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tv   DW News  LINKTV  May 31, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news live from berlin braided a meeting of allies, but no meeting of minds. u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo and chancellor angela merkel stress they have the same values, but they agree on little else. iran is one of the main points of friction. also coming up, president trump looks set to start another care for, this time with mexico. he says he will impose tariffs and mexico does not stop the flow of undocumented migrants into the u.s.
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the philippines hopes to end the trade in trash. it has shipped back to canada 69 containers of trash that were in a port for five years. the philippines says it will no longer be a rubbish dump for rich countries. thank you for joining us. u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo's european tour got off to a strained to start when he ended german chancellor angela merkel failed to agree on very much at all in berlin. they agreed they had shared values, but there was little meeting of minds beyond that. policy toward iran is the main cause of friction between the two allies. >> it took mike pompeo 400 days to find time to visit berlin, then official scheduled only 45 minutes for talks with chancellor angela merkel on
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trouble spots afghanistan, syria, libya and iran. >> the world is in great turmoil. above all, the question of iran and how to prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. >> mike pompeo's discussions with germany's foreign minister brings the country's closer together. washington has been raising the pressure on iran while your again -- european countries try to say the deal signed four years ago. >> there is no secret that we are pursuing different approaches toward that end. i have reiterated why from our point of view, that europe as a whole, the preservation of the nuclear deal increases international safety and is important to us. >> time is running out. iran is starting to stop complying with parts of the nuclear deal if signatories do not find a way to soften u.s. sanctions. iran is dependent on income from the sale of oil. washington's sanctions have
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choked off that money supply. >> we will do our best to enforce the american sanctions that has been put in place. collects all differences aside, pompeo reaffirmed that germany nevertheless remains an important ally of the u.s.. >> it looks as if president trump is starting a new trade conflict, this time with mexico. he has threatened to impose new tariffs on mexico if it does not do a better job of stopping migrants from trying to enter the u.s. trump says he will slap duties on all goods from mexico and keep raising tariffs if the mexican government does not act fast. here is more. >> touchdown in washington amidst gathering storm clouds. president trump trump declared trade war on the u.s. is southern able by tweets. he wrote "on june 10, you also impose a 5% tariff on all goods from mexico until such time as
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legal met -- illegal migrants stop." the u.s. president, signaling he is ready to keep raising those tariffs until he satisfied -- he is satisfied mexico is doing enough on border security. he is tried to stop more and more people coming across the southern u.s. border. over half a million since october 2018. many of them come from central america through mexico to the u.s.. >> one of the biggest things they can do with the repatriation of the thousands of people coming from central america. they can return them home. they can stop this massive caravans from coming through the country in two hours. >> mexico is vowing restraint, its president promising to do a dedeal in washington. >> i think that in the end, president trump will realize that this is not the best way to work things out. >> mexico is the u.s.'s most
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important trade partner. this will be watched closely by main street and wall street alike. >> let's get the latest on this story with our correspondent in washington. how serious are these tariff threats? >> apparently, the u.s. president found a legal way to do that. he is quoting a law, called the international emergency economic's power act. this law has ever been used before to pose tariffs on the country. -- a country. it has been used to freeze assets. that would be a new situation. also to pose tariffs in order to fight migration. it will also be bizarre, because yesterday, a new trade agreement between the united states and mexico was passed on to the mexican senate. it was supposed to be ratified. just after that, the u.s. president threatened mexico with
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tariffs and an effort to fight migration. sumi: what about the situation on the ground? you were reporting at the border. the claim from the president is that mexico is not doing enough to stop migration. is that true? oliver: mexico is saying differently. they would argue that they offer work permits for migrants in the caravan coming to the u.s. they oftenen -- - they also offr migrgrants to stayay in the couy as long as their request for asylum is being processed. they say theyy are notot doing enough and there is still lots of migrants coming in. i just traveled there a few weeks ago and saw the situation. you can see groups of hunger -- hundreds of migrants coming in. there are walls in some areas and other areas are not well protected. some can just cross across the river. border patrol agents say how strange they are.
