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you werere just lisisteningng te us president donald trump i i raise a toast o over in buckingm palace the u. s. president attending a state banquet -- he read from prepared remarks and spoke about the close relalationship between the unitd kingdom and the united states that dates back to world war two for more. we can go across to france yoyourtandining by at bucuckingm palace for us. good evening benedict you heard the u. s. president president there speak from prepared remarks staying away from any of the gas he made before he
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touched down. yes indeed i think that will be perceived as being the right tonene of that the us presidentt this stage banquet on this first day of his three day official state visit -- just paid this is of course what days away from the sixth of june -- that famous day on which of the allies the british the americans the canadians and others -- also from the commonwealth particularly. help to liberate fronts a great costs sacrifice of their own soldiers of fronts that was occupied by the *-*-. and i think that is very much the context in which of course this president comes. to europe he will be. as we will be in portsmouth for those commemorations in just over thirty six hours time first on the brush aside along side. the outgoing prime minister theresa may and of course then on the french side with the
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french president emmanuel michael. so a proposing a test that is the way it was done we were worried because he is. known as the destructor known as a tweeteter. notice somebody who breaks convention has already waded into the tory leadership with an article that he published in the interview that he gave to the sun newspaper on saturday saying that. his preferred candidate to replace. the tour at the current tory leader and prime minister theresa may is boris johnson. and of course he's also. said that he is in favor of a no deal this when the united kingdom is in flux. and is still in this political - poss -- web parliament. is in process of housing missed a first date of the twenty ninth of march i'm having now obtained another date on which to leave. the eu the twenty seven of the e. u. member states the thirty first of october so i think a very solemn presence getting the
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measure. of water state visits which is the highestst privilege of that the uk government can afford. is about. this very much on a pump and circumstance day before a very different day tomorrow which will be about politics and business and will have many more precious than we witnessed tonight outside buckingham palace. let's not forget he did tweet that the mayor of london sadiq khan was a stone cold loser before you touch down. over in london and now as you said today was filled with the royal engagements what's on the agenda for the u. s. president tomorrow. what's on the agenda is a business breakfast with very many prestigious business leaders then he will actually meets with the outgoing. prime minister and conservative party leader. theresa may of course we know that she has announced that she will be stepping down as tory leader and effectively will become a caretaker prime minister. of this very friday and although
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the official starting gun to the tory leadership has not yet been fine that is to be five next. monday we already have thirteen people who think that they are the best place. to replace her - no i there's no way we're going to forget the fact that just before. he and forced one actually touch down he criticized the mayor of london sadiq khan -- and as you can hear some people alone protest so but that while hundreds here before although i should say that there was some well wishes and supporters. on the other side of where we are standing but yes in on doing future between them mass id con the first muslim -- met all of london and a lot of bad blood between the two men and i think that this was not -- appreciated because that is very much a breach of protocol but i said he breach the practical by wading into the tory leadership on saturday -- i'm talking about
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briggs is and who his preferred candidate is so we that was some said that he would talk about brings it. up but he did not do so he chose the safer route -- and in a presidential saw the will be appreciated by the queen herself hussein many. u. s. presidents this is only the floods u. s.. in two has made a state visit under the reign of queen elizabeth. and normal yes my heart to think when one has to be shutting down was a but there wilill be many more like himim tomorrow. we think that might be a a quarr of a million protest is what we willll be tomorrow in trafalgar square of course just at the end of white tulle where a lot of ministries of foreign office. and also course downing street the official residence of the prime minister is. also i should just add finally that there is a press conference that we will have between -- theresa may. and of donald trump and of course we'll be covering that. all the protests everything happening tomorrow including the
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press conferencece news anything is the benedict would be going cross you throughout the day here on five twenty four thank you very much for that update from buckingham palace. in other news saddam has witntnessed it the worst violene sincee president omar al bashir stepped down in april according to the central committee of sydney's doctors at least thirty people were killed after security forces stormed a protest camp in the capital. people were seen fleeing the streets and the person done far worse in khartoum the main protest group has accused the ruling military council offer massacre. as a kid the citity near the defense ministry early in the day there were reports that at least a hundred and sixteen people. were wounded for more on what's going on we can go across and speak to a regional correspondent carolyn thompson in and i will be caroline. what's the latest your hearing. yes so what we are hearing that even just recently at twewenty minutes ago they y were stitill sound d of gunfire i being heard in differerent parts o of croucg now..
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have you said the latest numbers from the doctor i think you should at least thirty people have been killed and more than a hundred have been injure. and it's unlikely that t those numberers are me increase becece a lott o of people have been u e to get access to o the hospital. in fact earlier in the day we heard that the military would impact her heating or at least blocking one of the hospitals that protesters were being treated. now the military was meant to have a press conference at shortly but that had been canceled because youou do move journalists have decided that they are not going to go there refusing. and and international journalists are being night. in our hotel we are quite difficicult to get information t from the area especially for the protesters you are get out the information of what is occurring and there's even been. a spam internet cat and there are fears that there may be mor.
