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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 30, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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franceello and w welcome too " 24." the headlines this hour, after winning india's landslide election by a landslide, narendra modi is set to be sworn in for a second term as prime minister. regional leaders were invited for the ceremony but one leader was left off the list. israel set to hold its second election this year after prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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failed to form a coalition government. robert mueller says the investigation into possible collusion between the trump campaign manager russia did not exononerate the u.s. president, but donald trump goes on twitter to announce the case is closed. also coming up at this hour, t e chief executive of boeing admits the company failed in its implemenentation of a key flight control software but says that he won't be stepping down. we have the latest update with brian quinn. plus the smallest premature baby ever has beaten the odds and left the hospital as a healthy infant. we will have that story and more in this edition. we are live from paris. ♪ >> after the bjp won a landslide in the election, narendra modi
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will be sworn in for a second term in office later on today. eight thousand people, including members of the opposition, bali and thelebrities, leaders of sri lanka and babangladesh will be at the ceremony in new delhi. one regional head of state off the guest list? the pakistani prime minister. for more we can go to our correspondent who is standing by in new delhi. the last time narendra modi was sworn in he made a bold gesture and invited the pakistani prime minister. why is iran con being kept offff of the g guest list now? >> well, n no real reasoson giv, but one can make it can gesture. there was a lot of talk of national security on t the campaign t trail. rhapaps this is aa s signal that the prime minister is s nding to his base, saying that he's not
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giving up on the hard-line stance on national securitity jt yet. pakistan is plplaying thisis do, saying that the foreign minister has said that given a all the pakistan back it -- bashing that took place on the campaign trail,l, it was not to be expecd that the prime minister w was going g to change the narrativie this soon.n. countriesetween the cououries have been at a high after a terrorist attack took place in february in kashmir. since then, india construct -- conducted airstrikes in pakistan. they almost went to the [no audio] lost thems we have connection. we will try to get her back later on in the program. in other news, the israeli prime minister has failed in his efforts to form a coalition government after a feud broke out over military service for young religious scholars. benjamin netanyahu accusing his former defense minister of being
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a leftist. israel is set to hold a snap election in september. >> israel is going back to the polls after the knesset voted to dissolve parliament on wednesday night. prince of -- president netanyahu has six weeks to put coalition. he he failed, a failure blamed on his sometimes our, sometimes folk, lieberman. >> it's just unbelievable, just unbelievable. victor lieberman is now part of the left. you give him votes for the right and he doesn't give his votes to the right-wing government. this is what we see. support of athe right-wing coalition, providing ultra-orthodox m members to the lieberman party, believer men wanted a law to make religious scholars take part in religious
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service, something ultraorthodox parties would never agree to. the dashed result was a deadlock. fingeran pointed the right at netanyahu. the failurere to form a coalition of government, together we turn to the ultraorthodox. we bear full responsibility for the fact that israel is voting again. >> the reelection could be a real headache for the prime minister, who faces a pretrial hearing against charges of corruption in october. the party was drafting legislation for impunity. netanyahu vowed to win a second set of elections in september but even if he does, it will be too late to change the law. >> the opposition says that the two day strike to demand the ruling generals hand over power to a civilian authority has worked. protesters, including workers at tanks, government offices, and
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the oil ministry walked off the job. the military council took over after omar bashir stepped down in april. deborah maxwell has the story. >> protest leaders are hailing the strike is a success. thousands of employees from government offices to banks and seaport workers took part. as protesters gathered at a sit in outside of a military headquarters in khartoum, they warned that if the generals don't respond to demands, they won't hesitate to lunch further measures. are all calling for this, but the military council is still procrastinating and doesn't want to hand power over to them civilian authority. we will participate in civil this obedience. >> the sudanese army has been in power since ousting omar al-bashir in april. protest against autocratic rule. but the generals backed by key arab powers have resisted calls
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to step down. the two sides have been nenegotiating a a polititical transisition, but talks broke dn last w week over the question of who would head the transitional body. the opposition wanted it to be a civilian. >> excepting the military council, we came to a number of agreements.. we arere committed to these agreements, but that doesn't mean that the sudanese people will give up the demand for a civilian state. >> the protest movement is now calling for a million strong march headining to a sit and in central khartoum, where thousands of demonstrators remain camped. muellerher news, robert made his first half of the special counsel investigation. he says that his report was his testimony, highlighting the investigation did not exonerate the u.s. president, and that charging donald trump with a crime was not an option because
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of federal rules. take a listen. >> the order appointing we special counsel authorized us to investigate actions that could obstruct the investigation. we conducted that investigation and we kept the office of the acting attorney general appraised of the progress of our work. as set forth in the report, after that investigation, if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. >> the u.s. president was quick to react to the statement from robert mueller, putting out a tweet saying that the case is closed. for more on the wednesday statement, we have this report from washington. time inwas the f first two years, the first time during the whole russia investigation that we actually heard the voice of robert mueller. also the only time that we will probably see him speaking in public about the investigation. so, this was supposed to bring us a sense of closure, but it certainly did not.