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they say 50% of their manpower is being blocked for apprehending migrants. more than 100,000 came in in april. the situation i've found, they were largely families and children. we can talk about a humanitarian crisis or not. the u.s. president is calling these migrants a bunch of murderers. murderers, rapists, bad hombres. is this a national security crisis and does it do that much arm for the u.s.? there are many migrants coming in. sumi: thank you. let's get a roundup of other stories making news around the world. a south korean newspaper is reporting that north korea executed its nuclear envnvoy to the united states.
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he was a senior negotiator at the failed hanoi susummit with s.s. presidentnt trump. there has been no confirmation of that report. police in the city of zürich say a 60-0-year-o-old swiss manan kd two female hostages and himself after a three-year-old -- three-hour standoff. the nationality of the women is unknown. gun violence is rare in switzerland. this month, they agreed to acceptpt stricter gun laws. pope francis is in romania on a three day pilgrimage. he is urged the countries leaders to work closely together to confront society's problems. the visit to the predominantly orthodox country comes 20 years after pope john paul ii visited romania. hungarian authorities have said the search for 21 people missing after a riverboat sank in the river dam new will take some time -- river danube will take some time.
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seven people have been confirmed dead and the seven others were rescued. the captain of the cruise ship has been detained for questioning. >> the search continues. at the sight of the accident near budapest's margaret bridge, down the strtream and acrosss te serbian border 180 kilometers away. most of those on board the small sightseeing boat were south korean tourists. the boat sank on wednesday night. seven of the 35 on board are known to have died. seven were rescued. there is hope that more survivors could be found against all odds. >> not only hungary and korea, but also serbia, austria and other neighboring countries are participating and cooperating in salvage operations and the rescue operation. we will hope until the last moment to find somebody alive. >> the mermaid is still lives --
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lies submerged. bulgararian authoritities beliee bodies may be trapped inside the vessel. a simulation shows what happened. the larger riverboat collides with the small mermaid. the mermaid flips over andnd the otother boat powers over i it. the sechch for theissising is suppososed to go o on for days. rescueue are battltling strong cucurrentswhicich may have swept passengers dowownseam. the captain of the larger ship has been detained on suspicion of endangering water transport, leading to a deadly mass accident. sumi: our journalalist has been following this story inn budapest.. hehere's ththe last from hihim. >> south kororea's s government remains hopeful,l, but as nigigt sets in, h hungarian's here believe e that at least 28 peopl have perished in one of europe's
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main waterways. divers are still tryining to salvage the boaoats behehind met is underwater. that boat was hitit by a huge ship.. the captain ofof that ship h has been detained, but south korea's governmentnt has made it clear that is not enough. soututh korea's foreign miminisr wants answers as to why commmmunication bebetween the to vessels did not w work. all the relatives o of those who passed away can do now is more. flowers and candles hahave been brbrought here, n not only by sh koreans,s, but in darien's. -- hungarian's. two nations divided -- in my -- in morning. sumi: the government of mozambique has said it needs more than $2 billion to recover from two powerful storms. cyclones killed more than 650 people and affected 2 million more, ravaging homes and
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infrastructure. a conference for donors is taking place, where p pple arere struggling t to deal with the aftermath of the cyclones. >> weeks after the cyclone, this house is still on habitable -- barely inhabitable. they have moved their possessions to the only undamaged d om. that is where they sleep. they will never forget the day the storm hit. >> i was just there. it was so violent that i cannot come out. the roof want out. that was very violent. it was dangerous. >> hisis house is justt one -- a few hundred meters from the sword. -- sure. the sea is the e most immediate danger. >> it is coming closer and closer. >> y? -- why? >> i don't know. >> the city is often flooded..
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paparts of f the cityrere belowa lelevel. twtwo districts are especially t ri. u.n. climamate change e experts estimate sea levels could raise by a meter by the year 2100. these are stairs of the house that used to be right here. you can see how the scene -- see came closer and closer bass -- sea came closer and closer. the city has taken defensive action with a network of locks. the measures have cocost millio, subsbsidized by developmpment fs from germany. >> on the day of the cyclone, it started rainingng. we opened up the locks so thehe sea. if we had not done that, the flooding would have been a lot worsrse.
