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template is what the life in paris will use an analysis from from thank at i'm margot and these are the headlines france and germany at loggerheads over who should be the next president of the european commission. on medical. shifting ground on who succeed jungle junker. go to a correspondent classes. the general strike in saddam puts more pressure on the military council people call me the power to be handed to the civilians. forcing the take home i'll be shipped out of power was just the start of the process. yet to be resolved. argentina's lawmakers vote on a woman's right to have an abortion. subject is how the divisiveness twenty catholic country last year m move to legegalise failet
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really . thank you very much for being with us europe look to the future at a special post at summits at dinner this evening the tops the main place were chewing over. find a replacement for john claude juncker as president of the european commission france and germany disagree michael michael michael michael postoji defending the credentials of that choice the german chancellor once. i'm conveyed the for the job french president it seems once anyone else but him. let's go to on man in the know in the corridors of power in brussels day keating awaiting u. they could even do you understand the yes some of just wrapped has anything been concluded. it looks like pretty much know as expected -- they are kindd of
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agreeing to disagree at this point they've tasks done o on tuesday the european council president to work with the european parliament to determine which of the candidates could get a majority. this does represent a kind of defeat foror a manual not crawl who was hoping to have some kind of statement from the council that with us sir to the council's authority. in this prorocess -- hehe doesnt like thiss whole spits in kinda dot in process that's where the groups in the european parliament nominated candidates ahead of the election. and to the candidate who can command the majority in the parliament should become the next european commission president it's a new system it was just use for the first time in. twenty fourteen and micron sayss it's not really democratic because the voters didn't even really know this process was happening he says the appropririate. role -- the appropriate body to make the decision of european commission president should be the twenty eight national leaders of the european council- but if he was looking for some kind of flexing of muscle here
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at this informal dinner have happening just two days after the european election he didn't get it -- it was kind of expected as leaders were coming in today and we were being briefed by use sources that this was not a hill that mccall was willing. to die on it really wasn't worth his political capital to oppose man fred veber so f forcefully at this stage because it's not even clear of manfred faber can command a majority in the european parliament. and in order for him to become commission presidentss in order for any nominee that the couounl puts forwardrd to become commission president they have to pass a majority vote. in the european council does european parliament this sounds a little complicated day t tells what comes next. so they have tasks arnoldd to is to talkk to the parliament and uncle mamarkel has that shshe ws a decision by the junee european council that's in roughly one month's time -- no that is before thehe european parliament is going to convene for the first time that's supposed to
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happen the first week of july. so really may be difficult to ascertain who can get a majority in the parliament. inin a at that june council sumt but merkel is really really insistent on this she w wants ts wrapped up. quickly she's afraid of a protracted battle between the european council of national leaders and the european parliament with everything else going on with brags that. is really wouldn't be a good time to have some kind of institutional crisis between these two bodies -- but it still may not be possible to get a decision by june i should say that as leaders are leaving here therere is a sense h here in the room that there's one candidate. whose chances of coming europe becoming european commission president have increased greatly tonight that's margaret vast occur the liberal all the groups nominee -- we heard a lot of evil leaders mentioning her name as they enter the summit tonight and really she seems to be the only person whose name is on the running. that nobody strongly opposes everybody else on the list as
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somebody who really hates them somebody powerful who really hates them faster seems to be in the clear so that's one interesting development to come out of this. summit tonight's which was informal never expected to come out with any -- actual nominee but certainly to get the conversation started. in two days and that is -- such a powerful post a cool so places jungle gym got. as the president of the european commission dedicating thahank yu as ever very much indeed. the keys in the in the corridors of power in brussels with that system has taken place and because the issue. still dividing and local and menu michael is who should take over as a president of the european commission. we had that from dave that this is still a lot of ground to cover. mix the lye from paris workers in sudan cools chalcis tuesday when they began a two day general strike the leaders of the protest movement remain at loggerheads with army generals. who asked to president omar al bashir last month? of whether a civilian or soldiers should had in you