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now caroline they sit in has been largely peaceful throughout one is change exactly. well if you can either go talk broke down between the military and the protesters. i she we we want to be a villain government takeover this transitional period they have people in mind and and the work. new speaker to run at the new country a democratic country morrow currently the military who were part of a moral issue to resume are the ones who are running the transitional government. and baby i think they are not willing to step down and to the protesters and people who are part of the machine -- and everything that known for human rights if you. and for really conontrolling and the society and with the opening in the economic. struggle that really began to protest the december that those people are still in charge is not acceptable to the protester. and so this location which is
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justified the army headquarters the military headquarters is a very strategic location for them and a lot of here that if they moved off of that location -- leverage to move them to get what they demand that i'm not quite a protester taking g him o call on i i'm out to o the stre. even k knowing that there is soi found the gunfire happening and in order to stand that ideal the military and what they're trying to achieve. okay karen thank you very much for that update kenan thompson reportingg elelections. after my dear so he's like 134% of the vote leapfrogging partners in his coalition. soon she will soon again essentially if it's clear responsible solution is not
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obtained with the solution is neither here and no realistic. to put it simply i will hand my resignation to the president of the republic. in accordance with constitutional procedure. the man at the center they probably got. a court i in sweden has rejectea request to detain juliana song so countries public prosecutor had been hoping to wikileaks founderr would be extradited frm britain over twenty ten a rape investigation. but the courts ruled that since the sun was already in custody in britain he could be questioned by prosecutors from sweden. or does the district court has agreed with my view that there is grounds for a free trial detention to be put in place. which is the risk of absconding however the disistrict court has decided that right now it is not proportionate to grant pre trial detention to mister summers. in his absence because in their view it is not possible to find that the investigation without ththis by the use of for exampla european investigation order.
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divers in the hungarian capital have recovered a body from a boat which capsized last week the boat sank last wednesday seven seconds after colliliding with a large passenger ship. get entity of the body h has not yet been n released seven a souh korean tourists were confirmed dead and at least twenty others remain missing. and this week marks the s seveny fiftfth anniversaryry of the d.y landings events on the beaches of normandy marked a major turning point of world war two this week world leaders will attend commemorations. along us alongside a small grorp of surviviving veterans a report now looks back at the preparations for operation overlord the biggest ever see to shore landing in the history of war take a look [inaudible] the in november of nineteen forty three joseph stalin theodore roosevelt and winston churchill sat down in tehran and
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agreed to invade northern franc. the russians wanted a second front in western europe. and after the surprise attack on pearl harbor two years earlier the a americans remaiains deterd the american people allow right just might. will win role. so. generaral charles de gaulle wast in on ththe secret. he would be warned about the offensive in till the last minute. over the next months eland was transformed into an armory ass the americanans transferred fighters and supplies. factorories ran day and night te whole population joining in the war effort. by the end of may nineteen forty four the allies had gathered over four million soldiers equipped with sixteen thousand warplanes seven thousanand ships and thousandnd tanks. the fighters would have to get through the atlantic wall a system of fortifications ordered by hitler in nineteen forty two that stretched all the way from
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norway to spain. in france nearly four hundred and fifty thousand forced involuntary workers had built thousands of bunkers along the northern coaoast. it rolled out barbed wire set up cannons and b bak t tthe sand with some six million mine. mines were also placed further inlandnd along with pols several meters high to prevent parachutiststs from landing. the german commander in charge of defending normandy err when rommel did everything he could to secure the coastline. the field marshal suspected that an attack was imminent. he himself said the warar will e won or losost onn t the beachese firstt twenty four hours of the invasion will be decisive. rescue teams in india say they've spotted five bodies at that as a scaled the himalayas for eight climbers who went missining in an avalanche last week. four britons t two amemers anan australian and an indiann
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disappeared during a climb on the country's second d highest peakak. it comeses amid the deadliest season on rececord for those seeking to o scale the increasingly overcrowded mount everest captain bennett. reports. fees for british climbers we're lucky to attend. they survived an avalanche and sought refuge a based company nanda devi. is the second highest mountain in india reaching up more than seven thousand eight hundred meters. the group was airlifted to safety after being spotted by rescue helicopters as h. other climbers who headed for different peak a still missing. they never made it back to base camp out on a in -- chat ababout that we go sparky honor for helicopter team was twice on n e survey mission they spotted he's for mountataineers and a also sh other areas but found no trace of them. find a location i will but push the nearby you often go -- looks
