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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 27, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> thihis is france 24. here are thehe top headlinines. on to twotieses hold thirds of the new parliament. the traditional right and left groups who ruled for decades take a hit. that opens the way for solid wins for liberals, the green party and the far right. there was a big win for voter turnout that hit its highest level in 25 years.
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a 7% jump in the last vote with many observers saying thanks to more young people heading to the polls. u.k., nigel faraj and his brexit party come in first place. he's demanding a seat at the brexit negotiation table. as the new european parliament takes it seat, the eu position on potential free-trade deals will be in the spotlight. more on that coming up in our business update. we will take a break from eu news to focus on the frenchman who just won the indy 500. more on top driver simon pageant of coming up. ♪
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>> the eu parliamentary election got people interested. the turnout was the highest it has been in 25 years. 50.5%, it is a significant jump from the last poll in 2014. the center-right european people's party that you can see in dark blue in the centerleft socialist and democrats in red on the left are said to remain the two largest blocks, but they have lost dozens of seats, and their absolute majority for the very first time. the biggest gains were made for green party's and the far right, making them possible kingmakers in the fight to create a new ruling coalition. nick rush explained. reporter: the center-right block, the european people's party remains the largest in the strasburg parliament. powerhouse in a
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politics. he has momentum as he bids to become the european commission president. >> we will not work together. with those who don't believe in europe. the europe o of today is o our europe, the eururope of the christian democrats, and we will defend t this europe against the nationalists. that is what we will do. reporter: the second largest bloc is the party of europeaean socicialists.. he is eyeing the eu commission president job to replace luxembourg's jon l juncker. will be for the job affected by a new configuration in parliament. partiesremain the main but they no longer have an absolute majority. they are obliged to seek allies. the ones most likely are the alliance of liberals and democrats in the greens.
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support -- both have gained in support. reporter: the alliance is led by the candidate for the top job from denmark. there was a green wave in the withtion -- this election global warming topping concerns. they could be kingmakers. far right populist parties from france to hungary are a strong presence but not working to the same song sheet. the fragmentation of power means choosing the next president is likely to be up for negotiations. to talk more about the european union election results, let's bring in professor christian bloss berg. thank you for taking the time to speak to us. what wasas the most surprprising take awaway from you -- for you fofor these eleconon resultsts? surprprise as concernss
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the results s of the democraratc party in italy. it survived and o overtook the five-statar movemement. also hahasstar breakdown beenen quite a surprise. whwhat was notot a surprise wase result. itit was pretty muchch expectedy will have sosome 35% and they ae there actually. especially on the left parties, we have a fragmenteded situation in europe. severaral left partieies winnind otheher left parties losing.g. the germans have lost. the dutch left party won. inin france and theyey are stagnatingt a lolow level. they increased in spain. they have one in italy -- won in italy. there is no unity among the voter behavior. every country has a particucular sisituation. thee concerns driving the vote n different countries are very different.
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ththis is a little bit the pictcture. left partys -- the in italy was a surprise. it was close to deathh basicall. nonobody counted anymore it t wd be able to gain votes. this is s one of the big surprises. >> what do you think about when it comes to the far right and their results across europe? will their scores have more effect on domestic policies rather than on the eu parlrliament? they y are very mucuch concernd with domestic policy. italy has a particular situation because we have e an old popoput government. they are surpassing the five-star movement. this is mostly due to domestic things. if you see far right movements in other countries, they all have a very domestiticly concerd
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program and have problems that are most of all domestic programs and outs european problems. even though they announced he wanted to change european politics from within, we cannot really count on what he memeans. in the current situation the outcome of these elections they don't have the majority they would have had necessary t to adopt his kind of policy chahan. i think he e will further coconcentrate on domestic affais in italy and try to consolidate his position in this country. ofre isis not the same kikind black wave of populist parties. in other countries the populist parties have rather lost votes. if you look in germany, they are not concerned. in spain, it has not come through. the only case where we could s y another popupulist party actctuy
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has confirmed itself is france.. britain is a particular case. the brexit party. we see a stagnation of right-wing parties a across europe.. their concerns are very different. if you look at easastern e euro, the parties that have won in poland, hungary, and those countries have very different concernsns compared to italy or france.. i believe there is not a european blackck front or something like this. >> what about on the otherer end of thehe spectrum? the reinforced green party's. we have seen incredible results where the green party took the third spot in france. how do you see that playing out and can green party's really change policy? their faction remains small somete the successes and
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center and n northern n european cotrtries. the french result is anothther surprise becausese one iss expecting otheher partieies to e third but not the greens. in germany they h have a strong poposition. they havave a leader. now even more than before they are the onones who will determie popolitics. what they should do is remain nn oppositionon and n not make themselveses to be the kingmaker fofor some kindd of centristst coalition with socialists and popular r parties.s. winning on an ticket of renewalal. on a ticket of changing europe from within without going to extremes, without going to the popopulists brains of the scenario. this is the position they should concert and they should not see
