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reporter is on france twenty four i'm from twtwenty four dot comm. good evening and thanks for joining us tonight for life from paris i'm not a messy here the headlines at ten pm. hitting back at donald trump mexico's president cools the america fast slogan a fallacy and says he won't be provokes. this off the washington issues an ultimatum cup migration or we will impose sweeping tariffs. a final farewell to an icon of congo's opposition tens of thousands gathering in contrast to to pay tribute to extend to she caddy. his body is belatedly repatriates is. after his death. and abortion services in missouri will continue at least
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for now a court grants a four day reprieve to women's rights activists who fights to keep the state's long abortion clinic. opened . good evening we begin with news from leon wet and algerian man is being charged with setting off a package bomb last weekk which e ended. fourteen people muhammad hisham was handed down charges including attempted murder and terrorist conspiracy. he declared allegiance to the islamic state group but the medicine group itself has not claims the attack more on that story as we get it on fronts twenty full this evening. now the world news at mexico's president has insisted his government won't be provoked by donald trump now he spoke. to the u. s. president threatened to impose tariffs of up 225% on
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all mexican goods entering the united states that is unless the mexico clamp down on illegal migration. allows mason is shaping up to be the biggest following policy test to date for andres manuel lopez obrador. it's cold trans america first slogan a fallacy take a listen [inaudible] mama. oracle shape using coercive measures. never leads to a good outcome -- twenty four million mexicans. live. and work. in the united states or israel - so we have to act. with the utmost caution. yeah. yeah we'll have a much more for you on that reaction from mexico and all a business update at lace rona in the program so do i
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stay with us. for that. what other -- world news the body of an iconic call congolese opposition leader has finally being repatriated two yeaears after his death and she interested caddies family were unable to bring his remains home from belgium until now. because of a bitter dispute with the ex president joseph kabila. isolated homecoming is been celebrated by tens of thousands in the dlc him to security of become an icon of the resistance to kabila's real. into the maltese stadium by tens of thousands of mourners some of him c camped overnight for the place. he's a long awaited homecoming for the body of former opposition leader etienne tshisekedi. the casket is placed in a refrigerated structure in the center of the stadium crowned with a v. for victory. tshisekedi's symbol during decadess of political struggle. placed on his coffin a battery
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to reflect h his signanature st. his s son felix tshisekedi now e country's president cases respect in front of the crowd. his father died at the age of eighty four in belgium in. twenty seventeen and so never saw his son with the twenty eighteen election. in the country's first peaceful transition of power. his family and his party had failed to reach a repatriation agreement with former president joseph kabila. the regime fearing it was ignite political unrest. but for the ecstasy caddies election finally pave the way for his father's body to return home the funeral and burial is set to take place on saturday. the angolan president is attending the ceremonieies as is his rwandan counterpart pokagon me showing up for the warming and frosty ties b between the neighboring nations. go to algeria f. for you now on the program with thousands of people to fill the capitol today for the fifteenth consecutive friday of protests.
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the demonstrators that have already brought down that president of twenty years abdulazeez pacifica but now people want to see far more systematic change in the countr. today protesters recording for everybody from the old regime to step aside and they warned that early elections on the on sept take a listen. i came out to tell. the second of stops and we won't stop and stand for these elections until the gang is. a lab in a lab and you and their followers long live algeria. we won't stop protesting. we'll be here every friday. if they leave then people will feel. because they ordered disease. i went out to protest against injustice. and for all these young people without any future. keep her testing please. we will spend the eight year. we will continue until they're
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all gone. covering a thosese protestss in algeria for us asas a corresespondentt moses catatty e spoke to us a little early on the program. it was -- special friday that has been -- you k know experiend by a jury -- and which has been marked by tribute send the motion because and you have figured made her entrance you know among the protesters many of whom waved -- photos and slogans in tribute to the human rights activisists camilla dean facadede youou know. who wawa arrested on marchh twey thirty one and he died this week following the hungeger strike tt lays did you know nearly two months to denounce the conditions of? the students and so in general - the marches were peaceful -- and for these fifteen friday many people as ever and the same the months that the caller to steven and non military has stayed the departure of the whole system off to to speak out. and the rejection of the
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presidential elections of july fourth and as i said the march were peaceful and the demonstrators at dispersing con by announcing a new. meeting the next friday. now the only abortion clinic in the u. s. state of missouri is to stay open for at least a few more days. a judge granted a temporary restraining order keeping the center open until tuesday. it is that a brief victory for women's rights campaigners you've been baffling to prevent this is louise clinic shutting its doors permanently for midnight local time tonight. had it closed is there a way to become the first american state without legal abortion services. fifty is eric okay has the latest. a temporary victory for pro choice activists in the us state of missouri. state judge has given missouri's last abortion clinic more time to resolve a conflict with the state's health department. the license of the planned parenthood clinic in saint louis
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shall not expire and shall remain in effect until a ruling onon petitioner's request for preliminary injunction. the ruling which came just hours before planned parenthood license was supposed to expire means missouri's soul abortion clinic can continue providing the procedure. at least for now. the next hearing on the matter set for june fourth. this comes after the state refused to renew the clinics abortion license asserting that had violated regulations. planned parenthood for its part says the regulations in question are a series of arbitrary rules that often change including the size of clinic doors. the nonprofit organization accuses state officials most notably republican governor mike parson of simply attempting to restrict the right to abortion. ariens are out in the streets behind us today. making their voices heard in opposition to this weapon nice politicized process because people should havave access to safe legal abortion in this state.