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governing body. from bank is to civil servants transport starve to municipal employees set on is on strike for two days. a little milione the hour strike is so we can express our demand switches for sudanese revolution to hand over power from the ruling military to a civilian government. saddam's generals are state our moral bush's six weeks ago after thirty years in power as protesters in the street for months demanded change. once per shahare went the umbrea protest movements and generals began sketching out a framework for saddam's future. without both sides and now at loggerheads over plans for the ministry to take a backseat too civililian authorities. from the sovereign council which currentlyy runs the country i believe that it may not. we do not have any weapons except for civilian weapons. and we will follow the steps of civil disobedience. and open strike and so our
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demands of the mets. and moves. to devils initial agreement between the army and protest is over a three year transitional period before new elections can be held and the creation of a three hundred member four minutes. late for the time being that a tree authorities have resisted it's not just from protesters but the west. to hand over power. the situations identical so watching that very closely for you staying in -- africa thousands of algerian students and teachers took to the streets of the capital chanting slogans against the armed forces chief currently dominating the country of course. on the plans for an election in july the a protest is keeping up the pressure on the routing leapt amounts of more sweeping changes. in the north african state nearly two months after the long standing president abdelaziz beautifully cut was forced to resign. the distrust of the new interim rule this very much continues. it's become a tuesday tradition
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despite the blazing sunshine and fasting due to the month of ramadan thousands of students and teachers took to the streets of algiers once again. to express their anger at the political quagmire algeria has been stuck in. among the chance heard in the capital slogans against the head of the armed forces and plans for a presidential election in july. today a jury in students have several demands we won the formation of the national committee for the organization of presidential elections. we also want the removal of the country's current leaders. they are the ones who are responsible for the disaster but algeria is going through at the moment. at the center of most of algeria's anger and frustration of this man madade gates allah e head of the algeriann army has been the country's de facto leader since president abdelaziz bouteflika resigned from power last april. on tuesday during military drills in algeria south he called for a quote to mutual concessions he also askeded algerians to learn from history making references to the
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nineteen nineties when a civil war resulted in the death of some one hundred and fifty thousand people. what a good user? adults ariens. we must learn from past tragic experiences and events. when common sense was absent? and when the only loser was our homelands. the general. who led the guy would want done? gates side of also said elections should be held as soon as possible but did not mention it dates. only two little knownwn figures have submitted their candidacies for the vote casting doubts o on whether the poll will actually take place. demonsnstrations and one is iris cooling for the low on abortion to be changed lawmakers said that introduce a bill to legalize abortion for pregnancies. up to fourteen weeks a similar measure last year paas lower house of congress but was defeated by the argentinian senate on the heavy opposition.
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by which is spoken as asians. nearly a year ago june fourteenth. two thousand eighteen a sea of green handkerchiefs and soaring hopes to finally legalized abortion in argentina. a hundred and twenty nine four two one hundred andd twenty five again. the lower house of parliament voted in favor of granting the legal access to abortion. but the joy was short lived. two months later on august eighth and also by tight margin t the country senate voted to maintain the nineteen twenty one bam. one steeped in latin america's catholic doctrines and history anti abortion advocates represented by blue handkerchiefs cheered the news. bubut womomen's rights advocates argue that in a country where anywhere between three hundred and fifty and five hundred thousand illegal abortions are performed every year. they are particularly dangerous for poor women without access to good health services.. sincee last year's roads the debate over the abortion issue
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has not gone away. even if the current law provides an exception in the case of rape an eleven year old rape victim and her family have to fight for weeks to be granted an abortion. finally doctors performed the c. section. and in march for women's day the streets of when asari's were awash with green. the color of the pro choice movement. even at the con film festival the issue was on the red carpet. protesters chiming in at the screening of a documentary. and such efforts are expected to increase. the a abortion issue is likely o be in the spotlight as argentina gears up for new elections this fall ones that could change your number if you.. come on t the side story so if u don't own westford joins us -- human rights lawyer and president of france. latin america association so if you think about you joining us herere in the studio -- this little. was narrowly defeated a year ago is it likely to papass this tim.
