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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 2, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ for 60 minutesme live around the world. eu leaders are in brussels to break the deadlock on who will hold the top jobs. the european parliament says it will elect its president tomorrow in strasburg, no matter what. captain whohip defied authohorities and ran h r agrant rescue boat into
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border police motorboat is still under house arrest in italy. she was questioned for three hours by a judge to decide whether or not she can go free. calm in hong kong after hundreds of thousands took to the streets to oppose a bill that would allow extradition to mainland china. up, cheese, olives, and irish whiskey some products the u.s. is considering imposing overfs on over a dispute plain builders -- over airplane builders. up against oneo of the star teams of the cup, england lionesses. first, our top story, live from paris.
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♪ eu leaders are back in brussels for a third straight day of talks, trying to fill the top job, including the head of the executive arm, the head of the european commission and the head of the national council of european leaders. >> people have to compromise. everyone. there is definitely a chance. we have a duty to find a
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solution. i will approach the matter in the spirit, cheerful and determined. >> we are in today three of the eu jobs pick. that meeting is starting now. they push back the start by two hours today. there are splits showing here. we know there are big jobs for the next five years. it is a serious matter. it has never taken this long before. it is complicated because there is no political -- no clear political consensus. things are splintered in europe. to get theirrying interest represented.
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it is emerging as a big split at this point. french and german leaders thought they came up with a cunning planned a couple of days presidente the vice come from the netherlands paired he is very unpopular with eastern european countries. for example, hungary's government is saying it is out of the question. everyone is going to have to move. by that, she means everybody. now.uel macron is saying
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everyone is saying three days is too many. they don't, what happens then? a qualified majority is needed for some of these. they have to have 21 of the 28 member states. the mups are saying they are going to vote on their president if the heads of state cannot make a pick for them. they cannot start working until there is a president at the eu parliament.
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it would disrupt negotiations. it would blow apart the delicate balance of north, south, east, west, and all of the rest of it. mups -- meps are in place, treated to a musical opening of the parliament plenary session. the brexit party from the united kingdom have promised if they were elected to parliament, they would disrupt things. backs on thateir performance. there has been criticism on this on the part of parliament. it is not news that they have done this. u.k. were members of the independence party.
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note for theur mep's taking their seats in europe. that t ongoing decision process is happening in brussels now. the german captain who defied italian authorities and ran her migrant rescue ship into a motorboat while docking is under house arrest. for threeestioned hours by a judge who is set to decide whether or r not she cano free. ministerd the interior by bringing 40 migrants ashore. >> she is a german captain in charge of the sea watch three, a german ngo vessel. she rescued migrants off the coast of libya and was took
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think -- and was looking for safe port. she was off the coast of lampadu sa with authorities refusing to give her permission to dock. arrested and is facing charges of aiding illegal immigration and ramming a police vessel, an allegation she rammed this vessel as she was taking her vessel support. dramatic charges. a situation that has divided italy and germany. this argument with official saying she is not a criminal, rescuing migrants should not be considered criminal behehavior. sal vini says she should face a prison term. hundreds of thousands of
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protesters marched through the streets monday. hong kong half embattled leader has condemned violence and lawlessness of the protests. demonstrators say they are standing up for their rights against the increasing encroachment of chinese mainland rule. >> calm is restored, but the damage in ththe message remain. citizens reflected on the scenes of unrest. a placekong should be for peaceful and sensible protests to take place, not like yesterday, with the violence of clashes. >> hong kong is self governed. china has no right to interfere.
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thehe anniversary of territories returned to china was marked by a huge pro-democracy march. anger spilled over and protesters stormed and occupied ore legislative council bef being forced o out by police. carrie lam called the clashes heartbreaking and shocking. >> these violent acts, it is right for us to condemn it. >> beijing is babacking a crimil investigatation and calllled ita challenge to the two system agreement. hong kong is governed under its own laws with special righthts like freedom of speech. has postponed work on the bill that sparked the unrest.
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neither this or police tear gas has ended calls for her resignation. the u.s. withdrew from a deal last year, hitting iran's crucial l oil exporort businessh sanctions. > iran has crossed the 300 kilogram limit. we were transparent saying we were going to do this. actions by the european have not been enough. this limit republic is movoving ahead with its plan as we said we wouould. > they knknow what they are doing, they y know what they are playing with. they are playing with fire. no message to iran, whatsoever.