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themselves as the ones who now long for participation in a can of european government that is driven by the popular party and the socialist party and the liberaral party. those three factions will make it. the greens, if they want to conserve their position, should remain outside of this and show people they repreresent actctuaa human alternatitive or a mainstream alternative within the european union without the need for them to go to extremes. i believe -- yes. >> thank you so much. that is christian blasburg from rome. waseu election in the u.k. not even supposed to happen this time around but it did go ahead due to the dragging on of negotiations on brexit. it was the new brexit party that
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stormed to victory as both conservatives and labor hemorrhaged support. here is chris moore reporting in london. he was in a b brilliantnt mood last night. his party did not exist until a couple of months ago. did not have a campaign of great a bigger parties. it was s a disastrous night for the conservatives, pushed back k into fifth positi. wiped out in london and now much better for labour, they came in a distant third and losing a couple of mep's in london. brexit. his arargument was that the mainstream politicians, particularly the conservative government should be punished for failing to get the u.k. out of the eu by the deadline. one and three voters have done
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this. mean foroes this win the future of brexit? he asked for a place at the negotiating table. >> october 31 is still quite a long way off. a lot can happen between now and then. a few things of note. jeremy corbyn, he will come under a lot more pressure. it has already started by some backbenchers and mp's to back a second referendum to make labour april remain party. emain party. the liberal democrats did well last night coming in second. big vote for faraj and the departure of theresa may and the brexiteers, they feel they sa have the wind in their
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ils. there was a big vote for remain parties last night. there was no majority over the river. they have voted explicitly against a no deal brexit, saying they don't want that. the brexiteers push in one direction, the parliamentarian s push in the other. >> britain's labour party leader said brexit could only be resolved by taking the issue back to the people, either at a new national election or a public vote. we were talking about the soso-called green wave that was the big surprise of the eu vote results, showing just how big an issue climate change has become. proenvironment parties are chipping away at the block's political center with many analyst contribute in get to a surging young voters across the european union.
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reporter: >> my name is greta. reporter: shehes too younung to vote, but when she went before the eu parliament last month she was n not only there e as an envivironment of activist, but also a representative of young people. an icon of the youth climate movement. one that just before the election brought out thousands in protest. in rome, brussels, strasburg and across europe. >> we have to fight for what we we want because it's happening now. >> climate change was not even a topic on the agenda before. reporter: in sunday's collections, there were 28 million eligible first-time voters. some went to the polls and some did not. if the demographic notorious for low participation. could that be changing? the result of the greens seem to say so. german media reports one and three voters under the age of 30 voting green.
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in france, there was a strong turnout. >> wherere could this green push becoming from?m? maybe it is coming from young people who are c certainly also the e actors behind the rise in participation inin francnce. which will probably give a bit more meaning and wait to a coalition. reporter: if you take the french example, the green party came in third with 13% of the vote. with young voters, that score was double. among 18 to 24-year-olds, they came in first place. a new vote is was a green boat. other political parties are courting young people. in france, the head of the far right national rally parties 23 years old. in sweden, spain, hungary, poland, far right, far left or antiestablishment parties are strong among young voters. the czech republic, the pirate party came in third because of their popularity among 20 and 30 something's. >> in greece, the prime minister
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has called for a snap election following the defeat of his party in sunday's vote. the conservative new democracy party stormed past his party. that is a stark shift in affiliations after years of hard left all the text. smimiles butis all knows his defeat has grim consequences. >> right after the second round of the local government elections on june 2, i will request immediate national elections from the president of the republic so the greek people for be the only ones taking the final decision. down to: after bowing an e.u. bailout to save the country back in 2015, the leftist leader's population has dwindled. he has declared the european election a vote of confidence on
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his government. minister mustst assume his responsibilities for the good of the country. he must resign and we should hold national elections as soon as possible. this is the only clear solution. blow to hise final party came in january after reaching an agreement that gave north macedonia its new name. move considered a betrayal by the majority of greeks. the government mandate is due to expire in october, but the snap elections will take place at the end of june. >> let's step away from europe for a moment. let's head over to indianapolis where history was made at the indy 500 on sunday. simon pagenaud became the very first frfrench d driver to win e race and more than a century. pagenaud west traffic after driving 200 laps around the 2.5 mile track, equaling 500 miles
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at the indianapolis motor speedway. the driver of held indy 500 tradition by kissing the famed bricks at the start and d finish line. it was a huge victory for pagenaud who came in with his job in the line and rumors swirling the may he be consumed replace him. at our biga look headlines concerning the euu elelections. pro-eu parties hold on to two thirds of the seats in the new parliament. the traditiononal right and l lt groups who ruled for decades to take a hit, opening way to solid wins for liberals, the green party on the far right. for voter turnout that hit its highest level in 25 years. over 7% jump from the last eu vote with many observers saying that is thanks to more young people heading to the polls. and his.k., nigel faraj