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juries abortion clinics have shut down one after the other due to restrictive regulations. if the saint louis clinic in question shuts down missouri would be the first state with no abortion facilities in forty five years since the supreme court ruled access to abortion it was a fundamental right. governor mike parson recently signed a bill banning the procedure beyond eight weeks of pregnancy. missouri is one of more than a dozen states currently commenting access to the procedure. their goal to take the case back to the supreme court where anti abortion activists hope the two new conservative judges will tip the decision on the matter in their favor. let's talk more than about that abortion issue inn thehe united states not spring enough france was because she's a lecture in american studies at the university of to lose here in france and she joins us now a good evening to you. thanks so much for talking to us up on the program. first of all this is then a temporary reprieve for abortion activists in missouri at today but across america we've seen -- restrictions coming in this year in nine states it's been an
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issue that seems to have fallen a little bit away from public consciousness for a while now so why are we saying all these cases. apapparelyly suddenly y reimagi. well it was out of sigight outuf mimind for a lot of fufun. of full of americans a lot of the transit was and discussed mumuch for e example during the twtwenty sixteen presisidential campaigngn but makee no mistake that these issue has always been the number one priority. for a large part of the republican base and for probably constructed just which leads us to the situation today -- in twenty sixteen trump in particular galt the blind allegiance of g. venture legal right which is a huge. core of the republican party special during the primaries. my promising to a point extremely conservativive and pro lilife judges which indeed in hs first two years in power by nominating gore section. twenty seventeen and canada twenty eighteen which means that for the first time as your
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correspondenent explained since the nineteen seventies there's a clear five vote majority on the supreme court against abortion rights. and the point of full these so apparently certain education at a local level is to find one case which could make its way. up all the way to the supreme court to finally have these abortion armageddon if you will in washington -- hopefully for those activists very soon. so we're talking about a possibility that roe v. wade could actually be over time do you think that that is it is likely. first movie when is already half dead because i was -- just to re explained of the day even if on paper abortion remains a constitutional right for now. in practice loan of american women cannot have access to abortion because it describes city off. abortion clinics missouri is one of six states right now with
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only one abortion clinic in the whole state -- and then some of those american states are as big as european countries so. even now the situation is dire in particular for isolated women who live far away from. urban centers like st louis in missouri or women for women women of color who -- immigrant women who don't have a car and as a result are unable to drive to the nearest abortion clinic which could be for five hours. away so it's a it meets beyonond row now we were even if roe war were to collapse which is. very likely -- for a lot of women and forty chile the situation wouldn't change much because the rule was already disappeared in a life of millions of american women. i just finally before we let you go does talk about the news from missouri today not campapaign aa calling that -- a victory but do you think -- by tuesday at this will have been over time and we will be looking at the fast you estate to have no abortions
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clinics available [inaudible] it's possible. and golly what happened a victory. coming from pro choice groups. proves how much the debate has shifted. because this is a terrible victory it's really saving what he's already shameful -- so it's really too it's a very good it is tradition that the situation of pro choice groups. is is is very weak right now dot pro life groups and brawley features are on the offensive. however momentum the end of the line of defense behind which pro choice activists hi. eight keeps receding. up all the time the and even a victory next tuesday would be a very very short term reprieve that's for sure.
