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tv   DW News  LINKTV  July 12, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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louisiana braces for tropical storm barry. residents are advised to stock
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up on supplies as the storm is scheduled to make landfall later tonight. plus, ford and volkskswagen take their alliance to overdrive in a bid to overtake the competition. serena williams, the final and wimbledon tomorrow, but more than another grand slam title for the american athlete. we take a look. ♪ >> viewers on pbs and united states all around the world, a very warm welcome. turkey has received the first shipments of a russian missile defense system despite the threat of sanctions from the united states and concerns of
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its nato allies. the white house has threatened turkey with real and negative consequences, while nato has warned that the russell and -- that it could deliver details about t the differences -- defenses. [no audio] >> delivering parts of a russian missile defense system. they confirmed that deliveries had begun. >> we say this each time. this is a done deal. the process continues. >> russian sources say the antiaircraftft system can reachf two 30 kilometers and has a range of 400 kilometers. the u.s. has warned it will not allow turkey to participate in the joint strike fighter program if it acquires the as/400.
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the u.s. has also threatened other sanctions. >> we have heard that sanctions will target indidividuals or specific arms manufacturers. i think the most important thihg is the symbolic effect. a good have a far-reaching effect on the turkish economy. >> deleliveries of the system wl be completed by the end of the summer to o this p pson -- thiss set to intensify tensions between turkey and its nato partners. >> europe must take responsibility from migrants in the mediterranean. it wants nations to relaunch rescue missions that said people from drowning. let's take a look at the numbers. fewer and fewer are making the journey than during the peak of the migration crisis. even so, nearly 30,000 people
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still arrived in this first half of this year. there are three main ways to get to europe. the number of people traveling from turkey to greece has been steadily falling, but it is the most common route by see. an increasing number of migrants making the journey from morocco to spain, but that is not a mass migration route and relatively fewer migrants are traveling to italy, just over 4000, but it is the most dangerous route. over 400 people have drowned this year, dozens last week in one of the years worst shipwrecks. >> bodies are brought to the shore. 82 people went missing when the vote sank on july 1. most have been retrieved from the water debt. -- dead.
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the migrants drifted into waters before sinking. one of the few survivivors said the calls for help went unanswered. we calleled the europeanans to k us up. our boat was thinkingg, but they do not answewer our callsls. operations -- [no audio] >> stopped rescuing shipwrecked people in march and they have shut ports to private rescue ships. >> prevention is better than a cure. >> private resescue organizazats have been challenging the
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hard-line approacach and she was arrested after a legally dockekd with -- a legally docked with 40 rescued migrants aboard -- illegally docked with 40 rescued migrants aboard. [no audio] >> people, in particular to cross the oceans so that some rescue will not be needed. in the short-term, we hope the rescuers will stop so that those who wanted to help the people in need are able to do so without fear of risksking time in jail. >> rescuee operations were haltd . for now, the private rescue groups say that ships and the best hope to said margaret lives at sea.
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>> millions of undocumented emigrants are racing for deportation rates this weekend. donald trump has confirmed that federal immigration agents will target thousands of the estimated one million people. critics say that may include living -- those who have lived in the u.s. for years. trump said the raids will focus mainly on criminals. let's take a listen att what the president said exactly. >> hundreds of people knowow abt it. if word getsts out, it gets out. it starts on sunday and they will bring them back to their countries or put criminals in prison in the countries they came from. we are focused on criminals as much as we can. they came in a legally and have to go out. >> we want to turn to stephan.
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this is a president who prized himself on the surprise element, but here he is announcing the deportations going to take place. what are they going to look like? >> this is the second attempt that ice agents and custom enforcement agencies will try this weekend according to the president. why do they make this public? the word is out anyway and everyone was expecting it, so now it happens on sunday. ice agents will target sitters -- ice agents will target cities and they will be going after families, immigrants they have identified as being in the country illegally and they will be detained and deported. >> that is a massive operation you outlined.