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and tastes good but this his death toll has been particularly high at least eleven people have died in the space of a few week. many blame rampant overcrowding on the world's highest peak. this year in the poll issued three hundred and eighty one permits more than ever before. that's not counting the shoppers who also s scale the mountain children days of good weather i mean that everyone tries to reach the top at the same time. causing huge traffic jams in the final stage of the claim which is known as the death zone. as climb is oxygen runs out every minutes can be deadly. lois klimas of pushing themselves and others at risk. the cuban they force us to their bodies can't handle it. we tell them to stop that they will die but they insist because they've paid money to be there people are dying because of their stubbornness what i've only among many professionals once the authorities to clamp down on climb is a focused on reaching the summit. at low costs.. it's time nowow to get a look at the day's business news with a
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coal a standard or high chole i don't know if you're starting out with the tree tensions between the united states and mexico. right mexican officials were in washington monday hoping to reach a deal with the u. s. to keep massisive newew terror from takiking effectt next monday. that's in us president donald trump has vowed to impose a 5% tax on all mexican imports unless the country does more to stop undocumented immigrants from coming to the u. s.. the threat that stunned the business world last week it also came with the country's preparing to approve a new free trade agreement with canada. had a monday's talks in washington mexico's foreign minister said he hoped to reach an agreement. but he also criticized trump's ultimatum suggesting it could have some unintended consequences. late edition that and slapping tariffs on mexico along with the decision to cancel aid programs in north and central american countries could have a counterproductctive effect. and may not reduce migration flows tariffs could cause financial and economic instability which means that mexico could reduce its capacity to address migration flows. and to offer alternatives to new migrants who have recently
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arrived in mexico. mexico is not the only country locked in a trade dispute with the us of course. china has what terrifies on billions of dollars of goods with washington. the e us has also sought to blok the expansion of the country's tech giant quale. but the company on a government blacklist last month citing concerns that wally is linked to chinese state intelligence. operations that beijing denies. the us is also trying to convince its allies to ban quality from laying out high speed telecom networks. meeting with his counterpart in holland on monday the us secretary of state made that case yet again. we've been. our ask is that our allies and our borders and our friends -- don't do anything with danger archers acuity ininjures or restrict our ability sure sensitive information. to each other quite honestly. we have the opportunity to do that today. let's treat tensions have been taking a toll on global markets the law street shook off some of those concerns on monday. dolphin is just above the flat line while the nasdaq fell one
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point 6% shares for google parent company alphabet plummeted more than 6%. i came after a report showing us regulators are considering whether the company violated anti trust laws. european indices had a slightly better data confidence about two thirds of 1% had. been lost more modest gains for the for the about the third of 1%. one of the world's largest investment banks is growing more pessimistic about the us econom. a new report from morgan stanley says the american business cycle has shifted away from expansionary phase and into a downturn. as for the first time since two thousand seven just before the financial crisis. the bank isn't telling clients that a recession is imminent and put the odds of one later this year at 40%. morgan stanley also s says those chanances could increasas the te wawar between thehe us and chinn use. how can i miss it also noted the presence of another worrying signs for the global economy? it's called an inverted yield curve. that's what's happening right
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now in us treasury notes. when investors get anxious they look for safe assetets now u usg means government bonds? as they buy more the price on those bonds goes u up. i mean the yield or the fixed interest rate collected on those investments and goes dancing here in recently yield on ten year treasury notes have declined quite a bit. it also cross an alarming thresholds. today they're actually lower than the yield on a short term three month trereasury bill. it's a rare occurrence and one signals anxiety about the futur. inverted yield curve also preceded every recession over the last sixixty years of course not a reasonn for panic just yet it is unclear how long the trend will last. but it's indicator worth keeping an eye on his concerns over the global economy mounts. and finally the government of kenya is unveiling a new bank notes. countries creating a new version of its one thousand shilling bill. with about ten dollars. pardon effort to crack down on corruption and counterfeit currency. the government of ehud kenyatta says the old bills were being used for what itit calls listed
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financial flows. along with the new policy makes any difference -- bills will no longer be accepted starting in october. okay cool thank you verery much for that gold standard i was look at the day's and business news. it's time now for a media watch with -- james creedon hodgins i don't know your starting out -- here in france with french politics and a rush by different parties to pick apart the southern conservatives in the country that's right said that the word explosion is being used in several headlines are related to it too and i think we can al. on and that the chronicle of the conservative party. on the path towards explosion or implosion some kind of closure in any case and here you have explosion again mentions in the moaned. at this of course is triggered - by the european e election reses was already a trend that was on the way and the consequence of offer one of the consequences level folky. standing down today that said the head of conservative. party here you have and then you're not cool -- well chosen photo of him rubbing his hands