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okay i'm not one to clear something -- what is coming what is happening now in the -- volume it in and when our societies it's not the vote of the law it's just the presentation the official presentation of the new law. which is of course a kind of copy but a better one i would say of the former. one which has been -- rejected by the senate in december in argentina okay and that of course under pressure from the catholic lobby which oversees very powerful in our chat in the lecture lobby and evangelist lobby. to saigon which is on the moment i would say stronger thahan the catholic one interesting yeah. so coming out to the duty original question is this likely to pass this time to think okay. okay so what i would say is that the law is been presented it will not be voted. it will stay or on the board of the chief of the parliament or
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if we did go to commission. if there is nothing happening that is to say if it's not p put ininside of the agendaa of the parliament the low would would be -- how would i say no invoice after two years and then you will all have to be presented us said that because i think they can just basically oppose it do nothing on that it just basically die away? exactly but i think with the new i mean with the election in october something would happen missing of cpp to lots of women on the streets yeah -- definitely willing full you know but they say the right to choose to do with their own bodies which you know many people are against clearly but lots more people are in favor of and you know this but they said that's how it should be. what happens now in argentina so if if a woman wants to have an abortion i mean it is it is it a dangerous underground processes often is the case? had a defense of the case out in
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teen if the man it is ruled and the time the for more shin. seems russian is ruled under the young old low from the twenties as well as a lot of twenties for the twenties yeah. so it's man -- woman health -- and when i mean possibility for the vf features -- to do to survive or or not -- violation. so most of the time you have to the woman has to prove she's in and she's inside of one of this case. and i would say and my answer will not be -- this do we not astonish and someone. if you have money there is no problem you can have an abortrtn safely and q quickly. if you don't have moneyey you he to be inside of the three and three or four sometimes. conditions if the person is not the abortion is supposedly in policy mentioned elvis the power of monies. yeah but b but that would be illegal that wouldn't today only to be. legal it would be legal but
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people keep quiet because they paid okay money's involved nobody would denounce it okay well that's immoral -- but of is that's the way the world works oddly -- has put frances weighed in on this one because of the seas argentinian a seat you kno. said these again about missing his against the disney the pope being the pope leaves the catholic yes the fed tried very very hard to find andnd i wououd say yeah. ratherer violent -- he said that actually -- you cannot contract a killer a serial killer in order to get rid of the problem yeah so -- arjun time women are saying that if the pope would be a woman. the law would have passed -- centuries ago. nothing looking back looking back of a genereration generatis many things would have happened if it been happening to men let's face adds that something's floods that pope doesn't help for develolopment in argrgentina silvertone aggggressively to lee the thahank you from steve joing us a present of lebron's. latin america's secessionon and the human rights labour the real insight what's happening now to tina thank you very much indeed.
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pleasure to see you again. let's move on here live from paris to our reminded of the main world news headlines. france and germany -- currently i look ahead survey who should be the next president of the european commission. michael michael and analytical not shifting ground on who succeed showing closed junker the s. summit is broken up. of the evening and the yet enough well a place with a trying to digest she was a precisely what next. the general strike in sit down puts more pressure on the military council people that that recording for power to be handed to the civilians. forcing dictate up on all the *-*- out of power last month is just the start of a process. she still on results. argentina's lawmakers vote on a woman's right to have an abortion the subjects v very divisive what t is a staunchly catholic country but gentle movement is also against abortion. last year a move to legalise -- terminations failed.
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it's not a business kate moody joins us thousand jobs are on the line here in france. as general electric plans to cut back its presence yes mark with the american industrial giant you may remember already found itself in the cross hairs of french authorities for failing to create a thousand jobs that it had promised here in france. now it's going one step further as it tries to cut costs and streamline its global operations one thousand and forty four positions are on the chopping block. most in the eastern city of bell fall a plant that produced that produces a gas turbines. the market has been struggling is oil and gas prices drop but the french finance in a concert coming minister vowed to help the area find a more stable pat. and save as many jobs as possible. he's only. ten years ago g. belfort produce one hundred gas turbines and it's twenty eighteen they produce twenty nine because of the collapse of the markets. so maybe in a few decades from twenty forty onwards as we transition away from coal there will be prospects for orders.