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still wildly differing views as to what the real conclusions are from this investigation. the conclusions from the special counsel are that yes, indeed ththere was no collusion between russia and the trump but the question remains open as to whether there was a obstruction of justice by the president, though, and the whwhite house, still believe in their initial conclusion that there was no collusion and that the president completely exonerated. certainly not something we heard from the special counsel robert mueller during his eight minute long appearance. now we move to a different scenario altogether, the possibility of an impeachment of a president. it still seems very unlikely that it might come to that, only just about over 50 democrats willing to go down that road. no where a majority in the house of representatives. certainly only there isn't a democratic majority that would like to do this in the u.s.
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senate, the body that would decide the fate of the president . remember that the senate is controlled by republicans. that is why somebody like the speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi is very reluctant to go down that path. add to the story the following ingredient, the white house might actually want impmpeachmet proceengs s to happepen. it would g give the presididente possibility to further criticize democrats as a party that simply will not let go of the russia story as both democrats and republicans head towards the 2020 presidential election. so, no closure from the special counsel robert mueller. in fact, we are just moving on to the next stage in this story. >> we are going to go back to new delhi, next, trias is standing by. earlier we were talking>> we art
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narendra modi's swearing-i-in, which wiwill happenn in a few hs from now. i wanted to ask you, on the campaign trail we had the prime minister touting national security credentials, but very little detail on what exactly his vision was for the country. what challenges will his government have to tackle first? >> yes, so that is exactly right. the campaign trail it was very low on substance, high on rhetoric. a lot of talk about hindu nationalism and national security. has severalnister challenges ahead of him, one e f which is the economy. going to pushhe's forward a business friendly policies. but the economy is something that is going to require a lot of attention, record high unemployment, consumer confidence is low.
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growth this quarter has been 6% and is expected to further slowdown in the next order. asarian crisis is brewing bombers have been protesting for over low crop prices and the fact that they don't have loan waivers. on another front, there was a lot of nationalist rhetoric and internationalism on the campaign trail that will l be of worry fr minorities in ththe country, particularly muslim m minorities who hahave seen a rise in the number of hate crimes over the past five years. they will be hoping ththat the prime miminister addresses their concerns. the prprime minister did say afr his victory that he e will be reacaching out to minonorities,t there must t developmenent for , they must t not be livining undr fear. but ththat it w will take more n just a a speech to allay concer. this is s the party that fieldea candidate accused of terrorism charges in an incident that killed six muslim people.