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new brexit party came in first place. he is demanding a seat at the brexit negotiating table. our table is brian quinn for the business update. we have been talking about the european elections. there was a lot of talk about the limitations of the european parliament in its powers. they do have a big site on trade deals. will have their work cut out for them. we are in the midst of a sensitive moment for internatioionatradade relations. not just between the u.s. and china. the eu u has a number of tradade dealss brerewing, some more contentious than others.s. ththey are traditionally pro-fre seatstsd they find their reduced.d. here'a look at where the eu stands with his deals in this report. reporter: it is the world's
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largest single market and the biggest trader of goods and services. the european union accounts for 16% of global export and import, with some 500 million consumers it's also the biggest export market for many countries. itsblock has achieved strong position by acting together on a common strategy to expand its global reach. the eu has more than 115 trade deals either enforced or being negotiated. among them, a french trade agreement with canada that goes into effect in september. another partnership deal with japan in force in february of this year removes most trade barriers like tariffs. there are rough wataters ahead, namely the battle withth the united states. after trump tariffs last year, the sites started negotiating a possible deal. they are locked over th
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issue of agriculture. the eu does not want u.s. agricultural products coming in freely. washington insist any deal must include farming products and is threatening to impose new tariffs on european cars. another uncertainty, brexit. >> this is a vote that says put a new deal brexit back on the table, make it part of negotiations because you have no chance of getting a sensible free-trade deal. we want to be engaged in that. reporter: a fragmented parliament could make things harder as any final deal the eu negotiates needs to be approvevd by mep's. jeannie: what that election settled, the eu was moving onto the business of filling key leadership positions. one particular has major implications for the euro zone economic policy. brian: t the horsetradading stas away from what is perhaps the mostst important job title for e eu economy, preredent of the european c central bank.
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the current chief is mario draghi whose term ds in october. he guided eu monetary policy through the sovereign debt crisis and nearly broke of the euros m currency block. he vowed to save the euro at all cost. that included pumping over 2.5 trillion euros into the e econoy through bond purchases known of quantitative easing. his successor will face slowing growth, trade wars and brexit with limited tools left to counter them. interest rates are already below zero. one name to replace him is former bank of france governor but the process is famously opaque. aboute: we were talking donald t trump pushing h his aga on m multiple frfronts as hehe s japan.n. brian: trump has been seeking a bilateral trade agreement with tokyevever sinince pulliling the u.s. out of the transpacific partnership deal. he upped his rhetoric,
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complainining of the trade balae -- imbalance between u.s. and japan, thrhreateni tariffs onn japanese cars. he renewed that complaint although he tempered it with the announcement that tokyo has agreed to buy 105 of the u.s.'s newest f fighter jet, ththe f-3. the presidenent has strongnger s for china saying the u.s. . is n no hurry to end the conflict. presesent trump:p: i think thehy probobably wish ththey made thel that they hahad on the table before they tried to r renegotie it. ththey wouldld like to make aa . we are not r ready to make a del and d we are takining in tens of billionsns of dollllarof tarif. that number could go up very substantntially veryry easil futurureometime in the china and the united states will absolutely have a great trade deal. jeannie: let's come back to france for a huge potenential memerger of twtwo giant cacarmas makingng major wavaves. brian: fiat chrysler is seeking a merger witith renaudd that we
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create a major new auto manufactururing group.. after years of looking for a partner, fifiat chrysler y be on the cusp of forging an alliance with renaud. proposing and all share merger. the company listed a host of potential benefits. owner of cheap n.l. for a male, they are strong in north america where rhino's presence is small. they wouould surpassed volkswagn and the number of car sales. estimating 5 is billion. us becauseortant for it shows our capacity to respond that europe and france face in safeguarding economic sovereignty amid globalization. . big companies have emerged outside of europe and we need
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industrial giants to be built within europe to compete. reporter: after reviewing the proposal, renaud's board of directors decided to pursue the project with high interest. nissan and mitsubishi are not involved in the talks, but the 50-50 merger wit would be with renaud and fc alone. nissan, his business is larger than renaud's, wants to change the balance and has rejected the french carmaker's overture for a full merger. 15% owned by the french state. was open to exchanging constructive use. jeannie: what are we seeing on the market? andn: shares in both renaud fiat chrysler soaring on monondy on news of the proposed memerge. renaud up over 50%.
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fa -- 15%. fiat up around 11.5%. european indexes gaining as investors breathe a sigh of relief t that pro-eu parties wil remain a sololid majority. in paris dipping back. the dax in frankfurt up around half a percent. from london we will have to wait for the reaction to the brexit parties -- party's win. thanks her close for a holiday. jeannie: now the latest inin the string of legal challenges over the opioid crisis in united states. pay $85 million to oklahoma. it claims it helped fuel the opioid addiction epidemic. the company says the settlement does not establish any wrongdoing and it denies contributing to the crisis. oklahoma's attorney general accused them of deceptive marketing by downplaying the addiction risks of popular opioid painkillers and of
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creating a massive oversupply. the state settled its s claims against purdue phaharma in march for $270 million. that figure falls fall short of the actual cost of the crisis, estimated at $12
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