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>> t the mayor says the city is used to flooding, but destructive storms are a new phenomenon. he is hoping for more funding from overseas to pay for defense of messieurs. you can't under -- measures. he still can't doubt why some deny the existence of climate change. >> they have to live our life. maybe they are living anotother kind of life. once they feel what we have done here with this cyclone, to understand that climate change is a problem, once they have been in flooding, once they have been in heavy wind, they will feel in their skin that something bad is happening and that is called climate change. >> in the meantime, he worries about the future, about his house and his family.
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>> are you afraid living here? >> i am. i can't do anything. my father passed away and lived here. we don't havave the possibilityo go any other place. we are h here. we are afraid. >> if he couldld afford it, he says he would have moved a long time ago away from the water's edge. sumi: the philippines has shipped 69 containers of what it calls illegally transported garbage back to canada. officials say the containers had arrived in 2014 and have been falsely declared as recyclable plastic. the philippines is following the lead of other southeast asian countries and china. they feel they are becoming a dumping ground for garbage from wealthier western nations. >> this is the source of the
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diplomatic stink. times of rubbish shipped from canada, labeled as recyclable, but turned out to be household waste. for five years, it has been rotting in philippine port. environmental activists and government officials have long argued canada should take back its trash. >> the canadian government, while they say they are progressive, they are an industrialized country and rich. they are prone relations. this is a very simple problem, not that they are thought this. >> countries pledged to do a full automatic incident as manila recalled top diplomats from canada. -- diplomatic incident as manila recalled t top democratsts from chchina -- diplomats from canad. >> that recallll shows that we e
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serious s about t them bringingk their garbage. otherwise, we will sever relations with them. >> that caused the canadian prime minister to weigh in. >> this is an issue we have been working closely with officials in the philippines on over the past months. it's an very heart of the past weeks. we will continue to work on this. >> the unwanted waste has washed up in malaysia, too. the government says it is cracking down on nonbiodegradable trash. sending hundreds of tons of plastic back to the u.s., u.k., canada and other countries. >> whether it is plastic waste or whatever waste, we will send it back. we will fight back. even though we are a small country, we cannot be bullied by
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developed countries. >> back in the philippines, this vessel has come to return the trash to vancouver. the canadiansns will shououldere shipping costs, 200,000 u.s. dollars. the damage to deval patrick ties come up harder to quantify. sumi: now to some other stories making headlines around the world. environmental activist and fridays for future campaigner has become the subject of a neural in the english city of bristol. it stands 15 meters tall and took the artist eight days to paint. she has become the face of a school strike movement that aims to combat climate change. >> india's prime minister has held meetings with several south asian and southeast asian leaders as part of his effort to build economic partnerships in the region. noticeably absent was the pakistani prime minister. relations between the two countries seven strained over tension in the disputed kashmir region.
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now to thailand, where a ride on an elephant is one of the main attractions for tourists. while it main -- may be seen to be innocent fun, animal rights groups say that in order to keep an elephant in captivity, its spirit must be broken. we visited a traditional elephant camp in northern thailand and discovered there are no easy answers to the controversy. you might find some of the images in this report distressing. >> showtime at the elephant camp. twice a day, the elephants entertain visitors with their skills. everything looks playful, but tricks like this are only possible after long training explained one of the cap managers. >> if you would like to let your children know english, you should talk english to them. the same thing witith elephants. if you would like them to obey you or listen to you, you should
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teach them since they were young. >> for centuries, elephants and southeast asia were used for transport in the timber industry until logging was banned in the region 30 years ago. with thousands of captive elephants out of work, their owners turn to tourism. elephant tourism is now a lucrative business. one that is lightly regulated. >> this is a biologist. she advises camps on how to ensure that entertaining tourists is not detrimental to our r -- elephant welell-being. >> good welfare can be done by providing the elephant with shade, enough food and wawater d rest and otherwise free from discomfort. >> the biologist is pleased with the camps general conditions. all of the elephants seem to be in good shape. she admits that shshe often runs into secrecy, just like today,
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when asked about the specific methods of training and elephants, the camp veterinarian becomes tightlipped. >> if an elephant cannot cooperate, they will stay until they can cooperate with us. >> on the internet, it is possible to buy videos of a tortuous ritual designed to break and elephants spirit. the method has beenen used for centuries. it is a brutal training process that can go on for weeks. only when the elephant stops resisting is it released from its agony. >> animal rights groups are calling for a boycott of elephant camps. they are convinced interactions like these are only possible once an elephant has been broken. many western travel companies have stopped offering this kind of tour is in, but with growing numbers of chinese visitors, is this is thriving.