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onre has to be more action that front. on the foreieign policy side,, prime minister modi has his work cut out for him. pakistan of coururse, tensions e high on that front after the terrorist attack i in february. iran was minister of not t invited to the ceremony today. therere is also tension regardrg trade with the united statess that will be of concern to the prime minister. he will also have to balance relations with iran as the nations toes pushes stop buying iranian oil. >> think you very much for that update their. nationsin other news, the norwn government says that talks are coming to an end regarding the crisis in venezuela and they are going well as they are part of tointernational attempt mediate over who should run the country. back in minutes they look,
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meanwhile, staff marched with parents of sick children, talking about the unnecessary deaths of children due to a lack of supplies. stricken children are the e latest casualties s of the venezuela crisis. children like 11-year-old eric on tuesday whose funeral was held this week, who died waiting for a bone marrow transplant that never came. i would come down. i would make it look like i was ok and i would say i will be right back and i would leave the hospital and cry and i would come back and try my tears as i am doing right now, go back to the hoss with my head up. >> protesters gathered on wednesday, angry that several children had died waiting for own marrow transplants. it's a complex egypt. procedure. the nicolas maduro government said that the money could have
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been used to send children to italy for treatment, but has been frozen by u.s. sanctions. >> where are the medicines? where is the surgical equipment? forhumanitarian aid patients and hospital's question mark the hospitals across the country don't have any resources. every day, patients a, we have had enough. >> the opposition lays the blame as thepresident sanctions are aimed at ousting nicolas maduro. wednesday speakers from both sides of the divide came from norway. norwegian representatives say that some progress has been made, but the specifics remain confidential. >> all flights to and from in argentina and airport were cancnceled on monday. thousands took to the streets denouncing the inability of the president to tame inflation. his popularity has gone down
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months before the october election where he is seeking a second term in office. hungary has launched a criminal capsized and boat sank from the danube. seven south korean tourists have been reported dead in the tragedy. according to local authorities the accident took place after a collision with a large passenger ship. 21 people remain missing. officials have been dispatched to help the authorities. >> water was flowing so fast when the boat capsized on wednesday night. passengers who went overboard were quickly carried away. the boat collided with another vessel and sank near the market bridge. rescue teams managed to save people several kilometers downstream. were e lightly injujured, others were in a critical condition. rescue teams with divers tried to save as many people as possible in the dark.
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33 passengers, two remembers were on the board that could record it may carry up to 45 people for this type of cruise. weather conditions, were they too bad to sale? the operator that organized the trip for the tourists from south korea says that conditions were adequate. >> at the time the water level was high, but other cruise boats were operating as usual, as well as our boat. presidentth korean set up a crisis cell to monitor and help rescue operations while supporting victims and their families. >> the smallest premature baby ever has beaten the odds and left the hospital as a healthy infant. five months ago she was born just 23 weeks into her mother's pregnancy and at the time wade justst eight ounces and fit into the palm of her caretakekers.
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parents, her mother thinks she is a miracle. and in her case, many would agree. weeks too weeks, 17 early, she was the smallest baby on record. a micro preemie, she beat all odds. >> the hour turned into a day, which turned into a week. you won't see her family on camera. her relatives want to remain anonymous for her r sake. but theyey were ok with sharing her story, full of hope. is a miracle, that's for sure. >> she is indeed fortunate, thouough delivereded prematutury becacause her life and her mother's life are at risk, she suffered none of the usual
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complications so far. no brain bleeds, no long or heart issues. her story inspired hospital personnel. >> i want her to know how strong she is. >> bringing a hope for the future for micro preemie's. indianr winning the election by a landslide, narendra modi is set to be sworn in for a second term as prime minister. regional leaders were invited for the ceremony but pakistan was kept off the list. israel is set to hold its second election this year after benjamin netanyahu failed in his efforts to form a coalition government. robert mueller has said that the investigation into possible the trumpbetweenen campaign manager russia did not exonerate the u.s. president, however donald trump went on twitter to announce that the case is closed. time now for a l look at thehe's top busisiness news stories. hello, brian. you are starting out with boeing