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i have friends was cost of from at the university of toulouse thank you very much for sharing your thoughts in your time w wih us this s evening -- on front. not in at around a 30% of people herere in france all thought toe regular smokers so in an attempt to calm down on smoking at least in public places. the mayor of paris is announced a ban in fifty two parks about announcement was made today in conjunction with wild no tobacco day. his at his look at what's happening around the it's a disease which gets worse over time has no known cure and a fifth of smokers get tickets. monicaca obstructive pulmonary disease copd destroys thehe inse of the l lungs and c clog the airwaves with h mucus. globally it's estimated to kill more than three million people a year mostly in low and middle income countries. but copd is a massive health problem in richh c countries to despite going largely unremarked by the public. in france only one five people have heard of it 70% of the three and a half million people
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with the disease don't realize they have it. to mark w wld no tobacco day paris's may has announced a smoking ban for fifty two of the city's parks which amounts 210% of its green space. in a bid to tackle a huge public health cost and give people's lungs a breededer. just gone ten at fifteen here in paris tonight if you're just joining us let's remind you all of our headlines. using back out donald trump mexico's president cools the america first slogan of pharmacy and says he won't be provides. this off to washington issues an ultimatum cup migration we will impose sweeping tariffs. the final farewell to an icon of congo's opposition tens of thousands gathering in kinshasa to pay tribute to ask him to security. his body is replace the repatriation two years. after his death. and abortion services in missouri on to continue at least
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for now a court grants a four day reprieve to women's rights activists for fighting to keep the state's lost abortion clini. time now for some business news on the program with cost and the high that call. you would be taking a close look at what is one of our top stories at tonight and that's the fallout from president trump's threat. to hit those tariffs on mexico. right about a day ago all signs point to the u. s. and mexico green lighting a massive new free trade deal with canada. on thursday the white house even announced it would be seeking approval from congress for the agreement. but that was all before an unexpected tweet from the u. s. president threatening to graduate high tariffs on all imports from mexico. as the country does more to stop undocumented immigrants from coming to the united states. if you sure what's known as the u. s. mexico canada agreement is now in doubt. and according to some analysts american consumers may not be so thrilled with what comes next. let's remember the terrorists are not borne by the mexicican government these terrorists
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these costs are borne by american consumers and businesses and this supply chain cannot be simply replicated in the united states overnight meaning. we cannot begin to grow cherry tomatoes in iowa in the winter time we cannot create tequila and beer just with the flip of a switch we're not gonna be e able to replicate manufacturing capacity in the u. s. automatically. where the mexico all where mexico already has that capacity so this simply is going to raise costs if indeed the terrorists are imposed as threatened? i will markets have not responded well to ththe saber rattling from w washington. losses across the board on wallstreet on fridayt's wrapped up its first losinin month of the year as you can see here the dow finishing the day down. only one and a half percent automakers especially feeling the burn from trump's terror threat general motors shares losing more than 4%. was a similar story for the major european indices on friday germany's export heavy dax index fell one and three quarters of a percent to be one point 5% were
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seen here on friday. but the finished the d day downn three quarters of 1% auto sector again suffering in particular volkswagen shares. company specially active in mexico siding six three point 6. i mix of course is not the only country caught in a trade dispspute with the us. chinina is set to apply terracen another sixty billionon dollalas wortrth of american importss ths weekend. on friday beijing took another step to ramp up pressure on washington. announces creating a list of unreliable e entities group of foreign companies subject to enhanced state scrutiny. move is widely seen as a response to the u. s. putting quality on a commerce department blacklisted move it jeopardizes the chinese tecech giants abiliy to do business abroad. mine is commerce ministry hasn't yet said who would be on the blacklist or what new measures the listing tales. meanwhile the french state is pendnding a crackdown o on a slightly overlooked sector of the economy. the makers of disposable wipes. the government soon plans to introduce legislation that would
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make producers pay for the whites heavy environmental cost. my julian has more. they're impossible to recycle yet wet wipes are everywhere used to clean households -- babies. forty seven thousand are used each year in the european union the problem is there a nuisance to the environment. we tested the doc -- this was a lot of plastic in them often polyester school sometimes there's also vesco's fiber and cellulose. not so that complicates recycling because the different types of plastic have to be separated because of that has to do the different chemicals that are used. those are very hard to separate default position. thanks you could use it as a body of it.. whatat makes matters even worses that they're often flushed inn the toilet? which disrupts waste water treatment. this is the book for the workers in la can obstructct pumps. causing wasaste water to rice.
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and eventually for overflow into the rain water now -- at the model the model is it does not as yet. the sewer blockages c cost eueuropean governments a lot of money. well the u. k. has considered removing them from the market to altogether france wants to make manufacturers pay for the damag. a new proposed law could force them to fund and manage the wet wipes disposal system themselve. a message that's already used for batteries and car tires. and finally some good news for the climate out of the u. k.. country says it hahasn't used cl to generatate electricity for to weekeks. as the longest stretch since the industrial revolution when britain's first coal fired plant opened up. milestone comes as solar generated power becomes more and more prominent in the u. k. with the government aimed to phase out all of the country's coal fired power plants by. twenty twenty five it comes to reducing fossil fuel the u. k. has made considerable progress in recent years.