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nina thinks and -- in effect a boycott would do more harm thahn good. >> if there is no revenenue, the elephant will still be here, but it will have very poor conditions. >> elephant tours and is sold as cute, harmless fun, but once you look a bit closer, a darker picture starts to emerge. >> to sports now. for the second straight season, but it reached the champions league final. juergen klopp's side fell to rail madrid last year. he is no stranger to losing finals. he has been runner-up in his last six. well that job and on european football's biggest stage on saturday? >> klopp has been embraced by more than just liverpool. the entire footballing world loves this guy. there has been a dark cloud hovering over the current liverpool coaches had for years. a streak of six straight final
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defeats has kept his trophy cabinet empty when it comes to the biggest prizes. >> if you u lose a final, it is like taking medicine that tastes disgusting. when i was a child, i lelearned ththat good medicine hahas to te bad,d, but t that it helps. whwhen you look at a final a asd taststing medicine, it can help and recharge you. quacks that recharge must have worked. liverpool made some changes at the backs and suffering defeat to rail madrid. expectations are high due to having back-to-back final appearances. >> the world out there expects from all of usus that wewe -- tt we win the final. in my case, w when you trieded e new times, you e expected even more. that is ok. i desperately wanted, not for me, but for my players and this great club. it would make me happy if we manage that.
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>> no other miniature in europe has lost finals like him. the 2011-12 season, he managed final success in germany, but since then, he, nor liviverpool have won anything. will their next file -- final in madrid be a new beginning? sumi: germany coach joachiem loe will sit out thew qualifiers with a circulatory problem. he will not join the teteam for the games against belarus and estonia after he suffered an arterial injury while exercising. he is excited to make a complete recovery in the coming weeks. his assistant will lead the team in his absence. now to a woman who is perhaps the most famous dj in warsaw, maybe even all of poland. she began when she was 55. now she is 80 and she is still going strong. >> these disco dancers may not
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be the youngest anymore, but they are in great form. this woman is getting them in the mood. >> welcome to our party. hope you all have a good night. >> she is 80 years old and in poland, she is a big deal. she is proud she can play a lot more than just the oldies. >> i play a lot of different music. when i do sets and clubs for young people, i'm next club music with popular artists like madonna, shakira, jennifer lopez and lady gaga. >> here in warsaw, there a are plenty of people on the dance floor, think to -- thanks to dj wika. she has been working clouds -- crowds for 25 years. >> i talked to the lot -- a lot of young djs and used had to -- learned how to use the computer. i thought i saw the mixing console, because they said you can't just use a cd player.
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i watched have a mix and stretch. >> her children left home long ago and her husband passed away. sitting around the house was never her thing. >> learning new things keeps me young. my brain regenerates itself. my curiosity comes to life, and it is wonderful. >> dj wika is sure to make another point clear. beauty is not something just for the young. >> everyone should follow my example and try to live like i do. >> no one at this party in warsaw has any attention of -- intention of slipping into old age quietly. >> a party with dj wika is always great. >> a disco is the best medicine. >> what better evidence do you need than someone like dj wika?
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sumi: a reminder of our top story on dw. the u.s. secretary of state, mike pompeo has chancellor angela merkel in berlin. the talks were c cordial, but there was no meeting of minds on relations with iran and other issues. you're watching dw. you can get the latest on a website, we will have more news coming up on the day. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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reporter is on france twenty four i'm from twtwenty four dot comm. good evening and thanks for joining us tonight for life from paris i'm not a messy here the headlines at ten pm. hitting back at donald trump mexico's president cools the america fast slogan a fallacy and says he won't be provokes. this off the washington issues an ultimatum cup migration or we will impose sweeping tariffs. a final farewell to an icon of congo's opposition tens of thousands gathering in contrast to to pay tribute to extend to she caddy. his body is belatedly repatriates is. after his death. and abortion services in
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