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, whose 757 max jets remamain grounded worldwide after two deadly crashes. the e chief executive open up to cbs news, vowing to stay in his role. >> that's righght, he says the company clearlyly -- clearly fel short in the development and release of crititical safefety equiuipment on the 737 max, but that he won't be stepping dowow. reportedly finishedd updatiting the sofare e behind e crashes that killed 350 people t have yetet to deliviver the sosoftware to r regulators for approval.. the ongoining ounding of the fleeeet worldwide has disrupted airline planning for the coming busy travel season. >> but when possible cell or may not return to the air until after the hunt -- after the summer holiday season. the trade group representing 4/5 of the world's air traffic thinks that it will be at least
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10 to 12 weeks before the 737 max jets can fly again. nearly 400 of ththem have been grounded since march following two fatal crashshes in fifive months. both were link to faulty sensor data affecting the flight control system and crucial safety features that would have alerted the pilots about the problelem that didn't work. >> we know t that the software s activated multiple times during the flight. in in the end, that added to the , the workload implementation of the software. we did not do it correctly. and our communication on that was not what it should have been. >> they have also been heavily criticized for failing to notify the faa about the system for more than a year after it was discovered by engineers. the playmaker has now completed a software update to avoid similar crashes in the future, though it has yet to submit that
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to the faa for approval. the aviation giant is paying a high price for its mistake following the two disasters that together claimed 346 lives. in addition to order , thereations or the jets are lawsuits from victims and airlines. shows that u.k. automobile production plummeted in april. the society of motor manufacturers and traders says that deliveries are down 44.5% from a year ago, with brexit firms forced t to plan for the exit on march 29, moving up the annual summer work stoppages with factory shutdowns being just one among a number of costly measures, and putting newkpiling, rerouting, and customs procedures. they said that car firms are unlikely to be able to repeat the process with the new dadatef octobeber 31.
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toto argentina, now, where a general ststrike on wednesday brought offices, schools, and banks to a standstill. the main unions calling the strike in response to austerity measures put in place by the government. union leaders say that 14,000 small businesses have been forced to close and they blame the $56 billion bailout deal with the international for the austerity plans. people are outon and one million are below the poverty line. wages have been destroyed, pensions are miserable. our country is bound to the internatational andne m millione below ththe poverty li. monetarary fund. it's like the bermuda t triangl, work,g in salaries, healalth, andd education. >> in the markets, european indexes are in positiveve territory after two straight days of f losses a amid rising e tensions between the u.s. and
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china. up, and inotsie is paris up 3 3/10. slightlyfurt dax i is up at midday.y. the government of new zealand officially unveiled its new budgetroroposal. minister's labour party prioritizing social services and the environment and what it calls a well-being approach, the approach including over 580 alien euros in new investment for you -- for mental health care, child poverty programs, and clean transportation, with 87 million euros for a gun buyback program in the wake of the christchurch shooting. with the economy protect -- projected to slow down in 2019, the government says they are looking beyond simple growth. >> we have not only examined our economy and finances, but also the welfare of our people, the health of our environment, and
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the strength of our communities. could bring a well-being o olook.. >> herere in france the number f green jobs is picking up after years of stagngnation. employmement in the environmnmel totor g grew more than 5% 24,000 positions added. >> organic farming, renewable energy, recycling. the green sector is hiring. according to official statistics, 24,000 new green jobs were added to the french economy in 2017, representing a 5.4 percent increase over the previous year. miguel is a maintenance technician for wheat turbines and after 15 years in the auto industry, he saw the opportunity in the budding sector. i liked working as a technician. i chose wind power partly because i wanted to work outside in a field but also because it is renewable energy. to find greater meaning in my
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work i knew that i would easily be able to find a job if i got some training. >> while increased investment in renewables has roosted the job market, it's the agricultural sector that isis leading the hiring boom. 10,700 o organic farming jobs we 14% since 2017, up 2016. this very farm needed full-time staff. >> we needed one more person and we made a job announcement. when two people with very different profiles applied, we liked them both. we wound up hiring two new staff. changingrm is activities regarding the production of organic dairy products on site, but it's just one example in theherowing sector as more and more consumers look to your options and alternatives. > the first m meatless buburr king w whopper appears to be a success.
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made with a plant-based burger like a beef patty. restaurants in st. louis saw an 18% boost over traffic in the national burger king average.
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