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they say many families that might be affected to not have a proper court hearing, so is the administration bending the law in their fight against illegal migration? >> i would not go that far. they are referring to the collaterals. that means immigrants at the scene not directly targeted. those are only illegal immigrants who had due process and were notified that they have to lead the country in february of this year and who are still here. the major concern for advocates is that collateral arrests will happen and immigrants not directly targeted will fund sells in deportation back to mexico wherever they are coming from and even if they were not the original target. >> these deportations will be
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executed by ice and other authorities. it comes with very heavy criticism. can you tell us why? >> this is targeted clearly not so much towards ice agents, but cbp. that is the custom and border protection agents. they are running the detention centers. people asking for asylum in the united states that are healthy and as we speak, there's a congressional hearing where you will member on the -- remember on the second of july, they witnessed unbelievable circumstances and they are testifying today and there's a lot of criticism on how they rent.
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one representative called those concentration camps because women were told to drink from toilets, there were no showers, to brace from horrible circumstanances. all of that she says in front of american flags hanging everywhere, so that is where the criticism is hitting hard. >> reporting from washington, thank you. >> let's bring you up to speed with some of the other stories. >> sudan's council has claim to foil a coup attempt. it is said to have taken place during final talks between a deal between counsel and the activist. it has been the scene of protests since it's former dictator was toppled back in april. popolice in afghanistan say chid suicide bomberr blew himself up, killing at least five people and injuring 11 others. it included a commander of a
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pro-government militia and so far, no one has claimed responsibility. donald trump's labor secretary, alexander acosta has resigned following criticism of a sexual abuse case back in 2008. he made a secret plea deal with the financer jeffrey epstein who is accused of abusing dozens of underage girls. u.s. prosecutors have filed new charges against r&b singer r kelly. he has been dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct for decades and has denied any wrongdoing. we stay in the united states because borland's is bracing for a massive downpour from what could be the season's first hurricane.
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while tropical storm barry is moving slowly off of the coast, forecasters say this means it is likely to. more water when it makes landfall later tonight. >> hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. with tropical storm barry on its way, louisiana residents are filling sandbags to shore up homes. they say the storms impact could be extreme. >> we expect this storm will be slow-moving. what that means is there is a possibility that we are going to get heavy rainfall for up to 48 hours. 48 hours, potential rainfall, consistent rainfall over the city of new orleans. >> people in this city know the dangers. akin 2005, new orleans was devastated by hurricane katrina.
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more than 1000 people were killed in louisiana alone. thisis time, a stormrm will hitn the mississippi river is already a flood level. people who have wanted to stock up and stay home, tourists also wanteded to stay safe. >> we havebobout 12 feet of space below us. we have some food, water. we should be ok for a couple of days. >> parts of new orleans have already been flooded. with tropical storm barry expected to make landfall, residents s say the worst i is t to come. >> a fungus from china more precious than gold. we look at why it is becoming harder and harder to wind. >> s sparkling blulue waters hae
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mamade this the latetest sensat. you may want to think twice before diving in. we will tell you why. the first, berlin's famous museum island has a stunning entrance gallery that has drawn the attention of critics all around the world. angela merkel attended the official not duration 20 years after it was first commissions the entrance gallery connects to the surrounding building. situated on the river spray in the historic river, it is already home to five world-class museums and galleries. combined, they treat visitors to masterpieces of history, arts and architecture. three and a half million people visit every year. it is expected to attract even
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more to the city's cultural collections. >> next up, volkswagen and ford are expanding their alliance, two have the world's biggest carmaker's say they want to cooperate closely on thee develolopment of self driving cars. >> therereas long bebeen speculation of self driving an electric cars. >> confirmation and the four chief at a news conference boosted shares of automakers. volkswagen will put -- >> we are confirming that we will extend our collaboration into economist technology. we share the view w that technology i is an enabler. that is one of the first things
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that we were aligned on. >> they aim to put autonomous vehicles on the roads in the u.s. and in europe. the deal makes them an equal stakeholder for the self driving cars business and ford will get access to the electric vehicle technology. they remain competitors on the marketplace, but teaming up gives them technological know-how and scale.. >> it will provide us with a one-of-a-kind self driving tetechnology. it will enable them to manufacture vehehicles based d n this technologogy. from our perspective, this is a win-win situation.. >> the tie up is part of a broader partnership.
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>> the picture behind me might look like roots of some kind, but they are in fact caterpillars which died after becoming infected. they are billed as the world's most expensive fungus and there's a huge demand for caterpillar fungus, but climate change is severely affecting supplies. >> in shanghai, spring is the time when these are most busy. the precious fungus is like gold , highly sought a after in traditional chinese medicine. it is s vital to his family's income. >> they are becoming harder to find.
