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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 23, 2019 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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>> you are watchching live from pas. to catch up on some of the stories we will be looking at. narendra modi has claimed victory in the general election. we will talk to our correspondence in new delhi. european parliament elections get underway in britain as the consulate goes to the polls for the next four days.
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populist parties are hoping to cause an upset. we will hear from our reporter in london. meeting between donald trump and top democrats in congress saw the u.s. president walk out. he attackeked comments made earlier in thehe day by nancy pelosi, she accused the up in theof a cover interference in his election. china launches a protest with the united states over its treatment of huawei as international firms disistance themselves f from the tech gian. more on that in our business segment.
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thank you for watching. primert in india, where minister narendra modi is set for a huge victory. partial results show his .haratiya janata party ahead the party has claimed victory. final results are due thursday evening. we can cross to new delhi and our reporter, who is at the bjp headquarters. i can imagine the atmosphere is jubilant where you are. >> they have been claiming victory since exit polls started coming out. they have been confident they are going to do a better job
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than they did last time. get a majorityto better than their last time around. scenes here are just that, people are very happy, there have been firecrackers. inside there is a festive atmosphere with workers and leaders coming out to say they hasconfident narendra modi led this party t to a an emphatc victory. james: telus with the major challenges ahead are for -- tell us what the major challenges ahead are for narendra modi. unemployment is at a record is of concern because most of the population is a young population.
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rising, itment keeps will pose a challenge to the prime minister. issumer confidence declining. will have to do with the agricultural crisis. farmers want loan waivers. there have been -- - so that is something narendra modi will have to take into consideration. what about the cohesion country.iethnic, much division in the rhetoric, can the country be brought together in an inclusive
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way in the aftermath? james: that is the million-dollar question. the campaign has been very divisive. the bjp says they are the protector of the righthts of the hindu. expressedties have fears about what will happen if narendra modi gets a second mandate. there have been hate crimes in the past five years. worried as to what the next five years will bring. have failed to come out and condemn these crimes. we have to wait and watch to
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what extent the hindus' mandate will be carried out and if narendra modi will bring about more inclusion and work for all communities in the same way. thank you for those insights. parliamentary elections are kicking off this thursday as voting gets underway in britain and the netherlands. populist parties across the eu are hoping to cause upset in the vote, where 28 nations will select mps. theu.k.k. is taking part in election. to our you are at a polling station. we were speaking earlier. not a huge amount of people
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coming in. has that changed since? >> there is a steady, if people. light stream of it is a work day in london. unlike five years ago, the last time there were elections, there are no other elections. will be interesting to see what the turnout is. we talk onon these occasions abt the weather. in sight., no rain that is a positive thing. people coming with children, .ogs, coming and voting there are not 31 parties, but 24. these are the european elections
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, which will decide 73 members of the european parliament. these were the elections that were never supposed to be held. theresa may told us again and again they would not be held because the 29th of march was the deadline date to whether there was an impasse in parliament or deal or no deal. newas not left, there is a deadline, the 31st of october. james: you can't ignore the elephant in the room, the certainty that theresa may's days are numbered. what can we expect to play out in the coming days?
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>> her days are numbered. departure from downing street has been rumor and speculation over the last six or seven months, but she is not forgoing. she is not going yet. we thought shehe was going to go last night. she will notoww is present her eu withdrawal bilill that was supupposed to be published on friday. that is going to be postponed until the first week in june. that is important to note because it is what she has had so many problems with, particularly in the last 48 hours. shee made a speech on tuesday ad defended the concessions she opposing problems, the
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concession of saying within that bill, mps would be able to decide whether the voters would have another crack at whether the united kingdom should stay or leave. many say leave. the issue will be brexit. she will meet the influential onmittee and its chairman friday. is a datents from her of her departure. could she resign tomorrow and leave? that is a possssibility. the mood --o be is to allow her to be, whether she
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is quit or an caretaker capacity, and the 75th anniversary of the d-day landings. it will be the commemorations. very important ones we will be holding here in europe. quit,od is one she has to but she doeses not seem to want to.. is still primee minister. could that not be the case in 24 hours? definitely the possibility. to the u.s.,g where tensions are escalating between donald trump and the democratic leaders. stormed out of a meeting with nancy, saying he would not work with them a great -- wouldn't work with emma kratz -- with democrats.
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>> prior to heading to the white house, nancy pelosi sat down with democrats to flush out her strategy. she said she does not plan to let the president off the hook. >> no one is above the law, including the president. we believe he engaged in a cover-up. infururiatedents donald trump. he stormed out of their scheduled meeting to discuss infrastructure. just three minutes into it without having to sat down or shaking hands, he walked out. right after, at an impromptu press conference, he slammed the losey for saying there is -- he
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slammed nancy pelosi for saying there is a cover-up. >> i am the most transparent president in the history of the country. all of a sudden they are going to have a meeting before this "i"ting to talk about the :i word. question of to impeach or not to impeach remains divisive among democrats. unlikely bipartisan efforts on his policies have ground to a halt, signaling he plans to make his treatment by nancy pelosi and the democrats the focus of his upcoming campaign. six p people killed inin jajakarta.