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still a lot more work to be done idea. u. k. still in the top twenty of countries when it comes to co two emissions sound like youou'e gonna give me a bit of gooood ns to my country and then it turns out no so much little bit of a a step by step yes and i all righ. cool thank you very much that's coast i'm glad -- with a business update up on the program this evening in less time straight away to the other side of the studio because i'm a james is hit for a bit of media what kind of a youou gonna be starting as often with. some of the different of different tactics out that to try and combat that plague that is smoking yes absolutely because it is a world there to back a day and there are a lot of very predictable messages out there has to be set. at the u. n. treating this from the world health organization to back it is unique it's the only product that kills hall all of its consumers which is quite an interesting statistic i have to be that. anand w what is particularly interesting though is that one to confirm is actually joining in on this cool t. reduce smoking -- together we can on smoke at the world says that philip morris international well known of course for making
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cigarettes. not sure what it's grammatically correct but we'll leave that aside for the moment and now the purpose of this does become very clear when you look at some of the other tweets on the subject. and they say if you don't smoke don't start if you smoke quit if you don't quit change and it is not what a change that really is the key to why. that pushing this slightly an old message for a cigarette maker. and that she asking people to you change it from world no tobacco day to world no smoking day because they don't see the problem being in the tobacco but in this making. it even produce a little we see video talking about how. people should believe in the old houses that are out that and that you cannot she switch from to something that's more healthy for you. and they have invested a six billion dollars in alternatives strangely vague about what exactly those alternatives are and they do talk a little bit about the cigarettes and saying they're looking to improve them to make it a better experience this makers. at but it's probably worth bearing in mind when they say
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that that come out with the tennis is that they used to advertise cigarettes in this wa. i'm saying that it was scientifically proven that they were less irritating to the nose and throat them up that makes i- at at the thought that finishes with the what's paul fine a flavor plus phone more protection protection for more i'm not entirely sure. i'm no fronts to you is making a move on the issue of smoking at following on from the barn is smoking in public places in. twenty twelve and they are actually making quite a few pucks tobacco free and strasbourg already bound it in all public places paris the trial that now they're going to be introducing it -- in fifty two parks across the french capital and they are going to give people a few weeks to get used to the idea and then people will start to be fine face that year as a pop. if they are core lighting up in one of these punks and some they wanted to go even further this person saying what about face cafe terraces. say the non smokers are she
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obliged to chop and sell the way inside the cafe in the heat of summer because of all the smokers here outside on the terraces. at t this p person thinks it'sse nananny state calmerr and thehen of prohibibitions c clearly m mg thee herer prisonn matt on ititl dayy that i strikes again he sas well this past and it's listed wash about his and saying. i've had enough of calls in paris the real problem -- in all beautiful capital at bus they say it's easy just to his house at the smokers and there's a lot of that around people talking about. pollution from at croft at dogs being in politics people paying in parks as well so a lot of people are trying to sort of reedy point the finger elsewhere when it comes to you at the ththought of less civilized. areas offerings pox and most say as well as getting in on the act by binding i'm smoking on several of its beaches. and there's an amazing statistic in this page piece that talks about the fight the five hundred million cigarette *-*- every
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year go into the sea from top part of france's case line alone so it is s somethingng. that really does need to be tackled i have to say that i can't quite imagine paris is bistros without people smoking sick. instead she should write that. let'ss go somewherere are quite different not what was staying in paris that we're talking about a pedestrian's getting annoyed with something you tell us what's happening. yes well there's been an ongoing row a for those speeches that you can rent in paris they listed the pavements they nearly run over the protests the staff at it looks like about j..
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has to be separate israel has a swedish sauce up by the name of calgary -- they are trying this in melbourne install came this summer and say if it's successful will l be rolling out in paris in september. they call it fun healthy and 1100% emission free i'm not sure that includes human swept in that particular one because it does look like hard work helpful can you get on a pedestal i'm really not sure. lots of people very unhappy about this but the company seems to have quite a sense of humor they even think that people will be able to o e it whilele out walkingg their dogogs. and paris and a and also the respondeded t to a frerench teln station which talkeked about the battttle so terribly pogo sticks that will be invading our towns and they replied saying. should have stayed in french class in conclusion was super excited to come to paris thanks for your love and support they are absolutely ignoring all the haters. and saying they are going to be going ahead with this we'll have to wait and see whether out she comes to fruition in paris i
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think maybe fingers crossed i think it sounds like. a great. powers as some i'll give it to you. ththank you very y much and jams that -- with media watch out on the program's time then official break from us in the studio but don't go away i will the headlines
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