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props with glee his plan to not because the rights the conservatives course his whole strategy of the creation of tha. like a political marches central party was at to sort of appeal to the moderate left on t the mototor right and to sort of forming you a party in the middle. neither left nor r right y yes d in. it than there were all these kind expression such as all mental at the same time so he he he used a lot of his discourse he tried. to i suppose there was an an element of synthesis involved -- but also some people kind of thing whwhe you're forging all at the original lines that existed. in any case and this is a quote from a deal is a palace this morning that appeared in ads on the paper version of the mosque. as we don't know exactly who said it but it's a member of microns team the two twin towers of french politics the right and the left are. basically an infra in in in inside somebody exactly on the ground i there are a few floors laughed a few stage left on the rock on the rice on the political right -- but it's
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basically these two structures have collapsed european elections so a put eight point 4% for i live a pretty cal and social party got six p point 3% which is a bit it would have been impossible to picked up.. at just a few years ago -- you ve all of these kind of heavy weights in the in the lre m. party and peas and others making an appeal now far. to become members to jump ships at this is as a minister in -- in michael's government basically saying calling on mayors around the country who are parart of the republican party to to to to come over on and joined the sid. other members of a you be cannot jack bouvier basically saying i have forget about it and you know you're you're you stop trying to take advantage of this proposal situation -- you know if there's a lot of push back as well and social media and of course and you have the far right basically doing the same thing as well nine depend. on social media saying at an alternative micron is possible we're extending the hand of friendship her niece -- the even
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more far rice maria might show up and talk about a grand coalition between. john and the recently re branded hassle moments you now the national front party. at meanwhile you also have the the green's ecologist who did very well 13% the kind of a surgeon knew way lies like that surviving profound right at their also being courted. on that but they're talking about perhahaps providing a real alternative on the left and in and that's not a new idea this is an article from twenty seventeen thing could ecology or and i suppose that the environment be at the miracle solution far left will be sold at the social. party has collapsed so any hope that there is for the left is probably now via -- green green politics a green politics if you like but a lot of skepticism there as well from. attempts by the hype of the amounts to also courts the greens and there have been many- politicians we had a big. again i suppose you you you can see the attempts to appeal to everybody i'm in the process the risk i suppose of not appearing very coherent this is one that green app appalled politician
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esther been besides saying. they they keep sort of i'm making for tatius looks in our direction and inviting us to the dinner table but i'm not going to eat. soup and not even with a very long spoon because it's probably full of diesel socks. life is it anyway so you can see that that's a toughie disagrees. max -- james -- to report about how passes tuning to city off. of of rich and poor ghettos. that's right this is a reporter the came out today by a french - urbanism research institute cold at the i. a. u. on it really confirms what i think everybody understands to be the trends already that we're there are neighborhoods and to the west of paris. and in the west of the city that are just getting of wealthier and wealthier in terms of inhabitants because the property prices are going up consistentl. so for example in since nineteen ninety nine property prices of troubles and a lot of these -- more i look three parts of the city and incomes across the board of only doubled which
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means that basically you own that the incompetencee gettingng richer and richeher. and at the same time you have a whole n neighborhoods more to te east of the city at where it is the exact it is the equal and opposite trying to polarization. that is more and more marked as says this headline here on indeed as some in a eight who behind this research paper according as an infernal spiral. between two thousand one and twenty fifteen and meet the median income in these neighborhoods has gone down every single year what you also have is more more people moving into these neighborhoods where. i'm new here i've migrants who don't necessarily have a very stable or study situation so you have neighborhoods where people are in real economic difficulty. and as so you you have this kind of increasing -- fork iuess no one film that really has brough. attention to don and it's mentioned in this article in the mold is limited les miserables - by a director at large the and he he he's talking about this phone as being a sort of an alararm.. sounding the alarm basically before things explode again that
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we're coming back. and basically i i'm an apartment in michael has said that there will be a screening of that fil. the visa policies taking it seriously this is an attempt to kind of put the spotlight on just. how -- even the hope bods thehe economic and sociaial situation they'l'll be coming in these but in the in the call for use in certain neighborhoods the this isis problem in paris is gone fm bad to worse i d don't know if you've noticed it in your neighborhood but also. every evening i see you know middle age women who don't necessarily look homeless rummaging through the trash cans and shocking the city is. gone this was absololutely thats okay i think i i i i i another example of the same trends of kind of a the rich getting richer the poor getting poorer and we we we know that from many many different studies -- james thank you very much for
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06/03/19 06/03/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> had nothing to do about enforcing voting rights. it was all about trying to targrget immigrants and preservd white political power for the next decade. amy: newly surfaced documents show how a now a dead strategist is specialized in gerrymandering was secretly behind the trump


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