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the campaign team of the former general has alleged massive election fraud but not provided evidence o of that. an armed militia killed 34 in the central african republic according to a government spokesman. it is the most deadly violence ince 14 -- a peace deal february. the country has been rocked by violence since 2013. to syria, where crashes -- were clashes are underway. opposition fighters say they have recaptured a village from government forces.
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back against government forces, the national liberation front has joined with hts on the frontline. group formerlystst known as the al-nusra front. rebels are attempting to fight back against bashar al-assad and his ally and hold onto their last patch of land. lastst year, russisia and turkey brokered a cease-fire deal. al-asassad'sshar al-assad's- -- bashar government has attacked the area. airstrikes hit northwest syriria on wednesday alone. washshington will investigate claims of a chlorine attack.
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promptedk in violence a call for renewed truce. >> what we need through the country as a cease-fire. these conflicts, back and forth exchanges, they put pressure on civilians. 180,000 people haveve fled. james: members of the jewish community gather for a festival. pilgrims visit the oldest synagogue on the african continent. this year, it coincides with ramadan. new minister of tourism has used the occasion to
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deliver a message about coexistence and peace. >> thousands head to the synagogue annually for the holiday, celebrating the revelation of important u.s. -- important jewish texts. tourism is aof former co-organizer of thehe festival h here. going to come. we were afraid. now, everything is open. it has a long history. my parents used to come every year. james: they are still shaken by the 2002 suicide bombing and the revolution. is anflux of visitors lifeline to the local hotels.
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>> it is totally booked. are pilgrims for 2019. this year, we have 650. it is more thahan double compard to last year. >> her daughter came early to pray, and place eggs in the special grotto here. big -- we put on .ames on eggs it is very impmportant. it is s tradition for us to do . thehe pilll muggeridge -- ill muggeridge is -- the pilgrimage is happening during
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the month of ramadan. >> the first day of celebrations . >> the chief of the football withwas thursday charged corruption. french according to judicial sources. he is the boss of a qatari television show. lost -- doha lost to london. our reporter has joined us for
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the business update. you are looking at the u.s. blacklistingng of huawei. china has hit out at the u.s., accusing them of bullying. >> another strong reaction from beijing. china has launched a a fulll colainint over the u.s. treatment of huawei. they blacklisted the technologyy gianant, s suspending businesssh the company. panasonic b became thee latest to stop selling huawei products related to the band. -- to the ban. -- washington's restrictions blocks companies from selling huawei products that contain over 25% u.s. originated technology or
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materialal. panasonic says only products made in the u.s. are affected. china has lashed out, accusing the united states of economic bullying. want chinaple do not to develop the right to develop and seek to prohibit the development process. >> trump gave companies a 90 day window to comply with the order blocking u.s. businesesses from selling essentiapaparts to huawei. in a blow to the second largest maker, -- has stopped all pending contracts with huawei. vodafone ee and launching huawei.
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james: the escalating tension between the u.s. and china has unnerved investors. it has investors worried. tell us about that. >> investors are worried thehe u.s. trade battle is morphing into a technological cold war.r. asian shares dropped this morning withth chinese sharess leading the declcline. the sesellout is intensifying in europe. all major indices were down over 1% at midday. regulators around the world are meeting in the u.s. to talk about boeing 737 planes. max planes. >> offfficials are meeting w wih
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the u.s. f federal aviation ththority to discuss ways to determinine whether these planes are e safe to fly again. modelss best selling have been grounded w worldwide following tworashes. the plane m maker is s working a new pilot training program. let's look at where things stand. as regulators prepared to decide china's three largest airlines added their suing thehe parties u.s. air manufacturer. boeing announced it developed a it has yetdate, but to submit it to the faa for
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approval. showminary investigations a bad d sensor sent babad data, ba --g the aircraft to send causing g the air craft to plummet. to faa has drafted policies require pilots to undergo safety training. modelsan 300 of the remain out of service. u.s. carriers are hopeful the plane will be cleared for takeoff soon. american airlines and s southwet have schcheduled the 737 for flight in august. u upgululators are coming
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later this afternoon in the united states. let's look more business headlines. activity in the french sector rose at its fastest pace in the last six months. from 51.1 in up april. in germany, confidence among business leaders falling to its lowest levels in four years. ghosn appeared in a cohort -- appeared in court as pretrial hearings began thursday. he is accused of multiple counts of financial misconduct, including siphoning nissan funds for personal use. his lawyer say it will take several months before the trial can begin. has announced it is buying u.k. based avon products
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worth about 7.3 billion products. they already own body shop. it would make it the third-lalargest group of body products. amazon says it has a goal to b be the placace where peopln find anything online. they have extended that to houses. it souounds like they have becoe real eststate agents. $10, at under you can find kits to build your own home, with some offering free shipping. tiny, mobile homes. there are larger ones. the number of prefabricated or modular homes are on the rise in the united states according to research. around 10 billion
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dollars last year. the industry growing at an 6%ual rate at eight popoint over five years. james: it sounds like my ikea nightmare, assssemble your
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