone who disrupts the security of
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of ourtic processes beloved nation. >> they have refused to accept the election outcome and urged supporters to demonstrate against the. of our beloved nation. -- against it. >> i urge everyone to avoid violence as they express their aspirations. , after he afternoon delivered his victory speech, they expect [inaudible] them,omplaints with challenging the election outcome. >> the indonesian capital remains on edge, with parts of it locked down. police are on duty as protesters so that show no signs of giving in.
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>> the reuters news agency is reporting that the pentagon is considering sending 5000 extra u.s. troops to the middle east amid heightened tensions with iran. let's go live to washington, d.c. they are according to pentagon officials as saying the national security council will be briefed in the course of thursday with the recommendation that 5000 extra troops be sent to the middle east region. the officials according to reuters clarify that no decision has been taken as of yet and this will be a matter for discussion. it is important to note that the acting secretary of defense and secretary of state both agreed to congress tuesday that no mention was made about the deployment. both men insisted that it was an important factor in terms of
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dealing with what they perceive as a crisis. the fact that it aircraft carrier fleet was sent into the , regularfew weeks ago scheduling being brought out in light of the ongoing iran crisis. the fact they are seen deterrence is an important factor in dealing with the crisis, clearly the possibility arising of more land troops being put into the region, but the unnamed official quoted by reuters saying it is not a matter of moving in extra soldiers, they are also possibility of moving in extra aircraft come so certainly, what will be discussed in this report is accurate is a buildup to a degree of troops within the region and certainly a buildup of resources in the region at a time of mounting tension with iran. the u.s. president has
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accused top democrats of terror in the country apart. donald trump has refused to comply with congress. he is now being accused of a cover-up. our white house correspondent reports from washington, d.c. was supposed to be a bipartisan meeting with democrats about fixing america's roads, bridges and airports. when democrats arrived f for the white house meeting wednesday, donald trump abruptly ended it. he just took a pass. >> it was planned. when we got in the room, the curtains were closed. >> why? trump is upset democrats are of blocking multiple attempts. he later called reporters to the
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rose garden to debunk that argument. past fewitol hill the days, there have been growing calls by democrats and at least one republican to begin in pitchman -- impeachment toceedings and an attempt remove him from office. quest yes, i would support that. >> some lawmakers believe the president of circuit to remove him from justice allegations that his campaign worked with the russian government. >> there has been no collusion. >> an investigation cleared him of no collusion. still, just this week, trump stopped his former counsel don mcgann to testify on that in the guest edition and wednesday, new york lawmakers voted to release trumps tax returns to congress. he is also fighting attempts to get his business records from deutsche bank.
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>> what they have done is abuse. it really started i think pretty much on the time we came down the escalator in trump tower. they argue he has been resisting his presidency since it started, but democrats are divided on whether he was wise to launch impeachment hearings, knowing it could take down from or help them win support for his reelection. the trump administration wants to increase tariffs on chinese imports by another 300 -- $300 billion. they say it could be imposed within a month and they are studying the impact on consumers. earlier this month, president trump raised tariffs on chinese imports from 10% to 25%.
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>> the british-based chip designer arn is suspending business with the chinese tech giant huawei. they are told to pause any contract. it could hinder its ability to create its own smartphone chips. they designed just for most mobile chips around the world. the world football governing viva hasthe -- fa 22 --d that -- fi 2022 world cup will not expand. last year, he said the expansion could begin in 2022. those plans have now been scrapped. i spoke with a sportswriter for
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the guardian and he believes they welcomed the decision to stop the expansion. tens of billions of dollars on infrastructure that they have been planning and as you say, a very late stage with this idea of expanding the whole thing and neighboring countries, three of whom are in hostilities and blockading the countryside. the other potential countries around did not have the facilities necessary, so it seemed a very far-fetched idea and we did not see any enthusiasm. i would imagine that it will be very pleased to see it scrapped.
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>> the house of commons has was owned -- resigned over the handling of brexit stop she says she no longer's believes prime minister theresa may exit from the eu. replies may to back her and ignoring calls to step down. >> theresa may is a prime minister under siege. it is not just the opposition who want to see her go, it is her own party, her own cabinet. indeed, one of those has resigned and the leader of the house of commons says she no longer believes theresa may's approach can deliver on the brexit referendum. theresa may is not going to resign tonight. votes in thetain
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elections and friday, we are told she will be meeting with the chairman of the 1922 committee. that is the conservative party committee. he will lay out just how little support and how perilous her position has become with both cabinet and mps against her. cabinet members wanting her to pull out altogether for the first week of june. they are not happy about concessions she made which went on -- beyond any agreement they had. she survivedll nearly a vote of no-confidence survive when now. the options appear to be extremely interested. moment could come as soon as friday.