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but that is not the case today and so we must s support these employees we will be at this site i will guarantee an industrial future for the site don't you want to be able to see it. on wednesday the bosses of the renault nissan and mitsubishi alliance will meet in tokyo for their monthly check and after months of dealing with the fallout of the arrerest of form. boss carlos ghosn a newew cloud will hang over those talks possible merger of renault with fiat chrysler on gainsford explains. we only send be the third wheell if the merger between were known fiat chrysler goes ahead. the japanese company has been linked to run -- for over twenty is but its ceo was only told about the discussions the last minute. nissan is cautiouous about the proposed merger fiat chrysler is one of its main competitors in the four by four markets in the us. let us now look for the sign on nissan is wary that the new alliance would want access to its technology the battle of the
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little sauna. if you need some that thiss coud boost fiat chrysler is business to the detriment of nissan's brands. in t the us -- ninissan it. and on the negative from the sun is that it could lose influencee over no. at the moment it holds a 15% stake in the company. of the marriage goeoes ahead tht would drop to seven point 5% the new fiat chrysler run it would be much larger than the japanese company. she said for you if the merger takes over it will change the power balance in the alliance. up until now nissen sold many more calls than reynaud. rent a movie it together with some more calls and we found. that it would be a change in the dynamics of existence is the creation of the alliance second shot. but the magic could also benefit nisan if development cososts to sheded across the group nissan o has said he's open to discussions. the company's alliance witith renault has already been shaken since the arrest of the groups from a boss conoce goes in
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november. let's check in on today's trading action now the major european indices closed lower. way down in part by the mounting tensions between roman brussels. italian government fresh off a strong showing in the elections saying it's ready to fight an expected fine from the european commission over it spending plans. meanwhile wall street had a fairly muted session after a long weekend but stocks dropped sharply in the last hours of trade. the dow jones sliding more than two hundred popoints by the closing bell. banking shares were down as the yield on us treasury bondsds fel to its l lowest level in a year and a half. moving on s some of the day's other business headlines noun workers a british steel expressed hope for their future after multiple parties expressed potential interesest in buying what remains of the firm. the deadline f for potential bes has been set for e early june thousands of jobs were put at risk converge still was forced into liquidation. france's national assembly has approved a bill to reform the civil service. unions with protesting against
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the changes are part of the government's efforts to reduce the public sector work force. and another trial about america's opioid epidemic has begun in oklahoma johnson and johnson is among the drug makers accused of deceiving consumers. about the risk of pain killers. the state has already settled claims against pharmaceutical giants purdue and teva burke and bind three hundred fiftyivee mimillion dollala. hundreds of similar cases are in ththe pipeline a across the cou. the c centers for disease contrl says an average hundred and thirty americans die from opioid overdose every day. mark this tririal in particular being seen is a really important test as to whether these drug makers are actuallyy g going toe able to be held accountable. for this for this epidemic. kate thank you from city can we do that all the business. james crayton wrapped up ready to go meet with good evening sir i french news website is allowing users -- to back in the news yeah.