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ththis year, it has been cut by more t than half. >> there used to be a lot, but now it is warmer and w warmer ad we're worried about the future. >> they only thrives in n ld soil at a around five degrees celsius. warmer temperatures have made it less hospitable for their growth. totoy, they clclimb up to 4500 meters for the harvest which is higher than usual, but the fungus is still scarce. >> this winter, it did not snow. what i'm looking for is when my trousers get wet that it is all around. >> after long hours of digging, the day is still not over for foragers.
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here, they checked the quality of the quarter steps they found. >> this has a thicker sprout, where is this one is a very then sprout -- thin sprout. >> despite the waning supply, the retail prices dropping due to declining equality -- declining quality, but customer still have to dig deep and retailers try up to 18 -- 1818 euros per ounce. that is more expensive than gogold. > why are they precious? because the medicinal properties are effective. >> back on the mountain,n, for e
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fungus that customers crave, but it may be a losing battle it temperatures continue to rise. >> next up, roger federer has reached the final after he beat his longtime rival rafael nadal. the swiss veteran rolled back the years to produce what can only be described as a master class. he dominated the remainder of the match. he will now face none of them know that dr. this in another -- djokovic caret between them, they have already won 12 level than titles. in the women's final tomorrow, serena williams will be looking
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for the eighth victory, but she has another greater milestone in mind. another title would put her as the most successful player of all time. >> serena williams on the cusp of making tennis history. already a legend and considered one of the greats of the sport, the 37-year-old has the chance to stand alone as the greatest woman to ever play the game. >> i love what i do. i wake up every morning and i get to be fit and i get to o ply a sport and it to play in front of a crowd. not everyone can do thahat. i love what i io and stilill pretty gooood at what i do i guess. >> but, she placed -- face a
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very unpredictable opponent. >> i'm really excited a and also nervous. it is one of the bebest momentsf my life, so am trying to just enjoy as much as possible. >> wouldn't can take comfort in numbers. she has won nine of the previous 10 meetings. she is within touching distance of reaching 24 major winds, a record that has stood for over 40 years. she has struggled to overcome that last hurdle since 2017. serena needs to more slams to stand alone as the greatest, but she will be turning 38 in september and that means time is running out.
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>> may have made the biggest signing of the summer so far, confirming the arrival -- while the -- a transfer worth 120 million euros. after day paid his buyout clause . however, the price could rise even higher. they say barcelona w will have o meet 200 million euros total due to a clause in the contract. a leak in siberia has become the latest for those chasing the perfect instagram image. you may want to think twice before packing or bathing suit and flip-flops. >> as you said, pictures of it
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are populating, but as you can see behind us andd on-screen, it is just this is a full, vividid lake to doesn't it look amazing? it iss actually a man-made toxic waste dump. it was built for a t thermal por plantt nearby for t the plant to dump its a ashes into the water. this gorgeous blue color is actually the result of calcium salt deposits and metal oxides which is toxic. >> it does not sound good at all, but it doesn't stop into demers from going there and taking pictures. >> this is despite a warning from a russian energy company saying skin contact could cause an allergic reaction and walking on the ash dump is like walking
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on a military firing range. we have pictures of what people are taking and e everything from wedding photos, peoplple lying n bibikinis, this person on a unicicorn. this water has a ph level of eight which is not great. one person said it tasted like chalk and another one sweden warm -- sweet and warm. this is the latest extension of people doing brad gerstner -- people doing dangerous things. it has not deterred many people. >> i hope everyone says healthy and safe. thank you. greatly appreciated.
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before let you go, the top story we are tracking. turkey has taken delivery of a russian ship. it has arrived in defiance of concerns expressed by the u.s. and turkey and other nato allies are at your watching dw news. i will be back for an in-depth look at a look at all the biggest stories. see you soon.
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. from paris and james reading these are our headlines this evening. the past has come back to haunt president trump's labor secretaryy alexander acosta he's announced his resignation on friday this over itsts handlingf a sex crimes case. involving financier jeffrey steve this when mr cost was a federal prosecutor. and turkeyey him membeberf nato has been begun taking delivery of an advanced russian missile defense system on friday. it's a move that could dririve a wedgdge into thehe hearts of the western military allnce. hell on earth that's how many describe their lives in libya's migrants detention centers france twenty four has spoken to one woman whose journey began in her


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