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uncertainty has been blamed for the collapse of the uk's second-largest dealmaker. thousands of jobs are at risk. -- second largest steel maker. thousands of jobs are at risk. ♪ >> exactly a year ago, they produced this film glamorizing what went down. high-quality, tailored manufacturing is what the u.k. used to be claimed for all of the world. butish steel has collapsed, some 20,000 jobs in jeopardy. opposition cannot believe it. >> i also want to express my industry, the steel
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putting 5000 jobs at risk, 20,000 more in the supply chain. this government has failed those people. the government has provided a receiver who is now responsible for the operations. we would take every possible vitalo ensure the operations continued. >> the irony is not lost on anyone that it comes day one day -- one dave in which the conservative party is expected to receive a thrashing. it plays into a much wider debate about brexit and bruce manufacturing. brexit has been blamed in parts for british steel just like the decision in the west of england. it is the so-called are brexit that would lead to the closure in northeastern england as well. too many brexit voters, the idea
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was to get them to pay attention to their communities. it is not happening. havee reality is we -- if ities in which wasn't for the decision to lead the european union. >> perhaps the most t startling statistic is over the last two years alone, china produced more steel since the industrial revolution in the 19th century. they don't have any other alternatives. can find $5nment billion to renovate the building and another 5 billion to protect the country against the worst of a no deal brexit and yet cannot find the deal to protect the u.k. steel industry. it is anybody's guess. still ahead, the u.n. adopts
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a resolution having the u.k. relinquish control and remember ae life and legacy of gay-rights activist who died. ♪ >> we still have plenty of heat across eastern parts of australia. clouds will continue to drive this way through the southern parts. we have some rain in the test. a little bit a cloud their, 20'sratures back down, low , 23 degrees there for brisbane. they touch warmer as you go into
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friday and then some much-needed rainfall sliding through all soft -- sliding through. australia, largely dry. clouds pushing into south ireland, a chance of some spots thursday afternoon and warmer as you go into friday. japan,of wararmth into the midu up in see -- in to high 20's. friday, looking good. plenty of sunshine. tokyo, 28. ♪
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>> a reminder of the top stories , hundreds of protesters arrested in the indonesian capital in a second line of demonstrations last month. parts of the carter has been on lock down. there are reports the committee on is considering sending 5000 u s troops to the middle east and crating tensions with iran. the world football governing body thief -- fifa announced 2022 people0 -- will not expand. [no audio]ed in within six months. they claim they were forced to give up the islands in exchange
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for independence. it is a diplomatic blow to britain and the united states. they report from the u.s. >> a humiliating defeat for the u.k. and its ally. ,ountries voting overwhelmingly 160 nations in favor of people on a small group of islands. just for countries voted on the side of the u.k. and u.s. back in the 1960's, britain did a secret deal to build a base on the largest islands. the islanders were forced to leave their homes. more than 50 years on, the international court of justice ruled that the uk's actions at the time were illegal. 1968, it was split off from
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the rest of the country so that the airbase could be built. >> one would have hoped that any country sounds be engaged in an ongoing wrongful act by the wouldt court of the world hasten to make amends. and give these islands back to the people that belong to? >> the islands around the british sovereignty, i want to make that very clear. point one.-- that is >> i followed up with another question. >> don't those people have the right on their side? progress kingdom manner in which they were removed from the territory in the 1960's and 70's stop >> they
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say they will continue their long protest and they just want to return. there was no support mechanism. >> for the people, the best hope now probably lies in the cauldron that is post brexit british policies. the current u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn said he is prime minister stop he will abide by the international consensus and hand it back to its people. offive activists accuse plotting to overthrow zimbabwe's government have appeared in court. they were arrested on monday at the airport when they were coming back from a foreign trip. they say the activists
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traveled abroad to receive training on how to overthrow zimbabwe's government and taught how to use more firearms. -- theye been charged believe the allegations are at fault. >> you're not visiting the course. >> government officials say the opposition is planning what they call protests over the economy. restoreovernment is to it.
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-- four months later, prices have again increased. >> economists warned it could be further at risk. left -- hauns -- as >> rebels have lost a -- launched a counterattack in the
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northwest of the country. chemical weapons are now being used. northwards in syria, these rebels are dancing in the town and this operation is underway as government jets attack strongholds. group, it began last month. intensified,ce has so has the humanitarian crisis. that area is largely controlled and by an armed opposition group in syria. now, hundreds of thousands of people living there are caught in the crossfire. dozens of group's are calling
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for an immediate end to the conflict, saying it has reached a crisis point. people say the town's marketplace was crowded when it was attacked by air rates. >> russian and regime change areas striped a mosque. people are collecting their belongings. the strike hit an hour. >> according to the u.s., it may not just be conventional weapons. the state department says program forces may have carried out a gas attack in the region. security experts say that would be very disturbing if that were true. russia signed the agreement with united states to get rid of its
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chemical weapons. they were guaranteeing that and time and again, we are seeing the issue pop up and it is something that needed to be because itriously crosses all red lines. >> the state department says it will respond quickly and appropriately defines evidence of a chemical attack. >> a kenyan author and activist has died at the age of 48. look back at his life and career. >> he was one of africa's most renowned young authors. he won multiple awards for his for 2002's discovering home, but most will probably remember him from a scathing essay he wrote called how to write about asper -- write about
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popularchallenging stereotypes. when you write about africa he said, always use the word darkness or safari in your title. never have a picture of a well-adjusted african alessi is one in nobel peace prize. -- nobel prize. do not feel queasy about this. you were trying to help them get aid from the west. >> a significant amount of reinforces africa, the existing ideas that it has to start. kenya is experiencing economic growth. be existing narrative must [indiscernible] and then maybe it is a good news story if you're lucky. changing how africa is seen
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and understood, it became one of the first prominent figures to announce he was gay after a series of dead ball's past in nigeria. if i have to live here, i don't want my brothers and .isters been -- beaten them.eeling for >> he suffered a stroke in 2015 and announced he was hiv auditor. he will be remembered for them. humanizing the other and one of the best of his generation. >> he tried to create his own dream that people can follow in order to write about africa. it byanded a place for rebuking the existing narrative.
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it is a courageous thing printed it is a courageous thing for him to do. >> he died in nairobi after a short
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narrarator: on ththis episodedef "eaarth focus"... the e race to transition to sustainable solar powower is underway. in zanzibar, rural women are learning solar skills, bucking a tradition of entrenched gender roles, empowering their communities in the process, while i in southernrn californi, it's genererating the e growth f grgreen jobs s and winning over skeptics. [filmlm advance clicking]


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