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>> the bodies of a man and his daughter who drowned while trying to crass -- trying to cross the rio grande has been laid to rest. were brought by road from mexico through guatemala. at the300 people were ceremony singing and carrying flowers. russia, 12 people were killed and nine are missing after rainfall flooded southeastern siberia. over 80 villages were partially destroyed after river levels began rising dramatically. a state of emergency has been declared. protest leaders in sedan calling forr mass demonstrations and an other day of civil disobedience. they are planning marches for july 15 and a general strike the day after. they want the military leaders
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in power to hand over to civilian rule. the streets have been rocked by protests and violence when omar al-bashir was ousted from office. football fans are anxiously awaiting the first semifinal in the women's world cup in france. against onel go up england'sr teams, lionesses. under herve goals belt, megan has much to smile about. cocaptain hass been pegged a warrior by her teammates. that theg spirit champions know how to tap into. >> there is no time to be tired. give i it 100% and l lay it outn the field. it is going to take a full 90
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minute effort. >> going up against the another powerhouse team. england's lionesses. lucy will be playing on her club's home turf. >> teams start knocking on the door, getting closer. that spurs other teams on, maybe we can do that. >> the english american matchup had controversy. after the u.s. team scouted the british hotel. it was called a breach of etiquette. a roleng that may play are the supporters. some 20,000 americans to 2500 brits are expected in the stands
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at tonight's semifinal. south america and the southern waiting for a total equips of the sun today. of people are due to turn out to watch the cosmic spectacle. thet is coming, darkness in middle of the afternoon. schoolchildren, tourists, and astrononomers have gathered and are camping out. for some students who have traveled hunundreds of kilometes to get here, it is a chance to learn by observing. us toisis hard forr understand science because it is often just t theory. when you understand the facts i can make them part of your life,
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it is much easier. >> the solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun. millions are expected to watch the cough spectacle. >> it is incredible. this is my first time. i am excited. >> astronomers have traveleded o the region to study the eclipse. the summastudying corolla. distributionon of the magnetic field. it tells us a lot of what is happening inside the sun. the shadow is expected to last over 2.5 minutes.
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eu leaders are in brussels to break the deadlock on who will hold the top jobs. the european parliament says it will elect its president tomorrow, no matter what. defiedman captain who chinese e authorities and rammed her ship into a motorboat while docking is under house arrest in italy. she was questioned for three hours by a judge who is set to decide whether or not she can go free. calm in hong kong after hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest a bill that would allow extradition to mainland china. time for our business update. you a are going to start with te u.s. turning up the heat on europe over a trade d dispute. >> this is not a new trade war. itit is a long-g-running didispe
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subsidy aircraft builders. this is after thee w wto violatd subsies with a airbus. >> washington has added a supplemental list of 89 eu products that could b bsubjected to tariffs. to $4 billionts worth of products and comes in addition to eu products valued at $21 billion. be hypothetical would applied to several products. the threat is just the latest in
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a long-running dispute over eu subsidiess, airbus. they ruled it violates international trtrade ruleles. the use of unfair trade measures is not one-sided. the european union has prepared retaliatory tariffs of its own. wto is expected to determine -- by the end of the year. improved tradee relations between the u.s. and eu. donald trump and jean-clauaude juncker agreed to work towards a zero tariff trade deal, though they have made l little prprogrs negotottions. >> the markets are digesting this.
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thank you for your time. whirring ininvestors? -- worrying invevestors? >> anything from the u.s. when tariffs are mentioned, we get to -- we start to get worried. since the turn of the year, the global market picture has been dominated by tariffs and the foreign policy by the white house and donald trump's administration. to put pressure on different nations when it comes to trade, this is not something new. is a continunuation of what we have seen from donald trump when it comes to europe. this does not stem from what is happening with donald trump and is not necessarilyly directly fm him. it is a separate ruling.
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anything where we are getting donald trump getting invololvedn more tariffs or additional tariffs to the european union, that is going to cause nervousness within the market. we have to look at the fact that the euro zone isn't performing or firing on all cylinders itself. notoverall economy is performing well. it does not need added tariffs from the u.s. it is a power play from the u.s. there is a discussion about tariffs on cars, which trump is in favor of, cars imported from the eu. >> this is something trump has delayed. there is a discussion around tariffs on european carmakers and their ability to import them .nto the u.s.
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that is a big deal. we know the reliance on a lot of autoean countries on the industry, it is a massive art of the economy. that is another area where we have to be nervous about what is coming. the situation we have is s that china is the major focus for the u.s. and donald trump. and it comes to trade tariffs, that has taken all of his attention. , maybe theyes away are back on track. tois less for donald trump turn his attention in different ways and now he is focusing on the euro zone and this dispute. this is a long-runningng spat which does not show any signs of going away. street, do you think we
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will be talking about trade as the dominant issue foror the markets for months to come? >> maybe a year or so ago, w we hope it would be a deal done, but that has not happened. you can never rule out the fact that this will be running on for a lot longer. with trade deals, both sides need to agree on them. the keys not seem to be gain for china. the u.s. is so far apart. talks are back on track. this is endingn or there is a deal around the corner. the u.s. and china -- we have had d a truce before e when it s to slapping tariffs on each other, but we need common ground for that to happen.
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>> thank you very much for your time. let's look at what is happening thingseuropean market, trading flat. ftse up in trading. paris and frankfurt not much in movement. shares and frankfurt are down a short titime ago. genie: oil p producersrs, inclug russia, have signed it to a deal that is aimed at keeping prices higher. >> opec is going to extend reduced production of oil for the next year. been reducing supply since 2017, in an effort to profit. things are holding steadily.
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the international benchmark brent crude trading just under $625 a b barrel.l. financial sector will be open to foreign investment. >> beijing will speed up plans to scrap foreign ownership limits. measures to open up the sector to outside investors has been promised since 2017. you taylorallll of swifift fans, she is flexing her muscles again. seen her power before. this time, we are talking about label record. it is bought by a man named stephen braun. taylor swift has been feuding with him for years.
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still holds rights to her songs. fans have threatened to stop listening to the albums owned by big machine. it could be bad news for braun. he played 300 million dollars for the company. south america on the southern pacific are gearing up for a total eclipse of the sun later today. a closer look at that spectacle after the break.
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