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at the was it was. i was accounts for earlier actually when when this. you have a news conference of stars it was people were to com. because i think it's just shococking people find that shocking because it is ethicall- division of germany's later today tictoc selected given the all the stuff about to the raise schools it's kind of crazy three to one yeah this is like is that where it's gonna go looking fronted is very regulate wreck regulation all of this and some some would say even to regulations. the european commission is criticized france for help. how would? this look betting on the news you know what i show it but just very briefly in terms of the context for this it's very regulation in front of whole says the measure. has a monopoly on anything to do with betting online and it's restricted generally speaking to sports so this website called. betty top news betty don't you and i know you have a toll call back thanks for questions got nothing to do with it i tolold. you so bad feedback obviously the pale on on the on on july saying right and news at self explanatory. and i had the guy behind us it's a form of former at and former
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and use director l'express news magazine he was also one of the co founders of beef and tv which is the most watched ruling is coming from. so he's a big at background in managing news if it's interesting that he would come to choose to take this particular at route but in any case at he has been i'll tell you his company's been thing later but just to show you. how it functions at very he's got the he has said again you own a two block this is name we're going to steer it steer clear all sensitive issues so it's just going to be stuff that is maybe not as? as as concerning as maybe i don't know -- sensitive issues such as terrorism or a big political questions but they were allowing bets on the outcome of the european elections for example. and question such as will impact they leave at psg before the end of the season will power city hall get rid of electric scooters. that kind of idea and it's just this is possibly the thin end of a wedge those now. well i think so to be skeptical be slippery slope button was added generally speaking
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journalism and and use content had there are turned there are ethical questions at the children japan at the journalistic at. and practice and if you start alallowing a vieiewers -- news audiences to bash on the outcome of events at but it's getting very commercial first of all and montreat interests are taking looking at this weekend the bat and everything but betting on on the actutual function of ththe s or w what happensns in the use t seems items items. that works it's a strange one well -- i've put first which is a concrete he's speaking it's not it's not using actual money at what the way it works is you. you you get credits on this web we set up the put this website you get to bebe coins i think is a play on bit coin. b. as i in the letter b. coin ad essentially at the top the twenty top people at the end of the month. i get the app a button prize money for one thousand jurors is divvied up between them so it is
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very much i i suppose limited in terms of how how. how off the rails it can go -- in terms of people losing money and what not and it's not going to go completely bonkers at but i would say at i think he's speaking it's kind of a slippery slope if we start on this track of betting on the news. okay should be better what comes next. environment news you will not allolo way of at andydy malaysio anyways back to countries of ororigin and this includes fraus well it would depend on the owner well there you go it's interesting because this is kind of a trend snow and indeed we our own -- just gonna misery a in -- in new york did report recently on the city of philadelphia and how it's made which has a big recycling industry but the rush exporting a loss of there. the good the couldn't the came out of the recycling process on on usable and it was going to china and china's not been saying no -- we're sending a lot of the spot to or not take it anymore now malaysia is following suit. and a four hundred fifty metric tons of plalastic which has been sent back to twelve developed countries including at the u. s. u. k. australia and france.
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find out one of their ministers. you'll be in -- basically said developed countries like the like here when he mentioned the u. k. but it's the same with a front of others always prioritize recycling and its people a follow suit but they do not realize these wastes are dumped in our country he also called. the companies involved in importing not waste treasures essentially it's a case of i suppose deal with your own. waste we're not gonna make an industry of this anymore and i think that's a fair enough yeah to be honest with you the kind of in the sense that we get to see. we get to really have how would you say and the the consequences of our lifestyle and y you knows well because he's a process consequences ourselves will be done to actually change the problems. we need to make sure we get that gets worse with right exactly and i and i so it has led foror example i in philadelphia at headlines like this in local and media philly is incinerating half of its recycling because they couldn't. as sent into the china prop the china problem so to speak on his party or full so it created this awareness. there was an awareness in terms of people's practices okayy lets geget to the eagle you've been that easy with a photo of an eagle that's gone viral let's have a look.
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all right at this was steve by rote canadian photographer and he took a photo of the eagle who is called bruce. bruce is preretty pretty impressive looking creature that was at the canadian doctor conservatory he put up on facebook and instagram going completely viral and he's kind of been very overwhelmed by the response. was even as s video of lelet use if we can play briefly showowing ththe moments. that was captured in slow mo utilizan and currently bruce has a mind of f its own mark k and t took that t he does s he took qe a few times to get the perfect shot. but there you go a beautiful beautiful moment and i think for ju a beautiful photograph. absolutely beautiful beautiful but james thank you much the gentran mediawatch thanks to kate for the business as at a great city and thank you for watching because we
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